Presenting Bubble Trader Pro

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For all your, well just one really, New Normal daytrading needs.

courtesy of @Not_Jim_Cramer

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This is gonna be one impressive pop.

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Although I'm starting to wonder if it's going to be one of those pops where the bubble just grows forever and the only pop is the sound of everyone's currency dropping the toilet because it's cheaper than buying TP.  Well worn dollar bills will carry higher value than crisp 20 notes.  

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Now is the time to get in - when everyone is calling the top.... ironically, the bottom is in since Yellen is going to juice this puppy with MOAR.

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If you still have any money left, just buy more gold instead.


Way to go @Not_Jim_Cramer!

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stop wasting time in GLD..Buy The Next Gubmint Shutdown !

DoChenRollingBearing's picture


Not the GLD...

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Where's the big red 'Printing is EASY' button?

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Where's the 'ROLL BACK transaction' button?

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SPX will go up until US $ loses is reserve currency Status. See George Washington, China (the logical replacement) doesn't want yuan to become Reserve Currency so SPX may be at a new 10 year low looking forward. Buy, Buy Buy

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This was stolen from the FED

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Don't worry, Homeland Security and NSA are on it like Dimon semen on Obama's chin.  

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This is not MS compliant. At least, you require a Cancel button.

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I don't know exactly what that is, but it pretty much sums up my month!

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it's a giant eagle taking down a deer....WTF!

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Fuck It, Buy Shit Anyway 

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...a different Jim...
Jim Cramer Explains How The Stock Market Is Manipulated (6:45)

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Thank you for the link. I made it to minute 3:57, of which I am proud. Because, the "it's legal so it's allll good" demeanor is sick and will end in ruin. 

It's difficult to describe how accepted and encouraged it is to be a bullshit carnival con artist in this world, with 'merica showing the way.

The epitome of lack of integrity. 

And I'd debate anyone to take the counter argument. No one would. Because they know it's scum of the Earth. But there's money in that.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  And I'd debate anyone to take the counter argument.

If only the [Red | Blue] Team had been elected in (fill in year) none of this would have happened.

List various random items below "proving" how the [Red | Blue] Team is really for the clueless dumbasses:



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Excellent link.

First bit of truth I've heard out of that bastards mouth.


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  LMAO at the sell side. It's true, and just shows how ludicrous and back asswards these markets are.

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Needs a slide control to adjust leverage from 1X to 1000X.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

These damn users are never satisfied.  We give them a way to make infinite money and they want a programming change...

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Good one, I guess this one needs no updates to the code (i.e. if Mr Yellen and her henchmen have anything to say about it).

Pure Evil's picture

Still too many choices.

Just lock it on BTFATH, set next to crack monkey with direct injection into brain, make WIN button 3x larger, fill receptacle with crack, attach electrical connection from WIN button to crack receptacle, press WIN button one time to train crack monkey, stand back and wait for cash to roll in.

Oh yeah, replace crack monkey after close of market, he'll be dead by then or very close.

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Winfoes app. Transfer moneys to Boris or we erase your hard drive, no?

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it really is that easy

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 I already have this app. You stole it.

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Uh, it's fuck no Ah-swee-pay.

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Hope it's possible to select all options at the same time...

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Is there a scratch off version?

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luv it...

(and yes, the 'slider for leverage' too..)

In fact, the whole thread...

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Where is the option for "threaten marial law on national television"?