NQ Responds To Muddy Waters Fraud Allegations With Paperweighty 97-Page Presentation

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If the investing school of "Ackman-Tilson" is correct, in which nobody actually cares about the content, just the number of pages in a given "investing presentation" slideshow, then recently troubled Chinese mobile internet provider NQ just got the upper hand over Muddy Waters. Recall that on Thursday, with a "Strong Sell" report bashing NQ alleging the company is a fraud, Muddy Waters managed to cut the price of the company in question by over 50%. The size of that presentation: 81 pages. Moments ago NQ came out with its point by point rebuttal to Muddy Waters. The size of NQ's presentation: a whopping 97 pages.  Game, set, match to NQ, duh.

P.S. For those confused, the above statement is sarcasm, wrapped in a farce, inside an absurdity. Just like this here "Bernanke market."

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Chinese companies hold the highest of fiduciary standards and rampant fraud is not happening there.

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I think they learned from the wall st. lizards but are just learning the 'hide in the shadows' part.

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81+18=99, so 97 is two (too) short...not transposition...

all funny number game.

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"sarcasm, wrapped in a farce, inside an absurdity"

..but continually managed and executed in yoctoseconds by an algorithm that is recursive and manifested above a line on top of a zero in a co-located in an instance of Planck Time that exists before the exchange is implemented.

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Will someone please take away Manthong's "Quantum Mechanics for Dummies" book?

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Does Muddy Waters have a web site or newsletter with their Chinese short picks?  I kind of would like to short the shit out of Chinese scam stocks.,  Ching chong ding dong.

The only thing worse than Charlie Chan Corp. is the police state spy shit in Silicon Valley and Redmond.  Google, Apple, Microshaft, Facebook, Tweeter, Oracle, the list is almost endless.

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LOL!  Part of their "presentations" is pictures of the interior of their offices but I see no people. ***king Chinese ghost offices.

Is this the Boiler Room (movie) defense when whiny Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) goes to some medical company (IPO) and it is a dumpy office with a paper sign on some shitty street in Yonkers or some NYC exterior shithole area?  The Chinese show some tacky office to prove it is not a nail salon. 

This defense is pretty week.

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freddie, your knowledge of Hollywood and Hollywood actors is Impressive

I love your Hollywood avatar!

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The one person sitting at a computer looks asleep... the receptionist looks to be hiding from the camera.

Those retail stores are very suspect - they claim 5,000 but the pictures show various mom/pop kiosk-style shops you find in those big giant malls in Beijing - those things turn over on a dime.. and unsold inventory is probably returned for a credit. It's the same distribution model that magazine publishers do with convenience stores which is why you see a lot of cheapo rags everywhere.

Will be interesting to see where this one goes...

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It is just so fake.  China is like a Hollywood wesrertn movie set where they have this fake front with nothing behind it.

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China can back up their ponzi schemes as well as the US and in the same manner:


Pay special attention to the 1:10 mark.

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I'd like to watch but I run a unix based kernel and as such do not have access to the proprietary patented technologies necessary to watch video(html5 or flash, etc...).

What is the video about bro?


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China's nuclear sub fleet test launching missiles.

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Released on the 28th to increase the latest sabre-rattling spar with Japan ... with a nuclear threat thrown in. Saw a japanese govt guy interviewed on ABC TV tonight saying the Japs were ready to start shooting down Chinese aircraft, due to ~300 airspace intrusions in recent months. He more or less said this was a normal practice to reply to such things.

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Muddy Waters, "Live at Newport" (Jazz Festival -- 1960)  Got My Mojo Workin'

Don't know if a video exists, I haven't located it yet.  But there is a record album.


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NQ Responds To Muddy Waters Fraud Allegations With Paperweighty 97-Page Presentation



Thus confirming their guilt

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AFCC - another Chinese company - stupid communists

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Hey guys, if you take every third word, second letter, run it through an Atbash Cipher(Chinese version) you get this:

"Muddy Water flucking assholes. Round Eyes must die. Stop rooking at our shit. Rook a squirrel."

Creepy huh?!