White House To Stop Spying on Allies, Dianne Feinstein Promises

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Continuing to play Obama like a fiddle, the Snowden revelations have done more to change US foreign policy in a few short months, than all laws passed since the advent of the Patriot Act. In the latest example of just this, moments ago, USA Today first and the WSJ and others subsequently, reported that according to Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and an NSA supporter, the National Security Agency has stopped gathering intelligence on allied political leaders, a practice that has drawn global criticism. "The White House has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue, which I support," according to Feinstein. It was not immediately clear if this is an implicit admission that the White House actually did know about the NSA's spying on foreign leaders over the past decade, and lied about being unaware. Recall that Obama denied just this last night, but at this point the pit of lies is so deep, few actually care or are keeping track.

Ironically, in an attempt to redirect once again, Feinstein "criticized President Obama over reports he only recently learned about the monitoring that included German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "It is my understanding that President Obama was not aware Chancellor Merkel's communications were being collected since 2002," she said. "That is a big problem." Don't worry Dianne, he knew everything, but an autocrat-in-waiting has to lie do what an autocrat-in-waiting has to lie do.

From USA Today:

As a growing chorus of nations protest U.S. surveillance policies, Obama's spokesman said Monday that an ongoing review will address the concerns of allies.


The review of NSA programs is designed to insure that intelligence gathering protects "both the security of our citizens and our allies and the privacy concerns shared by Americans and citizens around the world," said White House press secretary Jay Carney.


Administration officials refused to comment on a report indicating that Obama learned only this year about a program that monitored the communications of foreign leaders -- a situation that wouldn't be particularly unusual, said an intelligence expert.


Paul Pillar, a former senior intelligence officer, said most presidents don't know about "the targeting decisions" made by their intelligence agencies.


"It would be a horrible drain on the president's time and attention," Pillar said.

So instead the president can focus all his time and energy on creating 40-ing websites and taking over the public healthcare system?

As reported earlier, Spain was the latest country to be exposed as having been the target of the NSA's extensive espionage (at a massive cost to US taxpayers), resulting in just the latest ambassadorial summoning. Which of course was merely more theater, set in motion merely to appease the locals.

Pillar said it's not the tactics themselves that create international friction as much as the fact that they have now been publicized.

"Not only do allies spy on each other all the time, allies know about it all the time," Pillar said.

Normally, he said, nations that discover surveillance from other countries would tighten their security procedures and not make "a public stink" about it.

But the news coverage – inspired by the Snowden revelations and fueled by outrage from their domestic constituents – forces leaders to confront the United States.

The issue is particularly sensitive in Germany, where memories of the nation's Cold War divisions remain fresh. That includes domestic spying by police forces in Communist-run East Germany – the native region of Chancellor Merkel, an outspoken critic of NSA tactics.

"Their history is speaking very loudly to them," said Heather Conley, senior fellow and director of the Europe Program with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Conley and Pillar said intelligence agencies do gather information on each other, on items ranging from positions on trade negotiations to the political troubles of the targeted government.

The difference these days? "It's a public discussion," Conley said.

Precisely. Because the public has had enough of governments scheming behind their backs, always to the detriment of common people. And the person to thank for all of this is none other than Edward Snowden, who instead of being praised as a hero in his home country, has been forced into exile into the country that once upon a time was the "evil empire." How the times have changed in the despotic New Normal.

As for Feinstein's promise that the US will stop spying either on foreign leaders, or domestically, that is about as good as any other promise made by an insolvent empire, not only spying on everyone else - that is expected of everyone - but terrified of its own people and thus much more intent on isolating and silencing "all enemies domestic" - in full decline.

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Trimmed Hedge's picture

What was that trollish-looking creature in the photo?

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that was Dianne "say who you callin' a bitch?" Feinstein

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Would you buy a used car from that person?

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Would you buy a used Post Office from her husband?

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are you certain that is her face?

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The New Know Nothing party has emerged.

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articles like this one all jump on the bandwagon that 'snowden is a more effective secretary of state than clinton and kerry' because of the changes underway in foreign relations


clinton and kerry could just as easily have released all that info

snowden just happened to do it first, that's all.

BHO '16!

Western's picture

Dear Canadians,


Thank the govt for keeping the citizens "safe."



AldousHuxley's picture

Bechtel  corporation wants more of Feinstein govermint money in California.



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Make that the Knew Nothing Now Party. What a lying sack of excrement. CCW Diane rides again.

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Here's the real rub...if the NSA is collecting information, you know the insiders on Wall Street are getting (proverbially) cc'ed on the same info.   And if they're getting recon on "world leaders" don't you know they're also getting similar intel on high ranking corporate officials.  NSA fueled front running of sorts.

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Her Mothers face seems to look like her twat too

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She's one ugly motherf#$%ker!

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I could watch that footage you have of Feinstein crawling around, for hours...

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its amazing how they trade US assets among themselves - right or left - Trump got the Lex & 44th st PO from her husband in "preferred" bidding process - she gets paid for everything she does

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This is the same hypocritical bitch who did everything she could...

To keep average citizens from being able to have guns...

And then it was found out she secretly carried a gun herself!

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Kinda makes you wonder what the NSA/FBI dossier contains on the Wicked Witch of the West.

Probably has a photo of her in a three way with Hitlery, and the Wookie while Sotero watches, (he's just bi-curious.)

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I, for one, do not believe this she-male freak of nature. My guess, she order even more spying.  

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It's really fucking great that they're supposedly not going to spy on our allies anymore.

Now when the fuck are they gonna stop spying on US???????????????????

I mean, isn't that kinda like the fucking point?

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Well I think you should definately stop spying on your allies first. We might stop buying your shit.



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"Would you buy a used car from that person?"

No but I would buy a used shoe from her.  That kind of leather lasts forever.

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Yeah, if you like being tied up and spanked with it.

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I would like to raise two points.

First - What are the leaders of major countries thinking when they communicate over "cell phones"?  Don't they have special Dick Tracy communicators that use top secret frequencies?  They get what they deserve.

Second - Our media needs to go back to grammar school -- "The review of NSA programs is designed to insure that intelligence gathering protects "both the security of our citizens and our allies and the privacy concerns shared by Americans and citizens around the world," said White House press secretary Jay Carney."

"insure" So now these guys are getting into the insurance racket. 

I think they meant to say "ensure."

Then again, it WAS USA Today.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Just our favorite Gooberment "East German's". Being of East German heritage, these types have a deep appreciation for control of the masses.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

After Snowden revelations, we can all say "Ich bin ein Ossie".

We wear that T-shiort with pride.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

One must presume an "ally" is one with Most Favored Nation status via WTO membership.

This includes Russia and China.  So since they are allies, I guess we won't be tapping their phones.

asteroids's picture

There is no penaly for lying. Especially for politicians. Doubly so for creatures like Fienstein. Justice is found in other, messy ways.

Chump's picture

"You have told me more lies, than the stars in the sky.  You'll never get to heaven when you die."


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Where's a damn drone when you need one?


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Have you ever noticed that you never see Dianne Feinstein and the Dick Cheney in the room at the same time?



Chupacabra-322's picture

It's a War Criminal policy supported by both parties. Complicent in Crimes Aggainst Humanity & Crimes Agaist The American People. All the crimes of arming, funding & training of the exact same terror organization they the Crimjnal Federal Government claim to protect is from.

Then to add injury to insult the Crimjnal Executive in Chief changes the law to exonerate themselves of the Crimes. Complete Huburis, Bravado & Meglomainia.

knukles's picture

Kudos for the Fight Club allusion

ghengis86's picture

Barry was JUST about to disclose this on his own. Snowden's timing is inconsequential.

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Imagine how bad Obama's thugs want to get Snowden.

ACP's picture

Like every piece of criminal garbage, Frankenfeinstein expresses phony regret AFTER getting caught.

Global Hunter's picture

if a rapist was caught in the act and said "oops won't do it again" it wouldn't fly, if a child molester said "oops won't do it again" while in the act it wouldn't fly, nor should this.  Criminals getting caught doing criminal things and then saying "we won't do it again" is not an adequate response in my reasoned opinion.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Indeed, so will the world impose sanctions?

Maybe a $40/barrel surcharge on oil imports to the US.  The $40/barrel could be shared out equally to UN members.  Anyone think that won't pass the UN?

US imports are 7 million bpd.  That's a lot of cash to all the UN voters.

European American's picture

Reasoned opinions are so 20th Century.

Chupacabra-322's picture

The mad dash by The Global Criminal Oligarch Cabal Bankster Intelligence Crime Syndicate to control the False Narratives, PsyOp via Psyche Warefare is so obvious now truly lifts the veil on The Totalitarian Authoritative Global Fascist Police State.

It truly has become The Matrix.

nmewn's picture

I'm constantly amazed at "the left" and their values these days.

Di-Fi is the epitome of the power elite. Married to a gazzillionaire and a Senator with the ability to block any law she deems unfit to her/their mind.

Yet, she deigns to inform the huddled masses below her, what a reporter to the masses really is. It must be structered to her/their benefit, no free-lancing ZH "reporting" will be tolerated in her future. And as chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, if she didn't know all, someone might ask...why?

Plus her constant preoccupation with banning this or enforcing that, makes me wonder...are there any real liberals left...on the left? ;-)


Henry Hub's picture

Calling this evil Zion-Nazi hag a liberal is the ultimate joke. She masquerades as a Liberal, but is the worst form of evil that is destroying this country. We still hear no explaination as to why all the NSA's raw recorded data is given to Israel with no conditions.

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So, the "liberals" should do something about her.

If they're smart enough to create a simple website...

Oh, wait ;-)

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Just so I can understand you, can you give me your definition of "liberal?"

geekgrrl's picture

What I see out of the Democrats with the Snowden/NSA revelations and also Obamacare is reminiscent of the Republicans during GWB's tenure. There is a profound lack of critical thinking among party faithful when their party is perceived to be "in control." They seem to think their interests will be served, when as ZH has made painfully clear, the only interests served in this system are those of the uber-wealthy.

Although I didn't down arrow you, I think the left/right, liberal/conservative dichotomies are no longer serving any useful purpose. Di-Fi is no more on the left than she is a liberal. Maybe this just demonstrates how far to the right the country has gone that someone as far right as Di-Fi, a warmongering, MIC worshiper, and otherwise parasite of the body politic in this country, is perceived to be a leftist liberal. At some point, one needs to pay attention to acts, and not names or party affiliations to determine where politicians lie (pun intended) on the political spectrum.

That said, one of the more encouraging signs I see here is that the right has gone so far right, and the left so far left, I think there is a meeting place on the other side of the center that has the possibility of changing the terms of the debate completely.

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I'm surprised she can even speak with all the Bullshit in there.



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Ah, so spying on "allies" has been suspended - yet what of spying upon American citizens, hypocrite ?

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If we're not our own government's allies, what does that make us? Enema's of the State.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

See note above: China and Russia both have Most Favored Nation status via WTO -- so one presumes they are allies and are now immune to surveillance.

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Obviously an agent of the Devil. When are they going to give Snowden a Nobel Peace Prize?