7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan - Tsunami Warning Issued For Fukushima

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UPDATE: Tepco Orders Evacuation of Fukushima Power Plant Workers

Via RT: Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has ordered the evacuation of workers from near the sea wall at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant following the earthquake, local NHK reports.

People in coastal regions around the Fukushima Prefecture coastline have been advised to move to higher ground. 

"Marine threat is in place," the Japan Meteorological Agency said. "Get out of the water and leave the coast immediately."




A 7.3 (according to USGS) magnitude earthquake just struck 311 miles ENE of Tokyo at a depth of 10km. The Pacific Tsunami Center has issued a warning and VOA reports a 1-meter high tsunami could hit Fukushima coast at 02:40 local - 1340ET)...




Tsunami warning region (yellow):





it seems the eathquake is shrinking (are Japanese officials quantitatively easing down expectations)...

  • 1327ET - URGENT:  Magnitude-6.8 quake hits Japan's Fukushima region
  • 1331ET - AP NewsAlert: Magnitude 7.3 Earthquake Strikes Off Fukushima

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The FINAL SHIFT  Fast Approaches

We still think this is the root cause of the quakes and the typhoons hitting Japan.


HERCOLUBUS: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era

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Tepco Fuckushittinme webcam


Looks bloody well like a movie set with toys awaiting Godzilla to come crashing through.

How the fuck did humanity get to this point?

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Fuk-‘hush’-ima: Japan’s new state secrets law gags whistleblowers, raises press freedom fears

 "Basically, this bill raises the possibility that the kind of information about which the public should be informed is kept secret eternally," Tadaaki Muto, a lawyer and member of a task force on the bill at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, told Reuters.

"Under the bill, the administrative branch can set the range of information that is kept secret at its own discretion."

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there are still "residents"? seriously?

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Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.  So sad, 95 million people...what a goddamn waste.

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If only their island was more than a meter high they might have survived this wave.

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For Japan, things just keep getting a little bit more fucked up.

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When SFP4 starts a-rockin' doom comes a-knockin'.

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Well, I guess it's time to start shorting Japan again.

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Why worry? I'm expecting to die someday anyway.

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Don't worry folks - it's GE technology we're talkin' 'bout here!

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"Why worry? I'm expecting to die someday anyway."

Ya but I was hoping it wasn't going to be today.

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short the JPY and buy the Nikkei

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I used to be fairly pro-nuclear power until recently. All of the SHTF scenarios that seem to be edging closer to us certainly were making me leary, but this whole Fukushima deal settled it. Shut all of them fuckers down. Before it's too late.

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too bad we didnt follow tesla's origional lead with his work at wardencliff, we wouldnt need to burn fossel fuels for enery or split atoms.

we took the wrong path 100 years ago by stopping at teslas polyphase system he himself wished he haddent created in favor of his new power system.

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Looking at that map, you know strikes me as being a smart guy?  Dick Cheney.


He will rule the post apocalyptic world like a really whacked out postman!

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The new United States of America will consist of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.

You know, that's not a bad start.

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No fresh damage reported from Fukushima-1 NPP following strong quake off coast.


Ok ok LOLZ

So TEPCO just evacuated all personel from Fukushima and in this time span they have been able to fully analyze  the plant (with zero personel around) and come to the conclusion that the earthquake did no damage annd everything is fine. Amazing work TEPCO, keep up the whitewash.


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They will later claim they actually stated there was no "FRESH WATER damage."

(Beeeecaaaauuuuse it's on the sea!)

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Well, the video of the monkey in the cage seems fine.  We will update you as things change.  (Which will be never.  You will forget.)

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95 million people is just the beginning.

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With the EQ, then the Tsunami, then the Typoon swinging by to pick up the radiation and scatter it everywhere right after it.  There just is nothing to be done about it.

It's going to be a hell of a mess.

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King James Bible
And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened

from mathew 24:22


The magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan last Friday was powerful enough to shorten Earth's day by 1.8 microseconds and throw an extra 6.7 inches (17 centimeters) into the planet's wobble, scientists say.


revelations 8:8 compare to gulf oil mayhem from oil rig

The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood


revelation 8:9

And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died;



just sayin....



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We're more popular than Jesus now;  John Lennon


We're more popular than Jesus now; Federal Reserve 


All we are saying...is give printing a chance. 

All we are saying...is give printing a chance. 

Everybody!!! All we are saying...is give printing a chance. 

Deo vindice's picture

Few people give the Bible (specifically), and Christianity (generally) a worse reputation than those who take a text out of context and make a pretext of it.

Those verses have nothing to do with every current news event of the day...

TwoCats's picture

My favorite Bible prophecy teacher always said, "Pay attention to when people quote from 'Revelations'.  It means they haven't read so much as the title of the book."

So is the entire Pacific Ocean visibly blood red yet?  No?  Then Rev 8:8-9 hasn't happened.

Also not sure how "shortening" the mean day by 1.8 us is supposed to save anyone.  I rather suspect he was talking about shortening the duration of God's Wrath as measured in days.  In other words, when it's time for Revelation, God will take care of the plagues himself, not leave it to men to accidentally kill ourselves.


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"Japanese Prime Minister Shinto Abe said earlier reports of magnitude 7.3 earthquake were erroneous & that any shaking felt on mainland Japan were the result of alchemy experimentation by BOJ's Kuroda. "

"Please do not worry."


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Japanese Prime Minister Shinto Abe added further clarification: "The shaking felt by mainland residents was the natural consequence of several million tonnes of Yen being dropped onto the floor of the Central Bank of Japan. Kuroda has instructed his currency manufacturers to place mountains of Yen gently to the ground in future."

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God is angry, this is no coincidence.  I would be to if I were him, we truly F%^&EK this world up.



AlaricBalth's picture

God may just be a kid with an ant farm.

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"God may just be a kid with an ant farm" and a magnifying glass.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The kid's got a son, somehow, with plans to come back.

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God is angry,

What's on today's menu?  Fear.  Same as always.  Shit happens, just because it always does. 

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Picture this as a story from a lot of mythologies but told as a story of corporate ownership.

If you had a private park that you kept all the cool stuff you like on.  You fill it up with animals, scenery, flora and fauna so diverse it boggles the mind and has no equal anywhere.  Not in the quality of the art of life, but also from the art the life produces.  The system pays for itself as it's self-sufficient and self correcting.  You make this for two reasons, to illustrate to all beings with a spark of life in their bodies that they are special and rare in a mostly lifeless universe.  And it scores huge brownie points with a Wife that lives by the motto of all things come from an egg.  It is a fantastic living love letter.

You review the operational requirements of running this park, so you hire some staff to maintain it.  Because you are pretty busy, you turn your back to go take take of business.  And because the Boss and Wife are nice people, they leave all sorts of really useful stuff around so everyone's got a bit of everything.

Their task was to keep it orderly and nice.  The Boss leaves behind instruction manuals.

When the Boss and Wife come back it's a mess.  All your employees have forgotten their Statement of Work.  They've cut down everything.  Shit in every corner of the park.  Left some of it so toxic it renders it completely unusable to anyone or anything.  AND everyone is fighting with each other for something that doesn't concern them.  Goes over as well as anyone should expect if a random stranger walked in anyone's house and shit on their wedding album. 

Plus all the Wife's favourite animals are all gone, so he's going to have to listen to that.  Oceans empty.  And the instruction manual is all over the place, and people are fighting about that as well.


The Boss would have sent a messenger, but his keep coming back dead.  So instead of a messenger, you get a very tough team of advocates that are diverse in their qualifications, talents and local affections are requested to arbitrate. 

Someone proclaims outside influence.  The Boss says "who?".  The Crowd parts, a face is seen and the Boss takes legal counsel on how to pull the throat out from someone's asshole.  Then everyone hopes they get lucky in whatever the Boss decides to do.

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You need to read this one on both floors of the House and Senate in Washington.

I'd include the Diet in Japan but I wouldn't place the burden at their feet knowing what we know about what our Country has done to them the last 3 times these "gifts" of the nuclear age have been bestowed upon them with much resistance.

Let's face it.  Everything changed for that Country in the worst way possible when they sealed their fate on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri.

Suffice it to say they didn’t have much of a choice.


WOAR's picture

Makes sense. Didn't Jesus tell a parable about a landowner sending his kid to some unruly tenants, and then the kid dies? And then the Boss gets pissed and shows up in person?

Same story, told a million different ways, to the same conclusion.

CPL's picture

No the kid only dies in some stories, sometimes it's old age with Nirvana in other instances and circumstances.  Othertimes it's a quick wave of the hand and off he goes.  There are no hard and fast rules to it in the variety of retelling of the story.  Dogma only shapes that idea of the kid dying.

You've also got guys like Simon Bar Kochva, Zuo Ci, Hazrat Khdir, Narashima, St. George, McCorlik, St Patrick, Solomon, Cernunnos. etc.  Regional muscle given by the Boss to help out when there is trouble. 

There are many stories, many myths, many names, many places, same source.  There are lots of different stories from all over the world that follow a basic narrative pattern.  Each different time and place have their own senses of humour.

If you haven't heard of him, the character Zuo Ci is pretty funny.  In ancient China some bad asses moved in and started wrecking the place, so the Lord of the Heavens sends Zuo Ci. 

All the stories are of Zuo Ci playing Bugs Bunny to their Elmer Fund.  Trap reversals, misplaced spears, lots of tripping, tonnes of noise and confusion.  Everyone running around bumping into each other.  They were so tired from the effort of tripping over themselves for so little they ran for it.  Then Zuo Ci teaches a couple of guys on how to take care of clowns like that and then all sorts of Chinese legends pop up to save the day and their associated Kung Fu practices with the Taoist Magic practices.  Some really cool stories from China.

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Seems like yesterday. ...last time it was bullish

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Re:  How the fuck did humanity get to this point?

The prostate gland is an amazing thing.

Dude,  think this will work?   Dude, no guts no glory, dude.   Dude, like totally.

Headbanger's picture

Just wait and see what humanity does to itself with genetically engineered humans.


Joe A's picture

I cried seeing that. Horrible. The immense suffering.

knukles's picture

Oh, it'll just be a fucking ball.
Ultimately all this shits gonna make the medieval ages look fun

TBT or not TBT's picture

They were fun. The medieval warm period and all. The dark ages on the other hand, were pretty gruesome.

Jason T's picture

no no, it's back to global cooling again.  I checked. cooling. 

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

No..no new hazard Global glowing.