"No Deal" - Boehner Says Obama Rejects Proposals, Not Negotiating; Talks At An Impasse

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After a two-day, five hundred point Dow Jones rally on nothing but hope that just because politicians are talking, all shall be well, it was the weekend's turn, when the market is conveniently closed, for true Congressional colors to emerge. Sure enough, moments ago Boehner told GOP lawmakers that Obama has "rejected our deal", and that talks with the president have hit an impasse. The WSJ, whose recent poll in conjunction with NBC found Republican approval rating at an all time low (because if the debt ceiling slams shut, the machinery that funds both the "wealth effect" for the 0.01% and the 60 million on foodstamps and disability will cease: or in other words a bust for the ultra wealthy and poor, if not quite so bad for what's left of the middle class) reports that his comments, in a closed-door meeting with House Republicans, put renewed focus on a plan being developed by Senate Republicans to raise the U.S. debt ceiling and fully reopen the government. As we speculated, Obama, smelling blood, has decided to shut down the GOP on all their demands: "On Saturday, a House GOP aide said Mr. Obama had essentially rejected everything offered by House Republican leaders in their proposal." Which is hardly a negotiation. The question is will the GOP, having pushed the limit so far, decide to back off now, and let Obama take all the spoils?

As also reported previously, house lawmakers portrayed their talks with the White House more negatively than the picture that had emerged on Friday, after Mr. Obama phoned Mr. Boehner to discuss a proposal that House Republicans presented late Thursday. The White House said Mr. Obama had "concerns'' about the plan but that the two sides had agreed to keep talking.

Mr. Boehner told GOP lawmakers he was now waiting for Mr. Obama to re-engage with the House leadership, said Rep. Richard Hudson (R., N.C.). "The president will have to come to the table with something,'' said Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R., Ill.). "All eyes are now on the Senate. The question is what will Senate Republicans do.''

WaPo adds:

House Republicans were told by Speaker John Boehner Saturday morning that negotiations between the House GOP and President Obama have ended, with Obama’s rejection Friday of the House’s latest offer.


At a closed door meeting in the basement of the Capitol, Boehner urged members to hold firm, several said, even as Senate Republicans work to negotiate their own proposal to end the impasse.


House members expressed anxiety about the Senate talks. House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) said House leaders were only briefed on a proposal being circulated by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) on Saturday morning and were opposed to it. He said the reasons for opposition were too many to enumerate.


Admitting it’s not optimal, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said Saturday that “all eyes are now on the Senate” this morning as the House waits to see how the upper chamber votes on a bill to fund the government.


Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) sounded a frustrated note as he left a GOP conference meeting.


“The president rejected our deal,” Labrador said.


“It’s all good. It’s now up to the Senate republicans to stand up,” the Idaho republican added.

While in the Senate the prevailing GOP sentiment is one of folding to Obama as well, Darrell Issa moments ago noted that Obama has rejected the Seante GOP offer as well, which he said "contains real reform", instead pushing merely for higher taxes.

So while Obama seems dead set on getting his way or the highway, all the momentum for late last week appears to have stalled, perhaps direcly as a result of the massive ramp in the stock market which once again may have come too early, taking away all the pressure from the negotiation, which now appears set to repeat the tried and true pattern of yet another market plunge whose only goal is to force the negotiators to sign in the 11th hour.

And speaking of 11th hour, it may just be revisited, since as Bloomberg reported, after today there are no votes scheduled until 6:30 pm on Monday, roughly two days before the first X-Date.

More from Bloomberg:

  • Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, says Obama is “not talking to us” and “is trying to talk to the Senate Republicans
  • Rep. Randy Hultgren, R-Ill., says he knows of no plans by leadership to seek a vote on increasing debt ceiling for six weeks
  • Rep. John Fleming, R-La., says “we’re getting a bait and switch strategy from the White House;” next step is for House members to keep passing clean piecemeal bills to open govt
  • After today, House isn’t planning any votes until Monday around 6:30pm, says Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla.

In short: anyone who thought the debt ceiling tragicomedy was over, is very much mistaken. And just to make sure of that, here is Harry Reid:

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McMolotov's picture

The idea that Obama wants collapse is becoming more plausible.

GetZeeGold's picture



Is this the hope and change part?


I'm more hopeful every single day we go without a deal. I can go without most of that crap.

King_of_simpletons's picture

They have 5 more days to play out the soap opera. The end game is fixed. WWF style.

Newsboy's picture

I refuse to hold discussions with either perpetrator of this dramatic con.

(Dive, Dive, Dive!)

Meat Hammer's picture

Central Bankers' Collapse This Bitch list  


North Korea


Government Shutdown

Debt Ceiling

Obamacare  <--- We really like this one.

DaddyO's picture

Obama's little temper tantrum Hollywood style

Watch all the way to the end and you'll see what I mean, just like a little girl who didn't get her way.


Call me Ishmael's picture

The republicans started to buckle Thursday. Why wouldn't Obama wait for them to completely collapse?

remain calm's picture

Its better for my kids to default now than later. Lets just push the reset button now and start over.

FEDbuster's picture

No silver or gold purchases this weekend, just brass and lead.  Time to make a final push on the long term food storage, too.

Dictatorship and martial law (emergency powers act) and a whole string of excutive orders will kick in.  Lock and load.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Seems like their going to shut down all countries that use Dollars and impose Martial Law globally.

I'm sure our Military has just enough gas left to do that.

Croesus's picture

Just as a little "man on the street" confirmation for ZH'ers: 

Today, I went food shopping at the local Amish grocery store. At the checkout, the girl asked me how I was planning to pay, as I was unloading my cart. I told her "cash, but out of curiosity, why do you ask?". (They never ask anything like that). She replied "The EBT system is down, and we can't accept foodstamp payments from customers; it's apparently a nationwide problem". 



Clever Name's picture



"Several news media reports say the Electronic Benefits Transfer system – which allows low-income people to spend their Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program benefits with payment cards – was not working in Michigan and Virginia as well.

The cause of the problem is unknown. State and federal officials could not be reached for comment Saturday afternoon."



It will be readily apparent if this lasts more than a day or two...



1C3-N1N3's picture

Corner store here in IL has a sign on the door: Link (EBT) not working until further notice.

noless's picture

From the articles i found the states reporting failure in the ebt system all have substantial black populations..

boogerbently's picture

No matter how the media spins this.

The "default" would be on the dems watch.

rabbitusvomitus's picture

So.... that's bullish right? 

Jumbotron's picture

Why even ask anymore.  Of course it's bullish.  EVERYTHING is bullish.  Oh LOOk !!!....ARMAGEDDON is coming.  Well....that'll be great for home builders and pension funds since a lot of retirees and the states they live in are now destroyed......but we need to rebuild.


Remember.....you can't spell BULLISH without B U L L S H I  (T)

Raging Debate's picture

Perhaps Fedbuster but think of mentally ill disabled and those on food stamps getting cut off. Thats why bullets to defend against violent crime such as home invastion will be needed for.

Dependent people do not revolt when empire collapses they rob their neighbor so the jungle will be very dangerous for awhile. Those 1.6 billion bullet purchase from DHS will be used for looters. It is going to be an ugly and sad scene, a shame those that dont learn from history are FILL IN BLANK

Abi Normal's picture

When the empire collapses, it will be pure hell on earth people, prepare accordingly.

Rogue Trooper's picture

True that.  These central planners always don't account for an unforseen event or a straight timing fuck up.  I think they will fold at the last minute and kick than can down the road. But you never know.

On a personal note, wish I had those Troy back up sights already but the Magpul's will just have to do.

Will accept nothing less than Flat Dark Earth (HK front) - call me fussy.

wisehiney's picture

Yep, the holographic sights batteries may not always be available. Just picked up fixed sights, just in case.

Rogue Trooper's picture

Sound, folks go over the top with too much glass, holographic's and red dot's.  No issue they are great tools but I always believe you should be competant with irons.  Invest in a quality pair of BUS's and train accordingly, the ARs where designed for them and they are still IMHO the core sighting system.  The Trijicoms and Aimpoints are just gravy.

Good luck brother and increase your odds.


FEDbuster's picture

On the first of October the disability checks didn't come in the mail for those whom recieve a hard check.  My friend who works at the Post Office said some of them were going crazy.  One guy was yelling "where is my fucking check, it's never been late?"  His check finally came on the third along with several others.  These same people get some of their meds delivered through the mail, too.  You are right about one thing, when the checks and meds stop coming, the Free Shit Army is going to go nuts.  

Herodotus's picture

When revolutions happen, it is usually the Colonels that come out on top.

Abi Normal's picture

Indeed, with the likes of our Fraud-In-Chief and Dirty Hairy, who needs enemies?  They have their little plan for our TRANSFORMATION, and this will put a monkey wrench in it.  I say shut the  thing down and see where we all really stand, then we can settle it man0-y-mano, yes?

tip e. canoe's picture

keywords : elaborate staged prank


Abi Normal's picture

tip e canoe and Tyler too....

I wonder how TPTB would feel if the tide turns en masse?  We have five days left and they will more than likely agree of some other CR to fund the govt, they would never risk a default, unless that is part of the plan and Kabuki Theatre??

wisehiney's picture

Tip and Ty
What's the cause of this commotion, motion, motion,
Our country through?
It is the ball a-rolling on

For Tippecanoe and Tyler too.
For Tippecanoe and Tyler too.
And with them we'll beat little Van, Van, Van,
Van is a used up man.
And with them we'll beat little Van.

French Frog's picture

"Will the GOP, having pushed the country so far, decide to back off now, and let Obama take all the spoils?"

Right wing pussies always back off in the end

max2205's picture

Boener caves...loses....and still loses...what a fucking loser....now he can't even take credit for blaming this all on Barry...


Boener...please kill yourself

GMadScientist's picture

Yes, less nuts and bolts, more hot rhetoric! That'll clear things up. Stop apologizing for the fact that the conservative base spends more time talking out their ass about politics than actually understanding its underlying mechanics, Mr. Sowell.

Uncle Remus's picture

Now THAT is funny. What fucking "underlying mechanics" would those be?

Abi Normal's picture

GM, you post here so often, may I ask why?  The Huff N Puff Compost awaits you!  You still taking that blue pill??? ROFLMAO

Rogue Trooper's picture

This omnishambles, or keynsian cluster fuck, we are ALL living through is manifesting into an internal hemorrhage in what is left of GM's rather small brain.

He's just reacting, via senseless posting on the Hedge, to reinforce his cognitive dissonance.

Apart from that he's still and always will be a right cunt until the final showdown.

Lock 'n load Abi

Abi Normal's picture

I am that my friend...call me ready Freddy!!!

Urban Redneck's picture

At least WaPo sees the humor in Speaker Soggy Biscuit's B.S. (Hopefully Bezos also has a sense of humor).

"At a closed door meeting in the basement of the Capitol, Boehner urged members to hold firm,"

Pool Shark's picture



"(RINO) pussies always back off in the end."

There; fixed that for ya

WonderDawg's picture

I see what you did there. "Fixed that for ya". How very clever. And fresh, too. Did you come up with that all by yourself? Fixed it for ya. Rather than coming up with your own statement, you've made a minor change to someone else's post and "fixed it". So fresh and original. Very clever.

greatbeard's picture

>> Fixed it for ya.

That fucking term has been so overdone it gives me dry heaves every time I see it used, which is all the time.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Sounds like you need a tampon...

greatbeard's picture

>> you need a tampon.

That's what I'm talking about, something new, and fresh, and funny.  Not some old stale shit that's been making the rounds for years.  Kudos to you for coming up with something original.

Abi Normal's picture

LOL, it is a bit overdone, and I am guilty of doing it, sue me?!

WonderDawg's picture

LOL Looks like a lot of people like the "fixed it" gimmick, judging by the down arrows. Oh well, just a pet peeve of mine, along the same lines as "don't go there" and "been there, done that". I prefer someone who can actually articulate their own idea rather than take the shine off someone else's comment, but I guess that's just me a few others. No worries, though, my toes are still tappin'.



Abaco's picture

It is truly amazing since they have all the leverage. Nothing can get down without House approval since all appropriations must originate there. If Boehner had a brain he would send up bills funding whatever they want to fund, exclusing shit like ObamaCare and Public Broadcasting, and go. Send a big fuck you to Obama and Reid. So what if they continue the 17% shutdown.  Cutting back governmetn is what their consitutents want.