5 Things To Ponder For The Rest Of The Week

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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We have seen these "Teflon" markets before...


A decade ago or so on the NASDAQ rings a bell.

Thank goodness it crashed. If I had to hear "Fly me to the Moon" on CNBC one more time I was going to hurl.

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Aggressive monetary policy and labor hoarding.....clearly the way forward.....to what I'm not sure.

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The 'markets' aren't markets . . . . theyre nothing but criminal manipulations . . tied to nothing.

Long term retirement investment ?  Yeah, right.

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One of the topics in the article begins, "Is The Market Reaching Extremes?"

It seems from my vantage point over a lifetime of the FED that the more interventionist they have become trying to provide stability that the more extreme the markets have indeed become.

And the analysts are just now saying so, kinda makes you go, hmmmm...


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The Recovery is dead! Long live the Recovery! /s

Nice to know the markets are pushing all time highs.  When this sucker stumbles, the fall is going to be amazing...

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They don't care until they have to.....long above the 4 week ema only till they care

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When the dust has settled, and the media toadies have moved on to a new hero, the Obama years will go into recorded history as the beginning of the end of America as we know it. His rank amateurism, incomeptence and vindictiveness will eventually become matters of fact, and the consequences of his economic illiterature (if that's not a word, it fucking should be) ought to doom collectivism for the next humdred years.

We'll see. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.

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Somehow, all this reminds me of the moment of truth the British and French leaders collectively experienced in 1940, when prime minister Churchill - upon receiving bad news from the front - met with the French political and military leaders in Paris to find out how ugly things had become.  At a given moment he asked: "Où est la masse de manoeuvre?" (where is the strategic reserve?). French chief of staff Gamelin, not exactly the brightest knife in the military drawer, it would appear, shrugged and uttered but one word: "Aucune" (to be loosely interpreted as "there's nothing out there, pal").  This was the 'game over'-moment for the allied forces. They still kept fighting for some weeks, but in the end had to surrender the continent to the Wehrmacht. And truly horrible years were to follow.  Y'all have a nice day.
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To quote from the article, "the risk to the economy currently is the government shutdown itself". Therein lies the crux of the current problem; no country of free people should ever let its economy be so dependent on the government's economic activities. The flip side of the issue (do people who never played vinyl records even know what this means?) is that strangulation by regulation is also contributing to the state of the economy, with Obamacare being the most blatant example. No country of free people should ever allow the government to have a stranglehold on economic activity.

Now if only I could find a free country with free people...

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Oh nooooo, not the Teflon pan analogy.

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Worse - the Teflon pan analogy combined with the venerable LIST format in this case, exactly five (5). Not some, a few ... etc, but FIVE.

I am so fucking sick of the list format I don't know if I can click another link to yet another list article.

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Sometimes you need to just walk away and take a break in order to keep your sanity.

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That is exactly what I'd call a valuable advice!

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Maybe post a list of FIVE reasons the list format sucks ?

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Time is rot's best friend.  Eventually, Warden Norton (the sheeple) is going to toss a stone at "fuzzy britches" Raquel (the economy) and find out what's behind it.

Patience (and gold) are virtues...

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By productivity you must mean labor arbitrage, price inflation and exchanging expensive debt for cheap debt.

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How can there be an economic problem when the "credit-and-forget-it specialists" will get you approved for a car loan that you can't afford? There are no problems in economic fantasyland! JUST PRINT MOAR!

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Looks like a controlled correction / crisis. Soon government and their federal reserve friends will come and "save us".

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Glad he mentioned FASB 157... "mark to market" was great for the bankster bonuses on the way up, but hell on the way down. So what to do? Why, get your friendly bought and paid for whores in Congress to "convince" FASB to effectively shitcan it of course. Voila, problem solved. Next?

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Obama's propaganda machine(MSM) will declare full employment ala USSR. Problem solved!

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next life I want to be a Jewish Banker or run the fed. 

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There's only one thing I'm pondering this week:  Which of the stands to use for getting a nice blacktail buck, given the high-pressure weather and a light breeze from the north.