Syrian Army Base Rocked Again By Overnight Explosions, Israel Implicated

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The last time major explosions were reported near Damascus, it was in May when Israel and its air force did everything in their power to provoke the Assad regime to escalate military operations both domestically and abroad. It almost succeeded when three months later Obama nearly led a falseflag-driven "liberation" force facilitating Saudi and Qatari energy interests in the region and their pipeline ambitions below Syria. Since then Israel had been largely dormant, seething in its (and Saudi) disappointment that it was unable to play Obama like a fiddle.

The unstable detente changed again overnight, when as Haaretz reports "a large explosion was heard at a Syrian army missile base in Latakia.  Eye witnesses told the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human rights that the explosion took place near Snobar Jableh, south of the city. It was not yet clear whether anyone was wounded in the strike." And not surprisingly, it is once again Israel' that was implicated in the latest regional provocation because as Haaretz adds, the "strike follows Lebanese media reports that Israeli aircraft circled above southern Lebanon."

"The official Lebanese news agency reported that Israeli aircrafts were sighted on multiple occasions Wednesday in the south of the country. According to the report, which was based on a press statement by the Lebanese army, the airplanes entered Lebanese airspace at around 1:40 P.M. and circled over various places before leaving over the Mediterranean Sea near Tripoli and Naqoura at 5 P.M."

From Haaretz:

A Facebook page run by Syrian rebels claimed that the strike occurred at around 7 P.M. According to the page, a missile was fired from the sea and struck the Syrian base but did not result in any casualties. Israeli sources declined to comment on the reports.


Last week, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida reported that Israeli fighter planes had bombed a shipment of missiles in the border area between Lebanon and Syria. The report, which according to the paper was based on sources in Jerusalem, has no confirmation from any other source.


The source told the newspaper that the missiles that were destroyed were of an advanced model and were designated for Hezbollah, as part of the strengthening of the organization's missile system. It is not clear whether the attack was carried out on Lebanese territory or on Syrian territory.


Israel refused to comment officially on the publication in the Kuwaiti newspaper, whose reliability is questionable.

While hardly surprising if Israel is confirmed as the offending party, a far bigger question is what are next steps: because unlike before, Putin has now very officially made Syria his protectorate, even as the US protective influence over both Syria and the region in general was waned substantially in the past few months. But perhaps more surprising is the desperation with which Israel is once again trying to destabilize the region. One thing that is clear: while such provocative actions may have yielded results as recently as half a year ago, Israel will need to put far more energy into comparable actions in the future, whether they target Syria or Iran, as the public opinion's threshold for unwarranted Israel offensive action has dropped substantially since the bundled US foreign policy escapade in Syria which was an unmitigated disaster for the US-Saudi-Qatar-Israel axis.

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the not so mighty maximiza's picture

that looks like an act of war

Headbanger's picture

What a stupid thing to do !  And just in time to make fuel prices spike for the heating season.  And this on top of spiking health insurance costs from Obozocare!

Just fucking great, huh!

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

when the house of rothchild profits are threatned they must shoot some weapons, maybe

john39's picture

is-ra-el is getting desperate...   its plans to trick the american cattle into attacking and destroying the countries that stand in its way have failed.   running out of time... the entire planet now aware what they are up to... 

new game's picture

calling the prince-saultins of swing-you doin da finger job?

how happy are you today-little oily problem brewin?

so ya want a pipeline or NOT?

who are ya talkin to-putin-thinking not lately...

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ john39,

Yup, the jig is up, Criminals are out in the open for all the world to see. Please be advised that these Meglomanics do have The Sampson option.

john39's picture

>>sampson option

 and are insane enough to do it...  and yet, is-ra-el claims that Iran's nuclear energy program is the big threat to world peace.  projection?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

As Putin says with a Clint Eastwood squint.

Go ahead.  Make our Day.

Stoploss's picture

the entire planet now aware what they are up to...

These stupid fucks will be dealt with.

it aint easy's picture

Gog and Magog, they're getting impatient.

I'm afraid Obama's JFK moment may have been when he handed the Syria decision over to congress.

Colonel Klink's picture

I've been waiting for the OTHER JFK moment for Obomba.

it aint easy's picture

That's what I meant.. I don't think they'll forgive him for letting go of Syria.

banzai401's picture

Some 40+ years ago we all saw Israel as a proxy for CIA, aka big oil adventure, ... funny that now we see Israel as the tail that wags the dog,

My guess is truth lays closer to the earlier view,...

The UK created Israel post WWII, and bailed, and tossed the BATON to the USA, who has not exactly been supportive of the 'chosen', ... so the 'chosen' took themselves via AIPAC to take over the USA electorate and set priority's, ... so fucking what? Does anybody care?

Israel is NOT 'desperate' israel is exactly like the USA, that israel only exists to 'steal' palestinian land, that the USA only exists to enslave ex-penal colony offspring, ... so fucking what?

Ghordius's picture

OT "house of rothchild" - I have tootaches today so I'm quite picky and venomous. It's House of Rothschild. it does not mean Child of Roth. in one of the bouts of "Order! Order!" that we had here in europe we forced all jews that were happily using their patronyms like "Joshua ben David", i.e. Joshua son of David since ever to adopt european-style family names

the Rothschilds had a house in Frankfurt that had a green shield on it (like an address-cum-advertisement), which for some reasons became red. so they choose Roth (=old German for rot, i.e. red) and Schild (=shield), ergo Rothschild as a family name

in Old German that "h" is silent (and was later dropped by Imperial Decree), so they spelled it like Rot-Shi-Ld

later, the jewry of all europe was constantly begging the hyperrich Rothschilds to help them, including offering them to become the Kings of the future Israel. they kindly refused

calling today's Israelis with "house of rothschild" is wrong on several levels, misleading and... boring. Today's Rothschilds are muppets, in the world of finance. their various branches/funds can't even decide if they feel safer in London or Paris, in the last years

today's financial world belongs to the megabanks, not to "Old Money"

john39's picture

and no zionist humans are involved... nope, none at all.   nice hasbara.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

sorry about the bad spelling, feel better from tooth 

Urban Redneck's picture

I hope you're not actually trying to convince any of the tinfoil hatter crowd to give up their naive assumptions of the functioning of high finance and the identities of its functionaries.

Although in fairness to what's left of their favorite boogeymen's influence, it did appear to be enough to convince Gordon Brown to bail out their bankrupt asses with taxpayer funds, although the alternative would not have bode well for either the LBMA or the BoE much less the City's somewhat "central" role in the big flow & skim game.

Ghordius's picture

I have to admit I'm slightly fascinated by the "tinfoil hatter crowd". I've met lots of Americans here (including lots of military ones) and I've visited a few times the US long time ago - yet I have never met one of them

and in all fairness you have also to admit that they have some reason to feel vindicated. Big Brother is watching us all - as some of them always warned

yes, the Rothschilds (some of them, it's a damn huge tribe, by now) still pull some weight. Sir Evelyn comes to mind

Urban Redneck's picture

I think the some is certainly key. When you have open membership, and are playing with professionals who specialize in the manipulation and dissemination of information and misinformation on so many levels -- simply enforcing proper use of is and may is impossible, and coupled with well-meaning theorists (who lack MIC experience and/or intellectual discipline), discrediting anyone remotely associated with such thinking becomes relatively easy, and dissuades people who might otherwise be inclined from sharing their experience.

Oddly enough, the US military actually issues tinfoil hats to its own troops... as an infrared reducing helmet cover is a tinfoil hat with a tacti-cool fabric job to hide the tinfoil while scaring the observer... (although now that the regular troops are issued N/IR signature reducing gear they might use something more mass production that less resembles tinfoil). So many levels of irony in the rabbit hole...

smlbizman's picture

there was also an incident the other was reported on rt and dahboo77.....than within hours it was wiped off the news....big explosion, city darkened...said forces were invading...had video...than gone...

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

that could be an al-quida offensive and they were pushed back, now the rothchilds are giving them direct air cover. 

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

heart warming. the bronze age brutal feudal monarchy of saudi arabia can rely on the rogue nuclear apartheid state of occupied palestine to be their allies. pays to have friends who hate human rights as much as you do.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ the not so migh...

""that looks like an act of war"

It is.

lolmao500's picture

There's also news that the strike was actually carried out by an Israeli boat offshore who launched a missile.

Urban Redneck's picture

I hope they realize that both the Moskva and the Varyag carry nuclear missiles, so it's not wise to tempt the Russians to move them to Tartus, particularly during any dates when there might be a Russian cargo ship ship unloading conventional S-300s...

The last thing anyone other than the warmongers needs is more mobile nuclear launchpads in the bathtub.

fonzannoon's picture

gold skyrockets down on geopolitical fears

it aint easy's picture

Don't worry, when things cool down it will explode downwards.

unrulian's picture

lets make some noise in Syria; maybe people will stop talking about 0-care 

JohnnyBriefcase's picture

I thought it was North Korea thats supposed to be next. Then after another shooting in the states (and subsequent gun control "battle")it goes back to Syria/Iran.

Maybe they are skipping some steps.

Savyindallas's picture

Those devils have not yet given up on starting WW3  -

supermaxedout's picture

Looks like the grand show down of mankind is close. Good Bye to you friends and foes, see you nowhere. This is the end, maybe.

Catullus's picture

Yeah. Attacking another country's Military base seems awfully like an act a war.

It's not like Israel is a rogue nation or anything. I mean, they have tons of friends.

Global Hunter's picture

The line between the axis of evil and the axis of virtue is a very thin one to some people.

lolmao500's picture

Well Bibi called Obama at midnight on Tuesday... so me thinks it was about this...

mjcOH1's picture

The Kenyan's still trying to figure out who called and asked for Hugh Jass on the red phone.

krispkritter's picture

This is like "Deja Vu all over again." YB

It's a mad, mad, mad world...

hugovanderbubble's picture

Syria is non event, 

Iran will be


dcohen's picture

Israel will do anything in its power to prevent Assad to get reelected, a rapproachement betweeen the West and Iran, that is the dirty glue that keep Israel and the Medieval Sharia, butcher and prostitution ring known as the House of Saud joined at the hip, with Bandar Bush Ibn Israel as one of its main pimps.

Platinum's picture

It is clear that this is desperation by Israel and so, perhaps, Russia might step in to convince Israel not to do that again. Then there is the matter of the recent bombing near the site of the coming Winter Olympics. I'm sure Putin will not let that slide. The next few days ought to be interesting.

BandGap's picture

The IDF is rarely desparate. EVERYTHING is calculated.

Wonder how good Russian intelligence is within Israel.

optimator's picture

They didn't calculate those long range anti tank weapons last time they sent their Merkava tanks into Lebanon.  You did see them being toweed out didn't you?

pods's picture

Crash the dollar and then we won't be able to afford to give them all these war machines.



Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"p.s. FUCK the LIKUD and NUTTY 'N YAHOO."  There, fixed it for you.

In case you (and others here) didn't know, there are PLENTY of Israeli Jews who hate his stinking guts every bit as much -- if not more -- than many here.  I know some of them PERSONALLY.

Just like you can't put all Americans under the "Fuck USA!" umbrella, so too you cannot legitimately say "Fuck Israel".  It is more diverse than most realize.  Their gov't and media is also run by Neocon/Globalist Elite. And, like in the USA, the number of rational, sensible and fair-minded (libertarian) people is in a minority.  And, like here, they are also not in positions of great power, that can steer a vastly different course.  Thus their influence is limited and seldom gets out to the MSM.  And even when their dissenting and rational/moderate views do get out and discussed, they NEVER EVER make it into the US MSM.  This might explain why most 'Mericans view the entire country as homogeneous.  Which might be convenient and efficient (for dogmatic purposes), but is hardly accurate.

BTW, the rational, fair-minded and decent people Israelis and Arabs have gotten along just fine (for centuries) before the colonial Brits and the serpentine Rothschild "Zionists" came along.  "Zionism" is a FLAG OF CONVENIENCE (for Anglo-American Central Banksters), and is used to rally a segment of the Jewish and 'Christian' population around it.  They are the crystallizing point of the Neo-Feudal system that is emerging after 100 years.  It is this slimy Neo-Feudal scum who propagate "Zionism", and who are the pinnacle of the Pyramid Capstone, don't give a shit about ANYONE who is not part of them.  Communism, Socialism and Fascism are useful tools, that dovetail their world-view of trans-generational ownership that is Feudalism:  "the 'divine' right of kings".   "Be not deceived.  By their fruits shall ye know them." - Jesus

Given that it's Halloween today, it is useful to use the Vampire and their Familiar(s), where the powerful but vulnerable master needs protection and services from weak, dumb 'humans' to protect them from the deadly light of days and the Day Walkers (Truth Seekers of all faiths), and these willing servants get security and lifestyle they would otherwise not have.  Up to a point, this symbiotic relationship (the many weak serving the few strong) holds true.  Happy Trick Or Treating.


kurzdump's picture

Chemical weapons destroyed, now lets start bombing them...

Seize Mars's picture

You know what? It's time for an honest dialogue in this country. And I don't mean passively listening to the idiot box telling people what to think.

It's time to start realizing some shit about Israel. Because let's BE HONEST, if you even TALK ABOUT ISRAEL you get labelled as anti-semite.

Forget about reaching any conclusions, just talkking about it gets you in trouble.

Frostfan1's picture

That's the honest dialogue America needs right now?????   Have you noticed everything else going on in this country the last five years and to you, Israel stacks up problem #1????   Maybe that's why people would label someone bringing that up now as anti-semitic.

homonohumanus's picture

Well without going this far as to flirt this anti semitic mantra, it would not arm to remind people in US and elsewhere that the Licoud is an extremely far right party.

That speaks for it-self without bringing into the discussion ethnicities, religions, plot theory, etc.

Seize Mars's picture

I understand you may be sensitive to this issue. But before you get hysterical, I am not anti Jew. If I was I would just say so. I have friends who are jewish and I cherish them.
What I am saying is that we need honesty here-a REAL dialogue.
I don't want discussion quashed because people are afraid to be labeled as bigots. I think that when you see America being dragged into war after war it's ok to have an honest debate about the postures of all the nations involved. Israel has issues, America has issues, the warmongering needs to STOP.