Mario Draghi's Worst Monetary Zombie-Infested Nightmare Just Got Worse... In Two Charts

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As frequent readers will recall, one of our favorite series of posts describing the "Walking Dead" monetary zombie-infested continent that is Europe is the one showing the abysmal state Europe's credit creation machinery, operated by none other than the Bank of Italy's, Goldman's ECB's Mario Draghi, finds itself in. As a reminder, it was as recently as September when we found that "Mario Draghi's Nightmare Gets Worse" because "European Loans Declined At Record Rate." To our complete lack of surprise, when a few hours ago the ECB released the latest monetary and credit creation update for the month of September, it showed... no change. Or rather, while loans to the private sector are at all time record lows, that other metric which Draghi at least has some direct control over (since he obviously can't control the amount of confidence in the system aside from threats of brute force), M3, just had its lowest pace of increase since January 2012.

But here's the kicker: while the US at least has the Fed to step in and forcefully push credit into the private sector void as it has been doing every day since Lehman, in Europe, with the ECB's balance sheet actively declining, the continent is well, on its own to fend against the monetary zombies horde shown below.

SocGen agrees:

The European Central Bank reported that money supply growth (M3) in the euro area decelerated further in September, dropping to an annual rate of 2.1% – the slowest pace of increase since January 2012 – well below the ECB’s 4.5% target. Looking at credit, the picture is once again one of fragmentation. While the French corporate sector proved rather resilient to credit crunch, the total amount of credit to corporates plunged by 4.9%yoy in Italy, 7% in Portugal, and an alarming 19.9% in Spain. Undoubtedly, this weakness in monetary and credit developments will add pressure on the ECB, which could decide to ease financial conditions further. But this will not be sufficient.


Our view is that a rate cut would require an additional weakening in either the growth or the inflation outlook.

The combination of currency in circulation and overnight deposits (M1) increased by only €6bn in September, after the average €38bn jumps recorded over the  July/August time span. On an annual basis, the growth of M1 continued to slow. Indeed, the closely-followed aggregate stood 6.6% above year-ago levels in September, after 6.8% in August and 7.1% in July.


On that matter, the ECB recently communicated on the fact that the solid increase in the M1 aggregate seen since the beginning of the year would ultimately foster a recovery in credit – and Investment – even though the overall money supply growth (M3) was decelerating.


Yet, it is not clear to us how a movement in overnight deposits would be such as to stimulate investment. What we rather believe is that the flow of credit remains negative, which suggests that the strong recovery in investment everyone expects is unlikely to happen for, at least, six to nine more months.

Not only is it not clear to SocGen, worst of all it is not clear to Mario Draghi, which is why his nightmares will only get worse and worse, as loan creation collapses further, as non-performing loans accumulate, and as Europe's credit-money zombies finally escape their cages and start biting chunks of meat off of (Europe's unemployed) people.

In the meantime, we now fully expect a very unclear Draghi, plagued by monetary zombie dreams, to do everything in his power, even though as SocGen notes he really has no power in this case, to show he has not lost control and start with a rate cut in the November ECB meeting (eventually proceeding to a full-blown QE) in order to boost loan creation. He will fail.

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Time for another press conference!

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A HEIDEL Press conference!

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I like the Halloween season.

It’s when the nature modern politics, economics and society at large all resonate with the spirit of the time.

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US is giving him clear cover to simply print more....  Race to debase....

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I'm waiting for the day that in order for people to get a mortgage/car/sudent loan that they have to walk into a regional Fed Office and post body parts for collateral.

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Maybe Portugal and Euro RHS switched on chart?

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Just wait for the Euro fanatics (on Zerohedge) to come out and cry that "the Euro is worth Gold" <----- true quote from a few weeks ago. Denial.

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Thank goodness the US has Fort Knox gold to back up the dollar! If you're ever around the area, I'd advise you stop in for a tour of the place.

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Yes, just there this fall.  There were a bunch of boot camp grunts touching up bars with spray paint as they were loaded into crates with some asian lettering prlnted on the sides.

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Sure it wasn't German printing on the sides ?


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Mmmmm....the on-set of rigor mortis.

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I am concerned. Things are not getting worse fast enough.
Will those Monte Paschi fuckers fail already?
We need a major crap out to happen yesterday.

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While in the 12th century...

Saudis warned of backing women drivers online

Officials say cyber-laws banning political dissent could apply to anyone supporting women driving campaign.

Saudi officials have warned online activists from backing protests planned by women challenging the male-only driving rules in the kingdom. 

Friday's edition of the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat quoted Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman Turki al-Faisal as saying cyber-laws banning political dissent could apply to anyone supporting the women driving campaign.

Conviction can bring up to five-year prison sentences.

The warning widens the possible fallout from the expected campaign by Saudi women with foreign driving licenses to get behind the wheel on Saturday in defiance of Saudi traditions.

Good thing this third world dictatorship holds the USA petrodollar by the balls... Right?

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And let's not forget Sharia in Brunei

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Good thing Murica is supporting their local economy and dictatorship through their base of operations there... uh?

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Have you see her drive? Maybe there's something you don't know. Just sayin. Could be one of those "Halle Berry" type situations.

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Both friends of the environment and consumers of oil should be FULLY SUPPORTIVE of KSA's efforts to keep women from driving automobiles.

Allowing women to drive will negatively impact the average number of occupants per vehicle on Kingdom roads, directly leading to MOAR cars on the road and MOAR pollution in the air, which their giant fans will exhaust out to neighbors airspace.

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You see, it's actually quite progressive and forward thinking to keep women from driving...

and if you have ever been married to a woman driver from South America you would understand why the above is only half-joking.

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...but stocks are up and spreads are down, so all is well! Besides who cares about loans to the private sector when one massively benefits from the wealth transfer?!

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Perhaps they believe they can retire into the sunset like Ronnie Raygun in Santa Barbara, baking their reptilian selves in the sun; but they'll need protection, and at what price, loyalty?

One by one, not knowing the time or place; a stuck ski-lift becomes a 'gallery' sans "Ducks", a private charter flight has engine troubles, and so and so.

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I'm confused. Would you rather Mario reflate and monetize like Ben?

At least in Europe, there is a semblance of creative destruction.

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Not very creative (the derivative works of arsonists).

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Draghi and his bankster and central banking cabal of creative destructionist's are like arms dealers who foment civil war then sell weapons to both sides.

Make bad loans to uncreditworthy borrowers, bundle the loans into CDS's and MBS's, sell them to pension funds and governments, crash economies, get bailed out via the taxpayer, increase debt by getting free taxpayer money from central banks - lather, rinse, repeat.

Draghi and his ilk ARE the flesh eating Zombies.

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Music is about to stop in the game of musical chairs. But they will never let it happen. Bring in another keg of your finest beer innkeeper...err.ECB.

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I dont understand why in the aftermath of debt-fuelled "growth" is falling credit a bad news. It´s precisely what should happen, no?

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What the world needs is a good 5cent cigar!

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Cue the Nigel Farage spot-on harangue of Mario in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1........

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The undergroungd economy,free of taxes and regulation, is doing just fine and growing every day in Spain, Greece and Italy.

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Looks like our friend is going to issue another "stess test", whereby he expects that a number of banks will fail the test and thus will need some funds.  So, he "asks" European leaders to make sure they have plans ready in order to support their weak banks with public money: 


European Commission irritated by Draghi’s banking stress test maneuvers


The European Commission is upset about a letter sent by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi in the summer, to which EL PAÍS has had access, suggesting that rules on state aid for banks be eased if they put at risk the stability of the European financial sector.

One of the conditions Spain's European partners imposed as part of a loan to recapitalize the country's banks was that holders of preferred shares and subordinated bonds issued by nationalized banks such as Bankia were required to accept a haircut on the value of their investments. Draghi fears the imposition of further haircuts could spark an investment flight.



The letter has been leaked to El Pais and can be found here:





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Maybe the Baltimore Ravens could do a promotional campaign for Europe.  

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Doesn't some ridiculous amount of Fed purchasing end up benefiting Euro banks?  Thus per Marc Faber, expect INCREASED Fed purchases vs. the alternative as Europe may make it through the holidays but Feb, March after spending eases will be ugly.

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Hey Dawgs,

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The campus seems almost 1/3 foreign students who also seem to spend most of their non-class waking hours here in the Hesburgh.

I'm told upwards of 40% of the student-body is on psychotropic medications and I doubt they are foreign students.

THIS is the real zombie apocalypse, not the macinations of some Eurocrat in Brussels.

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Ok, I'll do it.



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Fuck it  I am tired of this shit