Obamacare 'Truth' (In One Cartoon)

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...this is the not the Obamacare you are looking for...



(h/t Jim Quinn's Burning Platform Sunday Funnies)


Oh and just to clarify "YOUR" misunderstanding...

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Fuck Obama and every single loser that voted for him.

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Welfare queens like the queen.

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Quaint notion in this modern secular/liberal/progressive/positivist/elitist/corporatist/banker/politician society.

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a lot of people fainted during that speech

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There were entire precincts in some states that voted 99.99% for BO, and nary a peep about possible voter fraud out of the Repubes.

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Great vid, you can even see Corzine in the background.

Free Jon Corzine!

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Yep, at 28 seconds in you can see Corzine standing there with the kind of shit eating grin Wall Streeters have when they are taking a muppet to the execution chamber.

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The one good thing to be said is that it will bring forward the economic collapse?

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"a lot of people fainted during that speech"



sheep have a tendency to faint when in the presence of a higher being e.g. a wolf


they roll onto their backs exposing their underbellies and the rest is history http://i.imgur.com/Yy7qbZT.jpg

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"Obamacare: Ongoing Disaster With No End In Sight"


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Why do some people always stand facing his back when he gives a speech? Shouldnt they be standing in front?

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They want to see that lying cocksucker crossing his fingers while he speaks...seeing his face or witnessing his lips moving is pointless.

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Obama really said "ALL YOUR PLAN ARE BELONG TO US!"

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Yeah, but did you actually "Like" your plan?  Did you go onto Facebook, find the page for your health care provider, find a description of your plan within their Facebook pages, and click on the "Like" link for that plan?  I'll bet you didn't.  Therefore, you cannot keep your plan.

I am Chumbawamba.

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That was rather a question.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Just curious Can Jonny keep his healthcare plan? Lol

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Yes indeed.  


A good frend of mine said it best: even it nobody showed up at the polls to elect Obizzle, he still would have won by a land slide.

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The Queen of the Borg Collective.

"You WILL comply!"

"Resistance is FUTILE!"

"You WILL be assimilated!"

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For an additional $199.99/mo you can add drone coverage to your Obamacares policy..........

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SO you have heard that rumor about Obama.  Obama was caught in a bare faced lie and it is bad no matter what they say. 

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Obama says: You will do it and you will like it, Komrade! IF, you should put up resistance, then we will Benghazi you, bitch!

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Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.

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In 2016, I intend to vote for the lesser of two weevils...



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No elections in '16 'cause the Gray's are going to vaporize earth in '15.

It's true. I saw it on a YouTube video about crop circles.

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What was the name of the Democratic Party playbook??? Oh, yeah, "To Serve Man."


It's a cookbook!

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Lesser of two weasels.  

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Not so sure there will be an presidential election in 2016. So far Barry has fired and replaced over 400 top Military officers with his own people. Looks like he's planning to take over!

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Seriously, are you in a coma you idtiot?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

DYODD, but its true.  Either they quit, resign, or are replaced.

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Exactly! Odumbo wants to make sure...

He has a coup-proof set of top-brass military in place...

Who will support, not only his last three years of lawlessness...

But will also welcome his declaration of martial law...

And cancellation of the 2016 eletions...

Thus ensuring they hold on to their cushy top-brass offices that much longer.

Comes the revolution...

These perfumed ass-kissing military traitors should be first against the wall!

AGuy's picture

Add this bit in:


1. Only the Dept. of Energy can move Nukes, yet these were moved on orders from the Military but handled by private or none DOE personel

2. Under Treaty with the Russians there are not suppose to be any nukes at Dyss AFB. The Base commander freaked out when he found out there were undocumented nukes at Dyss and these nukes were being moved off base without the proper paper work and didn't follow standard regulations.

3. The Top two officers that manage Nuke deployments where fired on the spot when news of the story leaked. They were replaced by Barry cronies. Perhaps they didn't want to play ball. Its possible that they were the ones that made the orders, but it seems unlikely that they would go rogue especially with nukes.

So the plan may be to detenate one or more nukes somewhere significant. use the false flag to declare the US in a state of emerency, declare Martial law and use the NDAA to seise total control. Use the military to retain control.

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i can't imagine the owners are too concerned about elections hence feel any need to cancel them.  the evidence provided by the election of the change candidate in 2008 after eight years of george w. bush followed by the republican challenge of mitt romney in 2012 don't seem to require any further modifications to the current game plan.

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Nothing gets done in military without the NCOs.

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Let me link you up with a bullet to your head liberal filth

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Those were his people. He is commander in chief after all. And there will be real (inconsequential) elections in 2016, and some jackass will win, and another jackass will lose. BFD.

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I don't think he has ANY plans to leave. Ever.

Let's wait and see.

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"Vote for a third party? Go ahead, throw your vote away."

"You have to vote for one of us." - Kang

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"Vote for a third party? Go ahead, throw your vote away."


You are throwing your vote away if you vote for the first two parties.

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I'm a broken record on this, but once again:

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." — Emma Goldman

In other words, if you want to perpetuate the statist quo, then by all means, vote.  And continue to suffer the consequences.

If you want real change, on the other hand, then make a principled nonvote, hunker down (http://readynutrition.com/resources/52-weeks-to-preparedness-an-introduc...), urge those you know to do the same, and otherwise go about your business.