Facebook Enters Bear Market In Shortest Time Ever

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In a little over 12 hours, the unstoppable glory of all things 2013 dot-com bubble has collapsed over 20% from its highs. After being proclaimed as "cult" by many and a "must buy" by others only last night, the opening bell this morning sees little to no BTFD'ers coming to its rescue (for now)...



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< Meh > many of us talked about taking profits yesterday.  It's buy low and sell high folks.  Not the other way around.

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My dollar cost average on Facebook is $28, so I'm rocketing ahead of silverbugs and goldbugs. Bitcoinbugz are doing ok, but wait till someone cracks the encryption or we have a global hard drive wipe out; then they'll be crying just like goldbugz and silvergugz. 

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+1 I needed a laugh and you almost never fail me MDB.

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MDB- seems like you enjoy the masochistic stock market bubbles. I'll keep my silver rather than a computer generated/.gov FED orchestration of a number on paper that you might own. Thanks. Good luck though.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Facebook is a profitable company with earnings, unlike gold, silver and bitcoins. Facebook has been a successful investment for me, but now I'm looking forward to the Twitter IPO, which is going to knock facebook out of the park.

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I down voted you for your contrived baseball reference.

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Talking faint praise.

"Firing on all cylinders" is nothing more than the basic operational state. Anything less would be broken, mis-firing, and not fit for a ride. Facebook is like the common cold, a phase of uncertain duration like Macy's store windows.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

I'd say,

"MDB hit a home run"

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I can't tell from your comments/blog if you are really this big of a tool or are putting on an elaborate mask.

Judging by the name of your blog of "Accredited Times" with "Accredited Authors" (with you accreditting yourself), I lean towards mask... but then again... maybe you are just something else... or a paid shill.

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Notice how MDB doesn't link that stupid website he pushes anymore?

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Maybe somebody should let MDB in on a little secret. The time to sell FB was when it was at $57.98

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Once they start cursor-tracking people on Facebook they'll find out how long you lovingly linger over the sausages on people's wall posts, MDB.


Winston Churchill's picture

I'm not crying about PMs.I'm buying.

So are you, you fraud MDB.

I know you are a gold bug.

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 but wait till someone cracks the encryption or we have a global hard drive wipe out; then they'll be crying just like goldbugz and silvergugz. 


If we have a global hard drive wipe out, only PM traders and some indy bitcoiners are going to be crying? Really? No one else?? Not a single person else? huh? 





PT's picture

When we have a "global hard drive wipe out", he can gloat about it all on his Facebook pa-  oh hang on!

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Yes, but you hafta clean the oyster to find the pearl.

Blano's picture

Dude where you been?  That HerbaLife distributorship keeping you busy??

superflex's picture

He's busy going door to door schlepping Cutco knives.

Skateboarder's picture

To be fair, Cutco at least makes some decent knives.

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MDB is correct, when the Fed prints you should ride bubbles, knowing that they are unreal and that you are riding a completely instable phenomenon. As for Gold, goldbugs will be proven right, unless detail accounts of history from 1640 with Potosi, or 1721 with John Law, or 1791 with Nicolas Bergasse in France, or 1805 with Dupont de Nemours in Paris, or 1810 with Henry Thornton in the UK or Gerry Spaulding in 1866 in the United States, or Kemmerer in 1919 in the United States or Frank Tamagna in 1935 in CHina result in.... THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT! Yeah right...


MDB history is not your side as far as Gold, not at all....Unless the Fed stops printing and raises rates above inflation and let every other overlevered consumer or corporation or government go beallly up then there is no valid reason to sell your Gold (aside from India in case they succeed in forcing temples to sell their Gold, but they might create a revolution attempting that,)


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All six shares?

You're killing it!

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"dollar cost average on Facebook is $28, so I'm rocketing ahead of silverbugs and goldbugs  ....  bitcoinbugz are doing ok"


"but wait till someone cracks the encryption or we have a global hard drive wipe out; then they'll be crying just like goldbugz and silvergugz"

Bitcoin is open source MDB.   global hard drive wipeout ... hilariously stupid ... I guess your E-Trade account does all your trading using paperwork and little gnomes running around trying to sell or buy your shares via phone calls and email.

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MDB you are a moron. I bought bitcoin at $9 it is at $211. FB was around $30 it is $50.


MeelionDollerBogus's picture

riddle me this milliondouche:
what does a global hard drive wipeout do to facebook?

Headbanger's picture

Whoa!!  What The Fuck, Over!?


icanhasbailout's picture

It's buy at today's ATH and sell at tomorrow's ATH

Babaloo's picture

Except it's already bouncedand is up n the day. So yeah, when you're always in the woods, everything looks like a bear.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

+1 : it is.

People should maybe check the chart before hitting a -1 on ya.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I wonder how this crippling blow to the stock price will effect the quality of their product.  Oh wait -

RaceToTheBottom's picture

I thought the FB execs had already dumped?

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NICE! So the FB bookies cornholed BOTH shorts and longs in just a few hours! Spectacular.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

some people just don't know how to handle a free market.
Oh, pardon me, I think I just barfed a little in my mouth.

Titus's picture

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! FUCK YOU ZUCKERBERG!!! And all of you facebook sheep staring at your fucking smartphone while walking/eating/conversing/living. Fuck you. The numbers have never supported your value. Fingers crossed you're still on the way to $0. Fuckers.

Caveman93's picture

Facebook... a passing fad just like the hula hoop but not as sexy.

WillyGroper's picture

They still make the hula hoop. I have one. It's a great core exercise that's fun too. Facebook will never last near that long.

wagthetails's picture

FB is for the masses...now myspace on the other hand...it is so retro it is cool.  myspace is the trucker hat of social media. 

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    Have fun eating all those hypothecated Zynga farm animals when Faceplant ® goes down the shitter.

azzhatter's picture

Only thing left is for that little asshole Zuckerberg to comitt suicide. Fucking stooge

Vendetta's picture

a little angry at Zuckerberg?  Just let it go.  With a billion bucks would you be contemplating suicide?  Its people who are working their asses off just to keep their households above water who commit suicide because of the disintegration of the US economy and all its massive imbalances has emptied America of economic stability and its future.

buzzsaw99's picture

don't worry about zuck, he got plenty