Obamacare's Success In Enrollment Numbers: 6 People By End Of Day One; 248 By Day Two

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It is now clear why according to the Obama administration there were no glitches plaguing the Healthcare.gov website administering Obamacare: because a whopping six people managed to sign up on the first day it was launched - the same day the government proudly reported previously it had received 4.7 million unique visitors - a conversion factor of, well, Div/0. By the end of the second day: 248 happy participants in a socialized healthcare ponzi scheme. It is also clear why there was nobody happier than the president when the republican party decided to shut down government on the same day as Obamacare was rolled out: because if public attention had focused on the absolute and now confirmed, disaster that the healthcare law's rollout had been, then everyone, not just the Tea Party, would be demanding a substantial delay in Obamacare.

The enrollment data comes even after the Obama administration has said it cannot provide enrollment figures from HealthCare.gov because it doesn't have the numbers. "We do not have any reliable data around enrollment, which is why we haven't given it to date," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told lawmakers on Wednesday. Turns out she did - as Reuters and ABC report, the documents, which are labeled "war room" notes and appear to be summaries of issues with the problematic website beginning on October 2, indicate a mere six enrollments had occurred by that morning - the day after the website was launched and almost immediately crashed.

You can read the documents HERE, HERE and HERE.

So how is Obamacare like Facebook, or any other dot com special du jour - only the pageviews matter. Actual user conversions... well, that's another matter entirely.

To date, Obama administration officials have refused to publicly provide any estimate of successful enrollments, though they have said the site received 4.7 million unique visitors on its first day and has now generated more than 700,000 applications.


An internal administration memo obtained by The Associated Press and confirmed by ABC News revealed that the administration projected half a million successful sign-ups by Oct. 31.

Good luck with that. And we mean it: after all like any authentic Ponzi scheme, Obamacare works only if wave after wave of signs up "foot" the costs for everyone who doesn't. As such, unless massive amounts of people enroll, the program is assued to be a failure. Pardon: even more of a failure than it is now.

Naturally, the government was quick to downplay the figures:

HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters stressed tonight that the enrollment figures presented in the “war room notes” are unofficial figures. The agency has said it intends to release its first official report on enrollments by mid-November.


“We will release enrollment statistics on a monthly basis after coordinating information from different sources such as paper, on-line, and call centers, verifying with insurers, and collecting data from states,” she said.

It gets better. Because after finally admitting there is nobody quite capable of messing something, anything, quite like the government, the administration finally agreed to get private sector help. In this case Oracel and... Google - the same firm that it was revealed earlier this week was furious at the government's spying agency for illegally tapping its confidential user data streams.

The Obama administration said it has brought in experts from top technology companies including Google Inc and Oracle Corp to fix the HealthCare.gov website, as Republicans press for details about the botched October 1 launch.


Health and Human Services said it had added dozens of technology experts and engineers to its round-the-clock effort to fix the technical glitches on the site that is key to the implementation of Obama's healthcare restructuring law.


Giving some of the first details of who might be leading the tech fix, HHS officials identified two experts by name: Michael Dickerson, a website reliability engineer on leave from Google, and Greg Gershman, a Baltimore-based innovation director with the firm Mobomo and who previously worked for the White House and the General Services Administration.


"We are doing everything we can to assist those contractors to make HealthCare.gov a highly performant, highly reliable, highly secure system," Oracle CEO Larry Ellison told shareholders at the company's annual meeting on Thursday in Redwood City, California. There was no comment from Google.

No need for a comment: the NSA already knew what they would say.

Finally, get your popcron because Darrell Issa is preparing to make a super spectacle out of the Obamacare flub, after yesterday he subpoenaed Sebelius, who previously took full responsibility for the "debacle", for more information.

Issa said he had subpoenaed Sebelius for more information on the website's technical problems, including how it was tested, and enrollment data. The subpoena requires the documents to be produced by November 13.


"The evidence is mounting that the website did not go through proper testing, including critical security testing, and that the administration ignored repeated warnings from contractors about ongoing problems," Issa said in a statement.

Needless to say, this is all a short-term distraction: sooner or later the website will be fixed. It is only then that all those people who still have no idea what a complete disaster Obamacare is and will be for the US economy, will finally get the long overdue rude awakening.

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Right in your face Tea Party. Take that!


Ted Cruz is not taking phone calls!

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These two data points should be plenty to extrapolate total enrollment using cbo style projection methods.  6^3.077 = 248 so day 3 should be 248^3.077 = 23,319,961 signups.  By day four all US citizens should be enrolled and we can now focus on international growth.  

new game's picture

even the thought of visiting the website is appalling...

zero percent chance of visiting.  fucking zero chance!

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And you thought the BLS provives quality statistics

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in the end, as we please the people, this monstrosity (for the children) will be put to bed, but the new and improved premiums will survive.....

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The people this 'thing' was supposed to help can't afford health insurance at ANY price - they don't have jobs.

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This is just a preliminary circus necessary to usher in Govt single-payer system...the end of private insurance is all but complete...soon The State will control everything...literally the craddle-to-grave control the Statists have lusted over for so many generations...

Resist We Much!

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* Obamacare: Ongoing Disaster With No End In Sight


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7 million unique page views, huh?  6.99 of them Bots and hackers looking for weaknesses to exploit and get at people's personal info.  With something this screwed up you can imagine how many "holes" there must be on the security end.  A hacker's wet dream.

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The bitch about this is that if you get signed up.....you're still a slave.

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HEGELIAN DIALECTIC = Problem, Reaction, Solution

  • Problem = Website rollout plagued with problems
  • Reaction = Bi-partisan bitch-fest
  • Solution = Everyone works together to achieve a new tax collected by the IRS and paid to the FED. 

The real problem is that the Talmudic Communists just stuck the citizens of the USA with another tax used to further banker's agendas of financial, resource and human domination. 

Even the alternative new sources are busy focusing on website glitches and not the real problem. 

The only solution is to remove the Talmudic's monopoly on money creation.  Without this power, they are nothing and have no skills except the con.  This my friend, is the only true solution to the "Question". 


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Ans: The Liberty Amendments ... wherein the long-standing debate over the unused second half of the Constitution's Article V. This allows two thirds of the States to require Congress to issue a call for a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. This convention would act in place of the two-thirds vote in Congress by which all amendments to the Constitution to date have been initiated (in both cases amendments then have to be approved by three quarters of the States). 

rubiconsolutions's picture

Sure. Do you really think that a constitutional convention will fix the US? When you have 50% of the people on the government teat the results from such a convention would be more, not less government. Any amendments that came from would likely increase the scope of government in our lives. Besides, the chances of a constitutional convention are zilch. The bankers would never allow it. 

Hail Spode's picture

Levin's so-called "Liberty Amendments" are snake-oil posing as solutions, as documented beyond most normal people's level of interest here ....  http://localismaphilosophyofgovernment.blogspot.com/2013/10/liberty-amendments-vs-localist_29.html


SamAdams's picture

Agreed.  Treating symptoms is not the same as identifying and eliminating the cause.  Once the cause is eliminated, the many symptoms will no longer have support and will vanish.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Absolutely correct. He does not advocate eliminating the greatest cause of economic turmoil in this country, namely it's central bank. Unless and until people realize that the combination of the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th amendment are the root cause of problems they will persist. Mark Levin is indeed a snake oil salesman.

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those sound like a prostitute's numbers

oh wait

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So....   Six suckers fell for this crap the first day, eh?   Dang, I heard the over/under was eight.......

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I'm temporarily one of those unemployed, but even when I had my job I couldn't have afforded these plans, and I was making a decent salary.  Even as a renter.

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That's not how Project Mayhem works...go to the site, browse, sign up your "friends," use the bandwidth.  Clog the veins in other words.

johnQpublic's picture

thats what i've been doing

but its difficult

because the site doesnt work

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Can't the NSA just sign up for us? If they're going to bend my privacy over a table and have sex with it, may as well relieve me of some paperwork (or is it internetwork?) ~

johnQpublic's picture

tthey arent violating your privacy if you dont know

and if you were suddenly signed up you'd know

so , you see, they cant, because that would violate your privacy

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I see a sequel to The Princess Bride in the making, Vizzini.

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These two data points should be plenty to extrapolate total enrollment using cbo style projection methods.  6^3.077 = 248 so day 3 should be 248^3.077 = 23,319,961 signups.  By day four all US citizens should be enrolled and we can now focus on international growth.

Hey, is that math licensed and government approved? If not, you'd better put your neighbors on drone alert.

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Having my tinfoil hat securely in place, the Obamacare website is going to continue to fail until after the elections this year and next. The deadline will be continued to be pushed back to supposedly accomodate the stragglers [not the fault of the government of course]. By then, people will become complacent with a failed website but will not as yet be fully treated to a doubling of their insurance costs. That will come after the elections. There's a difference between planned incompetence and incompetence.

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Holy Shit...it's gone VIRAL....

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And if we're lucky, it will kill the host...

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Oh sure, as if 6, 1/6 or 16 matters! This program will be a gigantic flop trainwreck in 6 months, just as it is today - But it won't matter...Because Obama CANNOT be held to an account. And if that can't happen, the sheep will follow regardless of how high the cliff. Welcome to America, where what you say trumps what you do.

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Those 248 were all sick as a dog. Insurance rates are going sky high.

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Yeah but all 248 are really the contractors just testing to see if they can sign up while they have the system off-line!



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The only worse thing that could happen would be if ACA also sold life insurance.


Then they cold 'manage' their costs

James-Morrison's picture

Why not automobile insurance: ObamaCAR.

It would cover gas, oil changes, service to add air to your tires, 3 free car washes etc.

It would mandate that you must buy a Prius or Chevy Volt or other Approved Car.

It would bring Peace, Harmony and Unicorns to the Automobile Industry.

"if you like your mechanic you can can keep him"

dontgoforit's picture

C'mon, Jim - don't light their fire.  This idea could catch on.  Careful - remember Cash for Klunkers.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

And the property and casualty guys all snickered when they got mandatory auto insurance implemented in the states - based on coercion from the feds with 'highway money', just the same as they did with DUI laws and the insidious 'seat belt' laws and ever so stupid 55 MPH speed limit. 


Trampy's picture

And the property and casualty guys all snickered when they got mandatory auto insurance implemented in the states - based on coercion from the feds with 'highway money', just the same as they did with DUI laws and the insidious 'seat belt' laws and ever so stupid 55 MPH speed limit.

Don't forget how they forced the states to raise the drinking age from 18 to 21 by withholding federal funds for highways.

But Montana held out for a long time on the stupid 55-mph speed limit.

Is this such ancient history that nobody knows Montana had no daytime speed limit, leaving it to the discretion of the officer as to what was safe and prudent?

Anyone making a fuss over the (un)equal protection of letting 18 year-olds vote, and sign binding contracts to join the army and go to war, only they are considered too irresponsible to have a beer?  Or smoke cigarettes in NYC?

The Nanny State has been here for a long time and wait till all those high-testosterone young males figure out how they were bamboozled into thinking Obamacare would give them free health care for life ...  maybe in prison ...


DaveyJones's picture

Yeah they toyed around with ObamaHOME

Free home insurance

but then they realized, even if you like them

you couldn't keep your 4th amendment rights

Platinum's picture

Exactly! I make the Obamacare FB page a regular trip. I don't have a FB, but I can still view it.

Popcorn and some GDP.

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The system is clearly working.

I love how they keep saying it's website thing. It's obviously a databasing issue. The government has garbage data and convoluted to logic to access it from multiple departments.

If you were to have a massive data cleanup and consolidation, what you'd realize is that you don't need like 5 departments of the government. It could all just roll up under the IRS.

f16hoser's picture

And the whole time it was raining. Or was that Obama Care Urinating on them?

Quinvarius's picture

And millions had their policies dropped and were forced into paying much higher premiums on that day.  This is a good window into how Socialism works.  If they stole all the money in America, sick people would still not get effective healthcare in a government program.

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

A monetized democracy.

Poison your population then create a monetized pathway to managing the multitudes of illness. No cures just managed illness. Pay the managers the most as they hold your life in their hands.


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The money is in the comeback baby. Every drug dealer knows that. You don't want to fix em and you don't want to kill em. Just keep them dependent, strung out. Works for drug dealers, our dysfunctional health care system and big government politicians.

Ghordius's picture

+1 "And millions had their policies dropped and were forced into paying much higher premiums on that day" -who profits?

Ghordius's picture

btw, a "typical socialist" government program would be a National Health Service (aka Single Payer), which is way simpler than ObamaCare. imho ObamaCare is not a socialist program, it's a liberal program. it's original template was taken, as far as I'm told, from the existing and functioning Swiss model, which is clearly liberal. and complex. and expensive

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Ghordius, stay in your EU, when commenting on America your POV, is exactly 180 degrees off - .gov is all powerful here and is occupying a federal district from which is rules over the states..you are right the obomination of ACA is not single payer-just the prelude to it. aca is to destroy the current ins network, seems like the people of american know this aca is not what it is advertized to be, thus no one buying in.. the ministry of propaganda has failed.

so many of your EU & Canadian  MD's ,in the past moved, here for a better income and life..they voted on single payer with their feet, ever wonder why? no I doubt you did.

Ghordius's picture

you are perfectly right, any MD that wants to "strike it rich" comes to America, where some of the best and most expensive clinics of the world provide first class and often innovative service to those who can afford it

all in all, the US health care system costs 18% of GDP, the highest of the world by far. it's a rich market

and in the setting up of ObamaCare it was visible how much of this money flowed into lobbying, for and against it, yet mostly into details, making it one of the biggest laws ever concocted

yet I don't see all those vested and very non-socialist interests - including the expensive doctors - switching to a single payer system, 'cause it would depress this rich market

so I see at the moment the threat of the US getting a NHS as high as the threat of the FED/US gov stopping their help towards the housing market, i.e. as negligible