The Sheer Idiocy Of The Markets In One Chart

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Twitter (TWTR), Tweeter (TWTRQ), what's the difference. Just buy, buy, buy.



You just have to f##king laugh!!!


... one hour later the magic is gone and the idiot algos have left the collocated server.

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Trademark infringement, if you ask me.

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Graham and Dodd Fundamental Analysis FTMFW.

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If these guys were awake, and sold, then they just made a fortune...legally.

Samuel Bloomberg     Chairman of the Board
Joseph McGuire          President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Gregory W Hunt         Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President
William Morrison        Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Patrick Reynolds         Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Bob Staples               Senior Vice President of Sales and Installation Services
Philo T. Pappas          Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer
John Esposito            Director
Steven S Fischman     Director
Karen Kaplan             Director

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It looks like 33,000% in one year.

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This is obviously fundamentals-based and its just efficient markets at work...



If you are fed up with whats happening with the government - it all stems from one major thing: the government's control of our money.  We have placed in our government the ability to control the money supply and dish out new money to whomever they please (usually their cronies and the banks) and to spend and create that money in infinite amounts to SUPPRESS we, the People.

To break this system we have to bring back real money and thus limit government control over money and our lives.  We can break the system by overwhelming the physical markets and give a no-vote to their control over money - they key is the small silver market.

Join the Silver Pledge - an effort to change the system by having investors join up and buy physical silver - together we can break this market and take back our government.

You can read more here:

If you dont like it dont sign up - but for people who are sick of sitting and doing nothing at least lets work together to BREAK this silver market

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Don't know if to laugh or be angry that so many people could be that phucking stupid... they have no business anywhere near anything remotely resembling money. That so many are so phucking stupid explains so much, everywhere, all the time.

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...they have no business anywhere near anything remotely resembling money.

I smell CalPERS portfolio managers.

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Doesn't everyone know what that big fuQQing Q at the end of a ticker symbol means????

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Most recent SEC filing was in May 2008

"As previously reported to the Commission, on June 11, 2007, TWTR, Inc. (the "Company") and each of its subsidiaries filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (the "Code"). The filings were made in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in Wilmington, Delaware (the "Court"). On July 13, 2007, the Court entered an order approving the sale of substantially all of the assets of the Company and its subsidiaries to Tweeter Newco LLC and/or its assignees."

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Look closely before you hit the bid. 

Things are not always what they seem.*


*This is for all of our comrades at the SEC that like this sort of thing.

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Ummm, does this mean its a good time to IPO my company ... called Twatter ?

It'll give you the "twats" ... 

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Are "Twetter" and "Twutter" taken?  Stuff it, I'm feeling generous today.  Someone else can have those names.

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Are you trying to get people fired?

Placing porn links without warnings is bad form.

Luckily I check the URL before I click anything any more.

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Surely we all learned that back in the days of!

Kids nowadays...

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So, unemployed people are down-voting NotApplicable? 

NSFW is a common courtesy.  

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You can blame Rospa.

I do.

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Are you stupid or just stoned? The government does not print our money, a cabal of private banks "prints" the money (most of it is digital) and loans it out. All currency is debt. The Constitution allowed ONLY COINS OF PURE METAL and had strict (death) penalties for dilution. No paper money at all. Blame the Supreme Court that allowed this to happen.

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The WHOLE system was compromised and co-opted.  The lawmakers, the law enforcement, the lawyers, the judges,  the bankers (now banksters), the education system (at what age do they teach you about money and interest, if ever?)

But also...  The media.  Bought and paid for, all of them. 

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"We have placed in our government the ability to control the money supply and dish out new money to whomever they please (usually their cronies and the banks)..."

Yeah, synergize is missing an important point that also eluded me for a while. When Austrian school authors would state the general case that inflation favors those who receive the new money first, it took me a while to recognize that in the special case of the US Fiat system as it was set up on Jekyll Island (so to speak) it's -- not usually, as synergize put it -- but necessarily the banks that are first in line for the new "money" and therefore are the ones who benefit from inflation.

As for the cronies, their cut takes a much more circuitous route involving graft, kickbacks, laundering, bagmen and all that nefarious stuff.

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Tell me more about these markets...

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Its an OTC stock, i doubt the company even exist, although somebody is really cashing in on this... up 1400% at the moment

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Oh, the company exists. There are a few pump-and-dump boiler rooms out there who are making some nice bank right now.

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P / E Ratio = Possible Existence ratio. 

> 0 = Buy.

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I just wanted to jump in and say this article probably ranks as one of my top 5 favorite articles ever on ZH for the sheer stupidity it exposes.

These are the great "market rigging geniuses" we're so worried about?  

Next IPO I hear about in the MSM I'm going to check for ANY similar tickers and put some lunch money into them.

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in 2000 I had an old guy come into my job and tell me he wanted to buy as much Yoohoo stock as possible. I asked him several times if he was sure. He looked at me like I was an idiot. Finally he said "how old are you, 22? How could you not have heard of yoohoo, everyone your age has!". I told him I used to drink it when I was 5, and had no idea if it was even publicly traded. We wet back and forth with this mess of a conversation for about 10 minutes until I realized he was talking about Yahoo. So this sort of stuff has been around forever, and usually is not a good sign. But the Bernak is on the job now.

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"We wet back and forth with this mess of a conversation for about 10 minutes"

I haven't been in debate classes for some time, I can see there are new tactics being tried.

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Until I got to "I used to drink it when I was 5" my eyes read "Yoohoo" as "Yahoo" in your post.  Mind tricks still work even when you're expecting them, I guess.

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I can remember there was a trucking company called Internet Transport which traded at an absurd level for many years because people believed it ran the internet.   It eventually went bankrupt.

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Nothing new. 50 years ago or more it was a standing joke in the stock market that Seaboard Air Line went up and down with TWA, Boeing and the other aviation stocks.

Seaboard Air Line was a railroad.

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They would only have made like $800k between all of them.

Somehow I get the feeling they won't see the stock price until it is back where it started.

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Gold or Federal Reserve Notes...




No one pays attention to the unit of account, it's all about market sentiment for the world wide ponzi

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The company I founded, tearjerker (symbol TRJRK), IPO's on Monday.

TRJRK is a real time communication service that allows anyone, even government employees, the ability to convey their tales of devastating woe, inflicted by the government "shutdown," over the internet in 141 characters or less.

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Folks this is the "twerking" version of TWTR, ie. Twitter's evil but entertaining twin...grinding out the (s)Mylie

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Dude - is India still around? I haven't seen it mentioned on CNN's front page in forever!


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It is , it is. Truth is, India makes it to any news only when shit happens here or gold does crazy things.






That is the state of 1/6th of world population.



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You really ought to use a different metaphor than "when shit happens"...

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Oh the citizenism!

AnAnonymous, eat your heart out.

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Bodies in the Ganges...  I think I have had my fill... For a lifetime!

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i see your temple shit and raise you one pile of train station baby do

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That is just pure fucking animalistic behavior, NOTHING that any human can or should ever be doing.

Hell, even my dog knows where to properly shit and piss.

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Chinese citizenism citizens are unrivalled when it comes to flagrant roadside defecation. It is only through unmitigated immodesty they manage to exceed even their own achievements in this department, still maintaining that overconsumption/overexcretion is a matter of numbers and that blobbing up into Tibet will resolve the issue.

Chinese citizenism citizens knew of the finity of the world's roadsides. They knew it would come with consequences. But quick reliefs by public excretions were there so...