Visualizing The Triumph Of Hope Over Reality

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One of these things is not like the other...

Aside from this it looks like the Q2 record for negative pre-announcements is about to be broken for Q3...

Any Quarter now, it will all be fixed and the economy will reach escape velocity and money on the sidelines will emerge and Capex will surge and banks will lend and....

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Just turn the bottom one upside down. Problem solved.

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Holy crap, that EPS line is about to revert upwards like a mo fo!

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In Bizarro world, down is up.

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With all the shit going on in DC, and the degradation in EPS shown above, I can't figure out why ES is up about .70% today.

What's that?...

Oh... the bernank is printing again.

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Just print another trillion. Problem solved.

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What's not to like in this "market ?"

Potbelly Sandwich Works was loosed upon the organic investing public and algorithmic community this session. PBPB should earn $ 0.16 this year, if certain financial sites are correct - which translates, at the current quotation ( $ 31 ), to a very reasonable 193 P/E.

The triumph of hope over sanity.

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Snap, crackle, pop !  SPX Crispies !  

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The EPS is going down faster than Pamela Anderson at a dwarf convention. 

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that's why they call them "corrections"

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Proof positive that earnings no longer matter at all !

Very Bullish !

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@Zerohedge, where is the updated MACRO chart that you used to post over and over again?

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SPX = +18.4%

SPX 2013E EPS = -4.0%


Not enough to shatter the dream.

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Escape velocity? More likely the Event Horizon

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This thing is going to go full Bulltard once Boner caves.... he rolls out Yellen, and their is no change in QEver.....  20k might be light

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They pulled the consensus way down so they can 'beat expectations' yet again... CON, SCAM, FAKE, PYRAMID

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Let me plug in some background music for that chart| From Nowhere

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The gambl - I mean - investors have been rewarded for having pathological optimism, as they have been (overall) since the era of infinite money began.

Unless it's actually just another example of American exceptionalism.   

The pathological optimists I'm sure think it's American exceptionalism. 

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Reality, practicality and common sense do not apply when the Fed is in charge.

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Yes this is good....this is what happens when you let Satan run governments of the world and their "central banks"

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Hey, I take offense to that. We're working pretty hard down here in the pits of hell.

The top 1% keep getting richer, the same corrupt politicians keep getting re-elected, there's plenty of wars to keep everybody fat and happy, we just finished Cyprusing some new victims in Poland, the 99% are living hand to mouth, and as an added bonus we brought Miley Cyrus on board to give the lessor demons some personal twerk time.

What's not to love?

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Who needs earnings?

Maybe the FED can start printing shares of TSLA ...

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so taper is down, interest rates will start falling again, the dollar weakens, exports surge and the market rallies. this has been true for four years now. not saying it's going to happen for a fifth year in a row but clearly the Government so called "shut down" has been nothing but....the Republicans are in the process of folding "one card at a time" and recovery is still on the table. forget a correction...where is the sell off? i've been waiting for one all year and haven't even seen that. Friday rallies "don't just happen." this sets up well for Monday but clearly we've been down in the equity space for a month now (typical September) so now we go into October. my money has been on a correction since January. even with rates now materially higher and commodities totally slammed across the board i've still been wrong. or perhaps i should say "Wong." this recovery as bad as it is (worst post war one ever) still has mo. i still think rates are heading to one percent though. that should be great for commodities...but things aren't working out "normally" this go around. rates this low usually mean just hasn't appeared. gasoline prices have definitely come down. if prices at the meter plunge "look out below."

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It is an optical illusion.  The lower one is lying flat and is a reflection of the upper so they are the same they just "look" different.

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Please add a chart for the PURCHASING POWER of the $DOLLAR to the other 2 charts in this series. As the dollar goes to zero, courtesy of Barack Bernanke, the S&P 500 goes to infinity.

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With these scum bag banksters, more like "Triumph des Willens".

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Only someone who has a money tree in their backyard or a PRINTING PRESS in the basement can buy BROKE COMPANIES.  How many more mansions and yachts and whores are the taxpayer gonna pay for before we HANG THESE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!