Superstorm Pounds UK: Leads To Deaths, Black Outs, Traffic Suspensions And Flight Cancelations

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Almost exactly one year after Superstorm Sandy crushed the eastern seaboard of the USA, and 26 years after the last devastating storm to hit the south of England, the so-called St.Jude's Day storm - among the worst in recent memory - is battering the UK (and some of Europe) with winds up to 99 mph. So far there are 2 reported deaths, 220,000 homes without power, all SouthWest trains halted, and over 130 flights cancelled at Heathrow airport. Two nuclear plants have been shutdown and hundreds of trees have fallen blocking roads and rail links across as the storm begins to shift into mainland Europe...


Satellite image of the storm...

Via Reuters,

A teenage girl was killed when a tree fell onto her home while she slept during a fierce storm that battered southern Britain, police said on Monday.Police said they were called to the scene at 0718 GMT in Hever in Kent following a report the 17-year old was severely injured."Sadly the 17-year old died," police said in a statement. "The incident is not being treated as suspicious."Britain's strongest storm in a decade battered southern regions on Monday, forcing hundreds of flight cancellations, cutting power lines and disrupting the travel plans of millions of commuters.

Via ANP,

Amsterdam Fire Brigade Says Stay Inside as Storm Kills 2

BBC News reports a double-decker bus blown over...


Hundreds of trees have fallen...




A large crane fell on the UK's Cabinet office.



Power firm EDF say that have partially shut down two nuclear reactors in Kent due to the storm. We are trying to get more information on this.

"The shutdown was weather-related. The plant reacted as it should and shut down safely," an EDF Energy spokeswoman said.

and destruction is rife...



But there remains hope for recovery...




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LawsofPhysics's picture

Complete propaganda.  This is just the usual post-football hooliganism.

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on topic

Bloomberg Europe like CNBC Euorpe does not appear to serve Kool Aid

two worthwhile interviews

U.S. Might Be Stuck in QE Trap: Plavnik

There May Be No Exit From QE: Malmgren

Looney's picture

All these Superstorms are all Bush's fault!  ;-)


P.S. And as to the "hooliganism", this is a PRE-football hooliganism...

Sofa King Confused's picture

Unless the storm had taken out Buckingham Palace and the entire inbred royal family..........who gives a shit?

azzhatter's picture

Christie and Obamao are on the way

Eireann go Brach's picture

Yanks are too fat and stupid to get up and riot! At least the hooligans can get off their arses!

shovelhead's picture

We don't have to.

We have minorities and illegal aliens for that sort of thing.

Stoploss's picture

FEMA is on the way!!!!

GeezerGeek's picture

England, the new New Orleans.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Quick start shooting people on bridges

TBT or not TBT's picture

Any relation to the 1ft high tsunami that ravaged the ZH comments section this last weekend? Seriously, you get storms like this regularly in the Midwest, several times a year. 2 deaths in a cuntry (sic) with the population the UK has? Probably thousands died there that day from various chronic diseases and old age, etc. 2?

GolfHatesMe's picture

"I was unaware HAARP could do this"  - Barry

Dr. Engali's picture

Prayers for all the victims of the storm. It's unfortunate that it the crane missed it's target. 

One And Only's picture

Looks like obamacare feels.

The Shootist's picture

Keynesian GDP booster.

q99x2's picture

Nice catch of the UFO siphoning oil beneath a rainbow.

Winston Churchill's picture

Worst in memory? Hyperbole. Just a November storm.

They  had a full scale hurricane in 1987 which coincided with the market crash.

I know, I was there.No wonder humans don't learn from history.We are generally nacissistic

assholes as a species.


Headbanger's picture

Yeah but that's an improvement from us being sadistic assholes.

DeadFred's picture

The cause of the 1987 crash is thought to be insurance companies getting cash to pay claims from an over the weekend storm by liquidating assets into an overbought market made fragile by computer driven trading. Thank God we don't have to worry about that nowdays.

writingsonthewall's picture

I've read all the comments on here - and yours is the only one 'worth' anything.


Clearly the yanks still have that chip on their shoulder about "ours is ALWAYS bigger than yours" - the last desperate cries of a collapsing civilisation.

It's not the size - it's what you do with it.


Interstingly the cost of cleaning up this minor storm is TWICE the cost of cleaning up the 1987 storm - so we're either into 'inflation reality' or the desperate businesses (mainly tree surgeons) are trying to squeeze every last penny out of the collapsing state.


Of course another happy coincidence with 1987 is the ridiculous housing bubble whcih dimwit Osborne has created. As with all deperate Government gambles it's not done what it was 'expected' to. A bubble in London which is at laughable levels - and a complete collapse in the rest of the country.


The real storm lies in these houses - you only need to watch our version of 'amatuer home flippers' to see the classic "we're retrired, but we're taking money from our pension - because of the lack of return" - putting your money into an illiquid assest AFTER you retire is the stuff of legendary hyperinflationary actions.


Good luck with that your brainless morons - this is going to be fun. I'm glad I took early retirement (at 39) thanks to the BoE paying my mortgage for me - so I can sit back and watch the calamity unfold.



1stepcloser's picture

Are they crying like the Jersy fucks after superstorm Sandy?

Theta_Burn's picture

Aren't you special, that you didn't have to live through "superstorm" sandy. I hope that you and your immediate family never have to cry like fucks in similar circumstance.


1stepcloser's picture

ahhh I lived through real hurricanes...and know pussification when I see it...Jersy is soft, hence Jersy shore TV show... Florida 2004 We'd rocked that Shit... 4 canes in 6 weeks...STFU

Theta_Burn's picture

My mistake, your right, Sandy was no big deal, and a bunch of idiots, filming a bunch of idiots...from NY visiting the jersey shore in the summer completely defines us...

And we wonder why America is doomed...

TBT or not TBT's picture

RINOs like Christie? Do tell.

Ident 7777 economy's picture




" My mistake, your right  "




What you wrote makes no damn sense ... 



tawse57's picture

Most people in the UK are wondering what the fuss has all been about - it has been like a normal Autumn gale. The difference is that this time it has affected London and the Home Counties so all the poncie media types are getting excited by nothing.

Yes, two people have been killed by falling trees - which is tragic - but the BBC and Sky News have for days been warning us of a coming hurricane but, for most Welsh, Scots, Irish and Northern English, it was just a pretty average and normal October gale.

The rich in London, Berkshire, Essex, Surrey Hampshire and Sussex seem to have got their knickers in a twist though.



TeamDepends's picture

Just wait until Liverpool crushes Arsenal this weekend.  Then you'll hear some true wailing and moaning.

shovelhead's picture

"Oi mate, grab yer wellies an we'll go to the pub."

British Weather Crisis Management.

mccoyspace's picture

".....Berkshire, Essex, Surrey Hampshire and Sussex....."

ah, I always wondered what the 'home counties' referred to. now i know.

YHC-FTSE's picture

Traffic around West London is lighter than usual,  a tree or two, some fences knocked down in every neighbourhood, but otherwise another normal, dreary, damp Autumn day. 

Debated whether I should take a photo of a giant oak that fell into the car park of a nearby pub that looks quite dramatic to post online,  but what's the point of adding to the hysteria to provoke faux-sincerity from bored housewives around the world and their, "Hopes and prayers" ? I'd rather vomit in my own mouth, and obviously others will have already done it to create a little excitement in their mundane lives. It's just a spot of bad weather.  Deal with it, move on. 

walküre's picture

Never let a crisis go to waste! Forward! Post those pictures! 1800 Fuck Yo!

TBT or not TBT's picture

Hell, at this point go ahead and post some stock photos from random disasters.

Racer's picture

I was expecting dreadful winds last night, the Severn bridges were closed, trains shut down, warnings everywhere, but the wind wasn't that bad and certainly no worse than several windy nights in the past.

A lot of leaves fell though

jovius's picture

What a bunch of arse.  

It's been a bit windy and London is complaining about it, they get the media time because that's where the money is.  I'm surprised Zerohedge has even bothered with this.  Superstorm it most certainly isn't.


jovius's picture

What a bunch of arse.  

It's been a bit windy and London is complaining about it, they get the media time because that's where the money is.  I'm surprised Zerohedge has even bothered with this.  Superstorm it most certainly isn't.


jovius's picture

What a bunch of arse.  

It's been a bit windy and London is complaining about it, they get the media time because that's where the money is.  I'm surprised Zerohedge has even bothered with this.  Superstorm it most certainly isn't.


ShrNfr's picture

And of course, they are getting tons of energy from their "green power", right? Talk about putting yourself in a situation where failure occurs at the worst possible time, but hey Pwince (up)Chuck wants to save the planet.

Trimmed Hedge's picture

220K lost power? Big deal

Get back to us when it hits the millions...

huggy_in_london's picture

well given relative populations thats like 1.2m in the US

monad's picture

220k lost power? I thought they were all conquered already. Release the hounds!

Ribeye's picture

Superstorm????? meh, 

It's a calm sunny day in Dublin, i'm about to stroll down to the pub for a few pints, i doubt ill encounter any flying oak trees, 

media hype, 

firstdivision's picture

US Nov PMI will be a 6 sigma beat!

bombdog's picture

Massive media hype. The BBC has a hardon for weather reporting, it's about all they are good for these days. A few incidents but not even close to Superstorm Sandy.

Ribeye's picture

true, but it's hard to stay mad at all those MILFS,