As Nigel Farage Warned: "In Two Months Of EU Membership, Croatian Exports Fall 11%"

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Having been urged by none other than Nigel Farage to see some kind of alternative sane path forward, the Croatian government decided instead that accession to the EU was for them. Now, according to government estimates, since the joined the EU on July 1st, exports have fallen by 11% compared to the same period last year. As presseurop reports, the decline for the month of August alone was 19%. During the first eight months of this year, exports were down by 6.3% when compared with 2012. The reason for the fall-off, notes the newspaper, has do with the impact of EU accession — "which has exposed Croatia to greater international competition, and the loss of privileges associated with the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)." Looks like Farage was right...


Farage's, now entirely prophetic warning begins... "the most important thing is that joining the EU is great news for the Croatian politicians, it's like winning the lottery..."


The headlines 2 months later...

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I hope Euroland realizes if they lose Nigel Farage......they are toast.

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"which has exposed Croatia to greater international competition..."

Anti-Communist Croation Nationalists should take this news well.  History says they will react calmly and peaceably to having their economy, culture, and lives affected by pan-European idealists.

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Its easy to find a few bad apples.  Its like me digging up KKK photos and saying it represents all the US.  I like you HH, but dont cherry pick.

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What "bad" apples are you talking about?  If I were to make any disparaging comments about any group, they would likely be directed at the pan-European globalist cock-sucking faux-communist fascists that Nigel loves to rip on, despite being bought and paid for by some of the very same.

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The bad apples in the photo.  They look like Croats to me.  

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Either the flag is backwards or these are just back-ass-wards Nazis.

Someone needs to tell them the Nazi Swastika faces the other way.

Or, quite possibly, its just the Croats.

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"back-ass-wards Nazis"

Fixed'em for ya.



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Or it could be from the origin of the symbol, which dates back over 3000 years and is used in the Buddhist and Hindu religions.  It is still backwards though. 


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The same Nigel Farage who claims the north polar ice cap is getting bigger..??


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He was just quoting scientists:


As a result, 2013 saw substantially more ice at summer’s end, compared to last year’s record low extent.


National Snow and Ice Data Center



On the other hand,


here is positive proof of global warming.

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My brother Bilo, he retard

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Nonetheless, I bet you didn't know that (1) there were more Croatians per capita in the SS than any other non-Germans (aside from Austrians), and that (2) they killed more fellow-Catholics than Jews.

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(1) Austrians ARE Germans. (2) They killed almost ALL of the Jews in their territory, who were not smart enough to get out early.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Don't want to get bogged down in the weeds, but Germany is a political union of various Germanic tribes (Allemannen, Bavaren, Franken, Sachen, Teutonen...).  Hitler considered himself as "German" (of German ancestry), even though he was an Austrian citizen from the Austria-Bavaria border region.

Austria is a political entity that's left over from the Hapsburg dynasty of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  Many Austrians considered themselves as "German", but many/most did not.  These days they almost all consider themselves "Austrian", not "German".  In fact, Germans have plenty of "Austrian" jokes, which imply that they're not too swift or that they are Hillbillies.  And Austrians have plenty of German jokes.  But then, all European countries have jokes about other countries.

I do agree with you on your second point though.  There were far more Austrians in the SS than there were Germans, on a per Capita basis.  It was also ironic that although most of these were "Catholic" (as was Hitler himself), that they killed fellow Catholics by the millions.  Records show that approximately just as many or slightly more Catholics were killed than were Jews.  But that is a separate topic, and I digress.  Sorry.

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Hitler issued debt-free and interest-free money through bills of exchange, called Labor Treasury Certificates. It was not backed by gold but by labor. The currency had no debt and no inflation. Germany went from being the poorest nation in Europe to the richest in five years. It built the world's first super highway with this monetary system. This made Hitler very popular. Hitler created his own money. Some very powerful people did not appreciate this development.

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Anybody with unquestionable power can create a fiat system and point to its early success. Mass confidence and mass psychosis can share the opposite sides of an irredeemable piece of paper. It ALWAYS comes with an expiration date.

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and wipe out the Jews, Serbs and Roma in the meanwhile just like in WWII. Or expell the few Serbs left that still live there after the Yugoslav war of the 90s

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Croatia is simply paying their dues for club membership (to germany of course).  Who would be stupid enough to join such a club?

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like Farage says, certainly not the politicians, bureaucrats and big business interests, who are all going to become filthy rich with their snouts in the troughs in Brussels.

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When you enter the EU, it is the EU that defines Economic policy. They dictate the rules with no questions asked. It is amazing how this central planning and blind allegiance is adhered to. Why can't my own country define its own economic and trade policy? Why?

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Nigel Farage, you rock!!!  Dirty f n Germans have taken over Europe again. 

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Can they help it if they're smarting than the average European? I think not. 

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only the Germans can provide Führung.

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Send in the Serbs!

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and leave  the rest of the Masohists in.

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If you think the Croats are screwed, the Serbs will be even worse off because unlike Croatia they had the nerve to stand up against the international community and their plans to carve up Yugoslavia.

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Farage was of course correct.  But the idea that you could integrate a country populated by Nazi collaborating Christian and Jew killing filth into civilization is beyond me.

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So... em.... why is France in the EU ?

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I think it is a real shame that most Americans get their "History" from Cartoons

Here are the true figures.

In most occupied countries, the Jews have nearly been exterminated.

In France, only (if we may say) 26% of the Jews have been deported (mainly to Germany) and killed.

Most of the Jews succeed to survive in France thanks to the active and passive resistance of a large part of the French population - despite a certain number of collaborators (who existed in every occupied country).

Consequently, France is now, by far, the country in Europe with the largest Jewish community (more than 600 000) representing 1% of the population.

To be precise, here is the part of the Jewish population victim of the shoah by country:

Poland 90%

Germany and Austria 90%

Baltic countries 90%

Bohemia 89%

Slovakia 83%

Greece 77%

Netherland 75%

Hungary 70%

Belgium 60%

Yugoslavia 60%

Romania 50%

Norway 41%

France 26%

And to kill all these prejudices, we can add that, in France, the LVF (Legion Volontaire Francaise), the French volunteer army that the Germans tried to organize, was a gigantic flop:

Only a division was supplied to the German army, whereas the Netherlands (with a 4 times less important population) supplied 2 divisions.



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I didn't name France (in a rather cynical example) because of the prosecution and killing of  Jews, but because of the collaboration with the Nazis.

Both countries had puppet governments installed after they were steamrolled by the Nazis - the Vichy government in France and NDH government in Croatia.

And yet this seems only to be a problem (or  a stain on their national history) for the Croats and not for other "civilized" members of the EU.

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You are right, but to explain this difference, maybe there is a reason, another face of the medal, which name is "French Resistance". To give some examples:

- 58,000 Free French troops have been killed fighting the Axis,

- Internal French Resistance had 20,000 deaths + 20,000 deaths in deportation.

- 3500 French pilots served in the RAF

- 100,000 French troops participated with success (under General Juin) to the 1943 Italian campaign.

- 6 Free French divisions did contribute hugely to the Provence landing (under General De Lattre de Tassigny).

- In 1945 the Allied Forces on the west front consisted in:

US: 45 divisions -  UK: 12 divisions -  France: 9 divisions -  Poland: 1 division.

Apart from the puppet government based in Vichy, there was a free government based in London under the authority of General De Gaulle.








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Maybe the did lose exports.  But now they are part of the club and have all their gov bonds purchased no questions asked.  Croatia, start your deficit spending engines!!!

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I was in Croatia several times recently, he is so right about no debates.  I talked to many Croats about joining the EU, and to be fair, the average person did view it as "we need this", because it made them feel as if joining legitimized the country.  I didnt get it.  But you can see how media can easily control the minds of most people in a country.

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The power of PR. BRUSSELS--The European Union is searching for a roster of PR agencies to help make the case for enlargement, backed by an eye-catching €20m budget. (probably much more)

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OTOH, media funding in propagating that same goal is virtually unlimited since all the large lamestream presstitutes around the place are owned by Boyz from Da Club with large stakes in the creation of a future Eurasia (which, of course, shall always be at war with Oceania and Eastasia).

Croatia like every other Balkan country has a small alternative media operating from the underground  (mostly urban guerilla efforts like this one) surviving without any funding, which is the reason behind even established alternative media sources (like The Feral Tribune) shutting down after a while. There are many awake Croats, mostly young ones, and the reason why they don't protest against what's going on is, as a young man in Zagreb told me last year, because they saw this as a great opportunity to get their University diplomas validated all over Europe and emigrate to Germany without needing a bloody visa.

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Croat scum probably lied about their finances to gain entry.

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My thoughts exactly, a la Greece.

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That goes without saying. Who doesn't lie today?

But don't forget that it doesn't matter (yet). They joined the EU, however not yet eurozone. In case they keep lying for a while longer they'll qualify to switch to the euro.

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Nigel said Herman Von Rompoy has the charisma of a damp rag. This guy could do standup I think.

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I think to be fair Nigel Farage UNDERSTATED the facts.

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It is standup. Nigel is so outrageous when he speaks it's hard not laugh at his antics.


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Pretty low key by UK parliament standards.By Brussels standards, he is  outrageous.

Which says far far about Brussels than Nigel.

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well, he gets elected to the EU parliament but UKIP has some difficulties to get a seat in Westminster. what does this say about Westminster?

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The UK does not have proprtional representation like most of Europe.

Its a two party club, just like the US, and Nigel isn't a member.

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Bribing and coercing national politicians to sell out their country. The EU way.