The Dog Ate It: US Treasury Reimburses Man For $500 His Dog Ate

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Here's a new and very bizarre entry for the annals of "the dog ate it" excuses. According to Reuters, Montana man Wayne Klinkel, who last year pieced together the remnants of five $100 bills eaten by his one-eyed golden retriever, Sundance, is sporting a $500 check he says he received this week from the U.S. Department of the Treasury to replace the digested funds. Sundance sniffed the wad of bills out of a car cubby space while waiting for Klinkel and his wife to return from lunch, and the canine made the currency his lunch.

Klinkel, a graphic designer from Helena who works for the local newspaper, the Independent Record, said he found Sundance had left nothing uneaten but one intact dollar bill and a small piece of a single $100 note.


“He’s been notorious for eating paper products,” Klinkel said about Sundance. “I knew right away what had happened.”


Klinkel rescued Sundance as a puppy from a shelter 12 years ago and the dog later lost his left eye to surgery.

So what did Klinkel do upon discovering the Benjamins had become fast food: he literally pieced together the evidence.

For days after the December incident, Klinkel followed Sundance around in the snow, collecting his droppings in a plastic bag, he said.


Klinkel kept the bag of doggy mess frozen in the cold outside his house, and after weeks of hesitation, he went forward with his plan for retrieving the soiled cash by thawing the droppings in a bucket of soapy water.


Using an old metal mining screen and a hose, he separated the $100 bill pieces from the rest of the matter, then washed and began to assemble the tiny paper fragments.


“It was sort of like putting the puzzle pieces back together,” Klinkel said.

Obviously, the Fed was not interested in the fecal byproduct. After all, Ben Bernanke is far more adept at creating USD-based, one-ply toilet paper, not so much the target object of said toilet paper. The Treasury on the other hand...

He then took the taped bills to a local bank and the Federal Reserve in Helena but was turned away, he said. Klinkel was eventually directed to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Mutilated Currency Division, where he mailed the digested bills with a notarized letter on April 15.


“There was no guarantee I was going to get anything back,” Klinkel said.


The Treasury Department offers reimbursement for some proven cases of damaged currency, and a standard claim can take up to two years to be processed, according to the department’s website.


“When mutilated currency is submitted, a letter should be included stating the estimated value of the currency and an explanation of how the currency became mutilated,” the website says.

Luckily, Klinkel's remarkable persistence at sorting through all sorts of monetary shit ultimately paid off.

Klinkel said he didn’t hear a word from the department until Monday, when he received a crisp $500 check in the mail from the Mutilated Currency Division to replace Sundance’s midday snack six months prior. The Independent Record, the paper that employs Klinkel, has posted a picture on its website of Sundance with the check dangling from its mouth.

As of this writing the Treasury's check was not eaten by the dog.

Surely at this point one can appreciate the light bulbs going above Bernanke, and Yellen's, head. Because it is not secret that the biggest failure with QE for the past 5 years has been getting the trillions in freshly injected currency into the hands of consumers, and bypassing the banks who merely use it to generate more asset price bubbles, thus generating the Fed's desired inflation. All it would take is for the Treasury to "loosen" both the threshold of Multilated Currency permissive applications, and the bowels of imaginary dogs. Because there is nothing that would stimulate the velocity of money more than if the treasury were to send crisp $100 bills to all who complain their "dog ate the money" - with or without fecal proof.

And since such canine currency consumption can persist indefinitely not subject to any reserve requirements, it would flip traditional fractional-reserve banking if not on its head, than certainly on its back, as imaginary omnivorous dogs become the primary facilitators of monetary transmission mechanisms across the economy.

The inflationary possibilities are virtually endless.

As for the tragicomic ending of this tale, "an operator with the U.S. Department of Treasury on Thursday said department representatives were furloughed and unavailable for comment on Klinkel’s reimbursement."

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icanhasbailout's picture

oh you all made fun of Collateralized Litterbox Obligations, but I knew I was ahead of my time

AlaricBalth's picture

Hiding cash in a cubby space in his car? The man is clearly a drug dealer or a terrorist. I am surprised the Feds didn't take the car, impound the dog, seize all of his assets and ship him to a Federal Detention Center.

Esso's picture

The day ain't over yet.

SafelyGraze's picture

bonds are digested dollars

dollars are digested bonds


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Now that's a simple diagram that makes sense.

Silver Alert's picture

Dog ate the Constitution. If we send in the pieces - can we get our country back?

DeadFred's picture

Sorry, no.

Your friends at the NSA

max2205's picture

This one is too comment

The Big Ching-aso's picture

If my dog did that he would've paid through the ass.

SilverDOG's picture

 Am going to feed dog 100 $1 bills, and mail them in "Fresh".

sodbuster's picture

We're out here in the midwest- Manure is one thing we have LOTS of- I could literally mail TONS of shit to Bernanke! My attitude has improved a great deal, just thinking about it!!

Renewable Life's picture

So the House just overwhelmingly voted to give all the "furloughed" federal workers, full back pay!! It's just such a fucking farse, just get it over with and hold a fucking press conference and tell the fucking people the truth!

Your Republic is over, we can never stop spending or expanding government spending and control, or we'll have to declare martial law!! That's your fucking choices citizens, we're sorry, we don't know how we got to this place....blah blah blah, but at least we could all just stop the fucking charade!!

Wouldn't that just feel sooooo much better then this joke we are living in today???

wisefool's picture

Tyler posted that something like 90% of the IRS is being paid not to work. I am actually cool with that.

CPL's picture

They are getting paid, well at least the EXCOMs are (can't have enough EX staff, seriously retarded).  They are still getting checks from their principal employers, the Fed because they are only a collection agency for them.   The officers and staff aren't getting paid though. 

Anyone that actually does the work at the IRS.  The top bosses couldn't give a fiddlers fuck about you.  To these people, you are a useful idiot.  A fool that takes nothing but a crooked smile as payment from crooked men.  They eat Lobster and Steak at offsite meetings and you get to buy medium ground chuck of ass for 5 bucks a pound and worry about the lights staying on.

You give your work and life, the payment is they starve your family.  And that's your 'government'.

Silver Bug's picture

Don't worry soon enough it's all going to be dog food. What a joke.

daemon's picture

I didn't know dogs eat toilet paper .

CPL's picture

I'm still waiting for dog food flavoured like cat shit.

Deo vindice's picture

 "Monatana man Wayne Klinkel..."

Maybe there are 57 states after all?

ThisIsBob's picture

Well so much for those who claim the dollar ain't worth shit.

Oquities's picture

i've always thought that the process of the Fed buying US Treasuries is like a dog eating its own fresh pile.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

I have trouble digesting what the dollar has become too.

remain calm's picture

Well my dog ate the map to the lost Ark. Where can I get my check for a Billion dollars?

world_debt_slave's picture

uh, this wouldn't have happened with silver or gold coins.

JonNadler's picture

Yeah try to get gold replaced by the treasury (Picture Beppe Grillo giving the Italian salute) 

Yancey Ward's picture

We call this the Dogshit QE.

wisefool's picture

Is this really what happened to lil' Timmah's IRS-1040 for 2002?

If so, thanks to the turbotax corporation for taking one for the team, as it were.

JonNadler's picture

I bet that dog can't eat gold though, but it can eat fiat money


Mad Muppet's picture

I'm busily trying to feed my pooch some old twenties as we speek.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Dog ate the nuclear launch codes.

edifice's picture

I'd hate to be the poor clerk at Treasury who had to verify the authenticity of the bills.  Jeezus.

NoDebt's picture


"Oh jeez... I'm not touching this.  Jack?  Jack, send this guy a check and get this crap outta my cube!"

shovelhead's picture

Talkin bout working hard for the money...

Everyman's picture

Money was called "Excrement of the Gods".  (Back when GOLD was "money").

JustObserving's picture

Now it has been debased to "Excrement of the Dogs."

Clever Name's picture

Its half Labrador and half Maui Waui...

MsCreant's picture

 I take a toke and all my cares go up in smoke!

krispkritter's picture

When the IRS shows up for their tax money I'm just pointing to the dog and saying 'If you want it, you gotta get it from him...'


And no, I'd never really let them touch my dog. 

MsCreant's picture

The IRS always screws the pooch.

MsCreant's picture

You can't say the dog didn't give a shit.

I'm so glad he could pull his dog's shit together.

Is he on a shit list now at the Fed?

Sambo's picture

Helicopter Ben's droppings have become dog food?


ziggy59's picture

"Spot didnt shit that"

Bear's picture

I don't mind paying for this kind of stimulus

Seasmoke's picture

All fiat eventually goes to the dogs.

StillSilence's picture

Much easier to eat paper than metal....granted it would be more difficult to eat an extremely thick, heavy piece of paper than it would a tiny fragment of metal.....but, you know, in realistic terms.

hedgelessWhoresMan's picture

Maybe now the cheap sombitch will go buy his dog some food.

SpanishGoop's picture

Went to the bank with my business plan "shit is money", but they gave me shit.


Yen Cross's picture

 The hell with bitcoins. I'm long shitcoins!   Trillion dollar shitcoins ;-D