Obama Job Approval Nears All-Time Lows

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Despite the apparent preponderance of polls proclaiming the Republicans as the party at fault (with their ratings at record lows); it appears there are no winners in this game of global macro economic war. President Obama's job approval rating has plunged to two-year lows, near all-time lows.



(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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Wake me up when it is below zero...

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'more flexibility' in his 2nd term

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Well, the NASG & RUT are at all-time highs, so we know that the fat cats approve of everything Obuma is doing.

For all the talk about all the shit that is wrong with this economy, the markets keep going up.

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Obozo has to go alright but the sheeple have been so dumbed down and neutered to the point where these idiots in charge know full well they can get away with anything they want now.

What's it going to take to change that?

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There will be no real change without the collapse of the empire.  its only a matter of when.  And the real question is will we have a cleansing forest fire with a bright future or mad max?  Either way, it's gonna be real fucking ugly when the SHTF.

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How will the collapse happen?  You think it will happen due to hyperinflation or default or perhaps both? 

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If history is a guide, we will have a bloodthirsty dictator followed by a devastating takeover by another country.

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His approval ratings are entirely based on the success of the ponzi scheme to project itself, as anything other then what it is! The rating falls when people get concerned in the free shit army (both corporations and indivduals on welfare) and rises when he passes another CR that continues this BS charade!

Nothing more, nothing less!

I love you as long as you keep giving me my fix for free, and sending the bill to someone else, I fucking hate you and will kill you, if you stop! That's American Politics today, in a sentence!

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Simple. Take out the EBT system for more than a few days and you'll have riots in the street. You Amerikans are such violent folk, the majority of you have guns or know where to find them. Take out the EBT system and you'll have civil war within a month.

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Dont laugh..

Just wait till the prols start opening the invoices for obamacare.


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I'll save my laughter for when the whole system collapses and the 90% of the population that is mentally deficient struggles to grasp reality.

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I am just shocked Barry can't manipulate these ratings....is he losing control?

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Over the weekend the NBC, CBS and ABC were reporting that his approval rating was just the opposite, oh wait they just reported the bad rating as though it was a good rating! Rat bastartds!

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There is not much joy in this.  I told my son when he voted for him the first time around that President Obama would probably wind up being the most reviled president in American history.  I suggested there were two reasons for this:  First he had signed up to be captain of a ship that had already hit an iceberg.  And second, because his progressive mindset, he was in no way equipped to be able to perform the triage that was necessary in a world of declining resources.  The real truth is nobody can save us short of an actual honest to God deity.  We need real magic.  Smoke and mirrors won’t cut it this time around.



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I hear he is going to resurrect Bin Laden and kill him again. How many times has the guy died now?

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Hope and Change baby, hope and change!

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

I hope that we change presidents soon.

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The worst president ever is Barack Obama.

And Valerie Jarrett is his prophet.


Jon Corzine: Worst P.O.S. on planet Earth!  Why is he not in jail?

Ancona's picture

Because he knows too much to be jailed and he's too connected to "suicide".

RaceToTheBottom's picture

"...... Why is he not in jail?"

It is embarrassing to have a presidential adviser perform his job from jail.

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Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act would beg to differ.

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Obama can't be the worst President ever, because he is constitutionally unqualified to be President. You need to be President to be the worst one ever.

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too late, he was voted in. Now I dedicate this to whoever voted for this "man":


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There may be more people that voted AGAINST his opponent than voted FOR him.

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Wall Street loves the guy. New all time high in the RUT just printed....

Devotional's picture

true ... but people voted this thing in, right?

so here is to those people 8===D

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...and fine hairy set you have there as well.

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So... You're going to give it to Michelle too?

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Send him back to Chicago, it appears they need a Nobel peace prize winner there with the shootings going through the roof, but then again, Nobel isn't what it used to be as they can be bought now.

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send him to South Africa, his kind will show him AGAIN what they REALLY think of him. Obama is HATED in South Africa by the black locals. Remember what they did when he was there on a visit? They PROTESTED demanding that he leave!!! Thousands of them.

FeralSerf's picture

As a citizen of Indonesia, and according to Indonesian law a citizen of no other country, he should be deported back to Indonesia.

When he came to the U.S. as a FOREIGN STUDENT on a Fulbright Scholarship, what was his country of origin? An Indonesian student needs a student visa. He has overstayed it. He is eligible for IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION.

Vice's picture

Hey I take offense to this. We don't want that idiot here either! We already have his patsy Rahm. 

Drop them off in Auburn/Gresham. They don't last a minute. 

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Wait until ObamaCare comes out.

Mike Adams on ObamaCare Computer Issues
Oct 11, 2013

"I happen to have a long IT development history... My casual assessment of the code, indicates this system, at this point, it would be faster to scrap it and start over than to fix the current system..."

"The only reason that social security numbers and emails and other private financial data has not yet been stolen in huge numbers through healthcare.gov is because healthcare.gov is so broken that even the hackers can't get through it yet..."

"The philosophy of Obama is to wave a magic wand and fake like something is solved and then talk your way out of it. Obama is a salesman..."

"Computer code cannot be hypnotized by Obama. So let's get that straight. He can talk to the systems all he wants, they're not going to buy the dream. The computer code follows instructions, and instructions are a nightmare..."

"By the time January rolls around the media will have to admit something, unless they try to pull off the biggest mass hypnosis campaign in the history of the country, and try to tell everybody, you know, 'This is working!'. Maybe they'll say, 'Millions of people have signed up', and they'll try to make each individual person think they're the only one who can't get in..."

island's picture

Why they chose such a complicated implementation is a mystery.  Anyone who has an inkling of understanding of computer systems would have known this was going to be a bust - particularly when attempted by government cogs, where the "best and brightest" are marginalized and the "protected classes," "affirmed," and brown-nosers are glorified.

Why didn't they just mandate insurers issue 1099s at the end of the year to those who bought insurance directly from them - enumerating the premiums paid.  Federal tax returns could have had a line for the credit and the booklet a worksheet for the calculation.  End of story.   (Maybe the politicians didn't want everyone to feel the pain of the full premiums - for fear they would balk at the absurd amounts.)

Not that I'm in favor of Obamacare (aka: the unaffordable insurance act) - but at least we wouldn't be wasting tons of money on a beastly system.

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OMG your a free thinking, problem solving, logical type!!!!

Quick hide, don't let the .govs find you, you'll be re-programmed!

Your solution and I'm sure a dozen others, would have been FAR better then what we have, but that's NOT the point of .gov, the point is to control the uncontrollable, that's its mission!

QQQBall's picture

because that would have cost $6MM instead of $643MM

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I believe the biggest IT mistake they made is not seperating all of the "shoppers" from the "buyers".

DEAD DOOR IT RULE #1:  If 90% of the traffic is shoppers, don't make SHOPPERS sign up for an account until they are to BUY.

This is why the "the traffic" is blasting out the flanges on the servers.  

Having broken DEAD DOOR IT RULE #1, they are about to break DEAD DOOR RULE IT RULE #2. 

DEAD DOOR IT RULE #2:  If your design is wrong, re-design the system.  Don't paste it togeather with bale wire and scotch tape.

Since Obama is a resonable person I'm sure he will re-design the system BEFORE it goes live.  /sarc


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An e-bay superstore would have been more functional out of the gate.

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Unsurprisingly his approval ratings roughly equals the sum of those who don't pay taxes plus the 1% who is making a killing while he is in office.

insanelysane's picture

You could have left it at those that don't pay taxes because the .1% making a killing also aren't paying taxes.

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And all it took was not getting our kids out of pointless wars and selling out to banksters and crony capitalists.

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Under the Constitution, all spending bills MUST originate in the Congressional House (considered the People's assembly).

Clearly, the House gets to choose what is funded.

Clearly, the House has voted funding for government, though not all that Obama wants.

Clearly, Obama and his Senate lackeys have  rejected all funding  they would normally have approved for programs they would have normally approved.

Clearly, despite economic risks and hardships,
Obama et al have rejected all funding in an attempt to blackmail the House into approving the funding Obama wants.

Clearly, despite MSM presentations,
Obama is the obstructionist  who has taken the economy and government function  as hostages for a ransom demand on the House.

Bobbyrib's picture

"Clearly, despite economic risks and hardships, 
Obama et al have rejected all funding in an attempt to blackmail the House into approving the funding Obama wants."

Do you work for the MSM? What economic risks and hardships? The more government is out of my life, the better I feel.

rwe2late's picture

Economic risks and hardship exist even though a self-centered world view may prevent one from realizing any.

Bobbyrib's picture

Whether or no the government is shut down and whether or not the debt ceiling is extended, there are economic risks (think systematic collapse) and hardships (mostly in the third world due to our weak dollar policy).

rwe2late's picture

 A publicly debated and determined reprioritization of government spending and function is one thing,


an engineered and ill-conceived collapse which would only facilitate the assumption of "emergency" autocratic powers is something else again.

Bobbyrib's picture

But, but, but the Republicans shut down the government. Why blame him? It's not like he REFUSES to negotiate. /sarcasm.