Syria's Assad 'Jokes': Nobel Peace Prize "Should Have Been Mine"

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Following President Obama's "win" a few years ago, the headline above may not be as entirely surprising as some would expect. However, we can't help but feel the Syrian President's comments represented his actual perspective and his 'just kidding'-moment was 13-year-old-girl-esque covering-up of the stunning comment given the 115,000 dead in his nation so far from the conflict. As The Tribune reports, the prize, which was given to the global chemical weapons watchdog on Friday, “should have been mine”, Assad said, according to Al-Akhbar newspaper. Hey, there's always next year Bashar...


Via The Tribune,

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad joked that he should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, a pro-Damascus Lebanese newspaper reported on Monday.


The prize, which was given to the global chemical weapons watchdog on Friday, “should have been mine”, Assad said, according to Al-Akhbar newspaper.


Assad made the remark “jokingly”, the daily said, as he commented on the award on Friday of Nobel Peace Prize to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which is working in Syria to destroy the Assad regime’s massive chemical arsenal by mid-2014.




But the newspaper did not say when Assad made the comments about the Nobel.

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Theta_Burn's picture

Sorry Bashar

Natanyahoo is next in line

freewolf7's picture

The veterans who had the restraint to not scale the White House fence yesterday should be considered.

That woulda started a ruckus, given the snipers on the roof.

nmewn's picture

Here's a good one, the sign dumped on top of the Barry-Cades...

...some sort of iconic symbolism or sumpin ;-)

freewolf7's picture

Drape that puppy with some burning tires, or am I giving away the ending?

john39's picture

smells like low grade propaganda for the (western) masses consumption...    that said, Assad is fighting on the front line against the NWO/banker cabal

Tim_'s picture

The Express Tribune

"The Express Tribune is the first internationally affiliated newspaper in Pakistan. Partnered with The International Herald Tribune – the global edition of The New York Times – the paper caters to the modern face of Pakistan."

msmith9962's picture

Dude is hilarious.  Hosting SNL next wk.

IndyPat's picture

Why say it as a joke?

old naughty's picture

I guess it's just another way to say: "Jokes on you, Oba".

Sparkey's picture

The joke is on you, if you believe it!

Overfed's picture

Peace prize? For the last 40 years (at least) it has been the prize for lofty rhetoric.

HerrDoktor's picture

that would be lefty rhetoric, no?

Toolshed's picture

It should have gone to Putin.

caconhma's picture

<It should have gone to Putin> For what? For saving Obama zionist ass?

FuzzyDunlop21's picture

He deserves it more than Obama

McMolotov's picture

It's a political award and nothing more. That's why Obama "won" a Nobel Peace Prize for merely existing and being marginally black while Malala Yousafzai, someone immensely more deserving, was deemed unworthy.

Hedgetard55's picture

"Marginally black".  +55


I'm blacker than Choomboi.


Punahou School, Columbia, Harvard, who paid for all these?

Future Jim's picture

Blacker than Will Smith, but not as black as Bill Clinton?

Sudden Debt's picture

Why did Hitler never receive a nobel price of peace?

ShrNfr's picture

He was nominated for it in 1939.

Sudden Debt's picture

nominated... that's not the same...

I alway thought he killed more woman and children than Obama... I guess I'm wrong...

ShrNfr's picture

He personally never killed anyone. Neither did Obama. The banality of killing continues apace.

Byte Me's picture

Still time for "Man of the Year"...

IndyPat's picture

I hear the Time Man of the Year is going to the "Syrian Freedom Fighters"

Byte Me's picture

Maybe he'll bitch about that too.


QQQBall's picture

My vote for Man of the Year goesto Janet Yellen

IndyPat's picture

Mooochelle would never let the shit happen

el Gallinazo's picture

Only the cannibals.  Freedom to choose your main course.

NOZZLE's picture

Ask pwesident indiscriminate drone strike. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

As long as it was a ghastly bad death. Jesus.

Element's picture

When you go to a peace conference or meet a foreign diplomat never never drink the beverage.

Joenobody12's picture

Dear Bashar, just because you kill less people than Obumpma doesnt mean you automatically get the peace price. 

nmewn's picture

Right...and in other news...Mother Teresa was posthumously inducted into the Atheist Hall of Fame and Bob Costas & Piers Morgan made honorary Life Members in the NRA by Wayne

krispkritter's picture

Speaking of Costas, appears he's removed his head from his ass just long enough to make another dumbass statement.

He's like Matthews now, so far up Obama's ass that when Obama farts he gets a tingle in his leg...

LeisureSmith's picture

The Syrian military is the leading player in the war against terror. The SAA is winning by miles with it's terrorist bodycount. If the peace price winner in chief would stop funding and arming jihadis, peace might break out.

It is horrible what Syria and its people are going through, sivillians getting killed and ancient monuments destroyed. The moral hazard of not punishing war criminals whomever they are is very dangerous. Make an example out of Tony Blair and move down the list, a very long list.

Zer0head's picture

watching BBG TV just now

their political hack reporter, Julianna GOldman - explains that the White House is disappointed that the equity markets are showing some resillance today and that they (the White House) were hoping for a big decline to light a fire under the republicans


yes she actually said that with a straight, albeit very long face.



q99x2's picture

The parts of thw world that were attacked and terrorized by Harriman/Bush/Dulles/Rothschild/Rockefeller need to join together and bring the war criminals to justice. Otherwise nobody is safe.

0b1knob's picture

How is he any worse that Kissinger or Arafat?

TBT or not TBT's picture

Or pee wee Herman, or milli vanilli?

rustymason's picture

Who cares? The Nobel prizes are given by lefties/commies to their fellow travelers.

IndyPat's picture

The Putin "Tactical Cockblock of the Century" is where the real honor will be recognized.
I suggest the actual medal awarded to be an Iron Shield and it should have "Peace, with a side of Burning Humiliation" boldly engraved on it.

22winmag's picture

When it comes to middle east strongmen keeping the peace, it's not even close... Mubarak kept the Christians safe and the Jiahadists in check for 30 years!

ebworthen's picture

If he let the Brussels banking cabal run his economy and government he'd be a shoe-in.

kchrisc's picture

The Nobel Peace Prize has been a joke for sometime now.

MFLTucson's picture

Where is the joke, Obama got this ridiculos award, why not Assad?

Zombie_Economics's picture

Let's call it what the fuck it should be called, the "No-Balls War Prize", or maybe the "Noble Death Prize".  Either could represent the truthfulness of what it should be called these days.  As the "No-Balls War Prize" it would clearly represent some sorry fucking pussy that starts wars and orders attacks from the comfort of a safe position, rather than grabbing a weapon and leading the fucking charge himself.  In regard to the "Noble Death Prize", this would represent the highest running total of deaths inflicted by the orders of self-appointed nobility.  They both work for me and all these cockeating fuckwitted tyrants deserve to be drawn and quartered in public display.  After which that can have the trophy driven through their skulls and mounted high atop a goddamned flagpole.