Guest Post: Are Constitutional Conservatives Really The Boogeyman?

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

Power, or perceived power, is a viciously addictive narcotic. It doesn't matter what political or philosophical background a person hails from, very few have the self discipline or the self awareness necessary to relinquish the trappings of power once they have tasted it. This truth applies to conservatives as much as it applies to liberals.

I began my early political life as a Democrat, and until I came to understand the nature of the false left right paradigm in 2004, my view of the negative within government was slanted entirely against the GOP. When a finally grasped the fantasy of the two party process, I did not let go of my criticisms of the Republican hierarchy as much as accept the fact that the same criticisms applied to the Democrats as well. They are, ultimately, the same entity with the same exact ideological goals hidden by cosmetic differences in shallow rhetoric. I have no interest whatsoever in perpetuating the false left/right paradigm, or giving undue credit to the GOP.

However, as stated earlier, power is a drug, one which the so-called “left” has been hooked on since the Obama Administration took its seat in the White House. While the Republicans have much to answer for (the Bush years are a nightmarish example), it is the Democratic Party, and those who blindly identify with it, that must be addressed today. It is they who are now directly feeding the elitist machine, giving it momentum, and aiding in the destruction of the American economy and culture. It is their madness and thirst for control that is being exploited by the establishment to demonize legitimate activists who seek Constitutional transparency (the only people in this country today who understand the bigger picture and who the real enemies are) thus undermining any chance our society has for a free and prosperous future.

A new propaganda theater has exploded in mainstream media outlets and the liberal side of the blogosphere spectrum. This initiative centers on a not so subtle attempt to connect “Tea Party Conservatives” (basically lumping all people who espouse limited government ideals and constitutional principles under one easy to marginalize label) to any and all of our nation's fiscal and political problems. The debt ceiling debate has added a new dimension to this defamation program, sending leftist talking heads into a bloodthirsty frenzy akin to a Bolshevik street mob. Constitutional conservatives have been compared to “extremists”, “separatists”, “new southern confederates”, “traitors”, “saboteurs”, and “domestic enemies of the United States”. Here is just a sample of the MSM hate parade:

There is a particular brand of rabid shameless zealotry to this rhetoric that I have not seen since the days of the Neo-Con drive to invade Iraq. It's worse in many ways, in fact, because it attempts to link political dissent with “treason” in a very dangerous manner, and sets the stage for an “acceptable level” of totalitarianism. These are the same people who fought tooth and nail against identical tactics only a decade ago, and now, they have happily (and hypocritically) adopted the nefarious methods as their own.

We have gone beyond mere talk into a realm where political witch-hunts may become an Orwellian reality, and it is the “Tea Party” that the establishment wants to burn at the stake. Even now, federal agents are training active duty military personnel to view Constitutional conservatives as “terrorists” bent on annihilating America:

Because of this danger, I am forced to dismantle the ludicrous arguments of my former party, and expose the vile and dishonest nature of their motivations. Here is why the loyal left has become a far greater threat to the safety of our country than they could ever hope to paint conservative activists. Here are the reasons why they hate us...

Why Neo-Liberals Distrust Limited Government Champions

In my time as a Democrat I did not always agree with the party line. I believed that if a massive government system was an inevitability, then it SHOULD at the very least exist to help, not harm or control, the American public. I never attached myself to the notion that government was the answer to every crisis. Many liberals, however, do assume that government can be tamed, and if they gain total control of the system through political maneuvering it will somehow naturally gravitate towards humanitarian concerns. Government, in their minds, is a tool they can exploit, when in reality government is a self contained entity that exploits them as tools.

The great downfall of orthodox Republican culture is the blind faith it commonly places in the corporate world and the vestiges of big-business. They believe free markets actually exist in America today (they don't), and that the captains of industry are what drive our country forward. Liberals, on the other hand, also believe that free markets exist in America today (they don't), and that these “uncontrolled” financial organizations are the cause of all our social grief. Liberals are correct to be suspicious of the corporate oligarchy; the professed goal of many banking elites of dominant globalization is certainly a threat to us all.

The problem is, liberals don't really take issue with the concept of globalization, per se. In fact, many of them love the philosophy. They just don't like the idea of “conservatives” being at the helm of such vast change. Liberals attach themselves to government and rabidly defend it because they falsely imagine that government can be used to stifle or destroy what they assume to be a conservative dominated corporate machine. They want the destruction of American sovereignty. They want a system that dictates and micro-manages the citizenry. But, they want that system to operate on their terms and enforce their particular world views, which they believe not only politically correct, but sacrosanct.

In the minds of many average liberals, government is the only recourse to affect their battle against corporate dominance. When faced with a person or group of people espousing the principles of limited government, reduced spending, reduced taxes, and cuts to bureaucracy, liberals immediately presume that those people are seeking to support the corporate oligarchy by de-fanging government and removing their greatest weapon. Tea Party and Liberty Movement conservatives do indeed seek to de-fang government, but we have also broken from the Republican orthodoxy and recognized that government actually colludes with corporate elites on the most vital issues. We understand that they are part of the same monstrosity, and so, we are just as uncompromising in our fight against big government as we are against unaccountable business. This confuses liberals who are so acclimated to the traditional boundaries of debate between Left and Right.

They don't know how to classify or pigeonhole us, and they certainly don't have the capacity to argue with us on a rational level because half the story has gone over their heads. And so, they follow the natural human inclination, which is to hate and despise what one does not understand and what one cannot quantify. In the eyes of bewildered Democrats (and some elitist Republicans) we are extremists, because they have never been confronted before with people who are so fully committed and immovable in their principles. Uncompromising opponents, unshakeable opponents, are the most terrifying opponents.

The Left's Inclination Towards Collectivism

The liberal subculture is permeated with frightened people. They are frightened of authority yet infatuated by authority. They are frightened of independence yet feign independence. They are frightened of the blunt truth in serious matters, yet fascinated by the blunt truth as a form of comedic anesthesia. They like to imagine themselves as socially heroic but they have never had the concrete courage required to achieve a truly heroic deed, which is why they constantly argue that state designated officials are the only people qualified to manage or defend the public interest. It is much easier to hand responsibility over to a man in a uniform who may or may not do anything proactive than it is to take responsibility by one's self.

One of the most off-putting character traits inherent among the many Democrats I've met along the way is a complete incapacity to stand alone against a dilemma. The average liberal is, I'm sorry to say, invariably weak and always searching for someone else to handle their messes for them. Their love of government stems in large part from their desperate need to find a parental figure to cradle them, or a group structure that will reinforce their beliefs without question.

I have rarely if ever seen any substantial measure of individual action or resolve amongst liberals. The activism of the left almost always gravitates towards asking government for permission with as many pleading hands as possible, or asking government to repair a malfunction it created, or begging the system to PLEASE respect their rights. To suggest to them that perhaps they should compete with the system, build their own more honest social paradigms as individuals, defy criminal authority even at the risk of their own lives, or actually physically fight back, is a waste of time.

The liberal activist's dream scenario? A safe majority of the population suddenly and magically standing up together with one mind to achieve a singular goal while facing no meaningful pain, struggle, or risk. They sit around waiting for that day, when we all dawn our V For Vendetta masks and march on Washington D.C. together while the Plutocrats stand down in silent defeat. It is a pointless fantasy with little to no historical precedent.

This is why they treat Constitutional conservatives with disdain. They are incredulous when we state that we will fight even if we are the so-called “fringe”. They are shocked and unsettled when we state that the mainstream view is irrelevant. They laugh at the concept of independent action against the system regardless of the risks simply because they know personally, deep down, that they don't have the balls to make the same stand, and so snide ridicule is their only safety mechanism.

This cancerous attachment to the collective is what makes the “left” so easily manipulated by political elites, who play on that which they fear most to lose - their socialist safety net. The existence of an ideological movement like Constitutional conservatism which openly and defiantly pursues an end to government sponsored collectivism and the crutch of economic socialization is the ultimate boogeyman for the liberal front.

The Liberal Land Of Infinite Comfort

The recent debt ceiling debate was incredibly effective in driving home the insurmountable differences between hardcore Neo-Liberals and proponents of limited government. This conflict is only going to become more pronounced as the next debt debate approaches in the Spring of 2014. The roughly 25% to 30% of the U.S. population that still worships the Obama Administration despite all logic is more than enough cannon fodder for the establishment to throw at us.

They believe we are out to destroy the nation because we “aren't getting our way” on Obamacare. They believe we have placed our political desires ahead of the good of the collective. They believe we are self absorbed extremists; mad bombers strapped with TNT and ready to take everyone to hell with us. They believe our entire movement is a hologram created by the mysterious Koch Brothers – Libertarians with money now lampooned by liberals as secret corporate Decepticons responsible for grassroots activist initiatives that started long before the Koch Brothers ever put money into them. The fairytale is flourishing in their minds, and we are the villains.

More than anything, Liberals want a future of unlimited ease. Some are motivated by a desire to help others, but many are motivated by a desire to help themselves. In either case, they must understand that infinite government growth and infinite government spending will NEVER get them what they want. No matter how hard they wish for it, socialist utopianism will always fail. Why? All government is inherently flawed, because all government is administrated by inherently flawed people.

Constitutional conservatives don't hate Obamacare because we don't want people to have healthcare. We hate Obamacare because it is a horrible solution to a problem that needs a working solution. We hate Obamacare because it makes the existing problem worse, not better (as the past couple weeks of bureaucratic failure have shown).

We haven't abandoned the general good of this country, but we do demand that the founding principles of freedom, independence, and limited government that built this country be considered a priority. There is no “general good” without foundations of honor, reason, and transparency. If liberals are suggesting that the greater good requires us to ignore conscience, reality, and basic mathematics, then I will have to disagree, and I am willing to put everything on the line to defend that position. Are they willing to do the same?

As far as the Koch Bros. are concerned, I don't take orders from them, and I don't know anyone in the movement who does. I've also seen no indication that the Koch Bros have any desire to give orders to anyone in the movement. We do what we do because we BELIEVE in what we do, not because we get paid for what we do. If the Koch Bros didn't exist, the limited government movement would continue on without missing a beat. Let's direct our energies into the legitimate conspiracy of globalization and stop wasting our time with made-up conspiracies perpetuated by the mainstream media, shall we?

Constitutional conservatives have been the only people attempting to inform the American public of the facts surrounding our current fiscal crisis. Some have been doing it for decades. Many of us have been doing it since before the average liberal was even aware that a crisis existed. We are trying to help them, even though we disagree with them on numerous fundamentals.

The bottom line is, whether Obamacare is successfully implemented or not, whether the debt ceiling is raised again or not, whether the Left passes every agenda on its list or not, our system is broken and it is going to collapse. There is no way around it. More debt and more fiat printing means stagflationary collapse. Default and austerity means stagflationary collapse. If liberals want to place blame for this conundrum, then they should focus on the people who actually set the original fire – international and central bankers.

To my former political ideologues, I do not expect most of you to shift to a Liberty Movement perspective. I know all too well that you already think you have the whole of the world figured out and the rest of us are simply to ignorant to grasp your liberal insights. But I do ask that you remember what you read here today. File it away under “Tea Party Propaganda” if you want, but never forget. Your ambitions for a big government you can control will end in disaster. Your willingness to scapegoat Constitutionalists will backfire. The system you deify will turn on you. And, the fake power you think you have gained in the past five years will disappear just as quickly as it materialized.

If you want to avoid being caught in the tides of history with your proverbial pants down, or being used by elitists like pawns in a brutal game of global chess, consider quitting the system entirely and adopting a more independent position. That is what I did, and I can't imagine ever going back. Often it is the philosophies most despised by the mainstream that end up being the most right. The boogeymen of the present sometimes become the heroes of the future.

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NOTaREALmerican's picture

Constitutional "Conservatives" or Constitution Conservatives?

How many Constitutional "Conservatives" like having the government regulate the male pecker or think Big-OldFart Medicare is ok socialism?

"Conservatives"...   what a crock.

CH1's picture

"Conservatives"...   what a crock.

A lot of conservative are decent but slightly confused folks. (Confusion being the unstated goal of politics.)

The answer is to improve these folks, not to trash them.

knukles's picture

The true libertarians (R Paul type, beggaring terms, here, no doubt) and to some extent the Tea Partyites for their fiscal and monetary designs (forget their social crap) are all that's left standing at this moment between the growing nightmare in which we currently reside and the Book Of Revelations that the statists wish to bring to reality.

Abi Normal's picture

You got that right knuckles...the thin blue line so to speak!!!!  I dare say we disagree on much between my TEA and true Libertarians, problem is the statist RINO's are there to ruin things.

spine001's picture

The only problem with your article is that you fail to address the legalized corruption in intrinsic in our government system, where laws go to the highest bidder and bidding wars benefiting politicians wth no incentive whatsoever to solve problems, quite the contrary. Until this is addressed and resolved nothing will work.

mayhem_korner's picture



There is no Book of Revelations, knukles.

knukles's picture

OK OK OK So it's the Revelaton to John

Abi Normal's picture

I dunno CH1, see my comments below?  I doubt we are far off, are we?  Pragmatic, common sense prevails you see.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1000  

Libertarian-type conservatives might be the only only ones who can save this country.


If it is possible to save America at all...

mofreedom's picture

Damn straight.  In a drunken dream/haze last evening I realized the awful truth that politicians need to put a letter next to their name on the polling rosters.  The leter means nothing and the politician must say to us that the letter means nothing and that it is the person and the content of the person that matters stating clearly what they believe in and we must demand a robust debate and answer/question session, multiple times over.  We cannot accept blankets riddled with disease any longer.  If you're a communist, say you're a communist, if you're a constitutionalist, say it and love it, if you are mush say you are mush, we will one day bea ble to see through the fog.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  The answer is to improve them, not to trash them.

Unfortunately, the majority of humans like Big-Gov, as long as it annoys those they don't like.  

The Red Team "Conservatives" are nothing but Big-Gov authority worshipping fascists who love living off of manly Big-Gov scams.   The ONLY difference between the "Liberals" and "Conservatives" is in girly annoying oppressive government vs manly annoying oppressive government.

This is a brain function.   People are born with "Conservative" or "Liberal" OCD.   It's just how their brain works.   That's why there's old-testament people and new-testament people, kick-ass daddy people and smothering-mommy people, paranoid about outsiders, guilt ridden about wealth,  just how our brains are wired.

Abi Normal's picture

NO SIR!!! NotaREAL...see my comments below.  What you describe are RINO's, and there are plenty of them, they are progressives (fabian socialists), a wolf in sheep's clothing.

We are for the same things you are, some are more hawkish, I will admit that much.  I say we live with reason, MIC is way to big, just as the welfare state is too big.  Cuts to ALL govt is in order!

max2205's picture

It's too late fuckers...give up now

Abi Normal's picture

Quitters never win, and winners never quit!  I am here for the haul, to the last drop, nowhere else to go to or wanna go to, might as well make a last stand somewhere, my birthplace!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Sometimes you have to run though.  Jews in Hitler's Germany for example.  My inclination is to stay and fight, but I have not made my mind up.   We have a Plan B for better or worse.  Let's hope it does not come to that.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re: Cuts to ALL govt is in order!

I agree.   Too bad you and I don't run the world!    We'd get the mess straightened out in no time.

(Damn,  if only I was sociopathic enough to be king...) 

nmewn's picture

With the help of "progressives" we have one...King O'Barry.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re: With the help of "progressives" we have one...King O'Barry.

FFCS, with the help of the "Conservatives" and "Liberals" we have more government 60+ years.    I don't see the "Conservatives" offering to drowned Big-MIC or Big-AG in the bathtub.     Hell, the only thing they can think to drowned is Amtrak and NPR. 

NOTHING is MORE duplicitous that a small government "Conservative".    That's not socialism, that's an investment in our children's FUTURE.   Assholes.

nmewn's picture

Ahhh, I see what the problem is.

My definition of liberal is different. Thats why I use quotes around progessive. A progressive is a statist-socialist in my book. A real liberal only asks the government to keep others from stealing their shit or infringing on their rights.

Two completely different concepts & terms.

But turning back to King O'Barry, name one "conservative" who signed a law and then set about exempting his cronies & corporations from its impact by fiat.

I'd be curious who you come up with ;-)

Abi Normal's picture

nmewn, I draw no such lines of distiction, today's Amerikan Liberal is a socialist.  They are blood sucking parasites, and will kill the host!  They regulate, tax, spend, decry and decree, mandates for all, generalize, demonize and rule over those below them.  Make no mistake, King Obama, is just that, the Teflon Don had nuttin' on dis guy!

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re: Amerikan Liberal is a socialist

The majority of people are either socialist ("Liberals") or fascists ("Conservatives"): girly Big-Gov or manly Big-Gov.    Happily thinking their own favorite scam isn't really socialism, it's an investment in our children's future.

I don't want any Big-Gov.    But,  libertarians are a small minority.   as are liberals (without quotes).  

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  name one "conservative"

Oh jeezz, now the pointless lists.   Look, you're either a Libertarians or a statist.   I'm a libertarian.

Here's a list for ya...   How many "Conservatives" are living off of these Big-Gov scams and are duplicitous enough to keep doing so: Big-Ag, Big-MIC, Big-Road, Big-Water, Big-Airport, Big-Energy, Big-Ed, Big-House, Big-Fin, Big-OldFart, Big-OldFartHealthcare, Big-AntiDrug, & Big-PoliceState.

"Liberals" and "Conservatives" are both duplicitious bastards.

nmewn's picture

So you can't name one? I can't either.

The difference between "progessives" & conservatives is their integrity. There is no doubt that a conservative can & does lie but when caught, they have a deep sense of shame and remorse (and relief) because they knew its wrong from the beginning. They seek redemption and their honor back...just like a libertarian.

A "progressive" feels no such shame as they never had any honor, integrity, dignity or even the simple human decency to admit they are wrong begin with.

It is what it is.

whirling tword freedom's picture

"Oh jeezz, now the pointless lists.   Look, you're either a Librtarians or a statist.   I'm a libertarian."

I am too.

Let me put my spin on that:  You either want the corporations to run everything or you want the .gov to run everything... that's the usual left vs. right argument, right?  But, the more important argument that must be stated is that both our current left and right parties are BOTH statists.  There is no party that is anti-authoritarian (libertarian) that is in the fight that can win at the moment.  ( I hope that changes though )

Both parties hate anyone who would want to restrain their authority.

John_Coltrane's picture

Look, actions speak louder than words.  Review your history so you understand what conservative really means.  Ask yourself the following:

1)Would the FED and the income tax exist if Wilson and the democrats weren't in charge of government at the time.

2)Would Social Security and countless other unconstituation goverment functions exist if FDR and the Dems weren't controlling government at the time.

3)Would medicare, medicaid and all other welfare as we know it exist if Goldwater and the Rep had won in 1964 instead of LBJ and the Dems.

4)Would Obamacare and the porkulus (stimulus) have occurred if obama and the dems hadn't controlled the goverment in 2008-2010.

Learn to recogninize patterns-it makes life so much safer.  You're a very confused person with no sense of history.

Saying both parties are equally to blame is so ignorant its amusing, but plays into the Fabian Socialists dream of the NWO.

And finally there is only one party with the likes of patriots like Ron and Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Tim Hill.  Discrimination is the essence of intelligence!   Use some.




sadmamapatriot's picture

I agree with you to an extent, but the End is Nigh. Look at this shutdown fiasco. This is what I posted to try and educate family and friends.

I don't know if I ever made this clear to everyone before. (In case you were in the dark.) The shutdown was pre-planned and the re-opening of the government was pre-planned. Those signs and barricades were pre-printed and pre-ordered. The debt ceiling was busted back in May. The Federal gov was hiding it by embezzling the money from the Federal Employee Pension Fund. The fund has $331 billion and they had used up $328 billion the day before they re-opened the government and raised the debt ceiling. This was all pre-planned by BOTH parties. The Dems can tell their base those right wing terrorist GOP/Tea people closed down the government and held us hostage. The GOP/Tea people can say, see, we put up a good fight to stop the spending but, after all, we are only one half of one third of the government. 
Are you feeling played yet? You should.


The problem is the GOP has no real intention of shrinking spending or government power as evidenced by their ACTIONS.


ETA; And of course some of the reasons both sides try to continue the facade is they do not want to be lynched when the illusion shatters, and their masters, aka Banksters, live off the fiat debt bubble.

akarc's picture

Eric Cantor and insider trading come close. Thank God he didn't have executive orders at his disposal 

nmewn's picture

Well, I guess thats the point I'm getting to.

The nations laws are set up on an equal power sharing basis, checks & balances, no one man has ultimate power. King O'Barry is abusing the privilege he has been granted by us and there aren't many showing the balls to try and stop him with the exception of Rand & Cruz & Lee. The executive is not a prince here, no matter what he thinks of himself (narcissist that he is).

Once upon a time we called his actions, tyranny, for good reason.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Obamacare is way worse than Bush's (stupid, yes) Medicare Part D.  



NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re: Obamacare is way worse than Bush's (stupid, yes) Medicare Part D.  

Everybody loves the socialist scam they are living off of or looting, even OldFart "Conservatives". 

Abi Normal's picture

They are progressives today, Fabian Socialists, Bushy, Blairisy, Hitlary, Oblamer, Piglousy, McConnel Douglas, Insane McCain, the lot of 'em...Does not matter, they are all cut from the same cloth.  Do some research on Fabians, a horrible lot of human waste.

Wolf in sheeps clothing - is one of their symbols!  Ever read the Overton Window?

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  Overton Window

Interesting, never heard of it.   Makes allot of sence from a pre-programmed behavioralist point of view (which is mine basically).

Re:  Fabian Socialists

Also interesting.    I had heard of them, but forgot the name.  

Labels are a definite problem with identifying all variations on the same basic theme of socialism.    People spend most of their time trying to stake-out positions to figure-out where people are on the political spectrum.

Well, political OCD is time consuming.   Been a fun day.   But, I'm ready to head out for the day.   I'm sure it will be another fun battle in the future.

Abi Normal's picture

I am the KING OF THE FORRESTTTTT!  All of our problems, have solutions, we just need the right people to implement them!

Oldwood's picture

Two extremist scenarios:

First, all liberals disappear overnight. What is the impact to the economy?

Second, all conservatives disappear overnight. The economy then?

I contend that while the world might well be a bit harsher with the absence of liberals, the loss of conservatives would bring the economy to its knees. Liberals NEED us to pay for all of the generosity they promote. I need them for nothing.


Abi Normal's picture

That is why, you see, liberals/socialists won't run out of money, until they run out of yours!  To paraphrase the Iron Girdle!

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re: bit harsher with the absence of liberals

A bit,  ya think so?   Yeah,   "just a bit".  

We have "liberals" BECAUSE the world in the 1880 was harsh.   

The reality is that "Conservatives" and Libertarians (regardless of quotes) can't comprehend is that 50% of the human population is below average.   And MOST humans are self-serving mean assholes who would happily piss on you if they'd get richer doing so (which all the "Conservative" and "Liberal" "patriots" working for the NSA are doing to all of us right NOW).   So,  what happens when the bottom 50% competes with the top 50%.   Worse, what happens when the bottom 50% competes with the top 10%.  

Yeah, "Liberal" are there for a reason.   People get eaten alive by the sociopaths.    And other sociopaths come in to "protect" them.

Oldwood's picture

Just quit being so sore because YOU are in the bottom 50%!

Like all things of goodness and sweet came from liberals! My God you are broken!

John_Coltrane's picture

I'm trying to recall knowing any competent, talented independent progressive in my life.  Can't think of a single one.  The more talent, ability and independence the more a person dislikes any kind of nanny government control, local or federal.  Don't ever hire a "progressive" to fix your car, build your house etc.  Do it yourself, as I have done throughout my life.  Competance and ability trumps all ideology.  Indeed we need them (the government "experts") for nothing and this defines the character of a true conservative!  True conservatives reload their own ammo and will never turn over their guns to any nanny government.   Tax avoidance is a virtue, as is cash payment.  Debt is slavery and avoided at all costs (have always paid cash for any vehicle or motorcycle I've bought)

Harbanger's picture

People were born to live by grace.  The old testament predicted the new testament.  Take it or leave it.  "Guilt ridden by wealth" is a modern liberal phenomenon.  Read the NT for what it is and you'll see that the smothering, paranoid, mommy people driven by fear/ego are on their way out.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Very nice, + 1

I hope you are right.

Henry Hub's picture

***"Guilt ridden by wealth" is a modern liberal phenomenon.***

Are you sure about that? Here's a quote from the New Testament. It's one that many modern day Christians are very uncomfortable with.

-When Jesus heard this, He told him, "You still lack one thing: Sell all that you have and distribute it to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me."
When the young man heard this, he became very sad, because he was very wealthy.

Bryan's picture

Exactly.  Wealth is a ball and chain to many.  I would guess that many people who have it, cannot emotionally and intelligently handle wealth while also living a generous, kind, thoughtful, service-oriented life.  Apparently this was the case with the "rich young man", whose prescription was to get rid of the ball and chain.

Harbanger's picture

Yes.  It was very specific and was addressing a specific person.

18 A certain ruler asked him, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

AKA. He was speaking to the equivalent of a modern ruler/politician like Pelosi.

nmewn's picture

You're really starting to get on my last nerve.

Who was He talking too?

18 And a certain ruler asked him, saying, Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?

19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.

20 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother.

21 And he said, All these have I kept from my youth up.

22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.

He was talking to a ruler...a government official, someone who aquired his wealth at the expense of others labor.

Yes or no?

Henry Hub's picture

***He was talking to a ruler...a government official, someone who aquired his wealth at the expense of others labor.***

As I said, this New Testament quote make many "Christians" uncomfortable. Let's face it, most wealthy people made their wealth at the expense of other's labor. But notice He didn't say give up your office or position, He said sell what you have and give all to the poor. Being a Christian isn't easy as some people make out to be.

As for for your "last nerve". If I wasn't wearing my Christian hat at the moment, I'd tell you what to do with your "nerve"!

nmewn's picture

"...most wealthy people made their wealth at the expense of other's labor."

Unless you're a Wall Street banker tied at the hip to the governments magical money tree, then no. Most wealthy people PAID for anothers labor from a portion of their earnings, while producing something people want to buy. Government and the people who work for it don't produce anything to gain wealth, it extracts wealth by force.

Thats called stealing.

And He spoke to that too.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Most people only think in 2 dimensions if that when the world is 3 dimensional is the real problem when you get right down to it. The smarter ones not necessarily the educated ones think more in 3 dimensional terms and then do the equivalent in math of a derivative down to 2 for the rest of the people who don't.