America's Laziest Postman, Or What "Essential" Government Money Is Spent On

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After seeing this, it may be no wonder the rest of the non-mail-providing-public in the US goes "postal."...



Via Mediaite,

When this United States Postal Worker delivered a package to a home in LaGrange, Georgia recently, chances are she didn’t know she was being taped. If she had, she certainly would not have driven all the way across the front lawn to the door to deliver the small package.


According to resident Mark Anderson, who had installed a security camera to check on his disabled mother, the package in question weighed just two pounds, three ounces. “There was no meteorological” reason, he said, that she needed to get that close to his front door to deliver it.


Now that the video has more than half a million views on YouTube, Anderson is worried she might lose her job. “I don’t want someone to lose their job with the way things are these days, but she shouldn’t have done that,” he said.

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Sudden Debt's picture

Same over here in Europe. Our postman always drive up to my mailbox with his Mercedes... yes mercedes... and sticks in my mail through his window. It's starting to piss me off because every time he takes off, his tires dig a hole in my lawn.
Also, there's a corner broken off from my marble wall around my yard and I'm sure that fucker hit it with his car. But I never thought about a camera... to bad it's forbidden to film people over here...

Stoploss's picture

What happened? I couldn't see anything due to a pink blob.

Zer0head's picture

So SuddenDebt refers to the

"marble wall around my yard"


funniest comment in history on ZH


nope-1004's picture

Fat, lazy, unionized POS.  Wonder why we're broke?  FFS.


Xibalba's picture

You should see how the IRS does it

Stackers's picture

No "metorlogical" reasons -- just one gigantic gultomus maximus reason.

WonderDawg's picture

So Honey Boo Boo's mom finally got a job?

ndotken's picture

The dude should have sold this video to FedEx rather than posting it on Youtube for nothing.

Pure Evil's picture

As comic relief toward the end of the video I was hoping the package would explode showering the front porch with all types of colorful party streamers.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

The Postgal Always Tears Up the Lawn Twice?

smlbizman's picture

......when do you think was the last time her "lawn" was tore up???????

akak's picture

That's not a lawn, it's an abandoned field full of crabgrass and one dead beaver.

James_Cole's picture

Not sure this is exclusive to .gov workers.

This is why having most people replaced by robots is really not that bad a thing..

nmewn's picture

"This is why having most people replaced by robots is really not that bad a thing.."

lol...lets just let that one rest right there...and simmer for a bit, for the frogs in the pot to appreciate.

Clever Name's picture

I think the temperature's just about right!


Manthong's picture

I don’t need to go to the post office often, but I do enjoy it when I do go.

It is like time is altered.. like in the Matrix when the Karate moves happen in slow-mo or when you are approaching the speed of light.

 I feel as if my life has been extended a bit.

GetZeeGold's picture





Because the mail never stops.



Oh regional Indian's picture

What I'd like to know is how much Grumman paid to supply those ugly trucks to the USPS on what seems liek a life time contract.

Given that they are an MIC company, I'm sure these trucks give no better than 2 mpg.

If the USPS, with it's defined route went electric.....

What if, eh?

kralizec's picture

I'd give them Fiskers or Teslas...  ;)

PS-I bet this she-whale hits a lot of drive-thru's too...I think I see a net drag on healthcare costs too.

chumbawamba's picture

In California, either nepotism amongst Asian postal workers has gone rampant, or the US has sold the USPS to the Chinese to repay part of the $2 trill we owe them.  Every post office I go to now is staffed with Asians of some sort.  It has nothing to do with their Asianness, just something I started noticing and confirmed by a recent visit to 5 different post offices in different cities across my region in one day.   However, it has everything to do with their rotten attitude, incompetence, inability to speak or sometimes comprehend the English language in a professional manner, and the fact that the chances of losing a letter or parcel in their system increase daily.  And then try to cash a money order of any size: more than half the time they claim they can't honor it, and we so sorry, come back later.  WTF?  That's check kiting, mother fuckers!

I can't see USPS lasting more than a couple more years whether the management actually does anything about it or not, or whether Congress intervenes.  The Post Office is quickly becoming irrelevant.

I am Chumbawamba.

PT's picture

What's that saying again?  You know, when you bought something cheap but then it breaks two days later.  And when you complain to someone, they say to you :


Bad Attitude's picture

Wow, that video makes me especially grateful to have the postman I have! He is friendly, and he will walk to the front door to deliver packages. And, if he thinks someone might be home, he rings the door bell and waits.

Rick Blaine's picture

Yeah, same here.

The post office near me is great.  They are all nice and have good personalities...and more importantly, they always have good music playing (100.7 KSLX) in their building.

Every time I'm in there, it's really, really hard for me not to tell the younger people working there that they aren't going to get the pensions/benefits they were promised.

...then again, if I did suggest that possibility to them, maybe they wouldn't be so nice to me...


Son of Loki's picture

PLEEEZE don't get me started on postal workers! My carrier is superb but some of the people behind the counter at the PO are so LAZY!

You would think you were asking them to walk 100 miles thru 120 degree desert in Iraq when you ask them to mail a couple of packages....

GOD FORBID they have to lift a finger for that $75,000-$80,000 a year median salary.


Stackers's picture

yep, my carrier is polite and always has a smile. ........ the chodes down at the office are another story all together

RKDS's picture

The difference between one post office and another can be like night and day.  I used to tolerate the one in Harrisburg.  They had one lady at the desk, probably in her 40s, who was always really helpful.  The other two were just like they were mad that they had to come to work and do stuff.  I've been running a very small mail online business and just getting a shipping receipt out of them was like pulling teeth.  Unfortunately, I think the former retired or got laid off and was replaced by a black guy with less attitude but more laziness than the two black women.  It was so bad that I just stopped mailing stuff from Harrisburg.  My local post office that I can only get to on Saturdays is pretty good.  One of the guys there looks a little burnt out but he still does his job better than anybody left in Harrisburg.  Also I've never had a problem with any USPS carrier, though I've had my share of beat up UPS/FedEx/DHL packages.  These are the people I try to think of when people talk about the post office.

Bay of Pigs's picture

It took these Turds (USPS) 14 days to deliver a package (less than 5 lbs), from Maui to the mainland West Coast.

Cost me $40 for "priority" mail. WTF are we paying for anyway?


stacking12321's picture

i call BS on this!

$40 is for express mail 5lbs, not regular priority, from hawaii to mainland.

if they really did take 14 days, then you can get your money back, as express mail is a guaranteed service:

"This 1 or 2 day service includes tracking, proof of delivery, and insurance up to $100 with a money-back guarantee."

if you really did use regular priority mail, then it didn't cost $40, it's $18.70 for 5 lbs if you printed the label online, or $11.30 if you fit it in a medium flat rate box.



Bay of Pigs's picture

Funny you ask about that. Thats what I said, but was told, "Sorry, you said priority and not express". No refund on priority, only express.

So they basically lied to my face when I mailed it. Charged me moar with lousier service. Simply outstanding.

And yes, it was $40 bucks. I have the receipt.

stacking12321's picture


i'll take your word for it, but that's odd, sounds like they charged you for express but shipped it priority? i've never seen that happen and i ship a lot with usps.

i print my own shipping labels online, if you are talking about just priority, you could've printed the label online at and shipped it for under $19.

usually only parcel post can take 14 days; in my experience from CA to HI with priority i've had real good luck, usually 2 days.



Oldwood's picture

I have mailed letters "next day" at USPS. It took four days to deliver it forty miles. Turns out it takes the exact same route as all other mail except it is "guaranteed" which means if it doesn't make on time they refund the money. How many would go to the trouble of going to the post office to collect their refund if its a day late. Its just a joke and a scam. It would have been faster for me to hand deliver it given two trips to the post office and numerous phone calls. And look on the wall at the post office. They list everything they don't mail. Its a significant list. No wonder UPS and FEDEX do as well as they do with the government to compete against.

FEDbuster's picture

I sell a bunch of stuff on FeEbay and use the USPS almost everytime.  Most (90%) of my 1st class packages are less than 12 oz, and get to their destination within 1-3 days.  I like being able to track them easily on FeEbay. 

I wonder if she checks her ass crack and other folds at the end of the day for small packages and letters?

pepperspray's picture

First Class parcels are a smokin deal

yabyum's picture

Bay, Watcho gettin' from Maui under five lbs?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Sent my Dad some mac nuts for his 92nd Birthday. It came a week late although I mailed it over a week early.

akak's picture

It probably was sidetracked for extra scrutiny and X-ray analysis due to the suspicious nature of the contents and/or sender.

FEDbuster's picture

The fact that you didn't use a flat rate priority box for $6 to $17. depending on size and paid $40. says alot.

Bay of Pigs's picture

What part of this don't you get? That was the charge, $40 bucks. There wasn't any other option offered to me. WTF do you want me to say?

Not only were they not honest, they were rude when questioned about it.

fonzannoon's picture

you have probably posted a thousand times on this site BOP and leave it to a post about mail to get your balls broken, lol.

leftcoastfool's picture

B of P:

I used to work on an outlying US territory in the Pacific and our mail came through Honolulu.  They would ROUTINELY lose our mail or send it to a different island (despite different zip codes!).  It sounds like one way or another you got ripped off: either they charged you way too much for Priority Mail or they owe you the money back from the guarantee for Express Mail.  Here's what I'd suggest - Take your receipt to the local Postmaster and try to get some satisfaction.  If that doesn't work go to the Postal Service's Office of the Inspector General's website at (they're currently down for the gub'mint shutdown!).  There you can report fraud, theft, and misconduct.  I used that site three or four times and they were surprisingly responsive.  Contact them - it's better than just letting this fester...

All Risk No Reward's picture

Be glad it arrived at all.  We've received packages with goods stolen from inside the package multiple times out of Hawaii.

leftcoastfool's picture

I had that happen on a package I sent from Seattle to Pennsylvania a few years back...

Abbie Normal's picture

Sounds about right if you used your own box instead of the flat rate ones.  That's the price of living in paradise.  And don't even get me started about those Parcel Select return shipping labels -- it takes 6-8 WEEKS to send something back to the vendors and when they receive it, some will deny a refund because it's past their 60-day return policy.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Nitpick regarding the article's title: no government money, "essential" or not, is spent on the post office. It is self funding, and if it wasn't required to prefund, decades in advance and in full, its future health care benefit payments to retirees, it would be operating at a profit.

But hey, congress loves to have slush funds to loot, especially when they can shift the blame for the losses to others. And the post office is such an easy target.

Having said that, I can't excuse this individual postal employee for practically turfing someone's lawn.

mcgoverntm's picture

Re: "no government money, "essential" or not, is spent on the post office."  That is true, as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough in explaining the USPS monopoly and what it means to US citiizens.

The USPS has a monopoly on delivering first-class US mail.  The rates are set by Congress.  The monopoly status was given to the USPS in a (liberal-fascist, expansionist) Supreme Court decision, but I challenge anyone to show me where the US Constitution gives the USPS a monopoly.  The US Constitution establishes the USPS, but says nothing beyond that.

So, it does not matter that ""no government money, "essential" or not, is spent on the post office" when citizens are forced by law to use the USPS for first-class mail and are forced to pay what the US Congress says they shall pay.

The packages delivered in this video may, or may not, have been first-class mail.  For other than first-class mail, there are other carriers available (UPS, Fedex).  But to say that ""no government money, "essential" or not, is spent on the post office" while formally true, is grossly misleading. 

Let's remove that supposedly-Constitutional monopoly and let the USPS charge whatever they want for their services.  How long do you think that they would last in the free market?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Re: "no government money, "essential" or not, is spent on the post office."  That is true

Yep, and that's the point I was making.

as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough in explaining the USPS monopoly and what it means to US citiizens.

Well of course, it doesn't go anywhere at all in explaining that. Why would it? My comment addressed the title of the article.

So, it does not matter that ""no government money, "essential" or not, is spent on the post office"

It's the only thing that does matter. That was the whole point of my comment.

But to say that ""no government money, "essential" or not, is spent on the post office" while formally true, is grossly misleading.

What is misleading is your use of the logical fallacy known as a red herring. The government mandated monopoly that the post office has on first class mail has nothing to do with the title of this article nor my criticism of it.