False Alarm: Obama Will Continue Spying On "Allies" After All

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In a dramatic change of events that is a) sure to not win the administration any goodwill point with the citizens of the free, or enslaved, world or their insolvent leaders so desperately reliant on the US for day to day funding, and b) will confirm the state of complete policy chaos that is at the core of the Obama administration's handling of the ObamaPhone spygate (where for some reason the fact that the US spied on foreigners, as it should, has taken far more precedence over the NSA intercepting and recording each and every domestic communication, with neither checks nor balances), the earlier reported news originating from the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dianne Feinstein, who said that "the White House has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue, which I support" was a fabrication.

Instead, as The Hill reported shortly thereafter,  "A senior administration official on Monday rejected Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein's claim that the U.S. has halted intelligence collection against its allies. In a statement released earlier Monday, the California Democrat said that the White House "has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue."  But the administration official called that statement "not accurate." In other words, the situation surrounding Obama's global Watergate hotel, has devolved to a state where the executive and the Chair of the Legislative's intelligence committee are not even able to communicate in order to get their story straight about lying what the US will and won't do in the future. Because, needless to say, any promise that the US won't do what it obviously will continue doing as there is absolutely no downside to doing so, is merely the latest lie in long and illustrious chain of seasonally adjusted truths.

From The Hill:

"While we have made some individual changes, which I cannot detail, we have not made across the board changes in policy like, for example, terminating intelligence collection that might be aimed at all allies," the administration official said.

And then the confusion and backtracking began:

After the administration’s statement, a spokesman for Feinstein clarified that the senator intended to say that the U.S. was ceasing "collection on foreign allied leaders.”


Feinstein also said that it was her understanding President Obama "was not aware" the U.S. had been monitoring the cellphone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Obama first learned of the program, which apparently began in 2002, during an internal audit of intelligence practices this summer.

Why do we know Obama is "not" lying? Because he had no comment.

In an interview Monday afternoon with Fusion, the president refused to comment when asked about when he became aware of the surveillance.

What we do know, is that Obama no longer has a direct feed to Merkel's cell phone. Whatever that means:

The administration has announced at least one determination, however. White House press secretary Jay Carney said last week that Obama assured Merkel in a private phone conversation that the administration was not currently monitoring her cell phone, nor would they do so in the future.

All the BS aside, in retrospect if indeed the NSA, being a government agency, does its job with the "efficiency" with which the government makes up lies on the fly, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. For either the allies of the US, as long as that special status continues, or the billions of electronic communications intercepted among US citizens each day.

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cougar_w's picture

Total clusterfuck. Merkel should now fly to Washington, meet with Obama, and right off kick him in the nuts.

markmotive's picture

When it's Merkel it's an outrage. When it's the average Joe Sixpack nobody gives a sh!t

F@cking wiretap double-standards:


IllusionOfChoice's picture

You and the article introduction are making the proper point here. It matters more than the NSA is listening to American's phone calls than to foreign leaders' phone calls. The NSA was created to spy on all foreign 'signals'. It was not created to spy on Americans and it's an outrage that the military industrial complex is targeting Americans and covering it up.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's horrible for America's image that we are getting caught doing it, and I wouldn't even necessarily say we should be doing it, but at least that is the NSA doing the job it was made to do, not usher in 1984.

NoDebt's picture

You are exhibiting disturbing signs of rationality and free thinking.  This is no good.  People like you make everyone scared and nervous.  Up arrow.

john39's picture

Not only is the NSA spying on Americans, but the NSA is also transferring the raw data to certain little fascist racist shithole located in the ME. How is that not treason?

knukles's picture

Talk about an empty legacy to be displayed in an empty presidential library containing only an empty suit.

Nothing has worked for the better
Naught, zip, zilch, nada, nyet, zero, fin...

Theta_Burn's picture


You wonder how they can be so stupid, and then wonder why they are being so stupid.

3 mths its negotiation time...again. we have {0} management, no ones at the helm, its a dead stick.

lostintheflood's picture

cheney is a dick and he should shut up...

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

I'm conflicted. I can't decide whether to call him Obomba, Owebama, or just B.O.

I need some way to refer to "it" in polite company. I'm sure ZH readers can suggest a few less-kind names.

Maybe I'll just give him my own coveted Worst_Preident_Ever Award. Now THAT is a serious achievement. I thought we'd hit bottom before but this is getting ridiculous.

zhandax's picture

Remember, we expect exceptional in the good ol USSA.  He is an exceptional world-class fuckup.

Husk-Erzulie's picture

I make it a point never to yell on the internet.


StychoKiller's picture

I calls him Obamatron, with a supporting cast of Decepticrats and Republicons!

Race Car Driver's picture

> Talk about an empty legacy to be displayed in an empty presidential library containing only an empty suit.


Well ... there's always the offical biography.

Oh, wait ...

logicalman's picture

In no way is it NOT treason.

Trouble is, the law is not applied evenly.

zhandax's picture

As in 'not applied at all to the oligarchs'?

Boeing Boy's picture

Obama has placed five of his most trusted buddies at the top of the DoJ, he ain't that stupid.

beefman's picture

ya kidding me right? How old are you? Please google the sixties the civil rights movement.

Truthseeker2's picture

The epidemic of SPYING is because of this:

The BIGGEST Coverup in USA History



daemon's picture

" ... the NSA is also transferring the raw data to certain little fascist racist shithole located in the ME. How is that not treason? "

You mean ME is not US territory ?


max2205's picture

I am confused now...are we pricks or not?

Crash Overide's picture

Could I free think and say all this spying could be about finding certain aliens among us?  lol

...or it could be simple power and greed like it seems.

macholatte's picture


Celebrity Death Match - Barry vs Angela


it's an outrage that the military industrial complex is targeting Americans and covering it up.

Here's the deal....... get caught spying on one (1) foreign leader who "matters" and there's a shitstorm.  Spy on 300M sheeple and there's a yawn.  Easy choice.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Merdekel is only foaming over this to get her fanbois back in line since she has completely lost any legitimacy in the teutonic empire. Just days after she had promised to not raise taxes, she reneged on her promise (after winning the elections). The sheeple in the teutonic empire are restless and urgently need someone´s head to roll. Merdekel will be offered to the masses in a melamine platter.

After all, Merdekel has plunged the teutonic empire into a death spiral, with thousands of sheeple joining the ranks of destitutes:



Rusty Shorts's picture

In -n -Out


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I pay for the rest of your life
As long as I remember, bills have looked me in the eye

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daemon's picture

"The NSA was created to spy on all foreign 'signals'. It was not created to spy on Americans ..."


When a country morphs into a "dictatorship", every signal becomes a foreign signal .

Anonymous peon's picture

The NSA exists to protect the government. You are either part of the government or you are not. It does not make distinctions based on things like nationality or location, everyone outside of (our) governmnet is seen as a threat. Uncle Sam is arming militant islamists everywhere while trying to disarm me, who does he see as the bigger threat?

daemon's picture



"It does not make distinctions based on things like nationality or location, everyone outside of (our) governmnet is seen as a threat."

Yes .


Uncle Sam is arming militant islamists everywhere while trying to disarm me, who does he see as the bigger threat? "

Good question .


That why, in these circumstances, they very naturally end up writing,  "paranoically", the following equation :

privacy = terrorism .

Don't expect the drones to land so soon .

Be careful .

AnAnonymous's picture

Here's the directive at the origin of the NSA.

Unsurprisingly, it tells a different story from that 'american''s propaganda.

National Security Council Intelligence Directive No. 6
Washington, December 12, 1947.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 102 of the National Security Act of 1947, and for the purposes enunciated in paragraphs (d) and (e) thereof, the National Security Council hereby authorizes and directs that:

The Director of Central Intelligence shall conduct all Federal monitoring of foreign propaganda and press broadcasts required for the collection of intelligence information to meet the needs of all Departments and Agencies in connection with the National Security.

The Director of Central Intelligence shall disseminate such intelligence information to the various Departments and Agencies which have an authorized interest therein.

Unfortunately for 'americans', as it was aimed to monitor propaganda, it was only a matter of short time before it started spying on 'american' proapagandists.

akak's picture

Your Chinese Citizenism attempt to monolize and blob-up the progrational means is certainly this and also that, very much something and even more than it is, but still made me laugh.

Alas, alas .... oh, you know the rest.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Unsurprisingly, this AnAnonymetic proapal progator tells never a different story from that Chinese citizenism propaganda.

As a sidenote, it also shows the lack of self limitation typical to Chinese citizenism citizens. As they have boundary issues, they always try to repell any constrainst they face (nihilism).

logicalman's picture

Said almost the same thing in a previous thread.

This is all theatre to distract Joe Sixpack, so he won't bw as pissed off as he should be "because it's happenning to 'them' to"

Bullshit, Nearly all world 'leaders' are in it together.


anti-republocrat's picture

It's quite likely Merkel already KNEW she was being spied on, but when it becomes public she is obligated for internal political reasons to protest.

williambanzai7's picture

Yes, Merkel's vote is obviously what counts in Vichy DC, as history says it should.

We should let her appoint Dr Strange Schaeuble as our next POTUS.

If this were an elaborate Ken Kesey novel, we would all be laughing our asses off. Unfortunately...

Winston Churchill's picture


Ever read Lawrence Sanders;The Anderson Tapes.

That will make you laugh and cry at once.

Starkiller's picture

There is a reason for the double standard:


If you spy other nations, is a cause of war; if you spy your own cityzens is a cause for revolt.


But neither you revolt, nor we are trying to make a war to "bring you the democracy". Nothing happens anyway... so maybe there sin't a double standard, only street teathre.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ cougar_w

Probably would not hurt him much though...  ;)

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Merkel would need pointy-toed shoes and exceptionally good aim, as the NOPOTUS (a.k.a. presidential grapes) make for a tiny target.

icanhasbailout's picture

She should bring an official gift from the government of Germany: an authentic Stasi secret police outfit tailored precisely to Obama's measurements.

Zero Point's picture

Keith Alexander's nice, black Gestapo outfit will do nicely thanks.

NoDebt's picture

She should bring an official gift in the form of a letter that says:  "We want our gold NOW, asshole.  Not over 10 years.  We don't believe you're good for it now, let alone a decade from now.  Fork it over."

TheMerryPrankster's picture

THEN she should kick fearless leader in the nuts.

Ahmeexnal's picture

It isn´t germany´s gold to start with. They pludered that gold from the rest of the continent (and north Africa too). Time for germany to give the gold back to it´s real owners!

Sandmann's picture

We shouldn't ask about US gold and how that was extracted from the UK

zhandax's picture

What US gold?  The contents of Ft Knox which was stolen from its rightful owners (the people of the US in 1933) or that held in custody in FRBNY (which was stolen from various foreign governments).  Gold lease much?  There is nothing but a pile of IOUs there.  All the physical is back in China, plus 75 years of interest in physical, from whom the gubmint originally accepted for custody seven battleships worth of gold  in 1938 in exchange for a pile of worthless bonds that the fed defaulted on in 1998.

Tall Tom's picture

Well if the UK would not have run up those Trade Deficits then there would not have been a Balance of Accounts to be paid to the USA...in the 1920s and 1930s.


Besides...you guys want to go to war with Germany when you don't have any weapons??? Those weapons (Destroyers and Destroyer Escorts) in the Lend-Lease Deal cost money. We did not give them to you for free to have German U-Boats send them to the bottom.


Why in the hell did you declare fucking War with Germany in the first place? For Poland??? Who the fuck cares about Poland??? 


You ought to have kicked back and let Hitler and Stalin duke it out. Then you sell your weapons to the losing side (whoever is losing at the moment) to extend the conflict and make both Nations Economic Basketcases and weak? Then they are not a threat. Didn't the Rothschilds teach you anything?


But no...You guys have to prove that you have bigger balls than Stalin or Hitler? Then you drag us into your clusterfuck because your Crocodile Mouth bit off more than your Canary Asshole could shit???


It was your damned Empire Building in the first place. We inherited it from you. I do not even want to hear how you tried to bolster the US Dollar back in the 1960s with your London Gold Bank Scheme.


Shit. I do not want to hear it. Bloody fucking Limeys.

SAT 800's picture

The English always play fair and square according to the rules of Cricket; if you don't believe it, ask any Scot.

Tall Tom's picture

We had trade with Western Germany after World War II. Western Gremany accumulated the Gold because of Balance of Accounts Deficits that the United States ACCRUED with Western Germany Post World War II and during the Bretton Woods Agreement.


Western Germany took DELIVERY of the Gold BEFORE we declared that the US Dollar was no longer redeemable for Gold. Western Germany believed it to be prudent to store their Gold HERE because of the threat of Soviet Union Invasion. We agreed to store their Gold in case that the Cold War turned into a Hot War.


NONE of the Gold that the USA owes Germany was "plundered from Europe and North Africa". NOT ONE SINGLE OUNCE.


ALL OF IT originated from the American Public after FDR seized it from the US Citizens. That is why we had a large supply with which we settled our Balance of Accounts...Trade Deficits...to begin with.


The American Public used the products and services from Western Germany. So it is moral and just that the American Public PAYS for that which we use. Other than that it is STEALING. You are not a theif, right?


That is their Gold. It belongs to them. World War II German Gold ended up in Swiss Vaults. Germany was precluded from getting much, IF ANY, of it at all after the fall of Hitler.


You may want to study a little HISTORY before posting.