Blast From The Past: Harry Reid Claimed Income Taxes Are "Voluntary"

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

With Harry Reid in deep negotiations with crony Republican fraud Mitch McConnell, the American public is surely in the process of getting royally screwed once again. Thus, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit an interview in which Mr. Reid claimed on camera that income taxes are “voluntary.” He must have accidentally described the way members of Congress view taxes, you know kind of like how they view insider trading.

As you watch, try not to get too distracted by Jan Helfeld’s tie. Where can you even buy something like that?!


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mvsjcl's picture

Can I opt out of death, too?

old naughty's picture

Like they say death and taxes are the only sure things...

(Too) Many people would believe what Reid says.

Call me Ishmael's picture

I propose a new currency and economy based on the teachings of Jim Cramer.

ShrNfr's picture

The unit of currency will be named the broke?

Harry Dong's picture

I kinda Was thinking the trump. It's worth four shekels and a quid.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Harry "Whore House" Reid is a radical anarchist, plain & simple. Fuck you, Harry Reid!

BeetleBailey's picture

...and a criminal as well. Reid is a fucking blight on the American lanscape. The cunt.

Thanks, you pricks in Nevada for putting this fucker in office time and time again. The cunt got rich in office....big surprise.....the fucker ought to be rotting in prison...

imaginalis's picture

That can only be described as a blatant form of perjury against the American people

fourchan's picture

so did peter schiffs dad. and he was right but you know how the fascists are.

also back in the beginning of the fed and irs taxes were 2% of your dividend interest and they were voluntary. 

the only part of that that still exists is the fact you must sign your return agreeing to volunteer. fuck the fed.

Deo vindice's picture

How on earth can any man look another in the eye and say, "Our taxation system is a VOLUNTARY system ... but of course there are fines and penalties and sometimes even jail if you don't pay"?

Is that like voluntary conscription to the military?

Unbelievable.  (Well maybe not).

Landotfree's picture

The income tax is actually several taxes which people categories as income tax.   The American wage earner is not subject to the Income tax doing business within the external boundaries of their State.   Schiff continues to go to jail as he does not understand the administrative state.     

gmrpeabody's picture

Apparently, it all depends on what your definition of "is" is.

Ident 7777 economy's picture








Goddamn that Harry Reid is a CORRUPT MFer ....








Bruce Flea's picture

If you think he's bad, you shoulda seen his jackass opponent.


I think he paid her to run.



nevadan's picture

Don't thank Nevada, thank Clark county and all the pricks who moved into the state from everywhere else.

SafelyGraze's picture

what this country needs is a new form of government whereby people could have their own views represented by lawmakers

rather than having lawmakers impose their own peculiar views on the non-consenting populace

maybe it would be called a 'representative democracy' or something like that


Skateboarder's picture

That's outright jihadist thought right there. Most anti-murkan thing I've read in a long time.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

Don't go talking 'bout LIBERTY 'round here, stranger.  People ain't gonna take to kindly to you tellin' them to get their heads and hands out of that there trough. 


If I were you, son, I'd just get back on my horse and keep ridin'.

fourchan's picture

or a constitutionally limited republic, where the limits are on the government not the people.



and democracy/mob rule is outlawed.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

You mean one where we scrap the current neo-authoritarian system that has ZERO respect for indiviudal consent, and replace it with one that defends Individual Liberty?

You just got yourself on a NSA extremist list, pal. Better make sure you spread all your fertilizer on your lawn before they come knockin' on your door looking for tools of the terrorist.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

i tend to disagree....the system worked as is through amendments that it was F'd up. 1)repeal the 17th amendement and let's get the true representative type of government in place that was intended. then, if this doesn't work, we can try something else.

Harry Dong's picture

Here, let me help you with that martini.

RafterManFMJ's picture

I'm curious - is taking a big corn nibblet shit on a politicos grave a felony or a misdemeanor? 

Cobra's picture

Simple: if said politico is a different race, hate crime! If the opposite sex, sex crime. People just don't appreciate the old flaming bag of poo anymore.

ACP's picture

I've never seen an interview that went so awry since the infamous interview of Gerald Bull.

And Reid keeps getting re-elected.

Ah, the combined power of stupidity and money...

monkeyshine's picture

Ace Rothstein: You guys have to be kidding, adjourned? What do you mean adjoured? Mr. Chairman, Senator. You promised me a hearing, you won't allow me a hearing? You didn't even look at the FBI reports. When you were my guest, Mr. Chairman, Senator, at the Tangiers hotel, did you not promise me that I would have a fair hearing?
Senator: I was never... I was never your guest at the Tangiers...
Ace Rothstein: You were never my guest?
Senator: ...that's right.
Ace Rothstein: I never comped you? I don't comp you at least 2 or 3 times a month? At the Tangiers?
Senator: I... I'd like to answer that at this time, Mr. Rothstein is being very typical to this point. He's lying. The only time I was at the Tangiers was when I had dinner with Barney Greenstein.
Ace Rothstein: Was I at that dinner? Tell me, was I at that dinner?
Senator: You were wandering.
Ace Rothstein: Was I at that dinner? Was I?
Senator: You were wandering around. You were in the... you were in the building.
Ace Rothstein: I was in the building? You know damn well I was at that dinner, and you swore to me I would have a fair hearing. Did you not? Did you not? Well, tell me I was at least at the dinner. Allow me that much. Give me that much at least!
Senator: Yes, you were.
Ace Rothstein: Yeah. Thanks for not calling me a liar. You son of a bitch.

VD's picture

IRS = criminal. 

Income tax = unconstitutional. 


Shrink gov way down = most problems solved.


The video incontrovertibly proves that Reid is a moron and a liar.

quadcap's picture

No, this video proves that Reid is a liar and that the American people are morons for voting fucks like him into power.


marathonman's picture

I haven't actually bought this book but the concept has intrigued me - The Law That Never Was.  What if it were true?  I guess it doesn't matter at this point.

Bro of the Sorrowful Figure's picture

can we just hang this asshole and the rest of these cronies already? who's with me?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Maybe income taxes are voluntary for Harry Reid.

HoofHearted's picture

As I listen to this, he seems more like Harry (can't) Reid. (With a nod to the great UNC basketball player JR Can't Reid.)

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

and most certainly for little timmy geithner...

pointer's picture

paying taxes is voluntary, but filing a tax return is required by law.  So in essense Harry Reid is telling the truth, but when you file a tax return that document is what makes you have to pay taxes.

It's all in the wording.

I wish everyone would withhold 0 and the contractors stop sending in their quarterlies.  If enough people did it what would they do?  There are more of us than there are of them and we seem to be foregetting that fact.

ClassicalLib17's picture

I'm not sure about this, but isn't money and assets basically a bunch of digits stored somewhere that can be frozen or seized by the likes of people like Harry Reid?  Sorry, no college education here,  just rich in firearm training and supplies.  That's all I know.  That and carpentry.  Thank you for humoring me. 

Debugas's picture

not if you keep it in physical paper form (have you ever heard the word CASH ?)

fourchan's picture

just stop working convert it all to bullion, and get an obama phone sec 8 and a ebc card and medicare. problems solved.

Zymurguy's picture

The govt. doesn't need our tax dollars.  Taxation is simply a control over individuals to repress their ability to be independent from govt.

Just ask yourself this... "why do we have an ever increasing money supply, odious govt. debt, increased debt ceiling, astronomical amounts of interest obligations and a central bank complicit with providing a never ending support of liquidity?"

Meh, our income taxes are nothing but a yoke.

Random's picture

Soz for posting almost the same thing, haven't noticed your post when i did mine.

Random's picture

Well imho taxes are not meant to fund anything directly (loans taken by the government are for that, payed by the peons). Case in point, 1 Trillion + deficit per year.Taxes are meant to keep people poor and for re-distribution (think Fed, MIC, free-shit-army, big pharma, big AG, big everything in fact). How can you control people if they can afford everything they need and quite a lot of what they want? Taxes are a tool of control (means), not and end.

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Rentier's picture

they are voluntary if you are creative

xtop23's picture

Term limits now..... please.....immediately.

Then we can get rid of this cancerous hump. 


Eireann go Brach's picture

Now there is a fucking weasel of a man that I would allow my 4 year to hit with a bat!

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Any four year near Uncle Harry would be molested. Keep your children away from Harry!

OwnSilverPlayMusic's picture

Yeah you can volunteer to go on an all tax payed vacation to con-college, say hi to Wesley Snipes for me.