4 Things To Ponder This Weekend

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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Amerikas ponder about where to shop - Macy's or Kohls



What to wear to work

No change


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Have a nice weekend, bitchez!

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The majority of Amerikans shop at Wallmart and the "dollar" store.

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5.  The Fed and its secret (do you know who they are?) shareholders own both parties and indeed America and at some point the whole thing goes to hell and they hold all the wealth.  Wonder what they'll do with their new found absolute power?

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Flee from my TrackingPoint system mounted on my OBR.


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Invest in a hell of a lot of lead (DHS comes to mind) and heavy equipment to dig very long trenches...

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Sure - but not for everyone. Just the illegal Mexicans.

It's a brilliant trap, begging them to come here, in Spanish even, with all the welfare incentives and anchor babies and working for the elite as nannies and gardeners and such ... and then ... WHAM! They're all stricken with some new virus. Or they turn to Zombies and have to be taken out with hollow-point rounds of automatic gunfire from some of those new spiffy MRAP vehicles.

And then once the threat is over, they'll bring back all the jobs for real Americans.

Poor slobs will never see it coming.


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Enough of this "secret shareholders" nonsense. There is not a secret group of owners for the federal reserve, it is owned by the banks that form the banking network in their respective regions and the whole system is perfectly transparent. Even that is misleading because the federal reserve IS for all intents and purposes a state-owned institution: as the fact they send most of their profits directly to the government demonstrates.

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A licit, legitimate conclusion. You sound like an accredited writer. Ever consider writing a more in-depth piece on this subject for the Accredited Times web site? That's the kind of sensible, non-paranoiac stuff they're looking for.

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you left off the sarc tag?

the whole system is perfectly transparent.

Where did the bailout money go?

Fed refuses to disclose recipients


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as the fact they send most of their profits directly to the government demonstrates.

Bullshit.  They send most of the profits publicly and directly attributable to the Fed back to the government, but what of the profits made by member (owner) banks owing to the operations of the Fed?  Of these obscene profits you say nothing, Sir Shill, perhaps just through an innocent oversight on your part?

I am sure ZH readers would be more than happy to list them.

I am beginning to believe that the only way to control the bankers is to enslave them.

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Banking functions on a cartel system. This is not being disputed. What is being disputed is the absurd notion that the world is secretly controlled by bankers who secretly own the federal reserve and other "private" central banks.

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Wow.  So you believe the propaganda.  Answer this simple question, then:  why won't the Fed allow the Government that supposely owns it to audit it fully and transparently?  hint -- they won't.  

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"Even that is misleading because the federal reserve IS for all intents and purposes a state-owned institution:"

The federal government IS for all intents and purposes a FED-owned institution! Fixed that right up for ya!

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It's NOT Fed owned, it's Satanic Tribe owned! The director of the Fed has always been a member of the tribe. Even the new Tribe bitch recently appointed.

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> Remember the "bit-coin" frenzy?

Institutionalized "experts" have the blind spot for everything they don't, won't or can't understand and they pass the blind spot onto their poor suckers...I mean, clients.

The "frenzy" has outperformed gold, silver and everything else in its short life. Assuming that the internet is around in two or three years, people now holding significant amounts of Bitcoin will be the new wealth centers. If the internet isn't working in two or three years, we're all fucked anyway as there are obviously bigger difficulties that humanity is dealing with and we'll be down to PMs, lead and food as trading items.

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Bingo.  Funny how gold bugs bash the future of money.  Pure jealousy.  Yeah, its a ponzi scheme!  Itll collapse any day now!  Never mind the fact the price floats on the market and it does for free what Western Union charges billions to do.  Never mind the fact its the first form of money that governments cant steal, freeze, or inflate.

If gold is so great, why dont more businesses accept it for payment?  Every day i hear about a new business accepting Bitcoin.  And every day thousands of real transactions are done with Bitcoin.  You dont see that with gold and silver.

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What's easier to track/manipulate - web dependent $$ or all the phys gold? In any case there's room for both on this corrupt world.

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Ponder the fact that the term 'investing' has lost all meaning.......

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No, it has not. Investing is as alive today as it has ever been. Just because you can't understand the difference between investing and purchasing investment products doesn't mean investing is dead.

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Phony economy + phony money + phony MSM + phony recovery + phony congress + phony president = upcoming global manufactured disaster = prioritize and get your shit in order.

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Word. Invest in things you can touch, including yourself.

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It works fine for the phony people.

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If AnAnnoyingMoose takes a shart on the roadside, and nobody else is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Pondering the insanitational mysteriousizings of the ages.

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Your version could have charm because it would show the total disrespect Chinese Citizenism Communautist Party progators had for public decency, taking the matter in the dung hand.

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When US European South American Asian Easter Island 'americans' try to monolize the progrational means, well, they can't hold a candle burning at both ends to even the lamest of the lame Chinese Citizenism citizens, that being in their eternal nature.  Since 15th,June, 221 BC, scraping the goats and blobbing-up in every way.  Just have to bear with it.

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If you can't stand denial in this Chinese citizenism world odor, then life is tough on you. Denial and cheap propaganda, you bathe in them, you'll drown in them.

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Must be what happened to all those river pigs.

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Does loving your country while hating your government make you a bad person?


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It would make you an enemy of the State.

State enforcers would view you as "bad" and respond accordingly.

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It's a good thing nobody in government saw that comment. After all, can we really expect the NSA computers to work any better thanthe Obamacare computers?

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Prospect Theory, eh? I'll print out a copy to take with me next time I go to vegas.

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There's never going to be any "tapering" at the Fed. Never, ever. Tapering bond purchases would pop this boil we call a bond market. It'll be "the shit hittin the fan" moment. Interest rates spike and the economy goes into the crapper. and then it'll be on :)

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I think the bond market is going to force the FED to end QE.  The USG can only be funded by FED money printing for so long before the global bond market losses faith in the dollar and starts to demand higher rates to compensate for default risk.  Once bond prices fall, the FED will be more concerned about protecting its balance sheet than funding the USG.  Either way, the more bloated the balance sheets of the USG and FED become, the more likely that bond prices will fall.  This will set in motion decisions that will have to be made based on the best of 2 poor choices; (1) default on the debt and lose the ability to borrow to pay for government salaries and transfer payments, (2) pay the rising interest on the debt and lose the ability to fund government salaries and transfer payments.  Either way, the USG and the FED are lossing more and more power with every incremental increase in the debt bubble because it only brings them that much closer to a bond market that will force their hand.

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Once again the obvious leak to stop is government spending.

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But, but, Gramps luvs his li'l rascal™ scooter...

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Under normal circumstances, I'd agree. But it appears the Fed will print until there is so much money in the system that when they taper, bond prices will not fall. I expect every round of taper talk that causes yields to rise will result in a non taper. Eventually they will get their way.

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   How many pixels need to fall out of the matrix before the sheeple get it?

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"As we proceed through the rest of this year it will become an increasingly interesting debate between the economic and fundamental data versus ongoing asset speculation driven by excess liquidity."


The Venezuelan market is up over 300% this year, despite a toilet paper shortage.

Excess liquidity trumps fundamental data.

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Inflation there is over 50%. In Weimar Germany the stock market went through the roof too.

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Bitcoin frenzy?  Hah.  My bitcoins are currently trading over 170.

Hows your silver and gold doing lately?

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still shiny but a getting a little colder with the weather, thanks for asking.

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"3) Why We Sell Winners And Hold Losers"


People like to book a profit and don't like to book a loss.

Once, a broker told me to buy Kopin.  14 a share.  It dropped to 7.  The broker called and told me i needed to get out, because of some story the broker told me.  Down 50% i sold.  Eventually, Kopin was a 100 dollar stock.  Depending on how long i would have held it, holding a loser could have made me money.

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Herd alert.....

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The problem with money/"wealth" managers is that they make money whether you do or not. I have never met one I respected. Why does ZH publish this rubbish? Same goes for publishing anything from GS or MS and pretending it is relevant to anything that will or has happened.

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More QE = Higher stocks prices. It's hard to argue with that equation.

The trouble is that EVERYONE now knows it and believes it. There's not one investor in the US market (who takes an interest), whether speculative or long term hold, who doesn't believe that QE equation.

But what if the equation is perverse in its outcome? This is the markets we're talking about remember and markets are perverse in their nature. 

What if the equation USED to be true but now either isn't, or its outcome is diluted so -

More QE = Small rises in stock prices (or even worse, gently rising indexes but price declines in the old leaders and darling stocks).

The theory above is hardly new but I think it's important to realise the facts have changed because NOW EVERYONE KNOWS THE EQUATION AND BELIEVES IT.

Markets are perverse and right now with everyone believing the same story that perversity could smash into elevated stock prices with the power of a Saturn V rocket.

Whatever the case there's a lot of potential selling if that equation now turns out to be false.

But if you're thinking of shorting DON'T.

That's a 'hero trade' you're trying to sell the top and it's got far more to do with ego/vanity than making money. Hero trades probably have a 10% chance of making money yet they will make great money if right.

This is where the charts are such a useful guide. Go look at a daily chart for the 3 months before and after the market tops in 2000 and 2007. See how it topped yet it didn't fall straight out of bed. They slam it down, then strong counter rallies that fail etc.

Wait for the slam downs, wait for the market to start to break down THEN try to sell into the sharp rallies that fail. It's hard, waiting for the right time is hard, but the real money is ususally made by the patient traders. This is my general gameplan for shorting this juiced up stockmarket pig.

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Excess liquidity and speculation will continue.

They cannot turn the Titanic around and go back to port, they must continue forward despite the icebergs.

This is a confidence game, and even knowing the tragic result they are trapped in the wheelhouse committed to the course.