"Obama Built That" - Behold Obamacare In All Its Lines Of Code Glory

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"Obama built that"...  And now good luck tearing it down and its several hundred million lines of code, and rebuilding it from scratch.

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I read one line of code.


NO LUBE. bitchez.

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The line before translates roughly to (accounting for the errors):  "balls deep."

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I remember back in the day that a good coder was measured by how few lines of code he used to do a task, not how many.


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There is no president worse than Obama.

And Valerie Jarrett is his prophet.

(or Oracle, lol, stupid computer pun...)

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Boy, I don’t think Al Gore even wrote that many lines when he coded the Internet.

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LOL, ya beat me to writing how incredible that software mess is.  Good Luck, .gov!

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For those frustrated by trying to log on to the site they have added a link to a suicide hot line.

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Richest country in the world has one of the sh!ttiest health care systems. Cuba's is better FFS.

Gerald Celente tells it like it is: http://www.planbeconomics.com/2013/10/gerald-celente-on-obamacare.html

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If I need a bypass or cancer treatment I will stay here thank you.

Feel free to go to Cuba. VIP treatment couldn't even keep Chavez alive or prevent metastasis.

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How's that hopey changey shit working for you now?  Maybe you can say Error 404 to your policy change or rate increase.

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After the feds turn the nation’s medical system into a flunky sawbones MERSA muckhole, I will be happy to fly to Singapore and pay cash for treatment or an operation and then some R&R.

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That graph is pure, sheer bullshit.

Unless you count libraries (pre-assembled reusable modules written by other people) as lines of code.

Being in the industry for almost 20 years (yes, I was there for the Internet boom and bust) i can tell you software has not grown in actual lines of code written specifically for a program, rather more and more complex functionality has been built into reusable libraries.

So your average coder is not writting any more code lines than before, nor have teams grown in size significantly (read The Mythical Man Month if you want to know why team size increases quickly deliver negative productivity after a certain point) - what has happened is that the reusable libraries we use are ever more complex and contain ever more functionality (things that would require tons of code to implement 20 years ago can now be done by a single line of code calling a library that does it for you).

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A library is nothing but reusable code....

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Actually it's possible to use libraries not as much for reusability but to plug-in environment-matched functionality at the point of deployment or simply to support different versions of a protocol or storage standard.

In those situations, it's perfectly possible that the code in a library is only ever used in one application, which by definition means it's not being reused.


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Laughed my ass off when I saw FB has 60 million lines of code.  WTF?  The site's about as complex as ZH. 

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....but the answering center in Calcutta was too frustrating to understand....

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The website isn't the biggest or most complex problem with Obamacare.  Not by a long shot.  The real hairy math is yet to come.  This website debacle is a distraction.  They knew it wasn't going to work (their denial that they knew there were problems is pretty effective proof of that, as denials usually are).  Prepare for "Plan B" to be launched within a few months.

You think you hate it now, but just wait.

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You mean something along the lines of "According to Section CCDLXXXV(j) of the Affordable Healthcare Act, you as the Primary Insured, failed to file Forms KERF(c) and JHJ(f)  PRIOR to receiving this medical procedure. Due to your like of compliance, your coverage has been denied per Section CMLDXIV (k)." ?

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< -------     C:\>del obamacare*.* /q

< -------     C:\>format healthcare.gov /u

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[11:45 PM] WOPR ~ $ rm * -Rf

edit: all this stuff reminds me of the faith the government put in WOPR in war games

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rm -rf *obama*; blacklist healthcare.gov; umount /dev/america

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First rule of thumb when delivering on a government contract - be absolutely certain that it fails miserably at all aspects of what it is supposed to do. This is easy to do w/o suffering breach of contract because the specs deliverd to the contractor guarantee that if they are followed precisely, it will be a total FUBAR mess. This is all very deliberate because the ultimate goal is that even more money gets to be spent to fix the mess and we all know that government beaurocracies and contractors love this cushy arrangement.

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10 eatballz

20 goto 10



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Unrulian - Goto and gosub commands. Gawd I am getting old! .gov should stick to DOS then they MIGHT learn some Pascal. We have martian rovers and learning how to quantum tunnel but we can't FILL IN BLANKS....

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I'm just waiting for his sycophant MSM...

To come out saying Obama didn't even know about ObamaCare...

And that he had no clue...  had nothing to do with it...

Hell, why not?

That's the preposterous lie they've been trying to cram...

Down our throats about everything else he's...

Touched that has gone to shit!

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They all ready have..........

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The only thing he seems to know about Trayvon Martin and the Redskins. 

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And train conductor hats for Marines.

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You forgot about stupid Boston (?) Chicago (?) policemen. (My, how the time flies.)

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You mean it's not Bush's fault?

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Oh, man, you really stepped into a sensitive subject there.  On one hand, it's ALWAYS somebody else's fault with the libs/statists.  It's always because "the right people weren't in charge".  On the other hand... it's pretty much ONLY their fingerprints all over this thing.

Throw it all in the media blender and...... yeah, it's Bush's fault.  Or the Tea Party.  Or private industry (they wrote the code, after all).  The blame will go everywhere except where it belongs.


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You must've missed this:


There are spoilers in the comments, so if you're inclined, I suggest watching the video first.

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Ah yes, the Bart Simpson defense!

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everything else he's... Touched that has gone to shit!


oh damned.....  that means he will win the chemistry nobel prize....

touch something....  turn into shit.....  (like the US Dollar )

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Apparently, she was born in Iran.  Quite the diversity, no?

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looks like they doctored around on it too much.

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Sorry, but in the Parthenon of bad presidents, the one that killed the republic, Lincoln, is at the top. He was the first US dictator.

Obama is just paving the way for dictator 2.0.

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What does that say about America?

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When you needed to create a punch card for each line of code, brevity was cherished.

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Those responsible for healthcare.gov, indeed all of Obamacare including the original legislation, should be folded, spindled and mutilated. 

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Row Well re "I remember back in the day that a good coder was measured by how few lines of code he used to do a task, not how many."

True, but in many situations I found I had to compromise - more speed took up more memory, less speed took less memory eg. get the computer to perform complex calculations vs giving it a look up table; reusing the same tiny subroutine vs writing it out a second time ( and so eliminating the call / ret clock cycles ).

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That was before the Prophet Norquist and his Disciples descended from the Heavens with the Gospel of the-worst-private-sector-actor-is-better-then-the-best-public-sector-actor.

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.. and when you all you had to play with was a $25,000 DEC or DG screaming away at 5 Mhz with 64K of RAM (or maybe a couple of very, very expensive Mb) and a 5 or 10 Mb Winchester.

Inefficient code was not an option.  :-D

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OK I just did some math on this and I call bullshit on the 500 million number. That works out to 450k lines of code each day for three years including holidays and weekends. Those idiots couldn't even copy and paste code that fast, never mind actually write it.


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Maybe with a little help from NSA they could.