Warning: What This Dead Comedian Said About The "American Dream" Might Upset You

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"The only true American value that is left... Buying Things..." There’s a reason for why education sucks and why it’s never going to be fixed, and that’s not the only hard hitting truths that George Carlin shares in this video...


h/t Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog

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There never has and never will be such thing as the 'American Dream'. It always has been a farce to subdue the masses into voluntary servitude.

Retirement is a Myth. Before World War II, Most Americans Worked Until they Died.


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This Carlin skit (The American Dream) has to be the most linked YouTube (by distinct count of posters) of any YouTube in ZH forum history. I know I did at some point (several times - for one point per my qualification).

Brilliant man, very funny, so true.



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"Could be meat, could be cake"

"You're house is...a place to keep your stuff, while you go out an get...more Stuff!"

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"The only true American value that is left... Buying Things..."

I don't buy that at all.

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carlin is the champ, still.

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George Carlin, the first ZeroHedger!


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"The American Dream, you have to be asleep to believe it"  George Carlin


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Sorely missed.

Lucky bastard....

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What Carlin is talking about is far away from any sort of humour yet the audience had a good time; the stunning truth being laughed at... I don't understand this perverse behavior. If he was talking about German crimes in concentration camps they would perhaps enjoy the show much as well. Apparently, the Americans don't mind too much being cheated and enslaved. Perhaps they still live very comfortably; there's still enough room for further looting.

Maybe I'm stringent a bit, but listening to such things and knowing that it's heavily my/our ignorance, apathy, fear and hesitation to act that help keep this system afloat for decades would certainly freeze any attemp to laugh. I would rather feel pretty ashamed.

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I realized the other day that I am living the American dream. Someone else's dream.

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Laughter often covers shame. Is not Beppo a comedian?

The audience can afford a nice night on the town and tickets to the show. Still, Carlin makes them uncomfortable, not enough to do anything, but enough to realize what is happening and people must first be aware, before they can change. 

Modern slave societies are complicated. Masters have learned how to compartmentalize to silence dissent. They have learned to give the appearance of power and consent through "democracy". They give out prizes (entitlements) paid from the slave's own wages. They have learned to divide through ideology while cultivating fear to destroy trust. These are powerful weapons when fused with control of information, especially the propaganda that shapes our values.

As for Americans, we are no different than Europeans, Chinese or Russians. All have fallen under the spell of the Bolshevik Talmudists. Liberty is a value more feared than desired. Who can face life without a government to care for their needs? Who truly wants total responsibility? People who live in glass prisons need to do more than convince themselves how great their view is, they need to start throwing stones.

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I've got the point and appreciate your view. I described my impression while watching the video.

Beppe, though comedian, is in the parliament. Hope Carlin will follow the same route... to replace the existing comedians known as 'representatives' of the people.

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Unfortunately, Carlin is no longer with us. RIP.

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"the stunning truth being laughed at... I don't understand this perverse behavior"

It's called self-deprecating humor.  Do you have that in your country?

And I don't know what video you watched, but his audience was applauding in agreement far more than they were laughing. His primary audience is filled with people like me who realize the huge scam being played but who also realize that when surrounded by a majority of obviously successfully propagandized citizens that situation will never change until the whole system comes crashing down.

As Carlin said in an interview, he's a spectator of this ignorant show.  So am I.

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I am far too drunk to "get it." Please elaborate.

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And I'm too drunk to be gotten.   But that said, Rand was part of the Club and even defines it still today.  Her co-author Alan Greenspan just wrote a book which blames Fed bubbles on the middle class, for example.

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Still remember listening to him on vinyl in the late 70s.


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Hippy Dippy Weatherman - "Tonight's forcast... dark. Continuing dark, turning to lightly scattered light in the morning."


"My Baby's dead,


She got hit by a train!

It was a big ol' train...

I'm gonna get that train!"


Early 70's when I listened as a kid. I still remember to this day. Amazing brilliance.

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George was a true genius. Eerily enough I was discussing my fascination with his works with my mother last night. I can never understand how I didn't really latch onto his true messages years ago, and only came to truly appreciate both his humor and insight after he was gone. He'd stroke out on the stage today trying to keep up with all the shit going on now. I mean he saw it comin a long time ago, but even he probably never thought it'd get this bad. RIP, George. Thanks for trying to warn us. You live on yet my friend, know that.

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George Carlin was a true scholar & truth teller who cultivated a well deserved following & appreciation of a fairly large scale.

Bill Hicks was also both of these things, yet possibly the most underappreciated & relatively unknown comedian (he, like Carlin, was far more a philosopher king, who made rightful persecution of the evil that is "marketing" a life mission) in American History.

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+1. I'm struck by this sentence "(US) politicians have traditionally hid themselves behind three things: the flag, the bible and… children", still mulling over how this differs from here, in europe

example: "...they (your owners, the big commercial interests) don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking, they don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking"

now if this would be an european talking to an european public (for example in the cabaret tradition), he'd immediately add something against free trade (i.e. something against liberal trade practices), would add some workplace protection reguests (i.e. something socialist) and perform a greater bash against (traditional religious) conservativism for keeping the masses unconscious, i.e. against conservativism

in short, if Carlin would have been an european, he'd be known as a socialist. a word we do use to characterize people we do have and who do find that this characterization fits. of course he'd be a social democrat, as visible on his emphasis on a citizenship capable of thinking (and so voting), but in short, a socialist nevertheless, judging from this speech

yet in the US I understand that this label would immediately be perceived as a slur

I'm not sure I will ever understand American politics

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All politics is based on false fronts and hidden lies.

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Perhaps the problem is what you immediately ASSUMED about Carlin. You added examples that Carlin would never have considered, then you attach a label that makes YOU comfortable. The problem is not your understanding of American politics, it is your ignorance of your feelings of political superiority. It is your complacency with the fascism of Europe. You have to get past your willingness to rationalize the terrible governance of the modern State.

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and this label makes you unconfortable? if yes, why? and are you sure that Carlin never considered thinking about those things I mentioned? if yes, why?

and if we are talking about "the terrible governance of the modern State", are you sure that this governance is similar all over the world? uniformly terrible?

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What's the matter Gordi? Can't answer my argument, so you attempt to create a new one? Wow, propaganda 101.

However, Which label? As for Carlin, he has always stated his distain for ALL governments, because they are all the same. You are ignorant of Carlin  and worse, attempt to create a question from that ignorance. Yes, governance is the same all over the world. European slaves are the same as every other- they just THINK they're special.

Hey, maybe you should study some of your history, because government hasn't changed since.....forever.

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tut tut tut, you have not entered my argument yet. which was - without knowing much about Carlin, yes, never claimed otherwise - that his exact sketch can (with probable additions) be found among european socialists

so he stated disdain for all government? now that clarifies it to me: I will definitely never understand American politics

just look at your claim: "governance is the same all over the world". buddy, you have no idea how different governance can be all over the world

by the way, me? what would make me a slave? any parameters to this measurement?

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What part of he would never had entertained your "probable additions" do you not understand? Therefore, he would NEVER have had association with your socialists. 

Please explain the difference to me. Are not all governments run by a small minority for their own benefit? At the cost of the majority? You are blind to tyranny? To think you see yourself as politically aware...Can you own property without government tax? Can you pursue happiness without government approval? Drive a car? Get married? Travel the world? You're a slave- better kept than some, but a slave all the same.

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Sean, I travel a lot, and I'm not blind to tiranny. Let me tell you something about tiranny: it's often a continuum. There are lots of places where people feel that you and I (and the West in general) tyrannize them

but I think I understand now your point. it's an individualistic one, founded on personal liberty. I sympathize. but what about the freedom of groups? then outside of your culture most people are more concerned about the wellbeing and freedom of their groups, mainly from other groups

I repeat: most of the world is alien to your way of thinking, or would at least see it as an extreme 

take marriage: for many it's not the act of two individuals, it's a bond between groups through two people. the very institution of marriage has it's foundation in groups, and their wellbeing, not individuals

others consider the very concept of "personal ownership" of land as a sin, then land is supposed to be tribal, or communal

anyway, thank you for your answers, I think I got the core of it. imho it's a question of perspective

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Y'all should see what Jon Stewart just did to Jamie Dimon, Cramer, Bartomless and CNBC/WSJ.  Not quite Carlin, but it's pretty good for just tonight.

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You are comparing Stewart to the magnificent Carlin?

Stewart is a fucking JERK OFF.  If he was what he says he is then why doesn't he have some serious guests on his show - like John Perkins (Economic Hitman) or Chomsky?

I'll tell you why - because he is a stooge of the MSM - think of who owns the Comedy Network... you think they would let Stewart do anything but dance around the edges?  

He serves a purpose and that is to never really take on real issues - he just pokes fun at shit - makes people laugh at their fucked up politicians and country.

He is no different than the NY Times...  it makes people feel good to read a story or two that are anti-MSM but the danger in that is that people believe all stories in the NYT are right.

I stopped reading when a regular columnist in there said 'America throughout history has stood for democracy'  WTF?  When?  America stands for thuggery and dictatorships - America HATES democracy.


It was then that I realized the NYT was the most clever propaganda machine on the planet.


My ephiphany with cunt Stewart came soon after - when he was moaning and wailing on the anniversary of 911.  'Why would they do that to us'...  WTF - WHY?????   Uh - maybe because we drone the fuck out of them - steal their oil - over throw their governments.

Better still - if Stuart was anything but a stooge of these fuckers he'd instead take on the real issues such as 911 was a US false flag - and that Bin Laden has been dead for a decade.


Don't hold your breath - this fuckboy gets paid 5M per year from his MSM/corporate minders -  he ain't gonna  rock the boat.


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I have to agree with most of your assessment. I really thought he was onto something when Bush & Cheney were in office. He was relentiess with the satire and jokes about the administration.

Then once Obama comes into office, and is basically Bush cubed, all we hear is crickets from him, or some lame excuse for hard-hitting satire at the administration. He's a suckass partisan hack midget.

Jim in MN's picture

I guess you missed the Tron takeoff with John Oliver sucked into the Obamacare website. 

Partisan hacks are those who can't laugh at a well aimed barb from whatever direction.

And no, there is no comparison....but so what?   Piss off with the righteous indignation, dipshits.

What if....CARLIN WAS A DEM?  Oh my Lord, you'll have to delete your bookmarks!

Idiocracy is even worse when the idiots think they're smart.

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"Why would they do that to us'...  WTF - WHY?????   Uh - maybe because we drone the fuck out of them - steal their oil - over throw their governments."


I suggest you do a little more research on what really happened on 9/11, begin with this-



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More and more I get sick, angry, sad, and other emotions I cannot even understand when I watch these videos.  I remember watching those towers fall and building 7.  I knew that day something was off.  You could just feel it.  Now that so many years have gone by, it is so painfully obvious that at the very least .gov had prior knowledge, and almost certainly pulled this off.  Yet americans just don't want to know about it.  They don't care that their govenrment is killing its own citizens just to keep the war machine greased and making money for the owners.  Americans are more concerned with cheap gas and big macs than they are with the fact we destroy our own buildings and kill our own people.  Right there in broad daylight for everyone to see.  Yet they are all so blind...  I pray for the end at this point as there is no fixing it.  

Here are some of those "owners"  http://www.hateriarch.com/IRS/IRS.Incorpororated.pdf




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short attention span eh?

if you get a chance, read the rest of his comment

til then, you are just part of the problem

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"There never has and never will be such thing as the 'American Dream'."

I tend to agree with this, at least partly.

When I look at the history of the USA, often the "american dream" seems to have been no more than a romantic expression to designate an apparently natural tendency to "have". In fact there seems to be nothing particularly american in that dream.

Probably that a lot of the immigrants (the first settlers as well as those who followed) simply recreated/perpetuated, very logically/naturally, conditions/prejudice that made the USA a lot more like any other european country than it appears at first sight .

Finally, maybe, consumerism is nothing more than the (pen ?)ultimate stage of the "(non ?)american dream" .


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It's always a marketing job, recruiting new laborers to exploit the natural resources.  And as machines replaced human labor it became a marketing job to recruit new "consumers" (http://americandream.com/).

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This was worth a watch when the common people catch up...took them 5 years but still.......at TDS......http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-october-23-2013/a-nightmare-on-wal...

h/t ritholtz.com

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I like the old, cranky Carlin. He was one of those old guys who no longer cared what people thought about him.

He had no use for religion either.

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Simon Black gets a hat tip for linking a vid that has been linked on here 5,000 times? 

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the nSSA in 4:50 is worth repeating every.f.u.c.k.i.n.g.d.a.y


this should be your national anthem

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I bet George himself would be disappointed that too many still just hang out on his missives/performances.


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yes the awkward laugh in the room where everyone knows he speaks the truth but also know they don't have the stones to do anything about it

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+ 1000 prains. So, so true. God help us.

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This is ancient and sacred text around here.