Training Al-Qaeda To Be More Efficient Killers Is Now An Essential Function Of The US Government

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The US government is shut down, which means only essential spending is permitted. So what does the US government, or rather its Central Intelligence Agency decide to spend precious, mission-critical taxpayer money on? Why arming the Qatari-supported Al-Qaeda "rebels" in Syria of course. WaPo reports that the CIA is expanding a clandestine effort to train opposition fighters in Syria amid concern that moderate, U.S.-backed militias are rapidly losing ground in the country’s civil war, U.S. officials said.... “It’s basic infantry training,” the former U.S. intelligence official said. “How to have some discipline hitting a target, how to reload a magazine, how to clear a room. They’re not marching. They’re learning basic infantry procedures." So let's get this straight: 800,000 non-essential workers are furloughed, but the CIA, in its infinite wisdom, is now, when the government is shut down, doubling down on spending to make sure Al-Qaeda insurgents have even more lethal training (for that inevitable moment when they turn on their sponsor as they tend to do), and even better weapons?

More on this stunning development:

The CIA effort was described as an urgent bid to bolster moderate Syrian militias, which have been unable to mount a serious challenge to Assad or match the growing strength of rival rebel factions that have hard-line Islamist agendas and, in some cases, ties to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.


The CIA is “ramping up and expanding its effort,” said a U.S. official familiar with operations in Syria, because “it was clear that the opposition was losing, and not only losing tactically but on a more strategic level.”


The CIA declined to comment.

Perhaps because the CIA's phone dispatcher was furloughed?

The descriptions of the CIA training program provide the most detailed account to date of the limited dimensions and daunting objectives of a CIA operation that President Obama secretly authorized in a covert action finding he signed this year.


U.S. officials said the classified program has been constrained by limits on CIA resources, the reluctance of rebel fighters to leave Syria for U.S. instruction and Jordan’s restrictions on the CIA’s paramilitary presence there.


CIA veterans expressed skepticism that the training and weapons deliveries will have any meaningful effect. In Jordan, operatives involved in training and arming rebels lament that “we’re being asked to do something with nothing,” a former senior U.S. intelligence official said. The former official spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of agency operations overseas.


Some have also questioned the wisdom of expanding the CIA’s mission at a time when many think the agency has become too paramilitary in focus and should return to its traditional intelligence-­gathering role.

Don't worry though: the US is not providing Al-Qaeda with high-powered weapons such as rockets and anti-tank munitions. They have Qatar for that:

Officials said the main CIA training effort does not involve instruction on using high-powered weapons such as rockets and antitank munitions, which are being supplied by countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, although the agency is involved in tracking those arms flows and vetting recipients.

Uhm, and where do Qatar and Saudi Arabia get their weapons from? Luckily, the Government shutdown has removed all constrains on CIA resources to do what it does best: provide training and weapons to the very people who a few years down the road turn on the US, resulting in even more deaths, only this time of American citizens.

But that's not all.

The following photo from AFP of "Masked female rebel fighters wearing camouflage fatigues and carrying their purses gather to take part in a training session at the Salaheddin district of the war-battered northern Syrian city of Aleppo on October 2, 2013" shows that in addition to the very latest M-16s and sarin gas, US taxpayer funds provide for the very latest in Al-Qaeda haute couture accessories.

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Xibalba's picture

Allahu Akbar = USA! USA! USA!

same same but different

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Mujahadeen = Taliban = Al Qaida = Syrian Freedom Fighter

Plus c'est change, plus ce le meme chose.

Thought Processor's picture



Winning hearts and minds, one bullet at a time.

12ToothAssassin's picture

If thats not the best example of a woman's decision making priorities then I dont know what is.

flacon's picture

In English it translates to: "ALAN'S SNACK BAR! ALAN'S SNACK BAR! ALAN'S SNACK BAR!"

Muppet Pimp's picture

The CIA has their own page on Al Shabab's website now helping to recruit Jihadists.

BobPaulson's picture

Cause you know, once they are trained and armed, they will be forever loyal and would never consider double crossing and using their skills against the US.

CH1's picture

Insanity on steroids.

mkkby's picture

Are you with us, or for the terrorists?  I guess Obama/dems/repubs are for the terrorists.

Shut down the gov FOREVER.  Constitutional Ammendment -- the federal government ceases to exist and all powers are returned to the states

Done, over.

Say What Again's picture

I think we should round up all the assholes from the Hollywood Stuntz and send them to Aleppo.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I vote for turning the entire M.E. into a giant sea of glass.

Bullish for optics industry and world peace.  And all can "Drill as you will".

mkkby's picture

I vote for constitutional congress, proposed ammendment -- the federal government is hereby disbanded and all powers of the president and congress are returned to the states.

End this insanity now.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture


you need to be clued in by walnuts mccain the traitor on what allahu akhbar means! either way the truth is being laid bare more and more and more. LAst week a new islamist conglomerate was created in syria and death squads have not only left the FSA / SNC but al quaeda is now openly at war with the small vestiges of actual syrian traitors left in the FSA.


the sum total here is that it is a nake fact that the west is arming and training the same people that they wasted billions fighting elsewhere. THey are the very boogeymen they protect us from by having to make old men take their diapers off at bus stations.


Meanwhile democrats PAY low end workers to impersonate federal workers and PROTEST WWII vets.


word is, aleppo is getting hammered now and I can't wait until the body of a western MILITARY traitor is presented

Freddie's picture

McCain, Graham, O and trhe rest backing this shit are evil.   The whole war on terror garbage is a big lie.  

Sad seeing woemn with hand bags out there.  The whole thing is sickeneing.  I hope Putin smashes the Saudis for this evil garbage.

The Heart's picture

"I hope Putin smashes the Saudis for this evil garbage."

Howdy Freddie. Good truth.

The rockerfellers own the western oil, and the rottenchilds own the eastern oil. They all call money, god. Anything that happens in the ME is all bought and paid for by the rottenchilds. They own the saudi's and the trail of evil goes all the way up to those evil bankster things in London, and France. People must go after these evil criminal things where ever they are to stop all this insanity of using wars for population reduction, and the world domination of the few.

FieldingMellish's picture

All fertile ground for future gov't spending.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Is make it fertile only with ample supply of bovine excrement from AmeriKa political establishment.

BandGap's picture

Back the tractors up anytime the brown clown speaks. Problem solved.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Paging John McCain,  John McCain, please pick up the white courtesy phone.  That's John McCain...

Xibalba's picture

Not to be confused with American hero John McClane

A Lunatic's picture

In fact don't call me at all, I'm busy paying poker on my obamaphone.......

roadhazard's picture

I'm surprised he didn't pick up right after the first call. He never misses a chance to run his mouth. He just needs to look at the polls first to see which side he's on that day.

Cookie's picture

Being in the Asian time zone has some advantages...I saw this story today and thought ' I know what ZH would write about that'.....lo and behold...go Tylers

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Women in photo is possess of nice fashionable hand bag. Is woman on right Prada or Gucci?

12ToothAssassin's picture

Pffft those bags are chinese knock offs.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

But is look so genuine! And is match well to camouflage and burqa!

Sparkey's picture

"But is look so genuine!", says Boris, so does the picture Boris, take another look at it, the value of it is the incongruity the picture presents, the absolute insanity of what it proports to be a valid reality some place in the World, this (Unconsciously) sets the old Cognitive Dissonance to work and opens your mind to suggestion! What is being suggested?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

"What is be suggested?"

... that even terror girl is have strong fashion sense. Allah Allah Ilikebuyclothes!

CPL's picture

If they spent a couple of months teaching them some modern farming practices instead of shooting a gun the world would be a better place.  Shovels, rakes, hoes and seeds are about 1/40th the cost of guns and bullets in a world that can't economically afford them anymore.  And there is a return on investment.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  modern farming practices

Well,  there's allot of people there and not allot of land.

But,  by "modern farming practices" I'm assuming you mean our Big-Ag scam that keep our "free enterprise" loving farmers swimming in permanent crony-capitalist gravy.

If we sent some lobbiest for the Red and Blue Team over there they could setup "farm" payments to "urban farmers".   Then, all these guys would need to do is watch TV all day and sit on their "urban estates" and participate in our Big-Ag scam.    Win-Win for everybody.

CPL's picture

That isn't even farming, it's engineering product.  More like what this guy is doing.

Million pounds of food on one acre.  It's completely retarded how simple and dynamic he's set everything up.

ForTheWorld's picture

When I tell people about what Will Allen has done on a tiny space compared to most other farms, they don't believe it. "That's impossible!".

ForTheWorld's picture

Modern farming practices don't use shovels, rakes or hoes. Most Big Ag farm land isn't suited to human labour intensive techniques anymore (as opposed to mechanical labour).

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

But fire AK-47 is much more fun than to work shovel or rake. But, again, maybe hoes is funner.

BandGap's picture

They don't care anymore about anything other than turf wars. They depend on foreign aid just to keep killing. I'll bet the most any of them have ever grown is a beard, and that includes 25% of the women.

The US is subsidizing the bleed out. Instead of sending our boys in, they get the two sides to off each other at less than 1/2 the cost.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  Instead of sending our boys in, they get the two sides to off each other at less than 1/2 the cost.

Well, RipVanWinkle, maybe you dozed off again for the last 20 years.   But, our dumbas - I mean Boyz - have been really busy spreading freedum-n-democracy `round the world, and they aren't done yet.   Freedum isn't free, ya know.

BandGap's picture

I didn't doze off sunshine. Thanks for caring.

DaveyJones's picture

that's funny, "modern" farming practices are what have screwed most things up

all they (and we) care about anyway is one flower 

forwardho's picture

While the old swords into plowshares is a great idea for civilized peoples, It would really suck to defend yourself with a shovel when your attacker has a main battle rifle.

I agree with you beyond words, but we live in a suck-ass world.

IndyPat's picture

Don't worry, CPL....
You can bet Monstanto has boots on the ground already. They will be up to speed on modern farming techniques in no time.

css1971's picture

But they will never be able to compete with dumped agri products. AKA Aid.

It's a cycle we've seen in Africa...

  1. US subsidises it's agri business.
  2. Europe follows to prevent their own businesses being wiped out.
  3. US and EU Agri producers overproduce to maximise subsidy.
  4. Huge supply surplus suppresses the international price of products and creates product mountains.
  5. Less efficient producers in developing nations can't compete with the international prices, go out of business. (The World Bank and IMF make sure their markets are open to this attack.)
    1. Unemployed, dissaffected and desperate ex-farmers provide a pool of rebel soldiers for any warlord or other opposition able to borrow enough money to arm them.
    2. Political instability ensues.
  6. Due to the political instability, trade becomes unreliable and lack of local farmers able to produce sufficient quantities, food shortages and famines follow.
  7. Do gooders and agri business cronies  in the US and EU point out that they could ship the EU and US product mountains to the developing world as Aid for those poor brown people who can't provide for themselves.
  8. Remaining developing world farmers now can't compete with FREE produce.
  9. Goto 1 and repeat until agri subsidies are removed.

Really, this is just weaponized economics. I'm now sure that at the top, it is quite deliberate psychopathy/evil, at work and not just rampant stupidity.

Silver_K-9's picture

Take my AR-15 and send it to Syria... THX Barry... #2A for Syrian AlQaeda errrr I mean Moderate Rebels...

booboo's picture

"how to reload a magazine" Pfft, that's what the mooslim womenz are for, they need jobs too.

lolmao500's picture

This is treason and anyone in congress or in the MSM calling this anything else should be grounds for an arrest and then being kicked off a plane over Damascus.

pods's picture

I agree.  Fucking sociopaths, all of them.

As per LoP, Roll the Motherfukin Guillotines!