FOX News Hacked: "Stuff Yo!"

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It would appear the main FOX News homepage has been hacked (most likely a DNS hack given some see no changes)... or perhaps this is what the mainstream media has become... "stuff yo!"... although the lack of slideshows and kittens suggests otherwise.


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See if you can spot the ad on the TV for 'TJ O'Handjobs'.

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Now if only these "News Organizations" would be hacked by patriots and actually transmit the TRUTH!

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Why is the date May16th 2013????? 


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...and the lack of "10 Things That..."  whatever.

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Looks like someone figured out the one weird way to overtake the intertubes.

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I thought it was always hacked.

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One way or another this is going to have an irreversible impact on the fucking financial markets. Tipping points should not be toyed with.

That is why, I am certain, it is a valuable nugget of ZH news.


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Microsoft Word. For the zombie generation.

Write letterz n shit, yo.


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The new American anthem ...... "stuff, yo!" (sponsered by VISA)

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I just gave myself a handjob..

Not gay, right?

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If it was both then you can say you were just bi-curious.

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Tell me more about Orinda Ca's new rule

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Looks like it's a "Mediaforce" advert for that injects the surfer's location into the advert text

See for a broken implementation of it.

Haven't been able to find a copy of the image so far.



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Wow, fucking elite.


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It's Fox News, it's really hard to tell what's been hacked and what's just their usual barrage of inane "BREAKING" or "URGENT!" bite-sized vomit.

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Date is from May 2013, upper left.

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Couldn't happen to a nicer collection of lying sacks of shit...

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No, the current rulers of our country get that award, "the biggest lying sacks of %$#@"

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As opposed to the other, truthful, non-agenda-driven news outlets, right?

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Wow, so they lie about infotainment now too?

Trust me when I say that even if the denizens here actually listened to factual news, they wouldn't believe it. They can't afford to let anything slip into their bubble...


Edit: Don't believe me? Run a survey here about Global Warming...

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, bitchez! 

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He got a real pretty mouth ain't he?

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I think my ZH page has been hacked! I'm getting ads for Depends, diapers for adults. Yuck. WTF?  ;-(

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That tells me you need to quit surfing porn for the elderly

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This is so Thursday, May 16, 2013...

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I hope this gets more coverage on ZH soon. 

Million Mask March: LIVE UPDATES

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Fight the fucking power bro!


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Probably more accurate than before.

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<-- Russia Today,


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Probably staged to pump sagging ratings. Anyone bothers to hack msms would promote web content that continuously exposes and debases the clowns.

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The Onion did it.

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No hack. That's the new face out of Washington D.C. for authorized journalists. Some are calling it Obama Media others Stuff Yo Media. The omission of "for" in Stuff Yo is what really makes it politically correct. Mostly government employees and people on psyche meds visit. CNN will soon be changed to CNN. I'm not sure what the new name is supposed to mean.

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When the hell does that site ever seem to NOT be hacked, especially the comment section???

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I don't see any difference.

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Jonbenet Ramsey?? What is this 1996? Didn't care then really don't care now.