With Two Days To Go, House GOP Splinters From Senate, To Propose Its Own Bill

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It is becoming clear that the House is splitting off from the Senate negotiations (especially after Rep.Paul Ryan's comments that the "Senate Plan is not enough" and as Robert Costa reports, there is a bill emerging that has a little (maybe not enough) for everyone - "CR + DL + med device + income verification + Vitter language." Obama appears to be demanding more concessions in his "unconditional surrender or default" strategy as tells McConnell that Treasury needs flexibility (i.e. as we approach the next debt ceiling deadline - assuming this one is passed - the Treasury should be allowed to tinker with things to keep the ball rolling). Equity markets are growing more nervous - especially in light of the fact that being this close to the edge, a well-meaning politician looking to make a name for him- or her-self could filibuster the US past the X-date with nothing to be done about it. The biggest issue is that with much negotiation and debate obviously left on the table, there is a hard limit in just over 36 hours, a timeframe that is becoming increasingly unfeasible and which implies a breach of the X-Date - if even briefly - is very much possible. What is worse, is that since nothing immediately bad would happen on October 17 with no deal, that the GOP can further protract negotiations in an attempt to force Obama's hand to yield some additional compromise.

House as soon as today will take up own bill on reopening govt, extending debt-limit, House Speaker John Boehner tells Republicans in closed-door meeting this morning, Republican House aide tells Bloomberg’s Phil Mattingly.



And Costs confirms the details...

  • CR to 1/15
  • Debt Limit to 2/7
  • 2 year medical device tax suspension
  • Income verification
  • Obamacare for members, cabinet members (Version of Vitter language)


Rep. Ryan Says Budget Provision in Senate Plan Not Enough

“We need to do more than that,” Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., says of provision in Senate plan requiring budget talks by Dec. 13.

“A budget resolution isn’t enough to solve the problem,” Ryan says as he enters meeting of House Republicans at the Capitol today


Obama Said to Tell McConnell Treasury Wants Flexibility

Treasury Dept wants flexibility to use “extraordinary measures” in managing debt limit, President Obama told Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., in phone call yesterday, person familiar with the discussion tells Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman.

Republicans have sought to prohibit use of those measures to prolong debt ceiling as part of budget deal; such measures lasted five months this year

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., said yesterday removing Treasury flexibility “very unwise”

Emerging agreement in Senate extends debt-limit through Feb. 7


Conservatives Say Boehner Will Reject Senate Plan: Nat. Review

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, expected to send Senate alternative to extend debt ceiling, reopen govt, set up budget conference, add conservative demands that go beyond Senate plan, National Review’s Robert Costa reports, citing unidentified Republican House members.

Senate plan will be “DOA,” focus will return to House and idea of doing 6-week debt ceiling extension, unidentified House conservative strategist tells National Review

House Republicans meeting this morning to discuss emerging Senate agreement to reopen govt, extend debt-ceiling to Feb. 7


Equity markets are not happy...

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AlaricBalth's picture

Kick the can. Bunch of schmucks!!

ShrNfr's picture

Operant word is putz, no schmuck.

GetZeeGold's picture



Go pound sand McConnell.

davinci7_gis's picture

Damn, I am starting to feel like AL GORE after the 2000 election....will I win, will I lose, will I win, will I lose.

Joe Davola's picture

We the taxpayers, all 47% of us shmucks (hopefully the correct usage), of this country lost a long time ago.

banzai401's picture

Excuuuuse me but those with 'real jobs' contributing to the system is now down to less than 20%,... some +70% of the US public is now on the DOLE.

CharlieSDT's picture

Today, after years of watching the two political parties do the exact same shit over and over again, it just boggles my mind that anyone with half a brain could think there there are actual good guys and bad guys in Washington. Normally intelligent people are parroting all the same stupid partisan talking points they read on the Huffington Post or Fox News and getting very angry at anyone who disagrees with their finger pointing game.

It is amazing what a bunch of dumb fucks the Americans are these days. How it is possible that people with IQs over 80 can live in the same world as you and I and still insist that there is any difference between Republicrats and Demlicans is beyond me. Believing in the Red Team Blue Team meme today shows the same critical thinking ability of a pro wrestling fan that insists that that shit is real.


wisehiney's picture

Make a bet and have some fun.

Popo's picture

Paul Ryan has no balls.   Of course,  we knew that already.  Eddie Munster is a fiscal liberal who joined up with the GOP only for the "family values". 

They_Live's picture

"You didn't earn that real job"

onewayticket2's picture

they're too busy fulfilling the document requests from the IRS' audit from the last time they downgraded.


dude, intimidation is so 2009.  It's overt to the point of being unspoken now.

xtop23's picture

You'd be quiet too, if the option was a fleet of black helicopters showing up, with masked up douches sporting AR-15's to free the shit out of you, was the option.

You saw what happened to S & P..... that honesty shit can't be tolerated.

Winston Churchill's picture

With bagHolder's jackboot on their necks.

I'd be quiet as well.

Lewshine's picture

Watch Ben play the treasury yields like a violin to corner Congress into agreement! Makes you proud of our Banana Republic...Yes?

Bearwagon's picture

So let it be written - so let it be done!

jughead's picture

When that's the only game you know, every problem is a can. 

ShrNfr's picture

And the flexibility Obama had with Russia just worked out so well too.

Petrus Romanus's picture

Call me crazy but, aren't spending bills required to be initiated in the House? Just don't be pussies about it! If they fuck with you let it burn!!!!!!!!!

banzai401's picture

Oh NO its been like this for a long time the TOP-TEN they bring the law down from the MTN written by the Lobbyists(GOD), and the Congrass signs off, ...

Move along, ...

banzai401's picture

Good point many years ago, maybe a 100 years ago the SENATE was appointed by governors, but about 100 years ago, the AIPAC folks made sure that the Senators were elected directly, which means today that 99% of senators get 100% of their CASH from out of state sources....

banzai401's picture

Let's look at some of the interesting stat's on this debate.

The Republican Lobbyists wrote 'obamacare', but somehow sold it to the moron class as a 'liberal' invention,

The GOP blames the TEA for opposition,

Wall Street says' that Obama care will make for money than any ponzi in history,

From now forward all collectibles by insurance will be handled pro-grata by the IRS, ... imagine that no more collection cost, and the collections done by the most ruthless collectors on earth.


So there is a splinter, the MORON element aka the TEA party, for which we will call the 'useful' idiots, said employed by BIG INSURANCE, and then there is now whom be the moderates? and that be the McCains ...

All is theater but this is theater of the absurd.


The experts are speculating that most will PAY to exempt themselves, meaning that now the IRS will collect $1,000's of Bernanke bucks a year per individual to 'opt-out', this is truly a new world order when folks PAY to opt-out.

Little know is that opting out also means no social-security, so now the final great ponzi is place, is to get as many morons as possible to PAY to opt-out on their pig-trough entitlements.

Who said the USA wasn't fucking smart?

Anybody still living in the USA is a fucking idiot.

SnatchnGrab's picture

So much fail in a single post.

banzai401's picture

Finest Gubmint that Bernanke Bucks can buy it is :)

SquirrelButtDan's picture

I agree that most people will pay the tax. I doubt healthcare was the central reason for the unACA. This is a way to raise taxes without officially calling it a tax. 

earnyermoney's picture

You're lost buddy.


Progressives know Obamcare is a POS, but they rammed it down our throats when they controlled the WH, Senate and House of Reps. As ZH pointed out a couple of weeks ago, not one "Republican" voted for Obamacare. The Democratic party owns this POS. Want proof the Democrats know they're in trouble without a "Republican" fig leaf of support? Look at Robert "Hawg Jowels" Gibbs trashing the rollout of Obamacare yesterday on MSNBC.

Now we get Progressive revisionist history kicking into high gear. I've seen this popping up in various threads on ZH and lots of blog posts by contributers at Naked Capitalism. These are the talking points: Obamacare is a plan of the Heritage Foundation, Republicans and Mitt Romney.


Cursive's picture

You know what would be great TV?  Debt Limit/Govt Shutdown Paintball Standoff.  Team Obama versus Team Ryan versus Team Reid versus Team mcConnell.  Winner take all.  Come on Mark Burnett, you can make it happen!

wisehiney's picture

Bowie knives would be even more fun.

Cursive's picture



_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

All theatre. I'm not even reading this shit anymore. We know how this ends.

Wake me up when TSHTF.

SnatchnGrab's picture

Equity? Hmm....let me go count my silver, ammunition and beans again. Yep. All good.

NDXTrader's picture

Obama is going to get his sell off. If this doesn't push the Dow down 300 points then nothing will

Devotional's picture

*hick* cheers! *hick*

wisehiney's picture

Stand strong TEA! Hell yeah! The moron weasels may get angry but they will forget it soon, as their rage turns to oBUMMER care.

banzai401's picture

That's one element that will get you banned in a nanosecond here on this forum, but I stand to say that you cannot even get with a 1,000 yards of an elected office in AmeriKKKa if your not already a GIMP.

wisehiney's picture

But it makes a great show. Fun to piss off the other guys. 

AnAnonymous's picture

The 'american' sense of drama...

Cant wait for the final end of that 'american' story which is going to end the way 'american' stories do: no belly, all hot air, 'american' duty of consumption performed...

banzai401's picture

When I hear OBama talk about 'flexibility' his years as a stallion at the Rev Wright aka Rahmanuel Sex House bath tubs always come to mind. It is said that Obama is something of a contortionist in his day at the Rev Wright 'all men' bath houses.

GetZeeGold's picture



Why do I have this feeling of impending doom?


Yahoo reported that? That place is like Mao central.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

As that article points out, I think the vast majority who have absolutely no idea how much Obamacare is going to personally cost them monetarily are going to totally freak when they find out.

Lewshine's picture


You fail to understand the Obama strategy. Like all tyrants, facts and numbers mean nothing! If two people signed up within the next 12 months - Obama and his media would declare victory, and taut this thing as the greatest plan since the new deal. Trust me, Obama did this in the face of 70% opposition. Numbers mean nothing to these pyschopaths.

Shine on!

SoNH80's picture

Decadent culture, decadent economy, decadent politics.  The US isn't the only nation with such dynamics.  It is just the biggest circus tent in the Western World.

Let's glob-trot a bit and examine the decadence:

Japanese TEPCO kabuki, Fukushima so sorry

Brazilian favela dwellers steamrolled for the Olympics infotainment extravaganza

The rich in England fiddling about while the rabble gets by on tinned spaghetti and handout gimmicks


banzai401's picture

Not really, the implosion already started WALMARTS went nuts this past weekend when the EBT died for a few hours, .. and you saw what happened,

World War Z has already started, and if your still in the USA, ... well your fucked :)

wisehiney's picture

Not after we clean house. Good thing you are not here.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Saw someone link to this yesterday.  Interesting read.

Bracken: When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence


SoNH80's picture

If you think that you are going to come through "this" unscathed Banzai401, you are fooling yourself, unless you live on the surface of the Moon.  Besides, America is a nice place with a far higher proportion of decent people than you might expect.  I like it here, I just don't like our late-Roman style decadent, corrupt political class.  How are things in your country?  Perfect?  I doubt it.

MichiganMilitiaMan's picture

Looking for the ass kickers to take the can from the can kickers tomorrow with a filibuster. 

That might be priceless.

surf0766's picture

we are 2 days away from fundamentally finishing the transformation of Amerika !

thismarketisrigged's picture

dont worry guys, they r so so close to a deal,everything is going great