Comrades-In-Arms Clash: France's Hollande Fumes At America Following Latest NSA Spy Gaffe

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It was only two months ago that France's socialist president, Francois Hollande, in his quest to show just how great his allegiance was to the eat tax the rich "fairness doctrine" and socialist causes espoused by the glorious leader on the other side of the Atlantic, and to said glorious leader himself, that France was prepared to almost singlehandedly invade Syria (and surrender shortly thereafter) on the basis of several fabricated YouTube clips. So strong was the socialist bond.

Less than 60 days later, how quickly the alliances within the second coming of the Comintern have changed: over the weekend, Spiegel and Le Monde revealed that the US NSA secretly monitored tens of millions of phone calls in France and hacked into former Mexican President Felipe Calderon's email account. The spy agency monitored 70.3 million phone calls in France over a 30-day period between December 10 and January 8 this year, Le Monde reported in its online version, citing documents from Snowden. And so, recently demoted to B-grade economic status in Europe, France - America's European lap dog in virtually everything - is suddenly apopleptic and shocked, shocked, that spying went on here.

AP has more on hilarious French response:

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, on a trip to Luxembourg for a meeting with his EU counterparts, said the US ambassador had "immediately" been summoned to his ministry for a meeting Monday morning.


"These kinds of practices between partners that harm privacy are totally unacceptable. We have to rapidly make sure that they are no longer implemented in any circumstance," he told reporters.

Why hilarious? Because apparently France thought that while the US can spy daily on hundreds of millions of Americans, the spy agency would somehow exempt France. Of course, the question of why the NSA actually bothered is somewhat relevant: it's not as if the NSA would learn anything actionable. Still, the sudden fracas between these two comrades in false flag arms nations, is quite enjoyable.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls, meanwhile, described the revelations as "shocking", in an interview with Europe 1 radio.


According to the paper, the NSA automatically picked up communications from certain phone numbers in France and recorded certain text messages under a programme code-named "US-985D."


Le Monde said the documents gave grounds to believe that the NSA targeted not only people suspected of being involved in terrorism but also high-profile individuals from the world of business or politics.

Not just France: bossom NAFTA buddy Mexico too:

The Le Monde article followed revelations by Der Spiegel -- also based on documents provided by Snowden -- that US agents had hacked into the Mexican presidency's network, gaining access to Calderon's account.


According to the report, the NSA said this contained "diplomatic, economic and leadership communications which continue to provide insight into Mexico's political system and internal stability."


The agency reportedly said the president's office was now "a lucrative source."


Mexican authorities said they would be seeking answers from US officials "as soon as possible" following the allegations.

Get in line pal. As for the French, if you will pardon our French, denouement:

Valls said France would demand "precise explanations by US authorities in the coming hours."

Or what: surrender?

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Ghordius's picture

"So strong was the socialist bond." LOL

it's good humour, but some might take this a bit more serious. except if this was on purpose

yes, Paris has joined London in being pissed off at the even stronger carelessness of Uncle Sam, which is increasing

it's as if Uncle Sam's minions-in-chief are somehow becoming increasingly forgetful of why they are doing what to whom and where. perhaps it's a problem with their training/education, or perhaps it's true that the Eastern Elites have lost their grip on US foreign relations

not that Uncle Sam wasn't a bit fickle, before. but now?

anyway, from the French perspective those "gaffes" are way more serious than what can perceived now. France was not part of many "arrangements" with the CIA, like those that the UK, the Netherlands and Poland or Italy have

French territory was supposed to be CIA/NSA-"free". That was the agreement when France re-joined the NATO

nmewn's picture

Look! Over there...a squirrel!!!

Surely you have not forgotten the DGSE is doing the very same thing.

I think all us "small government, terrst, anarchist, hostage taking, tea party-types" have found yet another vast bureaucracy to abolish.

And give everyone a tax cut as a result ;-)

lewy14's picture

+1 on the tax cut.

If I were French I'd be pissed too - mainly that the US was too incompetent to keep secret what everybody knew anyway.

But Ghordius - spare us the Captain Renault drill. France's "agreement" on entering NATO amounted to a "please lie to us" line, for domestic consumption. You think the French really believed the US Government would refrain from spying on its favorite Frenemy?


Scarlett's picture

We are everything the Nazis ever dreamt of.  Everything. How did that story end again?

fourchan's picture

we spy on everyone especially ourselves, there i said it,


on a side note we are unable to keep china from spying on us.

Analyse2's picture


"the DGSE is doing the very same thing"

Not at all on this unimaginable huge scale:

For instance 70 million private phone calls spied and recorded between december 10th 2012  and   january 8th 2013 ...

Imagine France doing the same to the US, you would say "what kind of allied country is this ?"

mvsjcl's picture

And heeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee's...Ghordius!!!!!!!!


The topic must be Eurocentric. Must ensure that the proper EU "spin" is applied.

One And Only's picture

Complaints can be handled at 1800fuckyo

edotabin's picture

yeah but the phone system is down and the website doesn't work

GetZeeGold's picture



Complaints can be handled at 1800fuckyo


Please speak clearly and drop off any intel while your at doesn't hurt to ask.

spanish inquisition's picture

If you dial 1800 FUCKYOU you get a phone menu. A female voice states "If you want Obamacare press 1 if you are not trying to get Obamacare press 2". At the end of either phone call, you get the feeling of being screwed.

Wolferl's picture

Thought the UK is America´s lap dog in Europe.

Ghordius's picture

the UK thinks very often that it's the lead, or top "lap dog" of Europe. the old way of calling it is that we are ALL vassals of the American Hegemon. yet vassalage is a two-way street

Wolferl's picture

True, but there´s a huge difference between being a lap dog and a vassal. An overlord depends on the loyalty of his vassals. No one depends on lap dogs.

Ghordius's picture

you are completely right. an overlord wishes for dependable, trustworthy vassals. and vassals wish for a dependable, trustworthy overlord

fonzannoon's picture

In America the overload wished for dependable trustworthy vessels. Because most citizens are as large as one.

Ghordius's picture

ah, fonz. how can I explain? a vassal has to be sovereign, nevertheless. it's an important qualification, for this status. you live in a place where many people think that an individual can be sovereign, and this is one of the biggest hurdles in qualifying a People as sovereign

what I'm trying to say is that the same individualistic drive to personal "sovereignty" is what makes the same ineffectual as Sovereign People

a lesson we learned here in the Middle Ages, with all it's divisions between Free Cities, Free Lords, Vassals and Serfs

fonzannoon's picture

I saw a fat joke and went for it. Wrong place, my bad man.

Ghordius's picture

my English is so bad I understood the joke only now... lol, my bad

bozzy's picture

Ha! Ghord you must be German.

gmrpeabody's picture

It was all a fun read with my first cup of coffee...,

tvdog's picture

The British people are not sovereign. The queen is sovereign. The people are subjects - in reality as well as in theory.

falak pema's picture

hey don't downsize and badmouth the size of that lap all paid for with ZIRP and QE burp. 

"We can support a whole harem of them dogs. thats why we are Unique."

layman_please's picture

aren't country names a bit misleading? usa with all its army, nsa, cia etc, is just a tool in the hands of international elite who have no affiliation to usa. nsa is an instrument payed by us taxpayers and operated by us government(once a rich nation who could afford it), in this case used to spy on european overlords, who are also their(global elite) peons. countries are just pawns to confuse populace if elites have a misunderstanding or disagreement (wars).

i would like to see news concerning nsa spying exposing who else besides us government has direct access to nsa databases(we know who has more or less indirect access). don't touch the curtain!

Ghordius's picture

" quickly the alliances within the second coming of the Comintern have changed..."

bad habit, imho, to call everything that is not ideologically "kosher" socialist. the alliances mentioned were always of the imperialist persuation. I prefer to call a spade a spade

lewy14's picture

We are all Socialists now.

Socialism with National characteristics, that is.

Acet's picture

Give them a break: these people have lived all their lives in a very uniform system, been subjected to a lifelong barrage of widespread, consistent ideological marketting and received no education (formal or informal) in any of the phylosophical disciplines that deal with falacies and false axioms: of course they will use socialist as an insult since they've been conditioned all their lifes to think that way and lack the self-criticism to undo that conditioning.

Mind you, the only reason why it's not quite as bad in Europe is that with so much cultural and linguistic variation nobody ever managed to create a proper Europe-wide ideological brainwashing message. That and there has been so much experience of political totalitariansm in most of Europe in the recent century that most people here have some experience with failed ideological experiments, such as Communism or Fascism, and are very familiar with that kind of blunt ideologic broadstroke tagging of anything disliked, since that is exactly the kind of shit used in a dictatorship to manipulate the ignorant masses (the Communists called anybody they disliked capitalist and fascist, while the Fascists called anybody they disliked communist and socialist).

Even in the UK - which has not been under a dictatorship for a long time and whose natives can't usually speak more than english - doesn't have nowhere near as many people who believe in this kind of ideological falacy as the US.


tvdog's picture

The fact that Obama grew up outside the U.S. is related to his being president. Having not been exposed to the brainwashing in his formative years, he would have to be either coopted or killed. Obama chose door #1.

TBT or not TBT's picture

"statist" wraps up all of them into one smelly package with ease. Fascist, communist, socialist, monarchist, democrat, RINO.

Apostate2's picture

Vraiment de le merde! 

Having a laugh.

Traitrise! Mon Dieu. 

Apostate2's picture

To balance this see this article in the Obsever concerning Osbourne's tripping the light fanatastic with the Chinese:


Bazza McKenzie's picture

 "the question of why the NSA actually bothered is somewhat relevant"

Just as in the US, the opportunities for blackmailing politicians, judges and other officials are endless, and provide a compelling reason for those in control of this tool.

GetZeeGold's picture



Just ask Justice Roberts. Don't know what they found on him...but it must have been pretty damn good.

Ignatius's picture

The sick irony now is that judges are chosen BECAUSE they have skeletons in the closet (= leverage).

banzai401's picture

This is the most important comment here, I hope it doesn't escape most of the ZH zombies,

Good stuff today on MSM about how they 'dumb down judges',

Pretty soon rather than being judges by your 'peer' you will be judged by those that intend to eat you.

banzai401's picture

Everybody has skeletons in their closet maybe they fucked their sister, or mother, or brother, ... or teacher.

Humans fuck get over it, ... but this kind of info allows 'them' to control everyone.

tvdog's picture

Roberts was in the bag before he ever got nominated. Don't you remember how the stooges in Congress praised his "intelligence"? But Janice Rogers Brown was deemed unqualified to even sit on the federal bench because she had libertarian tendencies.

Urban Redneck's picture

The question of why FRANCE actually bothered is also somewhat relevant...

... it's not like the NSA didn't know full well the frogs had their panties in a bunch long before they paraded themselves before the microphones.

So we're left with the entertainment/circus (political) value of this knowledge's digestion by the French muppet masses.

nmewn's picture

Looks like the Ruling Class has all finally gotten on the same populist page, for their own various reasons.

Brazil's President went off on a tangent too:

Brazil's President Tells U.N. That NSA Spying Violates Human Rights

Now, to turn it to our advantage ;-)

Off to work...

TheBoyPlunger's picture

The NSA spies on everyone. The French better keep their yappers shut or we won't liberate their country the next time the Germans invade.

GetZeeGold's picture



The NSA spies on everyone.


Yeah...spying on the French is sorta their job. They should offer a hard drive recovery service. I would really feel like they were working for me if they did it would be a nice public service.

Analyse2's picture

@The Boy Plunger

While WW2 began in September 1939, the US entered in war only in December 1941 (2 years and 3 months later), and it was only in response to the declaration of war against them by Germany and Italy, after Pearl Harbor. The Americans didn't even think of "saving the French", they came to France in 1944 only because it was better to fight their enemy in Europe than in America, and it was the way to Berlin.

bozzy's picture

@analyse: "they came to France in 1944 only because it was better to fight their enemy in Europe than in America, and it was the way to Berlin."

Funny that, I thought it was because the banksters neeeded to protect their investment and the financial domination which followed - petro somethng as I recall? This may be what you were hinting at.

Red Irish Mist's picture

No no no. Surely you are aware that Hollywood has rewritten this?

The Americans saved the whole world. THAT is the new truth.

Analyse2's picture

All is not black or white :

The Americans didn't even think of "saving the French", they came to Europe because it was better to fight their enemy in Europe than in America ... but they liberated nonetheless.

... And nonetheless most Fench are still grateful for that. It is why they invite American representatives every year to the memorial in Normandy for the remembering of D-Day June 6, 1944.

On the other hand, the 5,000 sailors of the French Navy who died for US Independence at the battle of the Chesapeake are still waiting for their memorial in Washington And I have never heard that French representatives were formally invited to the celebrations of the Yorktown victory (where half of the fighters were French soldiers led by the Comte de Rochambeau), or at the 4th of July celebrations …


IllusionOfChoice's picture

They are complaining about 70 million calls? That has to be childs play compared to the invasion of privacy Americans undergo everyday by our EXTRATERRITORIAL spy agency. Guess what France, the NSA is just doing their job in your country, here they are violating our CIVIL RIGHTS. STFU.

Dr. Engali's picture

What the hell is he going to do besides stomp his feet and whine (pun intended) about it? Worrying about pissing off the spineless French is the equivalent of Zero worrying about being challenged by the presitute media. Nothing will ever come from either of them.

Ghordius's picture

yet the "spineless" French were already preparing for Syria, weren't they? it was someone else that chickened out - after drumming up for support

not that I expect neither the "presstitute media" you mention or even ZH to point out who was the cicken, this time

NoDebt's picture

Spine, no spine- they fucked up.  They trusted Obama.  On both issues.

Ghordius's picture

foreign allies don't trust the Prez. they trust the nation. a subtle but important difference