Carl Icahn Pimpco Slaps Bill Gross As Billionaire Tweet-fight Escalates

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A week ago, completely out of the blue, Bill Gross took a swipe at Carl Icahn, tweeting "Icahn should leave #Apple alone & spend more time like Bill Gates. If #Icahn’s so smart, use it to help people not yourself." Today, Carl Icahn retaliates.

We can't wait as this cage match between a 69 and a 77 year-old escalates and culminates with the inevitable (Im)Mor(t)al Combat fatality.

For now, our money is on the Icahnator.

More impotantly: as the bored billionaires seek Twitter exposure, it is once again popcorn time.

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BoNeSxxx's picture

How long before we see a tweet that says: "If you want to do good, why don't you bring me Dimon or Blankfein's head on a pike, as I have done?

Pladizow's picture

Bitch Slap, Bitchez!

Why only American billionaires who are so publicly petty?

bania's picture

yeah, why not sprinkle some of your paper shuffling, SEC ignoring, gains on all the po' people? 

knukles's picture

Mature people do not wash their dirty laundry in public... especially in a "social media" forum.
Ego, ego, ego, ego

icanhasbailout's picture

Isn't most of Gates' "charitable" donation money going to creepy population control measures?

jaap's picture

Depopulating and killing the useless eaters.

Glad I use Linux and don pay for those scumbags.

Stackers's picture

Oligarchs have been pushing the con of "giving for the common good" as means to push their "new world order" plans for over a century, dating back to old man Rockerfeller

Ying-Yang's picture

"This Bullying has to STOP!"

fourchan's picture

buffet should just give it all away and stfu.

redpill's picture

You should have a pic of the Icahninator stepping on Ackman's head

ParkAveFlasher's picture

"#billgross, ima pimp smack yo momz, howya lyk me now?" - A Captain of the Modern American Economy

Pure Evil's picture

Those two should just rent a Ritz Carlton room and get it over with already.

Hate = Love = Bromance.

Should we applaud two billionaire flamers gettin' it on or look away in disgust.

mliu_01's picture

ICant just bought a shit load of twiter shares. IPO coming.

Nothing better than put a good show on a POS before it goes IPO. LOL

you people are easy to play.

12ToothAssassin's picture

That is a great website for lamp post correlation!

john39's picture

eugenics and gmo franken food are just more versions of doing 'gods work'.    note, 'god' is an ambiguous term...

HelluvaEngineer's picture

If you really care about people, why don't you donate towards free mercury and cancer-laced immunizations for the worthless eaters?

stacking12321's picture

i heard it on

it must be true!

redpill's picture

Well before you get a flu shot, they do ask you if you are allergic to mercury.  It's like, uh, well, it's fucking poisonous, does that count as an allergy?

Dave Thomas's picture

That is of course after they've been cramming it into holes in peoples teeth for the past 100 years.

tarsubil's picture


I mean, yes, we are injected with mercury with the flu vaccine.

And, yes, mercury is obviously bad for you and accumulates in the brain and damages the central nervous system.

And, yes, the studies that say having it in vaccines isn't damaging were done in the 1930s (around the same time US researchers were inoculating subjects with syphillis and refusing to treat them with the known cure, penicillin) and no one has been all that interested in researching it since then.

And, yes, the CDC gets about 150 mil to 175 mil a year for flu activities.

And, yes, GSK and Novartis have annual revenues in the billions and make huge chunks of money off this free marketing campaign from the government and CDC.

But, no, there is no conflict of interest and getting an annual injection that contains mercury to prevent getting the flu less than 50% of the time is clearly the right thing to do.

redpill's picture

Not to mention the vaccine manufacturers are completely indemnified and bear no liability for their products whatsoever.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Dude, if these billionaires are bored. I can put them to work. Send money my way. While you are at it, give back to the community your ill gotten money. Acting like little children on Twitter. Our best and brightest? 

RaceToTheBottom's picture

"...bring me Dimon or Blankfein's head on a pike,"

I may become a tweety-nerd myself if that happens

Emergency Ward's picture

Hold on now, Bankfiend will start trotting out his own tax-deductible charitable organizations.

Silver Bully's picture

'Look, Squirrel...'

Was about to say, this article barely qualifies as a distraction. Could really care less what Gross or Icahn think of each other. And in tweets no less. Tylers, I realize the whole 'the markets are falling' thing isn't arriving at a speed you desire, but stooping to this . . . c'mon. Between crap like this and the Simon Black articles, you're starting to lose my daily interest.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Yep, I tried to provide some help for the article to even become a distraction....

What is The Hedge's picture

Let me see if I have this right......

1. Icahn buys shares in Apple. Now he tells Apple how to run company so as to line his pockets.

2. Icahn donates to charity. Now tells eveyone how they should give.

3. Buy NFLX shares. Publicly praise NFLX. Sell portion of NFLX while simultaneously shorting, most likely.

Yes, let's create a public fight over charitable giving so Carl gets to look like a human being.


Dr. Engali's picture

A  couple of spoiled school girl bitches fighting for attention. 

kralizec's picture

And worst of all they are too old and not bitches...

dracos_ghost's picture

"Girls, Girls you're both pretty (cough cough)". Fucking embarrassments to humanity. And these are the "Titans" the masses are looking to to make things better.


Jaspergers's picture

I literally loled at this title. 


ps--define "doing good", Icahn.

Renewable Life's picture

These "two little bitchez" are the poster children for "more money then time"!

Hey Carl, GFYS, Hey Bill, GFYS AND stop being a little bitch while you do it! Don't you clowns have an anti-aging scheme or space ship company you can invest in and get the fuck off twitter for a while!

Oh well I guess CNBC needs something to talk about now, since the Central Banks controls the markets tighter then Stalin and Hitler every dreamed they could do!

Geez I can't wait for Bill to respond, I wonder if this has anything to do with the two of them having giant undisclosed positions in the Twitter IPO?? Because the company has to be 100 billion if Gross and Icahn are on it right?

WillyGroper's picture

Pathetic puking attention whores.

knukles's picture

They both have more than one?

wee-weed up's picture



Yep, there's the one between their nose and chin.

It tends to spew more crap than the one down below!

Global Hunter's picture

Giving Pledge dot org?  Is that one of those eugenics programs where they sterilize, vaccinate and give abortions to black and dark skinned poor women?  I could look it up but forgive me if I have my doubts about it being the billionaires program to help humanity or anything like that.  Fucking cynic me.

knukles's picture

Yeah, like Bill Gates outlined at that one TED conference*.
And has helped fund.
Where people have been vaccinated with crap that leaves them sterile.

Nice kid, Mrs. Gates


*available for all to see and hear on YouTube

spanish inquisition's picture

Agreed. It is interesting that people who harp on overpopulation generally direct their remarks to Africa and Asia. Never mention Brussels, New York or London. Population control is thinly veiled racism to get rid of dark skinned people so the Eurostock can have Lebensraum.

When it's brought up around me, I remark if they feel that strongly about it, to lead by example and off themselves for the good of the world. No takers yet...

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

This is what gross gets for being stupid.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

"Do good"? These twats make me sick.

1) create a "charitable" foundation
2) put one-world Cultural-Marxist Fabian international socialists in charge of it
3) execute your program of global enslavement
4) call it "doing good"

Hidden in plain sight. The Ford Foundation is the granddaddy of this scam; Henry Ford is probably spinning in his grave.

"Working with Visionaries on the Frontlines of Social Change Worldwide"

BoNeSxxx's picture

Well said.  For more information, the book 'Foundations - Their Power and Influence' is still a seminal work in my view (following the more common use of the word, of course).

The other, lesser used, definition of 'seminal' would refer to Henry Ford himself and, of course, Bohemian Grove activities... but I digress.

heinrich6666's picture

Philanthropic dick-waving.

oddjob's picture

The spectacle of two near dead raisins in a pissing match is shameful and emberassing.