LAX Shooter Identified, "Wanted To Kill TSA And Pigs"

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Contrary to initial reports that the shooter was an off-duty NSA agent, subsequent updates have revealed that the LAX shooter, who reportedly is still dead, although unclear if he was killed before or after he was in police custody, as Paul Anthony Ciancia, a 23-year-old who was either a Los Angeles native, or from Pennsville, N.J. Additionally, we have learned that according to a law enforcement official, who was briefed at LAX on the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly, said the gunman was wearing fatigues and carrying a bag containing a hand-written note that said he "wanted to kill TSA and pigs." The official requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly. Considering the accuracy with which this news event has been broken, most of it relying on unsubstantiated and often times fake Twitter sources (some had reported earlier, falsely, that the former NSA chief had been shot as well), we won't be surprised if this story were to change a few more times.

From My Fox LA:

A law enforcement official told the The Associated Press that the suspect in the Los Angeles airport shooting is a 23-year-old man from New Jersey who wrote a rant about killing Transportation Safety Administration workers.
A law enforcement official, who was briefed at LAX on the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly, said the gunman was wearing fatigues and carrying a bag containing a hand-written note that said he "wanted to kill TSA and pigs." The official requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

The official identified him as Paul Ciancia. A second law enforcement official confirmed the identity, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The gunfire erupted around 9:30 a.m. inside the terminal that houses airlines such as Allegiant Air, Frontier, Spirit, Virgin America and JetBlue. Patrick Gannon, chief of the Airport Police Department, said the suspect walked into the airport, pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and started shooting.

"He proceeded up into the screening area where TSA screeners are and continued shooting,'' Gannon said, adding that the gunman "went past the screeners and back into the terminal itself.''

Gannon said police pursued the gunman, who was shot and taken into custody inside the terminal. The gunman's condition was not immediately known.

Interim Los Angeles Fire Chief Jim Featherstone said paramedics treated seven people at the airport, and six were taken to area hospitals. One person apparently declined to be transported, fire officials said.

Officials at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center said it was treating three male patients, one in critical condition and two in fair condition. At least two other patients were believed to be at Harbor UCLA Medical Center, but their conditions were not immediately known. News media outlets reported that one patient who was taken to Harbor UCLA had died.

Multiple media outlets, citing unnamed sources, reported that one TSA agent was killed in the gunfire, but police would not confirm the reports.

The gunman was described by some witnesses as a young white male. Police and fire officials said they could not confirm reports that the gunman was an off-duty TSA agent.

Some initial reports indicated that a second suspect had been arrested, but Gannon said, "This was a lone shooter,'' and the gunman "was the only person that was armed in this incident.''

David Bowdich, FBI special agent in charge, declined to provide any details of the investigation, but said, "At this point, we do not see any additional threats here at the airport.''

Aside from the alleged note, the shooter's motives are unclear as of yet.

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Update: that was quick - one has to love the social media.


Below is another live feed below from Fox LA:


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vortmax's picture

An anonymous government official, eh? Seems legit.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Apparently they found a full confession and pristine passport of the guy  at his house The house itself burned to the ground and luckily the letter and passport were unharmed.

FEDbuster's picture

Looks like TSA will get the guns they have been asking for.  "What we need is a civilian army......"

whotookmyalias's picture

I wouldn't have believed it, but since he wanted to kill pigs, it must be true.  Luckily our gubbiment loves us and will not delay getting in front of a microphone to spout their rhetoric and push some agenda that many people will instantly believe makes us all safer.  Hooray!

CClarity's picture

Shoulda been NSA>TSA but what's a consonent between domestic terrorists?


12ToothAssassin's picture

TSA and pigs? I can dig that.

UP Forester's picture

I've got dibs on calling "bullshit".....

flacon's picture

Turns out LAX SHOOTER WANTED TO KILL "MYTHBUSTERS" and wasn't upset about the government cutting 6% of his livestock feed (self feed):

The Gooch's picture

We need MOAR mythbusters.

Like the myths of the last 4 "episodes". Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, DC.

All conveniently timed to distract, deflect and "LEGISLATE" under the covers.

I've been saying "Fast and Furious" was a PROGRESSIVE thing since the get go.

THis is just today's installment.

Saul Alinsky as Heisenberg with legions of customer/zombies.

Pass it on.

edit: Forgot about Dorner.  Hard to keep track. All by design.


Rusty Shorts's picture
Gabrielle Giffords is subscribed to Jared Lee Loughner's Youtube Channel

The Gooch's picture

So will they cordon it off and demolish it?

Sign those those non-disclosures, TSA "shovel-ready" MF'ers.


old naughty's picture

twist after twist after twist...

new players after players after players...

what a script, "no end" in sight...holli-wand style.

Pool Shark's picture



None of this really happened, because the firearm he allegedly used has been illegal in California since 2000.

Since the weapon he was alleged to have used was illegal, clearly this whole "shooting" is merely the figment of someone's imagination.

[/sarc off]


PT's picture

Quite bizarrely, none of the security cameras were working that day ... wait?  What?  No, I was asleep, I didn't say anything ... 6 years later 3 frames were released, none of which had any incriminating signs ... what?  No, I must have fallen asleep at the keyboard again ...

Urban Redneck's picture

Of course it didn't happen. Because if 100 people in LA county or NYC woke up one morning and decided that they "weren't going to take it anymore" then they could no longer maintain the Illusion of Control, at least not without another really large dose of stupid pills for the masses. But based on this fork test, she's not quite done yet...

SmokeThatHog's picture

I love the term "pig".  Reminds me of the classic Sly Stallone movie Cobra.

insanelysane's picture

Not sure what brought it up last week but the word "pig" came up and I told my teenage kid that no one uses that term anymore.  I was shocked when I read that this 23 yr old used the term.  Someone might want to tell the script writers that it isn't the late 70's anymore.  Well maybe the economy is.

Agstacker's picture

Yup, Prision Planet reported earlier that TSA is looking to go armed-

The Gooch's picture

Don't shoot 'til you see the blue of their polyester!

PT's picture

"It is safer if you don't have any guns.  It is safer if we have guns."  Safer for who, buddy?  Funny how the truth slips out when they're pushed.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Do 23 yr olds today still use 1970s slang for cops?

Or more simply, maybe the note writer did.

insanelysane's picture

I completely agree.  The term hasn't been used for 30 years.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

"I want to kill, kill, kill, kill, KILL!!!"

"Son... you're our boy."

Citxmech's picture

. . . until they found out about that darn littering charge.

whotookmyalias's picture

Am I the only person who couldn't get anything I wanted at Alice's Restaurant?  Went there asking that my inalienable Constituationally protected rights be reinstated.  I couldn't understand what they were saying over all the laughter.

Pool Shark's picture



Who was laughing, the father-rapers or the mother-stabbers?


Manthong's picture

women, kids, houses and villages..

pigs..  looks like we got us a retro-revival.

gmrpeabody's picture

And they all slid down next to me on the bench there, and we had a great time...

falak pema's picture

soon we'l have his father on teevee saying my son was a baptist and never carried a gun and called people pigs; and that this was a set up.

Maybe the son took out a life insurance which covered temporary fits of madness; in which case the family can stop living off food stamps.

It's the stuff to warrant a mystery book on a deranged cookie who became a fall guy spook called Cia n Cia : the man who shot liberty TSa thinking he was Snowden shooting the NSa! Man was he confused! 

CrashisOptimistic's picture

FYI "pigs" was 1970s slang for police.

I guess all 23 year olds still use it.

A Lunatic's picture

Maybe he was an albino Islamic Fundamentalist........

Henry Hub's picture

That's right. "Off the pigs!" was the ghetto railing cry in the late 60s and early 70s. It looks like this note found was probably written by someone(some cop) in his sixties.

awakeRewe's picture

Paul Anthony Ciancia

"CIA N CIA" creepy last name.

sgorem's picture

i heard that he entered LAX, (& they don't call it that for nothin), with only a 3D printer of which he just printed off a nice new Glock 36 in the mens restroom before the rampage began. Guns don't kill, but 3D printers do. all of this is unconfirmed of course, and you guys don't know me either, right?

buzzsaw99's picture

cia n  cia

sounds about right

comob's picture

Beat me to it!

Thanks now I don't feel so weird that that was my first thought too!

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Kind of like 1-800-FUCK-YOU, they are not only not bothering to hide it anymore, they are mocking us.

whotookmyalias's picture

LOL, they had a placeholder in the "leaked report" that was supposed to have a real made up name inserted.

Skateboarder's picture

I don't know about you, but I love the play on words with all of these incidents. Anyone remember Droner.... er, I mean Dorner?

SAT 800's picture

that's crazy; what're they doing, making jokes, now?

sgorem's picture

hey, THEY gotta take the sheeple eyeballs off the ACA debacle now don't they. let's get everybody worked up on all of these shootings in the MSM lately and "ban them thar guns".........

comob's picture

I know that this is the wrong forum for this but...


His last name is/was CIA n CIA?


Ident 7777 economy's picture

"Are you [really] smarter than a 5th grader?" 

falak pema's picture

sounds like a spooky team of Starsky and  Hutch, all in one, gone double dutch.

Too much imported Indian whiskey along with that gun? 

They should do an alcotest and rectal analysis on his dead body like they did for JFK; only they managed to lose his brain in the process. How you can lose a man's brain when you search his ass is beyond me.

You never know what goes on in a police lab; just look at Dexter.

Tragic loss of innocents; I'm forgetting the essential.


new game's picture

hmmm, i concur, back to a normal routine. 1/1000000 chance of danger. anyways,cant even carry in an airport-fuken eh...

Ident 7777 economy's picture

Take your hand off the handle of the cast iron skillet ...