Gartman October 15: "Gold Is Acting Crappy... Looks Weak... Looks Awful"

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The perpetual contrarian indicator, matched only by FX guru Tom Stolper, strikes again:

"Gold is acting crappy. It looks awful on the charts and it's just not doing what it should be doing. Gold looks weak. Thank goodness I have owned it in terms of Yen. It saved me from losing 25% instead of only down about 7%. That's still an eggregious loss. Gold still looks awful. One has to suspect it is probably going to go lower again. I like steel a whole lot more than i like gold."

That was, of course, everyone's cue to buy some $50 lower.


Perhaps it is time for Gartman to unwind his "ETF."  Oh wait.

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  You're so full of shit Gartman. I've listened to you brag about owning gold vs the euro for months you asshat...

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shake the tree one last time before yellen comes in ...just whatever muppets are left ...

i have a feeling Goldman lead the pack with its SELL call last week, of course, a week earlier than the other "experts" ... the cheap shills armstrong, gartman etc. are out in force ... of CNBS had the famous article ... FT article is missing to complete the picture (but again i have not followed it might already been out).

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Gartman makes Cramer look sane.

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whores will do what whores will do.

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I cant even bother to come up with a clever post.

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“I like steel a whole lot more than i like gold”

Latex is for liking, too.

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I like lead better than steel - better penetration and holds it's value.

petolo's picture

Steal when you need it.

Max Hunter's picture

Extraordinary insight. Thank you CNBC. You are my rock.

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Like they say, 'never, ever buy at a bottom...'

Treasuries are looking good yeah... not.

So, next time I want some mindless investment advice I know where to go...

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I just got off the phone with Mr. Gartman and he loves to talk with goldbugs". Help old Dennis understand what movees the price of gold; he could use the education 757-238-9346 and he is looking forward to your calls =)

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waste of money, he's been saying the same thing all the way up from $260...

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In China there is a joke:

if you separate Hebei province from china and establish a new country, then world No.1 steel producing country is still China, No.2 steel producing country is Hebei.

Hebei's steel output is bigger than European Union and 1.8 times than USA. It is 164 million ton.

Hebei people thanks Gartman to promote their product.

Thanks Gartman.

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This asshat can try and barter using a few metric tons of steel when his whole paper mache empire comes undone.  Somehow, I don't think he will be taking delivery of that either though.

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Yes, when the price of something is unbelievably low, esp. when it shouldn't be, DO NOT buy low.  I repeat, DO NOT buy low.

You want to buy something with good performance in the last 6 months. 

Damn, all that sarcasm takes it out of me.

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"Gartman is talking crappy .... looks fat and stupid .... looks awful."

Diogenes's picture

I've heard funnier jokes.

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I did take a few longs on the 11th at about 15:00 EST.

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Max you must be British with that SOH. Anyway you look at it Gartman is a silly fucker - if he owns gold he owns gold. To talk of owning it in terms of yen is simply saying the way he bought resulted in tn FX saver combination which he would like to pretend is now a single bet. Silly cunt.

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Gartman talks of owning gold in terms of Yen because he probably holds GLD thinking he owns physical. Twat.

hangemhigh77's picture

I think he likes cock the most though.

bread n circuses's picture

close but no cigar.


Fagen and Becker named the band after "Steely Dan III from Yokohama", a strap-on dildo mentioned in the William S. Burroughs novel Naked Lunch.

rosiescenario's picture

...Blue Steeler....well lubed with AstroGlide........

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Gold's only acting crappy thanks to Fed manipulation you fat fuck.

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I have news for the world if anyone cares... US total debt per person +$52,000.  Debt per household +$135,000.

I am in the 8% and I don't have it.  None of my neighbors have it. My parents don't have it. My brothers don't have it.

Print baby print... we are dashing on this check when it comes.

greatbeard's picture

>> I don't have it.  None of my neighbors have it.  My parents don't have it.

Don't hold out on us deserving boomers, check your kids and your grandkids. You have any idea what greens fees are these days?

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Whats up with the fakes "executive office suite" Gartman is sitting in front of ? cant afford a real office ?

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These talking heads can say whatever they want, it hasn't changed my direction one iota!

Prep on, Patriots!!


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Me too! I'm a proud owner of 2 Maple Leafs as of yesterday and I'm sleeping fine. Just need to hitch up the boat to the truck now... be back soon.


bigdumbnugly's picture

and gold says:

"Gartman Is Acting Crappy... Looks Weak... Looks Awful"
Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Exactly. It's all funny money so print more. I'd like to lock into a few 2% mortgages before the crash.

The Continental's picture

They are coming next for your bank accounts and pension assets, believe it. At this point, I don't even care about the price of silver and gold. I just don't want the bastards to get a penny of my honestly earned money. I'm moving accounts balances in dollars down to the minimum and buying more physical. And belive me, I already have a lot.

Bragging about oning an asset denominated in Yen versus the dollar has to be the most retarded thing somone can say. But when a socalled financail expert says it, you know that Orwellian double-speak and government MOMO is at full tilt. Gartman has zero credibility to the thinking man. And he is a shill and a whore for the Wall Street banks.

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Yes, but he knows the Riddle of

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

And only pays for gold using the iron price!

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Is he the one that hates it so much that he gets the urge to sell 2000 tons at 3:00 AM?

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I am with Armstrong on this, gold is in a downward trend but don't let that stand in your way of "loading up the (Tonka) truck". I like gold as much as the rest but I am waiting for it to go lower, if not, oh well, that's on me. Make your case and buy buy buy!

constantine's picture

There is not a single one of Armstrong's theories that isn't completely full of crap.  Read his letters from prison circa 2010.  He was predicting dollar collapses, and soaring gold, RMB, Rubel just like all of the other liberatarian types.  

His use of chaos theory to back his extremely linear concept of historical phenomenon is not only inconsistent with chaos but completely counter to it.

His understanding of the intelligence sector belongs in science fiction novels, not serious analysis.

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Much like Gartman's public admission on CNBC that he's missed all the market moves of late. Nothing like someone being paid for financial advice admitting they can't find their ass with both hands on international television. 



Arius's picture

it is not simply incomptency .. it is intentionally misleading investors ... basically stealing ... once in awhile admit fault, or give a good call, but 99% just take the opposite of his advice, another Stolper...

i suspect GOLDman is somewhere beyond the curtain

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Yes, Gartman pretty much bashed gold from 2001 to the present. He only jumped into the sector when gold rose strongly from $800 to $1900 (2008-2011). He missed the entire run from 200 to 1000 (2001-2007).

He is completely full of shit on gold fundmentals and why it is a hedge against endless printing of fiat, QE, ZIRP, inflation, etc...

jcaz's picture

Gartman can talk about his "holdings" all day long, but the fact is the majority of his income is derived by these $400 appearances on CNBC,  just like Josh Brown and other clueless twats that have plenty of free time to appear on this network.....

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And what is up with his nonsensical doublespeak about "owning gold in yen (or euro, or dollar) terms" anyway?  If that is not pure obfuscational bullshit, I don't know what is.  You either own GOLD, or you own yen (or euros, or dollars) --- you can't, and don't, own both at the same time.

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You are simply lacking appreciation for what passes for brilliant technical analysis at CNBC these days. Yeah, me too.