Where The September Jobs Were: Truck Drivers, Bureaucrats, Salesmen And Temps

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As part of our monthly NFP-day tradition, we break down the monthly job gains (and losses) by industry. So here they are: in September the biggest job gaining sectors, accounting for 86K jobs or 58% of the total 148K jobs added, were the following  four industries:

  • Transportation and Warehousing: + 23K
  • Government: +22K
  • Retail Trade: +21K
  • Temp Help: +20K

In short: nearly two thirds of all jobs created in September (according to the BLS' increasingly more flawed data so these numbers are likely completely made up) were truck drivers, bureaucrats, salespeople and temps.

What about "real" jobs: well, Financial Activities were down 2K, Manufacturing were up 2K, Information (those very critical programmers so instrumental in the glitchless roll out of Obamacare): +4K, and Professional and Business Services (ex temps): +12K.

Quality all the way.

Source: BLS

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Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

"sound the alarm, The roar of the USA is back"~ Steve Liesman

pls note that of the 22k gov't workers hired, 17k have already requested half of November off. (what a useless group of human beings).

TeamDepends's picture

Time to enroll in Phoenix University's new program:  Temporary Government Bovine Truck Salesmanship.

Billy Sol Estes's picture

Getting my commercial drivers license as we speak...

j0nx's picture

WTF for? You can't make any money in that field anymore. You're wasting your time and money.

tbone654's picture

yep... paying my drivers less than $900 a week now...  (down from $1100)  Note: There are more applicants now than I can even interview...

They have to pay for their own "5 hour energy drink" and food as well, so it's rough...  And I'm going to have to make them all contractors and only let them work 3/4 of the year so they can be non-benefitted...  And then I don't have to pay $12 per $100 for workers compensation, etc.

Life is good...  I'm breaking even...  Practically the american dream...

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

From this data I can see where 690,000 full time jobs were added in September.  It's right there, clear as healthcare.gov.

Physicist's picture

Anybody need a quantum mechanic?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

What for? Even if I could afford to fix my quantum, I can't afford to fuel it up! And have you seen the new insurance rates on them? Don't get me started! ;-)


q99x2's picture

The United States of America (the States) need to begin building up defenses against Washington D.C.'s DHS and FEMA.

krispkritter's picture

Neighbor who is a custom hauler says .Gov work is lucrative and increasing.  Last hauls were large ammunition bunkers that are being shipped into National Guard installations.  According to him, chatter on their network is all about hauling MRAPs, bunkers, and comm units which are going to LEO and NG locations. Not the kind of 'recovery' that says 'All's well!'...

j0nx's picture

Tell him thanks for being the waterboy for the American crackdown. I'm sure he'll get all proud and shit knowing he had a small hand in it when he sees those things used against the people.

krispkritter's picture

As with many people who do this kind of thing, he's not really aware of a bigger picture which involves Uncle Sam acting against the People.  He's waking up but, as with most, it's a slow process.  Thanks for your unknowing and unbiased opinion, I'm sure you've never contributed one red cent to any political party or other governmental entity that seeks to screw it's constituency...PS. he's a Veteran.  

Never One Roach's picture

My neighor's kid is finally putting his $68k MBA to good use..working in the Costco warehouse and part time at the local health food shop stacking produce.

tbone654's picture

Pardon my ignorance...  But if you have an MBA, shouldn't you be good at business?  As in, starting one?  Bootstraping one?

What else whould they be teaching?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Notice the 'A' in MBA. Therein lies your answer.

Although, with all the capital required for most new businesses, this poses a challenge for a new grad with ideas, but no product. And l doubt that the Service sector needs more 'service', unless it's of the personal escort variety.

An MBA is something you get or used to get after an engineering degree. When it has actually a real chance if being used, and maybe even partially funded (paid tuition) by the employer.

With runaway technology, fact is that we need fewer and fewer people. Companies make do with more and more with fewer and fewer people. And what's not helping is the tax code, and the whole exec Comp Package which rewards execs for quick fiscal fixes to juice the stock prices: cut costs by cutting staff.

As we sow...

Suisse's picture

MBA programs do not necessarily teach entrepreneurship. 

orangedrinkandchips's picture

We are beyond the silly stage of this squeeze but now towards..STUPID.


Im out of everything in all accounts. 


fuck this shit

Petrus Romanus's picture

This appears to be PERFECT timing, with gas prices dropping and all. But don't get to excited the holidays are coming. Just in time to shift that minimal savings to buying useless iCrap for the family. If you have a job, saying if because I have a feeling the producers of this data are LIARS!

Oldwood's picture

So does it mean that I am as mentally broken as the markets because I want a Ferrari FF because it has cargo space for my "prepper" supplies?

Dr. Engali's picture

So if I call, 1-800-fuck-yo do I get somebody from India to help me out with Zerocare or do I get somebody from downtown Detroit?

Divided States of America's picture

Doc...I am still here....what happened to Francis? I know ekm, otto and a few others are gone from this site...I still see fonz and kito (he must be so happy now) but I havent posted much lately which might have prevented me from getting banned...anyways...ZH is a great site still but yes, it isnt the same since I signed up in 2009...I have had a ton of warnings from legal (Sacrilege) and I have managed to weather them for good or bad...but it dont matter anymore if you cant express your views here anymore, I just come here now and then and browse around for news but I am glad posters like you remain because I enjoy to read your views on the world.

sleigher's picture

Folks are getting banned?  This is the second time I have heard that today on a thread.  hmmmm  I guess it is time to see how long it takes.

SandiaMan's picture

What about jury duty does that count?

Chief Falling Knife's picture

What the hell just happened?  Market went straight up... someone get the Richmond Fed and Construction Spending numbers early too?

Chief Falling Knife's picture

Or did Yellen announce a successful BM?

Sleepless Knight's picture

And the government just keeps on hiring. Unreal.

MyBrothersKeeper's picture

All those non-govt jobs can be tied to seasonal employment.  The government jobs must be what they estimated would be needed to fix the Obamacare website

U4 eee aaa's picture

Exactly the jobs needed to get the product from the Chinese ships, to the loading docks and sold to you at your local Walmart

more transparent than a NSA ghetto snoop

kchrisc's picture

Soon "guillotine tech" will be the hot career. I'm getting trained up.

GubbermintWorker's picture

I've been informed that my government pension and my social security, yeah I get both, will not be around much longer. So, I'm going to retire and get as much of it as I can.

Disenchanted's picture

More truckdrivers needed to haul the steaming mounds of bullshit being splattered all over this fair land?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"...Manufacturing were up 2K,..."~

There is exactly why we're screwed. A nation's health is directly tied to its capacity to MANUFACTURE. We just added, (ready for this?), what amounts to forty new jobs per state. 40. Averaged for 50 states. Total. California, population 38 million plus, 40 manufacturing jobs. Texas, population 26 million plus, 40 manufacturing jobs. That's not mentioning Florida, North Carolina, Utah, New York, Georgia, etc. Average hire, 40 jobs per state. Yup, we're screwed. Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Senator Reid. Thank you, Mrs. Pelosi. 2k. That says it all.