How The World Really Works - The Documentary

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Renegade Economist's "Four Horsemen" documentary lifts the lid on how the world really works. "Four Horsemen is a breathtakingly composed jeremiad against the folly of Neo-classical economics and the threats it represents to all we should hold dear." Free from mainstream media propaganda -- the film doesn't bash bankers, criticize politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions. Since it is becoming abundantly clear that we will never return to 'business as usual', 23 international thinkers, government advisers and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society.


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How world working now:

Husband Watches Helplessly on Video Chat as Pregnant Wife is Stabbed Repeatedly


Google Glass Floating Data Spy Centers Now Appearing Coast To Coast

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are they claiming somone else discovered internet and not my man ... Al ... cannot be true ...

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NSA invented the internet.  Al invented the paperclip on Microsoft Word.

Word user:  "I think I want to...."

Paperclip:  "Hi.  It looks like you're trying to write a manifesto.  Can I help and is your social security number still 330-...."

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The movie is insidious progressive propaganda, I'd be interested in finding out who paid for this?

If you actually watch the movie, you'll soon discover that it is a disengenuous, liberal melange of platitudes and almost-truths along with other information. One of the star witnesses is the former IMF Chief Economist, another is the Head of the World Bank finanacial analysis. Not exactly objective commentary on the spate economic troubles that we've fallen into in the past 10 years.


IMHO, save yourself an hour and 20 min of your time and don't bother. Unless of course, you want to hear that charging that person with a bad credit a higher interest rate than someone with good credit for a mortgage is somehow "racist". This after the progressives in the Federal Government forces you to lend to people without the financial means to own a home in the first place (which is never mentioned). Not that I think the Banks are innocent of wrongdoing, by ANY means. But, let's tell the whole story and not politicize a very serious issue when blame falls squarely on many factors and parties.

Tyler, did anyone a ZH actually watch this thing?

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Hugh, I agree. 


The movie is "feel-good progressive collectivism".


One name gives it away: NOAM CHOMSKY. 


Noam Chomsky Loves the FEDERAL RESERVE

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Let's do a quick fact check.  Undisputable widespread actions by banks before, during and after the mortgage-fueled housing bubble.

Control Fraud > Accounting Fraud > Securities Fraud

Fraud of the Inducement

Mortgage Fraud

Securities Fraud

Servicing Fraud


Borrower actions:

Too poor and ignorant to know they were merely feed stock for a giant cash-extracting machine of fraud.


Must be nice in your climate controlled, hermetically sealed bubble of dogma.

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where you not paying attention? Debt/levarage is the name of the game and they accomplish maximizing their gains through the political process.  In the documentary they tell you there are 5 lobbyists for every member of congress.  The so called "forcing" the banks to lend to people without financial means was just another rigged way to create more money for the banks and keep the party flowing.  Politicians pass the laws the bankers want.  More money is dumped into the system which in turn allows for more derivatives to be created and therefore more money can be made by those who control the game meanwhile the dollar that those at the bottom are trying to survive on continues to loose its value.  You're fascination with "progressivism" and static left right mentality is preciscely how the puppet masters intended the puppets to think.  You are the one who wasted your time and you are clearly a puppet!!!.

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Well, at least those won't be illegal to spy on (since they'll be on international waters)...

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I know, Google is lying their ass off saying that these are supposed to be party barges.  They are doing work for the NSA.

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How do you solve a problem like Maria?

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One, stop listening to the gold-bugs that sell their fractional reserve gold scam which is just a little better than the fiat fractional reserve scam.  Two, realize that you are asked to choose between two failed solutions (yes gold failed many times before including Rome).  Three, try to understand what the founding fathers intended in U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 8 - Powers of Congress: “The Congress shall have Power ... To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin”.  Watch Money as Debt.

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Thought it was a minute and 38 seconds but no that sucker's an hour and 38 minutes. And you said it is no fun because it doesn't talk about bankster bashing.

And, I bet it doesn't agree with my solution of taking the ten wealthiest people to the tops of ten pyramids, in a worldwide annual celebration, and then ripping out their hearts (and or whatever mechanical devices they may have in place of hearts) while they are still alive. Then redistribute their stolen wealth into publicly owned and operated open source monetary systems.

Awh ok I'll watch it over the next week or so.

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As long as you think rich people are evil you will always be poor. 

Poor people want to think it's luck but being successful is hard work.

Poor people want to think the rich are evil so that they can excuse their own laziness. 

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....and you have a giant 15 lb electrified Labia masquerading as a brain


WTF, retard farm did you GMO from?????

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Hahaha. I am fairly libertarian but most rich people didnt work hard for it. They were born into it.

Firtunately for the world most wealth is gone in a few generations.

"From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations"

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funwithstocks:  Hard workers are a dime per dozen and there are still plenty more where they came from.  I've seen factories full of them.  You need more than just hard work to be successful.  Hard work won't even guarantee you'll be fed at the end of the day.  Hell, if you're dumb enough to work hard for nothing then you might be "rewarded" with the opportunity to do more hard work for nothing, but I can't even guarantee that much.

Carl Popper:  Agreed.  Years ago I read a BRW article.  It said, some poor guy will go from rags to riches.  Two thirds of the time his kids will blow the family fortune and 99 percent of the time, if the kids don't blow it then the grand kids will.

These days I do wonder about that other one percent. 

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Ha ha ha ironically the US government guaranteed the perpetuation of wealth from generation to generation when they enacted confiscatory income taxes and death duties.

The result was the formation of trusts, foundations etc to guard the wealth of the rich.

It also guaranteed that their waterhead kids and grandkids couldn't piss it away. The wealth was safely invested and guarded by professional managers.

Before 1900 it was common for a rich man to leave his wealth to his family and for most of the money to be gone inside 30 years.

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Chap I know is making a small fortune....out of the large one his father left him....

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me thinks you just contridicted yourself, Carl P. Which is it? 

Hahaha? Most rich people didn't work hard for it? If they lose it in a few generations, where the Hell does the next rich guy get it to pass on to HIS kids and grandkids, MORON?

You know, this site can be populated with economic cretins of a similar strain of virus as the one we elected president twice. I am reminded why I have to step away from the idocy every once in a while.

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No. God I want to curse, but I'll hold back.

Rich people ARE EVIL, because they want to be rich and that's it. They are not smart, nice, benevolent, considerate, or any appealing quality.

Poor people are poor because Rich people are conniving, deviant, self-absorbed low lives, who confiscate the wealth of others, by various means. Usually deception and legal manipulation.

The world has mostly advanced because of brilliance, very little of which came from Rich people, but Rich people have confiscated all of that brilliance to their own benefit and enabled the deaths of a lot of people, creating massive poverty so they could celebrate their wealth.

Look, the world is not what you think it is... since we're cultural beings, being manipulated, the history you know is a distortion intended to keep you dumbed down and relatively poor, while a small group of scumbags extract wealth from everyone else. The culture was created for the poor, so the rich could take with little protest.

What the world needs is Good people, but the rich keep killing off the good people. Good people are smart and benevolent.  Good people struggle with how to benefit everyone, how to make everyone prosperous. Good people invent, innovate, create, give, share, concern themselves with ideas and not material wealth, etc. Inventors are often good people. The original inventors, not those often credited in the corrupt world of confiscated wealth. Pursuit of enlightenment so the world is a wiser world, those are good people. Good people give a fuck about the other people on the planet, and can empathize / sympathize. Good people actually have a heart.

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Lol. This is snark right?

If not, then You got a worthless degree, are too risk averse to start a business, and you are angry that you dont make as much money as your inflated ego thinks it deserves?

Lol. It must be someone else's fault.

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No, I was / am being serious.

I wasn't educated by the system as much as you, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

My ego doesn't require the kind of monetary support yours appears to, and with that I feel rich beyond your understanding.

Don't be so quick to presume I'm the imbecile.

Courage for what? To watch other people starve because you think you're smarter? Well, genius, if you're so fucking smart, why not end poverty and suffering?

You probably worship Jesus also, but I can assure you, he would not worship you. That should be a revealing statement.

I'm an architect by the way, and the pay is fine.

You would benefit by reading the writings of someone who came to the same ideas before me... Buckminster Fuller - Critical Path. There's a section where he explains how we could end poverty, if we only wanted to.

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ranger, your words are full of anger, not at all rational or sensible, and not at all well thought out.

also, why do you assume poverty is something that should be ended?

poverty is a perfectly valid lifestyle, and you have no right to judge others.


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This place has a tendency towards perversion, and you are facilitating the perversion of reality. 

You don't get it. I am not blaming the rich for being successful. I'm blaming them for being unimaginative and short sighted. I'm blaming them for relishing the inequality simply because they would not feel rich if others had what they had... so they create a culture of scarcity so there will be inequality. That is depravity.

The real benefactors of the world were the great intellectuals, the artists, the humanists, the theorists. They did it for inquiry, they did it for the benefit of all.

Poverty is  not a lifestyle. It is unfortunately inescapable for many once they're there. The world used to allow people to choose to opt out, go live off the land, but the rich are such enormous scumbags, they're "privatized" all of the land, and you have no right to live off the land, you have to work for someone, and they will pay you as little as they can get away with.

You and the genius above you need to go chat and enjoy your glorious world view.

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If you haven't convinced 'em after the "good people" speech, there is no hope.

Ranger4564's picture

Well spoken. You are indeed a master Skateboarder... You ride that razors edge of ambiguity very well. ;-)

I trust you meant it sincerely, it's just that what you wrote could be interpreted in a variety of ways, some agreeable, some supportive, some uncomplimentary, etc etc. :-)

No worries... I'm here to broaden the discussion beyond what even that video chose to consider... what happens to the world if we fulfill one of the longest standing opportunities, riches for all, not just a few.  So many have been convinced by the idea that there is not enough to go around, that there have to be poor, that you have to be ruthless. It's illogical bullshit, but people accept it.

On the one hand, the world economy is described as not being Zero Sum, specifically indicating that you can create wealth, in addition to what you started with, but at the same time, the same people will argue that the world's resources are zero sum... I say that's a blasphemous lie, the deception actually inverts the situation, the economy is actually a zero sum for the most part, and the resource base is not nearly as limited as the proponents argue. The planet can support many billions more, and the technological innovations will make it possible to support everyone of them comfortably. But when everyone is comfortable, it's hard to tell who's rich and who's poor.

What the proponents of the Rich Poor paradigm want to impose is this nonsensical prehistoric notion that we have achieved no surplus productive capacity, and therefore some have to be poor... let them be the lazy and stupid. What these same idiots don't realize is that they have been labeled lazy and stupid by the global bankers / financial thugs, and will now experience the joys of poverty. It's a lifestyle the above respondents will apparently enjoy.

My argument is that wealth is a comparative relationship, a ratio, between what you have and another has... you can't create wealth because it's a fixed condition amongst all of the people alive at a given moment, so all you can do is transfer wealth, but what you can do instead is increase prosperity.  I'm convinced that we could improve the prosperity for all, while eliminating the rich and the poor condition. Technology and ingenuity is the answer.

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

I really like your style Rocket Ranger!  The likeness of God is to create not consume...........


And for those relgious bashers.................I'm not talking organized relgion here..............just in the sense of a higher authority.

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Your writings are genuine Ranger. They also convey a position cemented in virtue which enables the virtuosity of mankind. Great to read.

Edmon Plume's picture

Part of the problem with mankind is the deference to a "higher" authority instead of the Highest Authority, the "big-G" God to whom you first referred.  Wealth is one of those higher authorities, as is "self", since "higher" is open to morally-relativistic interpretation.  Highest isn't, but it is unique, which twists lots of panties for some reason.

Skateboarder's picture

Thanks for your continuation of posts Ranger, I find value in your words.

You are right on all counts my friend, the good people and all those who gave their all for the benefit of everyone else present and yet to come, the zero-sum lie, the rich/poor paradigm and those who unknowingly cherish it... everything. The rich/poor paradigm goes deeper than anything anyone ever knew, period. It comes from the place bang opposite of goodness (ever since man could differntiate between good and bad, there was a place of goodness and place of badness), and it comes with a headline saying "I want to enjoy all this fine shit right here, but I will not do the human work necessary to transform raw materials into finished goods." Around that time, the local shaman was bought off, and no shaman has kept the people in check since.

Your instinct is true that there is indeed enough on this planet for all to enjoy. It was imperative for the rich to privatize all the land in order to limit the expression of human existence, leaving only slavery for the poor and the nonparticipants. There will be a point when the oil-based rich/poor society cannot continue, but there will not be the equality that you seek because there is greed. It is entirely possible for all 7+ billion of us to have excellent standards of living, but the rich/poor thing will go on till the last human, and [s]he will die neither rich nor poor.

I have come to find ZHer Radical Marijuana's posts objective and accurate about the [un]natural selection of the most criminally insane weilding control over planetary resources:

As for the ambiguity, that's how the wizard rolls. ;)

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It's quite telling that people that are venerated throughout History tried/did something to benefit all of Humanity.  As far as I know, there aren't any Banksters on that list.

Ranger4564's picture

Thank you for the positive feedback and thoughts, not for my disposition, but for the goodness of humanity. It's heartwarming to know other people also differentiate the real from the surreal.

Indeed, the pantheon of the greats... but even there we need to differentiate, because some not so greats were venerated by the other side. Think Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the British empire, Capitalism, the Caste System, Inequality, etc etc. Throughout history, we've had the opportunity to work towards the benefit of all, but invariably, people clobbered the group thinkers and venerated the self absorbed. Ironically, sharing amongst ourselves should not be offensive, but it should be offensive for everyone to have to give a tax to the ruthless bastard who threatens our lives. Instead, the lesson people learned is that sharing amongst ourselves is evil, taking the tax from whomever you could is the more noble. Is that a snark? What a fucking joke.

We have both good and bad on the list of the so greats, but we must differentiate there as well. The celebrations should be limited for those who did no harm to others while pursuing their quest for understanding, invention, prosperity. We can choose whom to emulate, and we should choose wisely. Unfortunately, people often choose based on perceived success... they want to be Hitler, not Jesus.

And lastly, Skateboarder, with all due respect, I get what you're saying, but please don't lose hope my friend.  My argument is that there is a Rich Poor paradigm because as you say, the deviants took control long ago, at the onset of civilization, but that every technological innovation is actually capable of ending that paradigm, if only the deviants, and the oppressed, would recognize there is no need for their inequality model. With the surplus capable today, we could have a more harmonious community, but the deviants won't allow it, as you say.

Well, I'm here to tell the deviants to Fuck Off, I'm here to end their dominance. And if everyone chose to do that, we'd end Satans rule over humanity. We'd end Cain's rule over Abel. On that vein, I will ask everyone to read an article I often recommend, Albert Einstein's Why Socialism. In that article, Einstein talks about civilization in depth, arguing exactly what I've been arguing, but in relation to this particular consideration, he argues that the only way civilization will create beneficial institutions / conditions is if the people of the world conjure the courage to depose the ruthless. That act will embolden the meek, and create the harmony possible. But it requires courage and belief. Go check it out if you haven't read it before.

Ultimately, Greed is not innate to the extent people argue, it is enshrined in the culture, so that when the actual scumbags (rich) take their tithe, no one can complain because everyone is enjoined in the sin. That's why the Bankers are free today. But it's a lie. There are many more who are not greedy, but there are many who since childhood have been taught to be greedy, and being pliant, they learned well. We can stop teaching greed and pliancy, and with that, we can end greed's grip on humanity. It's a choice, every parent makes the same mistake... take care of yourself, leave none for others.

I'm here to remind everyone, society / social conditions are regularly improving for everyone, but we keep descending into the abyss when the rich impose setbacks on civilization, to throttle our accelleration towards ultimate freedom. But wake the fuck up and at least fight on the right side if you're going to bother. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

lewy14's picture

Funny, you don't sound so meek.

Ranger4564's picture

I remind people frequently... to stand up in opposition to the system requires a certain amount of courage. If 1 person stands opposed to that system, they must carry all of the required courage... a lot. If 1,000,000 people stand opposed to that system, they must each carry 1,000,000th the courage the 1 had to carry. So, the more who choose to engage, the less courage it ultimately takes. If 7 billion people express their dissent, then there is no force strong enough to oppose them.

The beneficiaries of this courage will be the future generations who won't have to live in oppressive conditions. I owe it to the kids of tomorrow to do what I can today.

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Greed is often mis-defined as the accumulation of wealth above any others.

Greed is actually the imposition of one's will upon another.  It is the selfish expression of a desire to control power.

While the plutonic rants of ranger4654 represent an ideal utopia ... how could it be achieved in an environment of greed?

Can you eliminate greed from the human condition?  Since you cannot.  The framers of the Constitution started with a strucuture that empowered people to exercise their agency and the tools to remedy injustice, rather than unrealistic assumptions to assuage our own inadequacies.

Ranger4654, you sound like every other dictator that has ever taken power ... you know what is best for me, mine and mankind.  Will you resort to force when unable to accomplish your grand design?

Afterall, you apparently know what is best and better for me ... even more than I know for myself?


On the issue of socialsim, one cannot ignore the factors of production.  I am motivated by my greed to produce (greed represents my need to eat and desirability for shelter).  If you produce everything for me ... what twisted reality do you think I would lift a finger to do anything???  That is just stupidity.  You can't want to believe things are true, you can only hope for things you know are true.  But I suspect you have no interest in faith.

Ranger4564's picture

I define Greed as unmitigated self-interest without regard for the consequence to others. However, the dictionary / historic definition of greed is apparently a little different:

I would argue that the ideal utopia is the unfettered free market. I would argue that the ideal utopis is society without limitations, no regulations, no restrictions. We used to live that way, and people hated it so much, they voted to create laws, regulations, government. What libertarians / anarchists / most people forget is that there are 2 governments - one elected by the citizenry to accomplish certain things, and another imposed by the oligarchy (evil ruler). We want the former, we do not want the latter.

Instead of insulting me, come up with something unique to offer. I might indeed know what is better for you than you know for yourself. That doesn't make me a dictator, it makes me more intelligent.

But I'm not interested in this negativity crap. What I offered is not even unique to the extent that I've encountered other wise people thinking the same things, before me and with me. I am just satisfied that my mind works, well. I hope to provide a positive influence on the trajectory of civilization.

Self Esteem. Apart from Greed, the more powerful motivator is Self Esteem. Not Ego, not Egoism, not Egotism, but a positive manifestation of pride in oneself. The vast majority of the material that has advanced society was not driven by greed, it was driven by a curiosity, inquiry, passion, self confidence, interest. You have a tragically warped sense of being, and if the only motivator in your life is greed, we have nothing in common with with to even engage in a dialog.


Ranger4564's picture

By the way, I meant to include that I am not trying to impose anything on anyone. The reason I raise these topics is to broaden the discussion so people can consider more ideas, see things from different points of view. I am confident in my POV, but if I was interested in imposing my views onto the populace, I would not be doing it here.

And, what I meant by I might know what's better for you, it's just a logical possibility. I am not interested in making a factual determination on whether I am smarter than someone else... it's irrelevant. I am interested in improving the lives of those who are most abused by the system.

Lastly, it's easy to dismiss me as if I'm the loser / loner / lunatic. I'm not the only one who thinks what I think. I cited 2 people most people would respect, and if they were smart, would look up and research.

Anyway, I don't really get any pleasure out of derision aimed at me or at others... in fact, I think it's an useless means of exchange. I don't take it, and I don't dish it, as much as it can be avoided.

scrappy's picture

I like your spirit and philosophy - Ranger4564


Thank you.

NoTTD's picture

Sounds like you stopped that education around grade 5 and since then got all your info from MSNBC.


You must have really enjoyed Chomsky's part.

Wen_Dat's picture

You missed the point. He's talking about who you are not what you are.

Notarocketscientist's picture

The rich are evil because they think they are BETTER than you.

And you believe that so you are STUPID.


@ Notarocketscientist.........You ARE NOT a rocket scientist. This thread is a good example of divide and conquer...left/ etc. TPTB love to see you post this stuff, keeps the attention off them. They (TPTB) did not want any part of Buckminster Fuller's inventions which would have been a huge help for the sheep BECAUSE it would have ruined their model and their model is the ONLY ONE YOU WILL EVER GET. Ranger needs to direct his ire at the .01% not just all rich folks.

TheDoc's picture

Ranger: It's comments like yours that give this site a bad name.

You have met the 'bad-person', and he is you.

Pizza man's picture

Ranger. If say moronic things, U MIGHT BE A MORON.

11b40's picture

And if you can't construct a complete sentence, you too might be a moron.


swampyankee's picture

Clearly you did not watch the film.

PT's picture

The rich guy can work as hard as he likes, as smart as he likes, and be as lucky as he wishes.  But we all know that the Monopoly game ends when all the other players run out of money.

That's not a bad comparison when you see mortgage prices on the cheapest house in the cheapest suburb approximating the minimum wage and rentals not far behind.   

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Harharhar.  Crime pays.  There is no more justice.  And now you want us to believe the most profitable activities are legal ones?  LOL