An Open Letter To Russell Brand

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Russell Brand's excited exchange with stoic Brit Jeremy Paxman this week is a must-see "exchange of new ideas vs old." Among Brand's clearer moments were "stop voting, stop pretending, wake up. Be in reality now, time to be in reality now. Why vote, we know it's not going to make any difference, we know that already." The excellent discourse has prompted this open letter supporting the comedian.. concluding so legitimately nowadays, with Upton Sinclair's infamous quote "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."


The original interview (grab a beer and watch - you'll be surprised):


CoinAxis blog's Open Letter to Russell Brand:

Dear Russell:

I just finished watching your interview with Jeremy Paxman, aside from Mr. Paxman being a trite individual, it was fantastic exchange of new ideas vs. old.  I'm sure you were expecting Sinead O'Conner, or Miley Cyrus to write you this open-air missive.  Alas, I'm going to underwhelm you, because my fame and fortune are nonexistent.  So, here it is, you get me, Michael, writing you in hopes to get your attention to some important issues, in which are pertinent to your revolutionary interview.

As you summarized in your interview, people that have any sense, realize that voting changes nothing. Voting is an occupation for the disillusioned, the elderly, and hopeful tyrants.  We all know that voting for a new master every four years, still doesn't make you free.  Even still, the capacity to vote on people's fundamental human rights is the antithesis of freedom.  Yet, this is the paradigm we live under, and are born into.  In the United States there are approximately 240,000,000 people who are of voting age.  In the 2012 elections, the total votes cast was approximately 130,000,000.  That's a deficit of 110,000,000 people.  It ends up around 65,000,000 people elect a supposed "leader" for the remaining 310,000,000.  Of those voting, only a small percentage actually know what & how the government works.  Although, they parrot the talking points like good citizens, as their smug partisan destroy lives.

In 2012 the FEC stated that $7 billion dollars was spent on the elections, with the large banking institutions leading the charge.  Most of it was spent on marketing.  Controlling the narrative in the media, and greasing the hands of the well connected. It's a revolving door of political incest, and none of them care about anything other than the status quo. Free indeed.

Stop voting, stop pretending, wake up. Be in reality now, time to be in reality now.  Why vote, we know it's not going to make any difference, we know that already. ~ Russell Brand

If the oligarchy can payout 7 billion in an election cycle, then the only chance the average person has, is to do guerilla marketing.  What does that mean?  It means writing open letters to the people that have a voice in media (you see what I did there?).  It means introducing new ideas to your community, and making changes from the ground up.  You know, I found it so enlightening to see someone in your position in the media, that would take such a stance against voting (and the system).  I'm sure in people's heart of hearts, they are in agreement with you. I'd like to see more of this from you, except next time, turn it up a notch or twelve.  

So why am I writing you?  There is a unique opportunity for you assist in championing the cause for BITCOIN.  You have a good sense of what's right and what's wrong, and you have a humorous meld of eloquence in your delivery.  I don't have to necessarily say it, but you're good at what you do.  However, in my opinion, you're missing the mark on where the systemic problems really lie.  Sure politicians, and corporations collude to extract every bit of resource & money out of the wold populace; however, you've missed the fundamental question.  "Where does they money come from?" 

You may know that the world operates on a debt-based monetary system, with the US dollar used as the reserve currency.  Imagine a couple of seedy characters in a dark basement of the Federal Reserve Bank, printing money at will.  Although, it's not in a dark basement, it's a huge marble & granite edifice, and the printing are merely keystrokes on a computer.  The characters are the large banks.  They create the monetary bubble, they profit from it, then they burst the bubble, and they profit from it, while consolidating the wealth & assets in their coffers. A few decades of this, they have a destroyed monetary system with endless bubbles, dollar devaluation, corporate bailouts, government corruption.  It's all about the money.

apathy doesn't come from us, the people.  The apathy comes from the politicians, they are apathetic to our needs, they're only interested in servicing the needs of corporations. ~ Russell Brand

The system of banking & government largesse can only exist inside this debt-based currency system.  Don't forget fractional reserve banking, and financial derivatives market, in which there are $1.2 Quadrillion dollars worth.  The only way this system can sustain itself, is to increase the debt, which increases the money flowing into the banks & corporations.  Not money flowing into corporations from valid product sales & services, but through the stock market.  Blowing up financial bubble after financial bubble.  Every bubble that bursts consolidates wealth more. The bubbles are fueled by the FED.  

Back to bitcoin.  If you don't know what it is, I'd be happy to be your personal bitcoin consultant.  Bitcoin is a digital currency that is decentralized, and not controllable by any central government, or organization.  It's a payment system and money rolled into one.  It can't be inflated into oblivion, it can cross boarders easily, and can be used globally.  It's gold 2.0, it's the kryptonite of the banking system and errant governments.  And when the shit hits the fan (like Cyprus), and they come looking for turnips to squeeze, they'll be out of luck.  It's truly the people's currency.  It's the honey badger of money.

Here's what I ask of you:

  1. If you don't know about bitcoin, learn about it (the Consultancy offer still stands, you can contact me on this site)
  2. If you don't own bitcoin, buy some.
  3. Promote promote promote bitcoin, it's the catalyst for change.
  4. Use bitcoin, sell your comedy specials for bitcoin, convince your colleagues to use bitcoin.
  5. Promote it some more, help make it a cause.

I say when there is a genuine alternative, a genuine option, then vote for that.  ~ Russell Brand

Here is your genuine alternative, and you don't have to wait until November 5th to vote for it.  You spoke with great certainty of the revolution that is coming.  As a non-violent, and peaceful person, the notion of a revolution tends to make me envision the abhorrent violence that usually is associated with revolution.  The information revolution is well on it's way, and now it's time to create a peaceful bitcoin revolution, and vote with our bitcoins!  I'm going to leave you with a quote that is not yours; however, it drives the point home on how much work is left to be done.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.  ~ Upton Sinclair

Best Regards,


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wisehiney's picture

Whatever, wasted words.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

<-- Monkey on high dose amphetamine

<-- Crude little british celebrity pawn

SafelyGraze's picture

an open letter to tptb:

please don't crush the bit coin until after we have moved our 401k into the bit coin

thank you for your consideration

NoDebt's picture

These guys should get together on the flight deck at Bellevue and have coffee or something.  The bitcoiner talking to the train-spotting brit.  Freaking fantastic.

I'm sorry, but my open-mindedness has limits, apparently.  I would not have guessed that to be the case, but, apparently, that's how I roll.

Go sell crazy somewhere else.  I'm already full-up here.

CrazyCooter's picture

That interview was crazy. Old guy antangonizing young guy, nothing solved. I stopped watching after a while. The world is fucked up, deal with it. Think it wasn't fucked up 2000 years ago in Rome? Pick a "civilization" and study it.

Look folks, the only thing that makes us special is oil. You want change? Live another 50 years, you will get your "change".

Maybe Hunter S. Thompson had it right ...



P.S. I was late to this thread because I really thought this was a GEICO/Buffet/Caveman humor dig based on the cover summary ... OOPS!

lineskis's picture

Thank you Jack Russell Brand Sparrow! :)

GetZeeGold's picture



Maybe Hunter S. Thompson had it right ...


It finally got weird enough for he ate the bullet. In the end Hunter was not Fightclub material.


He would have made one hell of an ACA troll had he decided to stick it out however. I guess we'll never know.

Obese-Redneck's picture

But you gotta love how ZH hijacks a brilliant interview and plays it into the Ayn Rand stinky snapper crowd as so much nonsense.  

Keyser's picture

You know your culture and society are doomed when you turn to a drug-addled celebrity like Russel Brand for advice. 

Seer's picture

At least he's not taking tax dollars in order to achieve the same level of "competance," unlike folks who MAKE the laws that control us...

To be fair, he's been drug rehab'd, no?  So too was George W Bush.  And this I am thankful for.  But, as far as I know, the former speaker of societal restructuring has YET to do nation-building, while the later has.

Sometimes talk IS better than action...

JPM Hater001's picture

Despite the fact his solution goes in the completely opposite direction he got one thing right...the current system is broke and a sham.

chumbawamba's picture

Perhaps I missed the memo explaining what a worthless tramp this Russell Brand guy is, but I found him to be articulate, compelling, and absolutely right on target.  This man is brilliant.  Shame on all of you for your ill will towards him.

God bless this man.

I am Chumbawamba.

roadhazard's picture

It's like Mad Magazine around here. Nothing is sacred. I laff a lot at the bitches.

fonestar's picture

Basically, it sounds like Brand is arguing for the dissolution of one collectivist, centralist system for his new collectivist, centralist system that promises "wealth-redistribution".

At least he got the not voting part right.

Reptil's picture

New World Order?
Individualism for the "good men" at the very top, collectivism for the rest of us?
... just asking..

I am more equal than others's picture




To me he looks a bit like Charles Manson.  The wild eyes.  The long hair.  He's singing Helter Skelter. 

His drug use was caused by his Social Class?  No choice in the matter I assume. 

sadmamapatriot's picture


We have a winner!

Jaspergers's picture

+1, thanks! I generally like Brand but his solutions need some work. Until he finds the root of the ailment he won't be able to see the cure. 

Lord Koos's picture

He's not saying he's offering solutions, he's just saying publicly what many people still don't realize -- shit is FUBAR and it's not going to get better as long as the current crowd is in control.

GMadScientist's picture

If the only complaint you can muster is an ad-hoc personal attack, he must be doing okay.

I prefer to think of it as being so fucked up, even Russell Brand gets it.

philipat's picture

Paxman is a total dickhead so I don't have much sympathy'

Brand's dick is in his brain after screwing Katie Perry. Briefly, and getting a nice divorce settlement.

He seems naive and clueless. He is right about the Fascist Government/Corporate complex problem but seems clueless as to solutions. Crony capitalism, not free market capitalism is the problem. Taxing the shit out of Corporations, however, doesn't really help. They will just move overseas and pay even less tax in The US. In which case, there will be even less jobs in The US.

Seer's picture

Yeah, someone needs to tap him on the shoulder and point out that it's govt that is the enabler of big corporations: a quick read of Smedly Butler's War Is A Racket might be a good intro.

Regarding what is or isn't the "problem," well, I disagree with your commentary there.  Sure, "free market" sounds good, and I'm pretty sure that it would be better than "crony capitalism," but I don't see it as addressing the problem of growth.  If it, "free market," is also predicated on perpetual growth on a finite planet then it too is destined to fail (the promise to deliver eventually meets up with the inability to deliver, which gets masked by all sorts of deceptions until it's no longer possible to hide the realities- pretty much how the "old" "free market" matured into the "crony capitalism" one).

Yup, I'll get a slew of red arrows, and nary a debate on HOW we could get the "free market" to operate without growth (as Nature's Capital continues to decline).

chumbawamba's picture

Jeez, what the hell do you people want?  A 1,200 page treatise on a new social structure that the world can evolve into over the next 100 years?  This man rightly pointed out the problem exactly and succinctly.  When the interviewer douche pressed him for solutions, he made it quite clear that he wasn't there to solve problems and even if he could he wasn't going to be able to do so by answering the questions of a pompous bearded asshole.  You guys are expecting far too much from someone who at least had the balls to tell the truth in a venue that got far ranging attention.  At any rate, this interview will do far more to wake people up than all the worthless comments being spewed here in reaction to it.

I am Chumbawamba.

lewy14's picture

I don't expect him to have solutions.

I fault him for not having even the tiniest bit of intuition about what could possibly go wrong.

The nature, and the dangers, of any concentration of power potent enough actually effect that redistribution of wealth.

Any inkling who, prey tell (sic), is going to get China/India/Russia et al to stop greenhouse gas emissions. Who - and which army?

All mouth, no reflection. 

And N.B. - reflection != detailed plans. That's a red herring, a misdirection.

Brand has charismatic energy and his heart is in the right place.

Energetic, charismatic people with their heart in the right place will be the death of us. The final judo flip into pure, perpetual techno-oligarchy.

Surely you must see this.

Paveway IV's picture

Brand is at least going down the right path. 

If he keeps going, he'll get to the circular trap where he sees that psychopaths have corrupted the change mechanisms - especially the illusion of voting - and the system is so infected that the replacements are merely going to be other psychopaths. The trap is confining your solutions to their thouroughly corrput change processes because that's the rules.

Getting to that point isn't much of an accomplishment - it's an inevitability of a critical thought process. I'm interested in where he (or anyone else) goes after that.

RockyRacoon's picture

Chumba, if Brand had actually offered real solutions it would have taken many hours of video to convey.  Then  the complaint from the ZH sloth-crowd would have been that the interview was "too long" and that the information could have been conveyed in "one simple sentence" or some such tripe.   No sound-bite will fix this situation but the US citizenry has been trained to expect one.  There's no pleasing the masses.  Anyone who looks like Brand will have detractors.   The messenger overpowers the message in too many instances.

blacksheep's picture

The first step to fixing a problem is realizing there is a problem. Russell is way ahead of the game. Most people don't even recognize the giant mess we are in.

I don't agree with his ideas about how he wants to fix it, but I think that is because he has not correctly identified the root of the problem. Any large power structure will be co-opted at the top and used to benefit a few. Everything needs to be decentralized with lots of competition.

To address Michael's letter, Bitcoin is not the answer; having multiple competing currencies is what is needed. Your letter comes across like you are selling something, which you are. That is not going to convince people. Yes, bitcoin is the most promising free market currency right now, but the goal shouldn't be to get everyone to use bitcoin, it should be to bring about competing currencies. If bitcoin is looked on as some miracle to save us, when it grows large enough, they will just co-opt it. Bitcoin itself may be decentralized in its structure, but if everyone uses it, it becomes a centralized currency. We need multiple, unrelated, competing currencies.

11b40's picture

Might I suggest getting a little more educated on Mr. Brand before laying on criticism.

Disagree with him, or his methods,...or fail to uderstand him, but don't make the mistake of assuming he hasn't given deep and serious thought to the subjects he embraces.

Furthermore, he is causing large numbers of other people to look upon today's events form a different perspective, while taking on the establishment with gusto.

stacking12321's picture

the free market is absolutely, positively, NOT predicated on perpetual growth, please get this point clear.

the free market is merely the freedom to exchange goods and services without state violence / coercion.


but I don't see it as addressing the problem of growth.

why should it? that's not its function. it also doesn't adress the problems of poverty, illiteracy, and chocolate that melts in your hands, not in your mouth.



Black Swan 9's picture

There were rumors at the time of his death that he was working on a piece about WTC7.

I never accept "suicides" (or small plane deaths) at face value anymore, too many that have connections (info) to TPTB who want them to just shut up.

Edit: re Hunter S. Thompson

bentaxle's picture

I watched the whole thing at the time of the broadcast. I was tempted to switch off as, listening to his "solutions" it's clear they are mainly wrong. Because he does not appreciate the problems are much, much more fundamental.

His understanding is too vague, and hence his arguments were rambling rather than coherent. As you can see from the vid there is a unhealthy addiction to welfare related ideas.

But at least he wants to question things. The sheeple have so far displayed that they aren't prepared to get to that stage. Being five years beyond 2008 and we're still ruled by tptb, against a background of hideous economic priorities, with not much in the way of opposition from the sheeple is truly shocking. 

The disappointing thing about Brand is he's someone who has the ability to connect with the sheeple on a scale far beyond my ability to do so, but armed with that, his call for "revolution," still gets nowhere?

Seer's picture

WOW!  I missed that it was 2008 that marked the down-turn of civilization (the start of control by TPTB)!

Do people demand a really just system? Well, we'll arrange it so that they'll be satisfied with one that's a little less unjust ... They want a revolution, and we'll give them reforms -- lots of reforms; we'll drown them in reforms. Or rather, we'll drown them in promises of reforms, because we'll never give them real ones either!!

- DARIO FO, Accidental Death of an Anarchist

As to the history of the Revolution, my ideas may be peculiar, perhaps singular. What do We Mean by the Revolution? The War? That was no part of the Revolution. It was only an Effect and Consequence of it. The Revolution was in the minds of the People...

- John Adams

bentaxle's picture

That's because 2008 wasn't the "start" and I never said it was. Depending on your point of view it was more like 1913 and the start of The Fed and Income taxes? Maybe you want to take it back to 1776 and argue that was the high point? Shortly after which human beings reverted to mean and started to pervert civilization all over again? WHat do you know?

GMadScientist's picture

I didn't hear Russell Brand say people shouldn't have to work, so maybe it was the desire for fairness and economic opportunity that bothers you? Funny that we listen to the same thing and you hear "welfare related ideas" and I hear a plea for a reasonable chance of class mobility.


bentaxle's picture

Hmm, bothers me? Whatever.

"Reasonable chance of class mobility????" Oh boy an idealist. Yuh think a meritocracy is going to produce your utopian wet dream?

GMadScientist's picture

Good luck finding an economic system that can get away with not respecting that tenet without devolving into warfare.


Reptil's picture

This (Thom Yorke and 3D (band member Massive Attack interview during the London "occupy" movement) received NO exposure in the media whatsoever.


Perhaps because mr. Brand doesn't bring any viable solutions, and will make many sheeple go and think "gee, let's keep with the present system, we all gotta make money".
To me, personally, the Russell Brand interview looked staged, the emotions, sentences, even the jokes were rehearsed, it feels like a commercial against revolution. Don't really care about this smooth talking millionaire anyway. He likes the limelight, is an actor. It is the BBC, after all.... a bunch of sophisticated manipulators.

Seer's picture


Brand, like many others identifying the "wrongs" gets it mostly right: voting doesn't do anything but enable the status quo; a revolution WILL happen*.   It's the suggested "corrective" parts that always fail... and they especially fail when they don't take into account the PHYSICAL world, which you clearly point out via the reference to "oil."

* And sadly, I'm afraid, we'll have not understood what the real source of the problems were and we'll embark on another round of aiming ourselves over the edge of the cliff.

Anyway, I liked the energy (though that's using up a lot of energy!).  I think that Brand needs (more?) exposure to Carlin.

Black Swan 9's picture

I'm pretty sure he's been exposed to Carlin, and even to the deeper and also dead Bill Hicks..

"Is Utopian Revolution Possible?"

Russell Brand on revolution: “We no longer have the luxury of tradition”

"But before we change the world, we need to change the way we think."

By Russell Brand

bunnyswanson's picture

Reversing the trend will be impossible.  There are no New Worlds to discover. escape to.  They are killing all of the heroes.

Catalyst:  Heart of the Matter (ABC video on saturated fat, high cholesterol and the decades long lie)

But this will be the wake up call of all - The lie that made us all stop eating real butter in front of others. 

Only explanation would be if a comet was going to fly by earth and kill us all, and they at the top know it and have thrown all caution to the wind.

Elimination of an entire class of people is underway.  We can prevent that and I suggest we try.

Seer's picture

"Elimination of an entire class of people is underway. "

Should we do this by way of dropping the income of the 750 million folks in India who live on $0.50/day, to, say, $0.25/day?

Where the fuck is the part about saving the turtles?  Geez, how can you mention how to save the world by reverting to "real butter" without also pleading to "save the turtles?"

I mean nothing bad to turtles, just that they're as pertinent as "real butter" is, and, well, I agree that "real butter" is better*, but I also see these things as being quite distant from the core of the problem (well, in this context, which completely misses its own commentary)- it's a "growth" issue.  The "entire class of people" that I suspect you're referring to is the "Middle Class?"  If so, then ask yourself what if that "class" was the RESULT of excess growth (excess pull from future needs).  Tossing out the premise that the "Middle Class" (again, I'm assuming that's what you are referring to, but please correct me if I'm wrong) is somehow a more natural condition, that it deserves pulling more growth from the future in order to "survive," well... do you see the circularity here?

* Of course, there's the complication of trying to keep "real butter" being "butter" if you're in a tropical zone, which requires refrigeration... NOTE: my wife grew up in the Philippines, old-school, where and when such things weren't in any way a reality (even fucking toilet paper!).  So, spare me about the "poor suffering" masses who struggle to consume "real butter"...

GMadScientist's picture

If you ain't suckling the udder, t'ain't real butter.

Lord Koos's picture

Perhaps you need to revisit the stats regarding income inequality.  It has less to do with growth and more to do with terminally greedy elites.  

GMadScientist's picture

Allow me to pack your purple robe and Nikes.

Nehweh Gahnin's picture

We don't need a comet to explain their behavior.  We just need 7 billion people in a world that will, very shortly, only be capable of sustaining 1 billion people.  And that, only if we don't completely screw up the biosphere with the implosion of 407 nuclear reactors going offline.

All Risk No Reward's picture

Vote, first and foremost, with you debt (fraudulent based money) MONEY.

Pay cash (don't let the bastards get their 2-3% off credit card purchases), buy small and buy local.

Avoid anything and everything BIG.  If you must shop BIG, wait to minimize your expenditure.

When you go to the polls, vote against whomever the establishment puts forth.

All establishment voters are arrogant useful idiots that think everyone else is "wasting their vote" when the truth is they are the ones wasting their vote and their arrogance combined with ignorance is huge part of the problem.

Talk to people and explain the fraud.  Most will cherish their ignorance - that's on them now.

When it blows, they will know the deal or work very hard at their denial program.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

I must be doing something right. Everyone I vote for doesn't get elected. So what exactly is Russell Brand's claim to fame short of having spent some time banging Katy Perry? And why does the word "twit" come to mind whenever I hear his name?

George the baby crusher's picture

Haters gonna hate! Is it his hair? Maybe his youth? And why does the word "asshole" come to mind when I read idiot comments like yours from old people!

GMadScientist's picture

Nah, it's the speaking like he's done one too many rails all the time and the constant tendency to revert to childish behavior to put other en garde. He's like a teenage boy trying to get together with a chick that isn't interested and too infatuated to realize that all that leg-humping is downright unseemly in public.

You're just mad your entire generation can't seem to front one person with coherence and an idea worth expressing.