This Lack Of Syrian Aggression Will Not Stand, Man: Saudi's Bandar Bin Sultan Furious At US

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That Saudi Arabia has been furious at the US for refusing to be the monarchy's puppet Globocop, and in the last minute declining to bomb Syria following Putin's gambit in which World War III seemed a distinctly possible consequence of John Kerry's hamheaded "YouTube-substantiated" false flag campaign, is no secret. However, while the US has largely forgotten this latest foreign policy debacle and the humiliation it brought upon the Department of State, Saudi Arabia is nowhere close to forgetting. Or forgiving. And this time the anger comes from the one man who truly matters, and whom we dubbed several months ago as the puppetmaster behind the Syrian campaign: the man in charge of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan.

The WSJ reports overnight, that Prince Bandar told European diplomats this weekend that he plans to scale back cooperating with the U.S. to arm and train Syrian rebels in protest of Washington's policy in the region, participants in the meeting said.  This demonstratively framed announcement follows Saudi Arabia's surprise decision on Friday to renounce a seat on the United Nations Security Council. "The Saudi government, after preparing and campaigning for the seat for a year, cited what it said was the council's ineffectiveness in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian and Syrian conflicts."

In short: Bin Sultan has decided to take the stage and make it quite clear that this lack of aggression by the US will not stand. The question is: what can or will he do?

Diplomats here said Prince Bandar, who is leading the kingdom's efforts to fund, train and arm rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, invited a Western diplomat to the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah over the weekend to voice Riyadh's frustration with the Obama administration and its regional policies, including the decision not to bomb Syria in response to its alleged use of chemical weapons in August.


"This was a message for the U.S., not the U.N.," Prince Bandar was quoted by diplomats as specifying of Saudi Arabia's decision to walk away from the Security Council membership.


U.S. officials said they interpreted Prince Bandar's message to the Western diplomat as an expression of discontent designed to push the U.S. in a different direction. "Obviously he wants us to do more," said a senior U.S. official.

Obviously. What is odd is that the "proxy" intelligence chief appears to have usurped foreign policy decision-making from the Saudi king himself.

Top decisions in Saudi Arabia come from the king, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud, and it isn't known if Prince Bandar's reported remarks reflected a decision by the monarch, or an effort by Prince Bandar to influence the king. However, the diplomats said, Prince Bandar told them he intends to roll back a partnership with the U.S. in which the Central Intelligence Agency and other nations' security bodies have covertly helped train Syrian rebels to fight Mr. Assad, Prince Bandar said, according to the diplomats. Saudi Arabia would work with other allies instead in that effort, including Jordan and France, the prince was quoted as saying.

If there was any confusion that the entire Syrian campaign was purely at the behest of the Qataris and the Saudis as we first suggested in May, it can finally be put to bed.

The monarchy was particularly angered by Mr. Obama's decision to scrap plans to bomb Syria in response to the alleged chemical-weapons attack in August and, more recently, tentative overtures between Mr. Obama and Iran's new president.


Diplomats and officials familiar with events recounted two previously undisclosed episodes during the buildup to the aborted Western strike on Syria that allegedly further unsettled the Saudi-U.S. relationship.


In the run-up to the expected U.S. strikes, Saudi leaders asked for detailed U.S. plans for posting Navy ships to guard the Saudi oil center, the Eastern Province, during any strike on Syria, an official familiar with that discussion said. The Saudis were surprised when the Americans told them U.S. ships wouldn't be able to fully protect the oil region, the official said.


Disappointed, the Saudis told the U.S. that they were open to alternatives to their long-standing defense partnership, emphasizing that they would look for good weapons at good prices, whatever the source, the official said.


In the second episode, one Western diplomat described Saudi Arabia as eager to be a military partner in what was to have been the U.S.-led military strikes on Syria. As part of that, the Saudis asked to be given the list of military targets for the proposed strikes. The Saudis indicated they never got the information, the diplomat said.


"The Saudis are very upset. They don't know where the Americans want to go," said a senior European diplomat not in Riyadh.

To be sure, not just Prccne Bandar is angry - everyone else in Saudi is now fuming at Obama too:

In Washington in recent days, Saudi officials have privately complained to U.S. lawmakers that they increasingly feel cut out of U.S. decision-making on Syria and Iran. A senior American official described the king as "angry."


Another senior U.S. official added: "Our interests increasingly don't align."

Fair enough: but what can it do? It is no secret, that as the primary hub of the petrodollar system which is instrumental to keeping the dollar's reserve status, Saudi has no choice but to cooperate with the US, or else risk even further deterioration of the USD reserve status. A development which would certainly please China... and Russia, both of which are actively engaging in Plan B preparations for the day when the USD is merely the latest dethroned reserve currency on the scrap heap of all such formerly world-dominant currencies.

Perhaps the only party that Saudi can lash out at, since it certainly fears escalating its animosity with the US even more, is Russia. And perhaps it did yesterday, when as we reported, a suicide-bombing terrorist incident captured on a dashcam killed many people, and was supposedly organized by an Islamist extremist - of the kind that Bandar told Putin several months ago are controlled and funded by Saudi intelligence chief.

If true, and if Saudi wants to project its impotence vis-a-vis the US by attacking Russia, this will likely culminate with the Sochi winter Olympics. So will Prince Bandar be crazy enough to take on none other than the former KGB chief? And more importantly, just like in the US Syrian fiasco, what happens when and if Putin retaliates against the true power that holds the USD in place?

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Get back in there and turn that war machine on." - Prince Bandar Bin Sultan

Millivanilli's picture

But, John Kohn said, we know ... like 666 times.


And if we know it, why in the heck do we have to prove it?   It isn't like govts/corp are the most sociopathic, unaccountabe, and muderous institutions on the planet.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

War! What is it good for?

<"Absolutely everything." - Prince Bandar Bin Sultan>

AlaricBalth's picture

"...US decision making on Syria and Iran."

And therein lies the problem.

SWRichmond's picture

In Washington in recent days, Saudi officials have privately complained to U.S. lawmakers that they increasingly feel cut out of U.S. decision-making on Syria and Iran. A senior American official described the king as "angry." 

if anyone ever needed evidence that US officials don't work for US citizens here it is

krispkritter's picture

Agreed.  Prince Sandbar can go fuck a syphillitic camel and die humping a defunct oil derrick.  Self-annointed rag-head billionaires made rich by the oil pimps from the US seek to bite the hand that feeds them? I'd rather pedal a bicycle genset for the rest of my life then send these arrogant sandrats another buck.  If they aren't glassed over by the Israeli's then let the Russians teach the ignorant towel-turbaned a-holes what it feels like to be bent over...

DaddyO's picture time, don't sugarcoat your comments.

But many feel as you do, myself included, I'm just not so colorful in writing it out.


Flagit's picture

a bicycle genset is fairly cheap to procure, and, it suddenly makes the family next door with 5 kids (mini power plants) a much more viable option.

ElvisDog's picture

I like the Saudi threat - we won't help you arm and train Syrian rebels anymore. Good. That's a good thing for the Middle East and the world in general. Please, feel free to punish us some more.

SDShack's picture

 Be careful what you wish for. I may get downvoted for this, but there are MUCH bigger long term strategies at play in the ME, all traced to the root problem of Sunni vs. Shiite. The Saudis are absolutely terrified of Iran getting the bomb, and there is no doubt that is what Iran's goal is. It's the only way Iran can change the balance of power in the ME forever to their side, and so nothing will stop them from achieving it.

Note this warning from Bandar... they would look for good weapons at good prices, whatever the source, the official said.

Hello Pakistan. We will gladly buy your nuke technology. It will be Iran going nuclear, then Saudi Arabia, then Egypt. Don't get me wrong. I am not advocating another US war in the ME to stop Iran or anyone else. But people are seriously deluding themselves if they think nuclear armed Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, all with huge contingents of radical muslems controling the nukes is not a threat to the world. Israel is the real wildcard now. They have to know they are being abandoned by the US. Regardless of whether or not you think that is good or bad, Israel will react in their own best interest. They always have. Once the Israeli bombs start falling on Iran, no one will be able to predict what will happen. No one.

Omen IV's picture

Putin is changing the equation that has existed for twenty years with the us in syria and iran for "starters" - if bandar is playing games with extremists in southern russia he is way overestimating who he is - he hasnt been tested

these guys all are playing with fire and half a deck


between Bibbi, Bandar and Boehner - it seems the "B" team is all about war when they dont pay the price

kchrisc's picture

Israel are secret allies. Israel wants the water of the Golan and Lebanon which the Syrians and Iran, via proxies, control. The Saudis want a gas pipeline route to offset Russia's monopoly of supply to Europe. The Saudis also need to check the Shias, Iran, in the Middle-East.

This means another 9/11 like false-flag coming our way. If you live in a large major city--move!


Any doubters should review Israel and the USS Liberty and the Saudis' role in 9/11.

waterwitch's picture

What can Prince Bandar do? How about challenging Bashar al-Assad to a cage fight and having it air on Pay per View?  I'd watch that!

whirling tword freedom's picture

maybe he could slip in a puddle of AIDS and die of ass cancer.

jmc8888's picture

Well considering he is a former top gun pilot for the Saudi Arabian air force and personally picked and funded some of the 9/11 hijackers....he can do quite a bit actually. 

So Bandar Bin Sultan + 9/11 + Sochi = potential for somethign big.

It's in those 28 pages Obama promised to unredact but won't.

He is literally the most influential figure this millenium and few even know who he is. 


Keyser's picture

Fuck you Bandar!!! You have had the US by the balls for decades due to crude oil supplies. Well, the shoe is about to be on the other foot, so take your 1973 treaty with Henry Kissinger and shove it up your self-righteous ass. 

BlackVoid's picture

"You have had the US by the balls for decades due to crude oil supplies."

How exactly, when the US keeps the saudi royal family in power?

MarsInScorpio's picture

The US keeps the royal family in power because if they fall, the oil supply to the US from all the Saudi sycophants falls with them - not to mention (but I will anyway) - the reserve currency status of the dollar.


We need them more than they need us.


Unfortunately for the Sunnis, the Muslim in the WH is playing for the Shiites . . . it's only a matter of time before a fatwa is issued on Obama by the Sunnis.


Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Unfortunately for the Sunnis, the Muslim in the WH is playing for the Shiites

I guess you haven't been paying attention to the Kenyan wing of the Obamas have you. Follow the money or in their case the Daw'ah. It doesn't swing Shiite. As the old commercial went to paraphrase and bastardize the Muslim Brotherhood isn't your Daddies Sunni Cadilliac.

nofluer's picture

We need them more than they need us.

That was yesterday. this is today and the word of the day is "fracking."

Headbanger's picture

The Saudis are a bunch of greedy slime balls fearful of their own "Arab Spring" revolt if they don't gouge moar money from the West selling nat gas in a pipeline through Syria.

That's what this shit is all about. So watch for moar public beheading in Saudi to scare the shit out of the populace. But that will only ignite the uprising and the royals get beheaded.

It's the French Revolution deja vu all over again!

whirling tword freedom's picture

THAT is a scary thought....   That would put the petro-dollar in jeopardy very, very quickly.  Alas, there would be many more brown people to kill... many more bombs to drop... many more jihads to put an end to.

China is in a spot not so different.  They're pretty scared of the peasants too.  Doesn't bode well for us either... usually when peasants revolt, it's not really the U.S. they want to be in bed with...  usually, the U.S. was one of their oppressers.

These are interesting times we live in.... that's for sure.

GetZeeGold's picture



We pump oil out of the ground for you....and you won't send your sons and daughters to die for us?

Well that just sucks!


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Has anyone else noticed that all these second and third class nations are getting a little uppity lately?" - Barrack (Daddy WarBucks) Obama

booboo's picture

"and for being such insolent infidels you will not be allowed to bow to smootch  the Royal Scrotum or smell my fat crack cheese"

williambanzai7's picture

This is a weird picture because his eyes are looking in the right direction but his face/nose is twisting the other way...

I like the dissonant vibe created by something is screwed up here.

phaedrus1952's picture

... like something is screwed up here ... Yeah, whenever one deals with the Creature From Crawford there is bound to be something amiss.  Great work as always, Mr. Banzai.

Ferrari's picture

You're a very good man, William. We very much appreciate your well-directed depravity. 

falak pema's picture

WB7 : hilarious.

BTW according to local parlese in India, Bandar means Monkey. So there in this photo shopped rendering you have delivered us the monkey of monkeys; Hanuman's avatar on earth himself. Bushy tailed Dubya.

As a contribution to your artistic culture I would like to present you this link to a great french artist who was of that early 1900 period : Félix Valloton.

Here is a small article about his paintings; N° 3 in this post is an interesting black and white women painting with a lot of powerful undercurrents which I am sure you will appreciate, especially if you read french and the details of the excellent journalistic summary of his work.

PS : Maybe you know of this guy in which case you are the tops as he is not well known in France.

MontgomeryScott's picture

WB7 hit the nail on the head!


tip e. canoe's picture

indeed, as long as the subtext is read as 2 heads rearing from the same Poppy seed.

Jumbotron's picture

Here's a snippet of a movie concerning the Bush Bandar connection

WillyGroper's picture

Wow! Just like Sicko, this needs to be released. While I don't always agree with his positions, Michael Moore exposes these money grubbing POS's for what they are. 

Junk away.


Jumbotron's picture

Even a fat liberal prick can shine the light on the truth once in a while.  It takes courage to tamp down your ideological knee-jerk reaction when confronted with that fact.....and just let the truth be matter the spokesperson.  As the Bible states.....God uses the foolish sometimes to confound the wise.

Soon enough....Moore will make a verifiable asshole of himself.  But until then.......

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

By George, I like the use of the subtext!

Stoploss's picture

CUT THE FUCKING MONEY OFF.....................

Mr. Fix's picture

One thing that has the Saudi government so upset, is that Barack Obama is actually a Saudi agent,  and was placed in power by the Saudi Arabian government. From their perspective, Barack Obama is not just a traitor to the United States, he has become a traitor to the Saudis who actually pull his strings.

 Listen to this interview by a man who is in a position to know this to be true: 

Disenchanted's picture

With a lot of help from the Axelrods, Crowns, Pritzkers and Saltzmans, etc., etc. of the world.

john39's picture

no shit.  anyone ever hear of the power of the Saudi lobby in Washington DC?  me either.  SA is just a proxy, we know who is pulling bandar's strings... and he isn't happy about the appalling lack of bombing Syria and Iran either.

Freddie's picture

The Saudis are such evil scum.  Prince Bandhar Bush needs a polonium cocktail. F him and the Saudis.

CPL's picture

For a country one earthquake away from losing all of it's oil from tectonic expansion and salt dome erosion it talks alot of smack.

waterwitch's picture

Exhaustion of the Ghawar super giant oil field will happen a lot sooner I'm afraid. Saudis are in denial on this one.

Jumbotron's picture

Exhaustion of the Ghawar super giant oil field will happen a lot sooner I'm afraid. Saudis are in denial on this one.

Already there.....the water cut is getting intense.

DeadFred's picture

But it's talking smack to a country one earthquake away from a complete financial meltdown. The Fed has done an astoundingly good job of propping things up and keeping the house of cards standing but it's become very brittle. If the Big One hits California or the New Madrid lets loose I doubt the system rebound from the shock anymore.

Freddie's picture

I would love for Putin and Russia to take out the Saudis or their oil fields.  Evil scum.    Putin is a no saint but he makes Obama and the House of Saud look like the evil vermin they are.

kchrisc's picture

I don't know about that, but imagine what will happen when the US finally implodes and takes the world economy down with it. When the price of oil plunges it will be game over for the Saudis.