Initial Claims Still "Idiotic", Still "Rising Above" As California ObamaVista Glitch Persists

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With claims from the backlog in California's systems "glitch" (which began in September) still working their way through the system, one can only imagine the debacle that this data really is as more people filed for unemployment claims that expected for the 3rd week in a row. 44,100 Federal workers applied for claims two weeks ago (and received it we presume as well as their back pay now) but the Labor department notes these claims are not reflected in the total. At 350k, vs 340k expectations, this is the first time since early January that we have seen 3 weeks in a row of missed expectations...



The smoother 4-week-moving-average has surged back to almost 4-month highs.


Charts: Bloomberg

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I think it's damn irresponsible to even be releasing those numbers. I think we should keep people in the dark as much as this juncture.

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The Careless Whisper Morning News Update & Threadjacking

Has US Attorney Bharara Gone Off The Reservation? Quoted As Saying: “I don’t think anyone is too big to indict — no one is too big to jail,”. Investigating JPMorganChaseBearStearnsWamu For Aiding Madoff, Manipulating Markets, Bribing Chinese Gov Officials




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Bharara was either given an approved script to make the sheeple believe justice is alive - or his car will burst into flames in a tragic "accident" 'ere long.

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Ummm... Are we still taking government numbers seriously?

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Soon we'll be back to Piglosi's gaff:

   400 million (sic) Americans losing their jobs each week.

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No flames needed, just a Blutoof connection and they can hack the steering, brakes and accelerator to send you into a bridge abutment or something similar. Just like an unlucky reporter involved with tattling on the NSA...

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Don't forget about the Breitbart banana peel. Slip. Fall. Blunt Force Trauma.

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Yes poor Andrew, now they have all his friends running scared and shilling for TPTB.

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Can you (or anyone else) piece a puzzle together? If so, have a look at this:

Starting in paragraph 3, the article talks about the US foreign policy- shift away from our "traditional allies", in a different direction, more favorable towards Iran, less favorable towards Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. 

The question is, why the shift? Why now? There's more to this story than meets the eye. Is it all for show perhaps? Why would the US abandon one of its largest oil suppliers, (the main petrodollar support pillar) 

Maybe I'm reading into things too much...but maybe I'm missing something, hence the reason for the post...

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


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You mean why does Obama support the Muslim Brotherhood as they attempt to over throw every country in the ME?  I don't know.  Why do you think he is doing that?

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I refuse to answer that question.

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Two guests on Kudlow last night saying this is a major break between Saudi Arabia and the U.S., not just a diplomatic flap:

Not sure why - but just a few months ago Obama was ready to support Al Queda in Syria against the Alawites; U.S. and POTUS may be trying to play both sides, or they're just stupid (?).

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Saudi Arabia is pissed because Obama didn't deliver in Syria.  Obama is not dividing and conquering anything.  He is flailing and failing.  His Constitutional limits make him dangerous to the USA. 

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Explain "His Constitutional limits make him dangerous to the USA"

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It *is* weird, even for Obama.  A nasty thought struck me last night...let's say you're president.  You're also "fluffy", and you consider your job a perk of life.  You're here to be adored, and you're LOVING the last 5 years.  You love the $100 million vacations for your family, people saluting, it's everything you want and dreamed of.  You have political opponents, but you have the media in your pocket and everything well in hand.

Now say you get word that some group like the Muslim Brotherhood or one of its offshoots has contacted your office through diplomatic back-channels.  They have sent word that they have a nuclear device in place and ready to detonate at 5 minutes' notice.  All you know is that they're claiming it's in an American city somewhere.  They've sent pictures along with a sample of the fissile material, or some other physical evidence of their claim.  Alternatively, maybe they're threatening a Smallpox or similar biological attack, and have sent a sample of the virus to prove their claim.

You're stupid.  You're vacuous.  You're vain.  You're over your head.  All you want is for the gravy train to continue, and don't give a good crap for the country, but if you don't do what they say then not only does the gravy train stop immediately, but you'll be the guy who was in charge when this happened and likely turn out to be one of the most reviled people in American history (you're also vain about your legacy).

What do you do?  EXACTLY what they tell you, and you keep your mouth shut and hope.

This scenario would explain all the inconsistencies I've personally been able to detect in American foreign policy, plus it would help explain Obama's fecklessness about his Signature Legislative Accomplishment as it continues to go down in flames.

And I live in a small city that would be PERFECT as a target for such a threat as a warmup for a repeat performance in NY or LA or one of the other biggies.  Great.

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I think there is a more simple explanation. Obama's Christianity is only skin deep, underneath he is a Muslim from his early upbinging. He is therefore extrememly sympathic to Islam. There is ample evidence that he has fully allied the US to the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood. This all ties together very neat, very simple. That America people would elect this Kenyan tells us what America has become.

The old America of the Founding and the Constitution is no more, and the nearly half the American people that are killing it are telling us what they will do to us when they get sufficient power. It tells us how they will use the PCized military and the police across the country that are being militarize. It tells us that the NSA database will be used against us like the IRS was used against the Tea Party.

Didn't the Demorats in Congress call us Terrorists? What do you think they are telling us? We are being warned out of their mouths.

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Wasn't it odd that 15 of the 19 alleged 'hijackers' on 9/11 were Saudi, yet it never seemed to come up in polite conversation?

My bet is that it was always 'back pocket' leverage.  Notice the articles and commentary lately where people all the sudden noticing that they were Saudi?  The Anglo-American interests have shown how they can turn on ME stooges (Sadam and Gadafi) when it suits them.  Israel's interests are often parallel to this (weaken any potential rivals in the area).

You ask a BIG question where nothing can be taken at face.

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I have a question for Preety "Boy" Bhararrarararwahahaha. When are you going to indict Jon Corzine and JP Morgan for stealing  money from MF Global's customers?

Could you speak up, please. I'm having a hard time hearing your answer. Until this clown indicts people he get's no credit for filling the coffers of the DoJ with company shakedowns.

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I don’t think anyone is too big to indict — no one is too big to jail,

What is so newsworthy about this statement? The State can (and has and will) indict anyone it wants since most laws are aimed not at preventing crime but at criminalizing human conduct.   The fact that a US Attorney can indict whoever they want is about as noteworthy as Hollywood infidelity. 

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Punishment is used to instill fear and control, but obedience can be purchased...and has been. These people are not being punished becasue they are doing exactly as required to advance the goals of the law makers/enforcers. Nothing is happening that is not desired to happen, even our dissent empowers them.

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Gold Spikes to $1349.00 - Is Initial Claims Report Leaked Again?

Gold has spiked to $1349 well before 8.30 am when Initial Claims Report is scheduled to be released. Is the data leaked again?

Update 8.30 am:

  All jobs' data is WORSE than expected again. How can we get on that "Early Bird" email list? It is just getting totally ridiculous, is there ANY rule of law left in the U.S.?


September Nonfarm Payrolls Huge Miss - Gold Spikes Up, Data Leaked Again GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX


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Leaked data is not possible in our well regulated free market capitalist system underpinned by a foundation of rule-of-law and sound money.

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Apparently there is a glitch in the data flow that allowed some to get it earlier than others. Obama will have the A-Team investigate as soon as is fixed.

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In gambling doesn't it always come down to being the best "cheat". In many cultures it is quite acceptable to cheat as long as you don't get caught and bring shame to your family. I don't think we have that problem now as the whole thing is corrupt and they are quite proud of their cheating skills.

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the NSA - 'we know it before someone types'.

haha welcome to the new transparent world.


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Thanks for poking fun at the CNBC "Rise Above" nonsense.

Where can I get two weeks of back pay and unemployment?

Is there a form I can fill out, or any M.F. Global investor money left over?

Mr. Corzine?  Where is Jon Corzine BTW?

"Paging Mr. Corzine."

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Free the Honorable Jon Corzine.

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Done....anything else?

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A hero's welcome home for Edward Snowden?

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Thaaaaaat may take a little more time.....we'll get back to you.


Of course...if you could hangout with Anna Chapman....would you want to come home?

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A plan is being hatched on Wall Street to fix all this;

1)  Make Popcorn

2) Turn off power to L.A. County for a month.

3) Watch "creative detruction" unfold.

4)  Profit from rebuilding (at expensive of taxpayers in the other 49 states).

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Oh, so that explains those rolling blackouts during the Davis era.  And here I was thinking it was all Enron's fault.

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It is fitting that bulletproof lib-controlled Cali has pioneered the way to peak bureaucratic incompetency. The summit is in view now.

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Just remember that like Wile E. Coyote, even when they walk off the peak, they won't fall until they look down.

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The problem with that analogy is that in cartoons, the critter about to fall into the canyon and pancake himself on the canyon floor can always pull a hammer, nails, and lumber out of non-existent pockets and build a bridge back to safety.  We can't do that in real life, by lifting the debt ceiling or something.  Oh, wait...


Shit, we're being ruled by cartoon characters!

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This is sure to get the Taper talk going....

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Since California is now all-Democrat controlled so they have to hide the ongoing cratering of economic and business activity. Soviet governments had to do the same thing.

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But yet it still took years and someone to call them on it. A Democratic federal government is not going to do that, as we see with Detroit, they will continue bailouts and possibly bail-ins to keep it afloat, simply to avoid the uncomfortable questions that a collapse would naturally bring.

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'3 weeks of missed guesstimations in a row, and frankly, we're quite baffled about that'.

220...221...hey whatever it takes to get stawks thru the day!

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I see your personal power grid is not long for this world....

Similar to Demoncratic gov-ornaments

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It's all about pumping ("Rising Above current levels") stocks to infinity.


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Is there something wrong with folks in Illinois and California?  Don't they realize what disasters their states are financially and demographically?  So, are they blind, dumb, brainwashed?  It's like a case of mass masochism where the populace is begging to be hurt. Dominatrix anyone?

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It works just like the stock market. As things progressively get worse, the assumption is that the feds will always step in and bail them out, and that money will not be used to solve the problem but to enrich the very ones collapsing their systems. That is why it will not change until failure actually results in failure. Morals have existed in some form or another since the beginning of time because they are the rules that help ensure the survival of the species. Those who seek to eliminate the consequences of bad behavior will only enable more bad behavior, which ultimately amplifies the consequences by degrees of order.

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People in California are blind and suicidal, in a death march to the edge of the cliff. All my friends here think that because of their good intentions that is electing a 'progressive' single party state that they are somehow protected. They are totally blind to the disintegrating social and economic reality. My wife are planning on getting out of California, I hope before the Big Crisis comes.

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first time since early January that we have seen 3 weeks in a row of missed expectations..

What, the opinion of paid journo econo-hacks is worth something to someone? Really?

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Considering how many people have been caught filing thousands of fradulent claims I don't know what they are counting.