Dow Hits New All-Time High On Lowest Non-Holiday Volume Day Of The Year

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SSDD. Collapsing confidence, check. Housing Recovery meme toast, check. Volume at 2013 lows, check. BTFATH and send Trannies up for 13th of last 15 days (+10.4%), Dow near all-time highs again (thank you IBM buybacks), and S&P to new all-time highs... but don't tell Treasuries (which stand +/-1bps on the week). VIX wasn't drinking the kool-aid but the NASDARK session enabled futures to drag us back to higher before limping lower into the closer. The USD oscilatted around Nowotny comments and POMO ending the day up a rather notable 0.5% from Friday's close and that pressured commodities in general lower (gold hovering at $1345). The last 2 minutes saw stocks scream higher on their own as the world was terrified it would miss out on something (but no other market moved) and all the major indices managed new highs.


US Equity markets have only one master... JPY carry levered muppetry...


But bonds weren't buying the stock exuberance (or was the post-PMO rally in both bonds and stocks just more of the same Un-Taper hope?)....


And credit is absolutely ignoring stocks' exuberance...


But the straight line rise to infinity and beyond continues as the entire market finds Birinyi's ruler...


Homebuilders rejoin Discretionary stocks at the top of the heap post Debt-ceiling lows... (up 8.5%!)...


Volume continues to slump as stock prices rise...


VIX remains 'relatively' bid as we head into tomorrow's FOMC decision...


Intriguingly, shorts have actually not done so badly in the last week or so (but today saw a late day squeeze)...


When the Nasdaq cash indices cat is away, the futures mice will play...


Charts: Bloomberg


Bonus Chart: As an FYI - the only valuation method that counts indicates that stocks have pushed to their "most expensive" in 10 weeks...


Bonus Bonus Chart: Let The Kool Aid Flow... (h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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Manthong's picture

I feel so freaking wealthy I could just throw up.

Battleaxe's picture

Instead of QE why doesn't the Fed just take control of the market scoreboards?

kaiserhoff's picture

Some aspects of volume are pretty constant.  Think pension funds, mutual funds repositioning, insurance companies..., which makes the fall off in volume even more impressive.  Traders must be bailing out big time, or maybe foreign investors?

Any thoughts?

NDXTrader's picture

I said it a week or so ago, but there just don't seem to be any sellers. Again, it's hard to tell that for sure, but bids just seem to be chasing anything that is even real on the ask side and the ask just keeps getting dragged higher

kaiserhoff's picture

Makes sense.  If you sell, you have to find something to do with the cash.  At least running stops for fun and profit never goes out of season.

I remember when that shit was illegal;)

Say What Again's picture

Did the DOW really hit an all-time high today?

fooshorter's picture

How is this NOT banging the close?

gjp's picture

When crime clearly pays, why not do it every day?

Say What Again's picture


Options on HGX halted and the Home-Builders scream 8%.  I'm shocked!

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

I just noticed that Yelp reported 61M in revenue for the quarter (and of course lost money).  They have a market cap of over $4B.  That is over 10X revenue!

Wow, this bubble is going to pop violently.

gjp's picture

LNKD is nearly 20x 2013 revenue.  On a GAAP basis they lose money too.  Their revenues are growing fast, but their shares outstanding are growing pretty fast too.  The whole thing is a farce.  But these are all just pokemon cards to trade in a fed-funded trading game, a popularity contest that has little to do with fundamentals and more to do with the daily activities of a narcissistic, unproductive, ADD investor-consumer class.

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

Wow, $28B+ market cap there.

The thing is, someone, somewhere is counting that their share of that $28B as an asset, and is either borrowing against it, or making future spending plans based on that value, or a pension fund manager is basing future benefit payouts on that value...

This is why asset bubbles are so much more dangerous to the economy than mild inflation or deflation.  Our economy is heavily levered to asset values.  Once they return to fundamental value, and they will, no matter what the Fed does, the fallout is ugly.

DOGGONE's picture

Agreed, I try to combat this status quo by showing real asset price histories, which show bubbles very well:
I reckon that keeping these out of sight is a/the main instrument of the con.
Please feel free to use!

El Hosel's picture

The only thing getting popped violently around here is DKS maid.

RmcAZ's picture

As long as the Fed is in control, fundamentals are useless

rustymason's picture

I guess it can just go on like this  f o r e v e r   . . . 

Bay of Pigs's picture

It's getting hard to breathe way up here...I need some oxygen!

SDShack's picture

My back of the napkin calculations show that the charts indicate Consumer Confidence needs to go below -.45 in order to trigger that -20% drop in the SP500 that will be necessary for bigger QE junkie hit by the Fed. With 0zer0care sucking the sheeple's holiday spending, it appears we will reach that about year end. A crash in January will be what TPTB will need to extort congress to avoid a budget/debt fight in February when the previous faux debt ceiling is reached again.

FieldingMellish's picture

New All Time High on Lowest Volume of The Year...

... rinse... repeat....

GrinandBearit's picture

Algos running wild accounts for 80-90% of the market action.

The higher it goes, the greater the crash will be.

bdub2's picture

I remember April 2010, market crept higher on ridiculous volume, all was well, and quiet. Seems familiar. but but but, this time it's different. So...S&P500/Fed CD to launch to 1900 by year's end? Who wants to take the cap gains this year. Sell in January. 

ahhh, life is good floating on this sea of market bubbles and bullshit. 

mr. mirbach's picture

November 13-14, GridExII. Mark it on your (paper) calendars.

Tsar Pointless's picture

I'll see you on this sit on November 15, then. You can tell us why nothing exciting happened.

screw face's picture

Bullish....disengage plunge control....




NOTaREALmerican's picture

DOW 35k.    Buy now or be priced out forever!

dobermangang's picture

The masses appear to be buying Grand Theft Auto V.  29 million copies sold.  Amazing quarter by TTWO.

bdub2's picture

"...the fastest selling entertainment release in history."

proud to be an 'merikan! 

to speak of a brilliant political "revolution" is an 'asurd asinuation with masses buying bread and circuses hand over fist. 

to hell with it...BTFATH forevermore...

orangegeek's picture



Time to go puke my fucking guts out again.


Fuck you Bernanke!!!

buzzsaw99's picture

BtATH - So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

1835jackson's picture

I think the 10 year yield y axis is wrong in the second chart 3.6076%???

NotApplicable's picture

That would be the non-Bizarro World axis.

"Those were the days!"

DOGGONE's picture

On a real (inflation adjusted) basis, the Dow today closed
at 100.0, equal to the average real Dow close in the (all time record) month January 2000.
You can see why the bandits keep real asset price histories out of sight!

venturen's picture

kevin is getting lonely trading with the Steve Cohen is out.

Luke 21's picture

Precious metals might take a hit tomorrow.

El Hosel's picture

Supply wins again, we don't need no stinking demand.