Obama Disapproval Rating Nears Record High

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Just a month ago, the President and his administration gloated as Republican support plumbed new record low depths amid the shutdown debacle. Just last week, however, amid the ongoing snafu that is the Obamacare launch, the President's approval rating itself dropped to an all-time low (though the media was oddly quiet about that). This week sees another milestone on the verge of being broken as the "glitches" - both technological and physical - continue, stocks surge, and employment stagnates five years after the end of the recession... the President's disapproval rating is within 1 point of its record high.



(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

Fuck Obama! I want more stories about our real president Lloyd C. Blankfein.



And just for the record, Chinese people are afraid of the dark skins so that's a weird website. Trying to break new ground are you? Lol.


LetThemEatRand's picture

And what's Blankfein's approval rating?  And the guys he works for?  

Not even on the MSM radar by design.

Obama is just the latest puppet in a long line.  Unfortunately, his disapproval rating is just a sign that the pendulum is swinging back to the Red Team.  More of the same.

James_Cole's picture

A solid point and a half above Rob Ford, crack smoking mayor from Toronto.

knukles's picture

What the MSM doesn't say is that subsequent to the shut down, the R's polls fell.
But the Dems fell even more!
And the Tea Party fell just a tidge.

So, seems that some people is waking up around here.

Note:  I am not one of the left right red blue folk.  However in the current environment in DC it is adamantly clear that all that stands between the stinky pile of shit and Armageddon at this very moment is a recalcitrant Tea Party.  Otherwise the full bore 100% Progressive Manifest would be implemented quicker than you can say what else can we do like Obiecare?

Osmium's picture

My guess is that most of those who approve are part of the free shit army.

Deo vindice's picture

The fact there is a registerable number of voters who approve of Obama's presidency just goes to show how truly out-of-touch, corrupt or ignorant the general populace has become.

philipat's picture

The problem being that it is perilously close to a permanent majority, whereby the 44% tax donkeys pay for the 55% FSA social programmes. That is aka "The tyranny of the majority" and is why the founding Fathers created a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy.

I'm not suggesting the Repugs would be any different, just that the whole system is irreparably broken.

Truthseeker2's picture

Disaproval because people are finally figurung out that --->


Barack Hussein Obama: The Ultimate Manchurian Candidate



kralizec's picture

I've seen this shitty movie before...everytime O'Bunghole's approval rating drops he does something else spectacularly idiotic and is hailed for it and the circle-jerk continues...

Wake me up when the shootin' starts...

Boiling Frogs's picture

The crazy white guy at LAX with a black rifle and big "clips" didn't work. Time to dig up Bin Laden and kill him a third time. 

billsbest's picture

yes, those that count the shortage in this month's food stamp allotment.

The Heart's picture

"43% approve?"

Howdy hey Phil.

What many people do not want to accept, is the fact that the head puppet's approval rating is prolly half of what this says. It would be a far fetched statement to say he has even 20% approval rating, and that is going out on a limb to assume that. How many real people that voted for this lying illegal alien are very happy with that obamacare garbage that is meant to destroy the country?

This puppet is the worst American president in the history of the world. He is the most blatant scandalous liar and wicked evil communist/nazi/socialist/fascist puppet for the banksters that has ever come down the pike. He makes bush look like a candy-stripper.

The sad part is, no one can do anything about all this horrible criminality and country killing crime. Imagine growing up in a free country like America and watching these morbid cretins killing her. Imagine growing up and finding yourself in the fast forming nazi germany 2.0 on steroids. There is no planning of any kind, no saving for a rainy day, no hope at all for a future in a country run by corrupted criminals that want to kill off the entire planet's population. They are using fukushima and many other vectors of poisonous chemicals and biologicals to do it. Nothing seems to be able to stop this evil. No one really cares. They are to self-absorbed with mere survival and on the drug TV. Pray for America and her people. They are ALL on the short list for extinction.

And another thing...has anyone ever noticed that when the head puppets approval rating goes down...sheep happens! We can expect anything any day now to boost the puppets ratings. Either something wicked this ways comes, or they are so full of hubris, it is not a worry about who knows what. It is almost too late for free America and the land of the once was brave.

The time is coming soon to choose sides. You are either on the side of freedom loving Americans and America, or you are on the side of the evil globalist warmongering communist/socilist/facist/nazi criminals that are wanted by the world court for war crimes. "Choose well", said the grand old Knight.

Oldwood's picture

I agree with everything you say except for as evil as the Nazi's were they at least had a booming economy. We are just going to end up a bunch of broke_ass forth reich nazi's.

kadoka's picture

"He makes bush look like a candy-stripper."

Please help me get that image out of my head!!!!!!   I keep picturing GW doing a pole dance.

LetThemEatRand's picture

The problem I see is that the Tea Party has been usurped by the likes of Ted Cruz (married to a Goldman Sachs executive) and Rand Paul whose contributors were largely giant corporations and he seems to believe that big corporations should be given more power, not less.  If you believe as I do that global corporations and banks are the root of the problem, it's hardly comforting to see the national Tea Party candidates moving further in the direction of outright fascism.

I'm afraid that TPTB just have too much power, money and influence to ever see real change.

The Heart's picture

Looks like those anti-Americans are using that multiple down arrowing program again. Wasn't that developed by isreal? They used it a lot on the old Daily Paul site that is no longer the Daily Paul site.

nmewn's picture

"...it's hardly comforting to see the national Tea Party candidates moving further in the direction of outright fascism."

Your skirt is showing, you've gone full blown leftist propaganda.

That would imply, Obama (who you voted for) is already there.

James_Cole's picture

The tea party management are a bunch of insane fascists, some of the tea partiers seem fine, others are nuts.

nmewn's picture

Is the "Tea Party management" threatening to invade Switzerland where you live? Something you need to understand about TP, we are for the most part isolationists and don't really care for the UN either.

So you're safe, sittin over there throwing stones...from Switzerland, just stay there ;-)

James_Cole's picture

Just stating a common opinion, no need for your fight-club-official-police riot act.

The Heart's picture

"The tea party management are a bunch of insane fascists, some of the tea partiers seem fine, others are nuts."

Hey there James.

Seems like the tea party is no longer the tea party. Look how they buckled under in the debt limit fiasco/show/theater scam. Maybe they should just be called the republicans that they are or better, repuplicrats. There is no difference twixt one, or the other. They are all bought and paid for owned stooges. Anyone who denies this reality is just stupid, ignorant, in denial, or a paid scumbag slimy shill for these same criminals here for causing negativity, and havoc among the crew.

In America, the people no longer have a voice in the corrupted evil voting process. The hacked machines do. The babylonians are all puppets for the foreign rottenchilds bankster empire, and that is the plain simple truth. What many do not realize nor want to accept, is the FACT that those rottenchjilds are going to kill off all those flunky minions after they have been used up as the useful idiots they are, and after they bring down America. What can stop that? At this time, no one knows.

One day at a time...that is how fast we can live well if we ALL choose to.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"That would imply, Obama (who you voted for) is already there."

Absolutely already there.  And I've mea culpa'd more times than I can count for my vote in 2008 when I still thought he would be better than McCain.  

What really worries me is that the "outside" party is in fact the ultimate insider that doesn't even try to conceal it under the Ayn Rand banner of the productive class.

nmewn's picture

The outside party is more "outside" than even in your wildest nightmares.

Frankie Carbone's picture

How's that "two-parties, two choices" kool-aide tasting lately? Still drinking that shit? Jesus.

The first hint that you should have picked up is that the tea party is tolerated by the establishment. That should have been a huge red flag for you regarding what is known as controlled opposition.

There is no hope left in America.

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

I for one believe that each one has a 'quarter of influence', meaning they install their puppet as prez and he follows their orders, each one gets 3 months to run the world. It's a game and the ones at the top of finance run it.

At the end of the year they snap each others asses with their locker room towels and joke about the outcome.


RSloane's picture

I hold Obama just as culpable as Bush. Puppet or not, he knows exactly what he is doing and the price we are all paying for it. Neither one of them get any passes.

The Heart's picture

"Puppet or not, he knows exactly what he is doing and the price we are all paying for it."

Thanks for that RS.

The thing is, once they have signed their soul over to the wicked satanic devil rottenchid empire of dust and the money god, there is no turning back for most. A very rare few turn back into the righteous light from which they originally came. They may get some temporary gains but in the end, all will pay the piper before moving on to the next life time. Know well the Law of Cycles.

Only complete remorse and acceptance of the Christ Principle in the heart where you are, will save the eternal Soul. If one says they are spiritual, they are saying they believe in the afterlife. The Law of Cause and Effect is in full force in ALL dimensions. THAT is LAW and there is NO ESCAPE from this fact. What goes up in this 3-D dimension, must come down. It is all really very easy. You are either good, or bad in your every day words, deeds, and actions. Good ones will save you, bad ones will condemn you. Simple! It does not matter what name you give this kind of HUMAN behavior. No one is better than another, and all were created equal in the Creator's view. The one major thing ALL RELIGIONS have in common, is to maintain and practice the higher values of humanity. The Great Tree of religions has many, many branches, and all know what is good, and what is bad. What is moralistic, and what is not. There is NO middle ground, no gray areas to escape to, and self-created illusions are for kids.

That permanent salvation speaks more to the next life time every soul on board will eventually get to. Even the rottenchids and rockyfellers will see the day at the scales. No one is greater than another. All will reap what you sow and for these criminals, there will be NO ESCAPE from Karmic universal justice. There are greater forces at WORK, than most will ever know about. After those evil satanic criminals pass on from this lifetime, the scales will not be kind to ALL of the evil babylonians at all. Sad that they all find out too late, even after being warned of what will come.


MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Religion is probably the most wicked and filthy poison ever invented.

Bro of the Sorrowful Figure's picture

agreed, but youre too depressing so im going to downvote you.

Freddie's picture

Obama and the Clinton's machine stole VA tonight. McAuliffe is as crooked as Corzine.

Terminus C's picture

What the fuck is wrong with the other 50%?

Suisse's picture

Obama gives them "free" things. 

Jena's picture

"Obama gives them "free" things"


People sell out far too cheaply.

Skateboarder's picture

Haha taking free shit is barely selling out. A persian friend's folks were telling me about how they heard that in Iran, people are getting temporary marriages lol. "It's like prostitution," he says. One hour, one day, one year, don't matter. Or maybe I misjudge the intent which could be based entirely on circumventing beauraucratic bullfeathers.

Jena's picture

Nah, I get grumpy on election days.  I listen to the coverage and the talking heads about why women voted for various candidates and it is depressing.

Skateboarder's picture

Women are more attuned to perceiving falseties of the presentation of reality, i.e. conspiracy. Why they go out and vote for these douchebags, I have no idea. It might be the whole asshole in a suit thing.

Harbanger's picture

"Women are more attuned to perceiving falseties of the presentation of reality"

Really?  The entire false suit system is built around BS that chicks accept as reality. Rethink that, because the entire "perception" of what is true is in question.

Skateboarder's picture

Women were forced to accept the BS the second they lost the upper hand in species dominance. Goddess cultures were the first ones - fertility was of utmost importance.

Or maybe I give them more credit cuz I like females. =P

Harbanger's picture

"Or maybe I give them more credit cuz I like females. =P"

Good answer.  The marketeers (or smart n savy, as some may say) will play your nature till the end of the illusion.

Jena's picture

I think it's largely the free shit that women want and don't want taken away.  Pretty simple.  Sad as that makes me about women in general, there's a reason that I feel I don't understand or relate to them very well.

Harbanger's picture

You sound like a real woman to me.  There's no stopping us woman.

Emergency Ward's picture

Though he's rotten to the core,

I will vote the filthy whore.

I am woman hear me roar.

Women's rights are to the fore.

Don't confuse me with the war.

Fuck all the dead, just give me more.




Yardfarmer's picture

whaaaaa? silly ass american bitches put this little cluck head homo in the drivers seat.

Wahooo's picture

Huh? The women I work with are like robots.

Harbanger's picture

Yes ma'am.  Born within us is liberty and the power to create our destiny.  May the Lord deliver us from evil and temptation.

nmewn's picture

If you like your president, you can keep your president ;-)

knukles's picture

And if you don't, just stick it up your ass.