Guest Post: Why I Will Never, Ever, Go Back To The United States

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I have been cursed at a Chinese border. In Dubai, my passport was studied by three veiled women for over an hour and my suitcase completely dismembered. In the Philippines I had to bribe someone in order to get my visa extended for a few days. Borders, they can be tough, especially in countries known for corruption.


But never, ever, will I return to the United States of America.


- Excerpt from a must read article by Niels Gerson Lohman

Recently, one of my best friends from college had a horrific experience at the Canadian border. He told me he would write about his experience and allow me to post it on this site, so I hope to have that up in the near future. In the meantime, please take the time to read the story of Niels Gerson Lohman, a Dutch writer, designer and musician who had such a horrific experience at the border he has vowed to never return to these United States. This is an utter embarrassment and reminds me a lot of one of the more popular posts ever on this site:  Why I’m Leaving America by Michael Fielding.

From the Huffington Post:

After a year of traveling, I had planned a last, short trip. I was going to take the train from Montreal to New Orleans. The travels I had been undertaking earlier this year had brought me to places that were meant to form the background of my second novel.


This trip, however, was for my dad. He, a trumpet player, loved New Orleans and had died a year ago. It felt like the first sensible trip I undertook this year. I had been searching for ways to forget about the last hours at his deathbed. He had been ill for 15 years and his body just would not give up. It was a violent sight. I had decided the trip to New Orleans would put an end to those memories.


The customs officer walked by and asked everybody on the train a few questions. Where they were from, where they were heading. The usual stuff. Everybody who was not a U.S. or Canadian citizen was to head for the dining car to fill in an additional green form.


I had not finished my novel yet, but my passport was complete. It was filled with pretty stamps. He did not like the stamps.


First, he saw my Sri Lankan stamp. The customs officer raised his eyebrows.


“Sri Lanka, what were you doing over there?”


“Surfing. Traveling. My best friend lives there. He is an architect.”


The officer flipped on, seemingly satisfied. Secondly, he found my stamps from Singapore and Malaysia.


“What were you doing over there? Singapore and Malaysia? Aren’t those countries Islamic?”


Looking over my shoulder, his eyes searched for his colleague’s confirmation.


“Malaysia, I think so, yeah. But not Singapore. It’s a melting pot. A very futuristic city. Airconditioned to the ceiling. To Singapore I went mostly for the food, to be honest.”




“I’m sorry?”


“Nothing. And how about Malaysia?”


I explained flights departing from Malaysia were cheaper compared to Singapore. That I only went there for a few days, but also, a little bit, for the food. The customs officer went through some more pages. Then he found my Yemeni visa. He put my passport down and stared at me.


“What the hell were you doing in Yemen?”


“I went to the island Socotra, it’s not on mainland Yemen. It’s a small island closer to Somalia. A very special place, some call it ‘Galapagos of the Middle East.’ I think 85 percent of the plants and animals there, are indigenous.”


In the five hours that followed, I was questioned twice more. During the first round I told, amongst others, my life’s story, about my second novel’s plot, gave my publisher’s name, my bank’s name and my real estate agent’s name. Together we went through all the photos on my laptop and messages my phones had been receiving for the past months. They wrote down the names of everybody I had been in touch with. In my pirated software and movies they showed no interest.


“So… what’s the verdict?”


“We are under the impression you have more ties with more countries we are not on friendly terms with than your own. We decided to bring you back to the Canadian border.”


They brought me back. In the car, no words were said. It was no use. I was defeated. To the Canadian border they said:

“We got another one. This one is from the Netherlands.”

Yep, you got him alright cowboy. Thanks for embarrassing an entire nation.

The Canadian officer looked at me with pity. She asked if there was anything I needed. I said I could use some coffee and a cigarette. She took my passport to a back room and returned within five minutes, carrying an apologetic smile, a freshly stamped passport, coffee, a cigarette, and a ticket to the next bus back to Montreal.

This ladies and gentlemen, is what we have become.

Full article here.

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Need to be the words of more American Citizens!


localsavage's picture

A person with the means to travel the world is not let in but the president has instructed the Border patrol to not enforce most of our immigration laws.

ACP's picture

I call bullshit on this story. I've flown in to SFO from Malaysia, via Hong Kong. No one gave me any flack. I even had a weapon in my luggage, that I purchased in Kuala Lumpur.

walküre's picture

you're a US citizen?

btw.. you're missing the point entirely

people don't get harrassed anywhere else in the free world but in this so called universe of the free and the brave

excuse me while I vomit into my ACA approved paper bag

ACP's picture

I get the point, totally. If it's even true, the fact that it's higlighted by the Huffington Bigot means that the point is to use a presumably white traveler to stir white guilt against border enforcement. That's the real point.

zaphod's picture

"people don't get harrassed anywhere else in the free world"

Don't get harrassed, are you kidding me. The last time I went to Brazil the visa fee was +$100 for US passport, around $50 for Canada, UK, Auz, and free for everyone else.

Selecting certain people out for "fees" is harrassment IMHO. After that try traveling across the china russia boarder with a US passport and see what happens.

I've also traveled the canada line many times, have a stuffed passport with similar visas, and never had an issue or saw someone else have an issue. The US Canada boarder is wide open for all people. It's crazy to think anything else.

walküre's picture

Brazil doesn't take money from Germans if they want to enter. Wonder why that is. So the Brazilians are maybe racist or they have a bilateral agreement with Germany and the EU. Probably the latter.

Dude, the US is burning bridges everywhere and credibiity is swirling around the toilet bowl.

The US fingerprints and retina scans non US and non Canadians. It's as Orwellian as it gets. Nobody else does that afaik.

Skateboarder's picture

"The US fingerprints and retina scans non US and non Canadians. It's as Orwellian as it gets. Nobody else does that afaik."

Abu Dhabi was doing it the last time I passed through in '12. Fuck no, I am not getting off at Abu Dhabi lololo.

zaphod's picture

"The US fingerprints and retina scans non US and non Canadians. It's as Orwellian as it gets. Nobody else does that afaik."

Again complete nonsense. Many countries do this. Have you ever traveled at all?

But at least the US uses modern technology. Brazil used ink on all ten fingers for awhile to protest the US (at least until the ran out of ink after 6 months or something and the Brazilians forgot the whole thing). Ink sucks, modern US scanner OK in my book. 

The US has a right to understand people entering and exiting, every in the world country does this. But idiots like you just attack the US and think it should be forced to have a different more open standard than every other country.

Skateboarder's picture

<--- Retinal scans are okay.

<--- Retinal scans are not okay.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

This post was originally sourced from that commie rag Huffingtonpost. I wouldn't believe a damn thing posted on that site. ZH, I expect more.

knukles's picture

Had he said he was a persecuted mulatto with no birth certificate looking to secure political asylum to establish a new life to sew hope and change throughout the universe, he'd have been sent immediately to fill an open Senate seat in New Jersey. 

It's the angle.  Just need to play the angle.

The Thunder Child's picture

To all the people saying this article is bullshit or not true I can assure you IT'S 100% TRUE regardless of the source. This is they way it is if you fly or take the train into the US from Canada.

I was traveling to the US recently from XXXXXXX and they have a full pre-screening by DHS/US Customs before you are even allowed to approach the departure gate. About 1 in 5 people are sent to secondary screening called CBP and if you are sent to that you are guaranteed you are missing your flight because they pull the same shit that this article describes and take 3 hours to process you.

Once in the CBP screening area in order to continue your admission process you MUST give your fingerprints and facial biometric to even continue with the process of admission. If you refuse (which you can) you will be denied entry to the US for the rest of your life. If you accept to have your fingerprints and bio you can still be denied which happens all the time, then to even be considered entry at a later date you have to send $600 to US Customs along with a whole bunch of other bullshit and wait a year even to be reconsidered AND they can deny you again without reason.

The US is going downhill fast, I would get the fuck out if you still live there.

OutLookingIn's picture

You vill present your papers. Undt you vill like it!

Zee gestap... I mean za DHS, vood like your papers to be in order.

If zay are not in order, we have vays to make you talk!

Velcome to za united socialist states of Amerika.   

g&#039;kar's picture

Just goes to show you, it's easier to get here illegally.

Big Slick's picture

Waaaaahhh!  Waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!


Not My Real Name's picture

Cry me a river, buddy. Just be glad you haven't had to endure what us Americans experience every day at our airport TSA checkpoints. Sheesh.

DollarMenu's picture

If Americans really gave a shit about TSA, they would sit on their asses for three or four weeks.

That amount of time with no airline passengers would trigger a massive change in the TSA and it's

reach.  But, that kind of mass, focused resolve is most probably no longer possible to Americans.

They are addicted to the paycheck, addicted to immediate gratification, and generally too self-absorbed to even consider such an action.

prains's picture

it's easier in two words


Army of Stoopid



markmotive's picture

Thomas Jefferson said America needs a revolution every generation...

MontgomeryScott's picture

I weep.

I weep for the complacency.

I weep for the lost promises of freedom.

I weep for those who deride what 'could have been' in their nations.

Especially, I weep for those who discredit the TRUTH of the matter at hand, facing them, staring them in their faces..

A guy with a commie 'hammer and sickle' has to post some out-of-context paraphrase by JEFFERSON, for the love of God!

My nation is hated THROUGHOUT THE WORLD at this time in our history, because of a lack of interest and moral standing by it's own people.

I weep, now.



I was told all my life that 'real men don't cry'.

I call BULLSHIT on this statement (NOT the article, or the experience of this traveler referenced).

Klaus Miener is a pretty good singer, I think.


eatthebanksters's picture

I dated a gal from another civilized country who had advanced degrees, no tatoos and was an Olympian...when her assignment was done she had to leave. She was productive and a great add to our society. Meanwhile, at the border we open the doors to folks incapable of producing enough to not be a burden on our society. Who the fuck is in charge of this fucking nuthouse? 

fourchan's picture

sorry canadian for our faggot militarized boarder guards,

they are just in training to be the new nazis.


blame the muslims islamists and bush. they all won.

New World Chaos's picture

The Illuminati are in charge of the nuthouse.  Their immigration policy is part of their plot to destroy America in all possible ways. It's because we once carried the torch of freedom (relatively speaking), we have interfered with previous Illuminati plots of world domination, and we might do so again if they're not careful.  They could never forgive us for kicking feudalism in the balls.  They surely have about 10 symbolic reasons for destroying America as well.

A good friend was a very clever scientist from Europe.  They shoved him out the door when his job ended after many years.  He is now running a growing, medium-sized tech company in his home country.  There was no box to tick for "only guy in the world who has code which can do XXXXX" but there must be boxes somewhere for "thug", "professional couch warmer", etc.  Such a spectacular failure is not accidental.  It is part of the Illuminati's controlled demolition of America. 

kralizec's picture

The lessons are obvious...Canada will let anybody in through the front door and Amerika anybody through the back...

g&#039;kar's picture

Don't fly, the airline industry would end the TSA shortly.

Manthong's picture

The US does not stand alone in travel idiocy.

I was on a trip to a few places in Europe a few years back.. all the way over on Lufthansa, other carriers on the continent then back for a final connection at Heathrow on  a United to Chicago..

I typically travel with one check bag, one drag-along that goes overhead and an under-seat sized computer/papers bag.

The connection in Heathrow required that I exit security space and enter security again in another terminal.

After a shuttle trip through the dirty bowels of Heathrow, I get to security at the other terminal and the morons at Heathrow won’t let me through with two carry-ons. Never-mind that everybody else had no such restriction and never-mind that United allowed me to, the idiot F’tards at Heathrow had their restriction to get through security. The little faggot security supervisor I tried to reason with must have had a bad pint for lunch because he looked bad, acted badly and smelled awful.

Do they sell toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash over there?

I had to scramble out to street level UK soil and to another terminal, empty my third bag of everything important and check it in, my little bag stuffed to the bursting point, travel all the way back to where I was, clear security and then to the gate just minutes before they closed the door. A lot of sweat and anxiety was involved.

I have traveled in the UK many times before the craziness of the last dozen years..

If I never go back to there again, it will be too soon.

Oh, and Singapore is indeed a surprisingly modern and great place to go to.

Confused's picture

Lets be honest. Considering their actions, the UK is just America Light (the government and its reach, not the people). Heathrow is a fucking nightmare. Amsterdam as well, but if you refuse the body scanners they don't normally give you as much shit as they do in the US. At least that has been my experience. 

WOAR's picture

Have you ever played "Papers, Please"?

Glory to Arstotzka.

Town Crier's picture

Everything is a situation.  Did he provoke the agent's response?  The author by his own account was looking for material for a book.  

tongue.stan's picture

knuckles, you're a comic genius, pure gold

Fortunate Fool's picture

I had an aweful experience with US customs this summer as well. I flew from Canada to the US via Minneapolis with Delta. On the way there, no problem, but on the way back, the US custom would not let me board in because "the picture in my passport is pasted and not scanned!" (my passport from a EU country was issued 7 years ago and back then, they would still paste pictures on passports).

I tried to talk to them, let them know that I had cross the US border with the very same passport 7 times in the last 5 years without any issue. They wouldn't give a shit and we were stuck at the Singapore airport. I was with the wife and a young toddler. It didn't matter. After lots of heated discussions with Delta, they changed my flight so that I wouldn't have to go through the US. It still cost me an additional US$1500 to bring my family home as I didn't land in the city I departed from...

I sent a letter to the US ambassy to complain. The response was crystal clear (paraphrase): "since you are complaining, we have flagged your passport. You will now need a visa to travel to or through the US". Just like this guy, I have decided to never use a US airline anymore, nor travel to the US unless absolutely necessary for work.

Selah's picture

I'm having trouble understanding how you got stuck in Singapore whilst traveling from Canada to the US and back.



The Thunder Child's picture

Australasia flights from to and from Canada usually goes through LAX.

Selah's picture

Round trip from Canada to Minneapolis via LAX and Singapore on Australasia Airlines?

I'm no travel agent, but I think I see a problem here.

Delta was referenced in his post, so I can only assume that they offer the same level of intercontinental service between border countries.


MachineMan's picture

Just think of the points you earn on that flight.

acetinker's picture

Even if what these fellas say is absolute truth, there's still some smelly stuff in the story.  IF you find yourself flying from Montreal to Minneapolis via LA and Shanghai, a lot has changed since I last traveled by air.

The last time I flew was from ATL to Akron in November, 2001.  Other than the the pervy old lady who insisted I disrobe to get back on a plane to ATL, this was the awesomest flight I ever had.  My son and I had a 737 all to ourselves!  Free booze and the "air hostesses" had nothing better to do than flirt with us.

Haven't flown since.  I prefer to quit while I'm ahead.

Fortunate Fool's picture

I mreant I flew from canada to Singapore via Minneapolis...

tenpanhandle's picture

Well,next time say what you mrean.

Flagit's picture

thanks for being strong enough to do the right thing, and not be a victim.

FlyingDutchman's picture

Excessive paranoia border controls and harassment sound commie to me allright.

I can tell because I've lived the commie border controls here in europe.

Not to say you guys are becoming commies, but totalitarian sure.

Imminent Crucible's picture

"Not to say you guys are becoming commies"

Well, we've got a commie in the White House and most cabinet positions.  I call that a good start. And Vlad Putin runs the Middle East division of our foreign policy.  The USSR wasn't built in a day.

Edit: By "commie in the White House" I meant Frank Marshall Davis III, not the wookie.

Jim in MN's picture

Obama and Romney are equally Chinese Communist in every respect.


Just as the Chinese Communists are becoming Goldman Sachs whores.


So do you not see?>>>DO NOT TAKE THE RED OR BLUE PILL<<<

Widowmaker's picture

"Kim Kardashians Gay Kitten Will Make Your Day!"

Jim in MN's picture

Fuck people who can't think for themselves.


Fuck people who don't value or understand the concept of Liberty.


Liberty, my dears, comes BEFORE 'Justice' whatever that turns out to be.


It also comes before Egalite and Fraternite.

LawyerScum's picture

Retinal scans are certainly acceptable if your computer houses information pertaining to Project Genesis.

walküre's picture

Don't forget to sign up for Obamacare.

But idiots like you just attack the US and think it should be forced to have a different more open standard than every other country.


FYI the country has a perfectly open standard to slaves from the drecks of Mexico. America could never and will never function without slaves and disposable niggers (Vietnam)