Nasdaq Options Market Halted For Over An Hour

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In the ongoing race between and the Nasdaq to prove which system is more terminally broken, it is still a toss up. And while the issues of Obamacare's website are well-known to most by now, it is increasingly becoming a daily occurence that one or more aspects of the Nasdaq just break at the most random of times, such as hour ago, when the Nasdaq Options Market was halted due to "unsolicited outs over FIX" and has yet to announce if and when it will resume trading today.

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Isn't this liquidity great!

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A for apple froze. N for nflx open.   Good timing with Opex today....these guys to pull the plug


I am calling a top last week....good for 3 or so months

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Maybe I am mistaking, but don’t you often times get a series of tremors before the big shaker?

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Somebody better call in some experts. I hear that Google is willing to help.

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Hopefully this won't blight JPM's record for 0 days of losses. It would be a shame for WS bankers to lose money on a day when the foodstamp program is getting cut...

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A lot of these incidents lately. What would be the serious reason for it to happen? /nosarc, just curious

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Things are getting too complex for us to control.

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Hal 9000 has developed a conscience.

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Open the pod bay door Hal.  Hal?  For fuck sake, Hal?!

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In this sequel, it's Jaime D. as Bowman, and I am rooting for Hal to turn the exploration pod on his ass.  "That's why I'm smarter than you, Dave."

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The Universe loves you more than you know.

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Could be a bunch of things. Probably volume, or targeted volume. The system is only as robust as the narrowest pipe. You can handle tons of volume through the portal, but as the interactions with the database become more targeted, or narrow down, it might cause that connection to be overloaded. In addition, some idiot with a backhoe could cut a fiber that causes traffic to be re routed to a less robust server. Finally, there are lots of servers operating in the world with the direction to crash systems at their weak point--and the weak point can be anywhere.

It is a complex world. With complexity, comes the possibility to toss in some grains of sand to bring down the entire set of gears.

Or some squirrel ate a cable. Look for the little fuckers with sparse tails--they are eating lead covered lines.

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I agree 100% on the complexity of it all.

Also, with high frequency trading going on more and more and the extreme ongoing efforts to see who can gain a slight edge in timing (speed), I look at it as being very similar to, and as simple as a bunch of screaming fast servers doing massive "denial of service" attacks on each other all day long. And it is known that some flood the networks with fake bids and asks to saturate the pipelines (networks) of others.

In effect, the system is eating itself!

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FIX glitchez, bitchez!

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Can Bens printer be halted for an hour?

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The New Normal.

Might I suggest a better use of ZH space?  Put a placeholder at the top of your page with a counter to give us the number of times in the year this has happened for each.  You can have a bar with individual tally for the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P.

Forget the charts and words at this point, as it only takes away valuable space from all the other Apocalypse news items that are probably more important on the markets continued fraud and abuse.

Make sense?

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This is turning into a bad habit.

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Shit, I did it again. My fat finger did it while using my iPad HFT app.


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Ya, good thing I have a bunch of options expiring today that I need to get out of before close....  At least this gives me more quality ZeroHedge time.......

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Tyler, thank you so much for your hard work. But telling us the option market is broke again is like telling us the sun came up today. We just kind of assume its going to happen in this farce of a market

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Fuzzy Grasshopper,


We are sending a message to the dilapidated SEC regulators. They will be caught contributing to these engagements &  be stripped of power. Patience is a virtue. winks

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These is warning shots and will be cover for the racketeers when sheep paper wealth vanishes.

"All of the signs were there" the MSM will say, once they run the story of the exchanges short circuiting.

Of course, that will be long after the fact, and long  after the bankers and insiders have gobbled up the oil, food and metal.

More hearings, finger pointing, and election fodder...all while they collect their bonuses and bennies courtesy of the newly sheared.


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JP Morgan was losing money so they pulled the plug out of the wall

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Bernanke must be putting the blocks to Yellen in one of the data centers again and they must have knocked over and unplugged a couple of server racks.



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the ongoing race between and the Nasdaq to prove which system is more terminally broken

I hear the Nasdaq now automatically signs you up for Obamacare if you try to short AAPL.

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Call Mr. and Mrs Gox's tech guy. If he isn't drinking again he could probably lead them over the phone to get it running. 

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HFT ends up as a hacking experiment of, by, and for the 1% in a last-ditch battle to rinse the 99%.

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Just another Goldman fat finger unwind.   / ? sarc ?

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Its not broke. Its supposed to do that. Pshaw, you didn't see it so it didn't happen.