Weekend Humor: Obamacare's "Success" In Context

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Presented with no comment...


(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

Source: Compete.com and Mars One Foundation

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Isn't Obamacare a One Way Trip to Hell?

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They will attribute the low enrollment figures to a mental illness epidemic.

The litmus test for mental illness will be not having enrolled in Obamacare.

Then they will force those who are 'mentally ill' to enroll in O'care or be institutionalized.

Then you will see the enrollment figures increase.

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It's Bush's fault.  

Seriously though, in a country of perpetually drugged and stupefied people, is it any wonder they can't get it to work right? 

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Well, Bush was responsible for the Prescription Drug Plan, although it did roll out without too many hiccups.

When they voted for that during Bush's tenure I knew it was the precursor to national healthcare. That, and creating HMO's.

Just baby steps.

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Without 7 million enrolled (including a mix of 2.75 million under age 30)for 2014 this system collapses. (This is per GAO and CBO)In other words old Barry is back to congress to get tens of billions for a bailout or he let's it fail. People have to be enrolled by March 31st. So basically that's March 1, but of course to be on by March 1 you will have to sign up by mid February. Sh*t I went on the system again today and you CAN'T SIGN UP. This things going down the sh*tter.

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Apparently complex systems require some talent to organize and run. Obama is long grand ideas but rather short on talent. 

You can not get this thing to work just because you know Serge and Mark and Bill.

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You give him a lot of credit for ideas that weren't even his.


Hint: look who would profit most from "his ideas".

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Hopefully by then Ted Cruz will be back with a Posse from Texas.

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in all fairness, you have to admit he took bush's idea of jailing u.s. citizens without trial to killing them without trial.

standing on the shoulders of giants and all.

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29.5 hours jobs......and still no health insurance.


Thanks Barry!


As we whistle on the road to total economic destruction...

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The funny thing is, their cure for the website incompitence will be to pay them more !

kridkrid's picture

ACA was first seriously introduced by Nixon, in fact. It's nearly identical.

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Your grasp of modern history is beyond stunning.....almost like didn't happen.

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This was never meant to work. And when it becomes clear this doesn't work, progressives will make the insurance companies the villians (at fault for the complexity) and thus will begin the push for single payer.


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"We have to pass the bill to see whats in it" 

In the medical field thats called a stool sample.

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Part D was nothing more than another giveaway to pharma. Funny they can negotiate prices for vets but not the entire population. 3K plans to choose from based on the meds you take. What a convoluted joke.

Don't know where the goose fits in the Turducken, but they've sure cooked it.

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ackkkkkkkkk...you mean you are declared mentally ill if you dont sign up? surely that means you are home free with lots of benefits for life? why wasn't this pitched this way in the first place, the whole country could sign up for benefits and nobody needs to pay any taxes...that is the path we are on and that works wonderfully hey!!

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I think you hit the nail on the head. When healthcare is already free to anyone who walks into an emergency room, why on earth would the people who use walk-in healthcare programs volunteer to start paying for it monthly even at the subsidized rates? This is the one thing all the lobbyists and geniuses in the DNC forgot.

Or maybe they didn't, and they have a bigger Machiavellian plan.

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There has never been an explanation of how the taxes, or premiums, or co-pays, or penalties are going to be collected from people who are poor enough to need ACA.  With half of the citizens being non tax-payers, IRS can't collect from them, unless they file liens on real property, or just seize it.  Those who are unemployed can't be garnished.  What about those who enroll, but don't pay, or don't have wages to be seized?  How is this possibly going to happen?


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re: "How is this possibly going to happen?"

That's going to be Ben Berstanke's new gig...

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Prolly OJT for shotgun weilding IRS jackboots & the new debtors prison industrial complex where corporate gets more free labor. 

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I'd think twice before an ER visit. I know someone treated for a spider bite only to find out when she went back it would be her last time. It was MRSA. It took her a week to die a horrific death. She left 5 kids without a mother & her new husband a widow with a $2 million hospital bill. Then bankruptcy of course. Just as the whole medical industrial complex was engineered.

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At least on the trip to Mars I'm exempt from Obamacare,

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Unless they decide to provide ACA off-planet...then it will be a really big thing and will get zillions to fund from now until infinity and beyond.

Don't give them any ideas...including impossible ones.

They tend to 'operate' and move-out on impossible concepts....just like science fiction.

Its like they saw Star Trek show in the 60's and believe its really possible today.

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Kathleen Sebelius says the ObamaCare website supports 150 different languages, probably even Martian. But its also the first website to malfunction in 150 languages.

So its like a Win-Win to them or sumpin ;-)

Bendromeda Strain's picture

But its also the first website to malfunction in 150 languages.

A record that will stand the test of time...

GetZeeGold's picture



It works in every language.....except English....they didn't think they'd need to use the international language of business.

PrintemDano's picture

Unfortunately English isn't one of the 150....

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Sorry to say but that's the one language that probably won't be needed. I guess we can consider Ebonics as a derivation.


Tapeworm's picture

Designed by those fluent in Hebeonics.

jeff montanye's picture

that's the lesser known linguistic variant, as distinct from the dominant financial form of hebenomics?

it's a joke.  

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There's a new day dawning here in Halfrican'tistan...

Thank doG!

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

A reporter will never ask a politician this question:" what aca health plan does your family have and when did you sign up?" That question makes every single one of our rulers hypocrits and would derail the MSM propaganda.

Itch's picture

Its interesting how these ideas are made up on the spot, and commended there and then.  

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Likewise gun ownership will be ruled out of existence through ObamaCare.  Gun ownership will be increasingly restricted based on medical-sounding guidelines, and gun-ownership will increasingly be regarded as evidence of a medical-sounding problem.  Like paranoia.  Or low-self-esteem.  Or hostility.  Worried that the government will seize your guns?  Then you are unfit to have them, and we're seizing them -- yesterday.  We knew this would happen, after all -- you post on Zero Hege.

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ICBM?  Does that stand for "Inter Continential Bombastic Muppet"

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Ineptly Catastrophic Barry Mandate

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Obamacare Tax Exemptions


  1. members of certain religious groups (code for jews?)
  2. Native American tribes
  3. undocumented immigrants (who are not already receiving free healthcare)
  4. people whose incomes are so low they don't have to file taxes
  5. people for whom health insurance is considered unaffordable

Obamacare Tax Rates

2014 - $95 per adult (half per child) or 1% of household income

2015 - $325 per adult (half per child) or 2% of household income

2016 - $695 per adult (half per child) or 2.5% of household income

Beginning in 2017, the tax will be adjusted for inflation.

XenoFrog's picture

Rule #829a:

When something is declared free or low cost, expect it's actual cost to skyrocket.

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Hey you any words on Bitcoin @ 180 Bernanke bucks?

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The upcoming VAT tax will lower the cost of Obamacare.

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Well......that's just freakin great news there.


Pay attention to Greece.....cause that's your not to distant future.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Yeah, I thought they would have figured that out after Bush got his Prescription Drug Plan passed and drug prices began to spike even higher. I guess this concept is lost on politicians. Or maybe it's just they make so much money themselves creating such lunatic legislation. Neither reason would save them from the rope if I were their judge.


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I checked out the link. You missed one exemption - incarcerated individuals. Just refuse to pay the tax, they will put you in jail, then you will be exempt from the tax.

I also noticed they neglected to put on the website that members of congress are exempt.