It's 315 PM: Have You BTFATH Today?

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With the Dow Transports leading the way (now up for the 10th of the last 11 days and 9.7% off its debt-ceiling-debacle lows), US equity markets are engorged on the euphoria of this "can't lose" scenario that offers free lunches (and ponies) for everyone. On the heels of SocGen's call (eerily reminiscent of Schiff's and Faber's prophecy of rising QE no matter what), it's 315pm, have you greatly rotated your money on the sidelines to BTFATH yet?


Nope nothing ridiculous about this at all...


Sure why wouldn't you be BTFATHing... After-all earnings are 'great' right?... right?

(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer )


Charts: Bloomberg

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Is the Bernank still printing money?

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this reminds me of something


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The pathetically low volume today suggests tomorrow will be DOWN!   Just hopefully not for PM and miners IMHO.

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Metals and miners are short term overbought on the charts and at some key resistance levels (GLD. SLV, GDX).

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Um, since when is GLD and SLV a metal?

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Yes, if the cross the 1350 level for gold then the bull trend would be confirmed if that level is sustained for a few days, if the bull trend is confirmed thee is no stop to where gold prices could go, just as a reference gold was at 1800 in 2011 when the S&P500 was at 1100, or 60% bellow current values 1800 plus 60% would be 2880 an ounce, at 2011 levels adjusted for the S&P500.

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Looking at the chart porn gives me a woody!

Same trajectory, same bloody outcome...


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its a manufacturing less recovery

its a jobless recovery

its a consumer drivenless recovery

its a earningsless recovery

I GIVE UP, I"M almost FUCKIN Suicidal

Super Marco's picture

Don't lose

Buy Spooz

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No, I haven't. But Chairman Ben has. Isn't that all that matters?

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One look at FNM  and that will show you what is in store for this bullshit

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Venezuela has forgotten how much currency it prints per month, at least we KNOW that Immoral Ben prints $85B / mth. Thats the big difference between Venzuela and the US.

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Another difference is Venezuela actually has gold.

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People need to seriously get a grip about this "printing" meme. If the fed were dumping it from helicopters or sending us checks that would be zimbabwe. Instead wages and benefits are dropping. This is just slavery 2.0

Law97's picture

Ben is doing a targeted airdrop ... laser guided precision right onto Wall Street.

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They've pushed this lie for so long the sheeple have forgotten the pain of 2008-2009.

"Look!  Everything is better!  Diversified portfolio for the long term!  You will be fishing in the Keys and visiting the Grandchildren in your big RV and living like royalty ONLY IF YOU INVEST IN EQUITIES!"

The commercials and the propaganda are relentless and non-stop. 

Anyone remember the Lind-Waldock and MF Global commercials leading up to Corzine and J.P. Morgan Chase stealing $1.2 Billion of investor money?  I do.

This is M.F. Global and Corzine writ large on a generational scale with the majority of people hamsters on the wheel feeling like they are getting somewhere and believing the abject lies.

Of course, when the pain comes around again - and Wall Street rakes their chips off the table - there will be another shock of "how could this happen!?!?" and Red/Blue debates and the arrest of some Madoff/Rajaratnam like scapegoat guppies so they can start the cycle all over again and the Ponzi can roll on.

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The Fed is irrevocably trapped now, and has no recourse but to continue printing, as the economy is tanking, earnings are slumping, comsumers are tapped out and overextended with debt, and interest rates are already at zero.  Sure the ever accelerating printing will pump up or sustain the markets for some time simply from an inflation effect, but since the printing cannot translate into a more prosperous economy the strategy is doomed, and only awaits the recognition of what it really is by the masses.  Many smarter investors realize it already, and are rotating out of stawks, which are at best a wobbly edifice/house of cards destined to crash as the Fed mercilessly dilutes the value of all things financial, and with each passing day the situation becomes less tenable. 

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Long Totino's Pizza...


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i almost forgot, amzn reports after bell.


nothing like a company never making a profit and always missing expectations, yet always going up 5 percent plus when it reports.

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Operation Debt Celing Crisis

Mission Accomplished

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OK, I am going to risk winning dumbass of the week award, but I need ask one simple question.  I have never claimed to be an expert on anything-especially "complex" financial jargon that is routinely discussed on ZH.  What does the acronym BTFATH mean already?  I get BTFD, TPTB, TBTF and most of the others used so religiously here on the 'Hedge, but this one has slipped in without me catching on yet (I even get most of the former cheesepope references from the now seeingly banned/droned/renditioned Francis Sawyer, but not this one).

Hit me with all the red arrows that I deserve, but I am just a young kid trying to learn my way in the world.

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buy the fucking all time high

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I prefer BTF(I)ATH

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OK, I must have missed the memo. What is BTFATH?