Car-B-Q Part III: Tesla Flames Out Premarket On Reports Of Another Car Fire

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One momo company that will almost certainly miss out on all of today's Twitter/ECB induced BTFATH-euphoria, is Tesla which is down 3% premarket at last check for one simple reason: the one shown on the photo below. This is the third reported car fire in the past month. So much for that "best safety rating of any car ever tested" - perhaps it really is time to inquire just what the NHTSA kickbacks were in order to go with that "objective" determination?

Source: Teslamotorsclub

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Buy the dip I will.

Thanks for the heads up. Go Greenies!

I'll pick that one up at


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The NSA Tesla version sets itself on fire if you exceed the speed limit and holds you until the cops can get there.

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I'll take it. I'll cruise the airport circle looking for a TSA 'friendly' in the crosswalk and squish him into the back of a bus. Tesla style. The fire will destroy all evidence so FBI will have notin' on me! Except my bitcoins.


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Opt for the court ordered anal probe option. It's a little pricey....but it's the best 8 hours of you're not officially arrested life you'll ever have.

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I hear the NSA have them installed in the heated seats front and rear.

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C'mon gubermint, let's fund them hyperlupes - free rides on rainy days!

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Interesting comments on this by Peter De Lorenzo, a retired industry veteran, on his website Second half of the page:

"What I’ve found out about the Tesla is this: There is a reason for fires upon impact with the Model S and it has nothing to do with the batteries themselves but how the batteries are – or are not, as the case may be - protected in the vehicle.

We all know Elon is a genius and that Tesla is the miracle of the new automotive world, but the fact remains that the miracle workers at Tesla skipped a step. It’s something that GM – you know, that tired old rust-belt auto company from a bygone era – learned while developing the Volt. The GM engineering team zeroed in on a critical area of concern with the Volt’s batteries when it came to protecting them upon impact, something like, “Gee, if someone were to really crash one of these things there could be a problem with the batteries, so, we better do something about it.” So the GM development team triple-wrapped the Volt battery pack to reduce the chance of “piercing” during accidents.

And guess what? The “piercing” of the batteries is exactly what caused the two post-crash fires in the Model S. Why? The Tesla development team chose to single-wrap the Tesla batteries, thus leaving the batteries less protected and more exposed during incidents, which is a giant heaping, steaming bowl of Not Good, when it comes right down to it."

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I mean WTf is with this?   This is typical nor cal silicon valley BS.  We are so much smarter than all of you.  Yeah at being whores who sell out to the spy agencies to spy on everyone.  We come up with the best IPO scams.

We make the best cars that catch on fire and scam solar companies to rip off taxpayers.

You would think Elon would have spent $2 a vehicle for a little plastic and bubble wrap.  What a moron.

Just like Ford who saved $3 on a Pinto to avoid a cheap peiece of plastic shield to protect the gas tank.  Elon Musk is an idiot and the people who fawn over him are even bigger idiots.

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Is this the Big 3 buying Tesla cars and lighting them on fire? Wouldn't put it past them.

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no, this is Tesla lighting itself on fire.

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I wonder if they're beginning to regret sourcing their batteries from Boeing.

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need a fire insurance combine sale with Tesla. (110% full coverage to estimate human body price)

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If you were to point out that a GM and Telsa fight would be yet another example of inter-agency governmental fighting, like that between the FBI and CIA it might make sense.

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<--- Elon Musk = Insane genius

<--- Elon Musk = total douchebag & friend of Obama

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I wonder if Elon will drive one down to the bankruptcy court when Tesla files

chapter 7.

A well worn and travelled route in history for electric vehicle ' innovators'.

The real Tesla couldn't crack the battery problem ,and Elon ain't no Tesla.

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Are the batteries even stored up there in the front of the car where it looks like the fire was?

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I remember reading an article that stated the battery resides in a compartment near the front passeger side of the car.

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Not to worry.  Tesla is the safest car in this world when not on fire.

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Pretty soon Tesla will start running ads that look like pharmaceutical ads.  The first 15 seconds will tell you about what a great car it is.  The next 45 seconds will consist of warnings and disclaimers.  "If you feel your flesh melting away while using Tesla, discontinue use immediately and see your fireman.  Tesla may cause unexpected skin blistering.  If you are allergic to smoke, talk to your doctor before chosing Tesla...."

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I'm sure they're working on hiding it in the fine print of the car sale/lease.

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eh, wake me when the engine is 80 yards behind the car.

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It's a Tesla dude.  No Engine.  

Just batteries, electric motors and unicorn farts for the 1%.

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Classic line from the kid who shot the first video in his Wash state accent:

"Oh dude it's a Tesla!"


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I love the smell of Tesla in the morning...

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"The Model S lithium-ion battery did not catch fire at any time before, during or after the NHTSA testing. It is worth mentioning that no production Tesla lithium-ion battery has ever caught fire in the Model S or Roadster, despite several high speed impacts. While this is statistically unlikely to remain the case long term, Tesla is unaware of any Model S or Roadster occupant fatalities in any car ever."  


Seems that there are a bunch of caveots.  I wonder if they will offer double indemnity in case of fire.

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When the test batteries are produced, it is under pristine conditions.  What they sent to the NHTSA were batteries produced under pristine conditions. I also wonder if the NHTSA has protocols for testing these batteries that are sufficient (including stress testing).

Lab produced batteries vs. assembly line batteries. Which do you think best reflects the performance of the vehicles being sold?

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Someone should have a an indep testing lab crash one.  I am getting a feeling the NHTSA crash test was bullshit because Elon/Tesla are a friend of O.   All these O loving companies get ramp up by algo/HFT trading to pump the stocks.

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Maybe Tesla will have a fire sale to bring back customers?

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That has to do something to the insurance rates I would assume....a little crash and your car gets totaled....can´t rebuild melted plastic...

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Don't Worry Elon will explain that a piece of moon debris the size of mars, hit the underside of the car, and punched a black hole in the battary shield. This rare event caused a fire which the occupant walked away from. If this happened to a normal car the moon debris would have squashed the car, before casusing it to explode, killing all the occupants including Jack the collie dog.

The offending Debris is now back at Tesla, and we ain't going to let anyone see it...

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Car B Q.... I think that is so funny. Damn why didn't I think of that!

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Soon they'll be including NOMEX suits as an option.

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Give me a fucking break ZH. I'm getting tired of this hyberbolic reporting on electric cars and then the next post is how we are gonna run out of oil and everyone will have to bike/walk everywhere. I drive a Leaf, and I will never go back to an ICE, its quieter, smoother, no maintenance and it is 1/10 of the fuel cost. When you drive an ICE car, you're effectively sitting on a bomb; its just the nature of dense energy storage, it is inherently dangerous.

Stop being so petty ZH, its becoming boring. If you want to ding TSLA, its the stock that has a problem, not the company.

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" its the stock that has a problem, not the company. "

So you mean the guy was driving around with a bunch of TSLA stock certificates in the glove box and they instantaneously combusted?

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I suspect that because TSLA is one of the overpriced, overhyped MOMOs of the year, Tyler loves to take a jab at it. My point is I came to ZH back in the day because I was looking for insightful analysis. This is article (with increasing frequency it seems like) are the opposite of Yahoo Finance 'buy TSLA at any price' articles, a 'sell everything at any price (except gold)', but its the same kind of stupid. I had come to expect a higher standard from ZH.

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"My point is I came to ZH back in the day because I was looking for insightful analysis."


Then why don't you just cancel your subscription?

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I hear there's a full money back guarantee!

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Tesla engineer Bill Underwood quit because Tesla wanted him to sign off on unsafe electrical. You going to blame ZH for that too?

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No ones being petty.

I dont hear of fires with the Nissan Leaf, the Mistubishi i MieV or other economical plug in electrics which run on dirty coal.

Just Telsa and the billions of taxpayer dollars they received to make a car for the 1%.



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I bike to work already! because Gas is too damn expensive. Driving in Europe has become almost a luxury.

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Rate X Kwh. per charge = ?

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My marginal rate for electric is 5.5 cents/kWh and I get 4 miles/kWh, $0.01375/mi on electric. With ICE, I was getting 28 mpg at $4 gallon, $0.143/mi.

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I really have no clue and am looking for accurate information...what is the frequency and cost of battery change outs?

malek's picture

Nice trolling.

it is 1/10 of the fuel cost  because you suckers pay for the electricity subsidies that make recharging my figLeaf so cheap!

the nature of dense energy storage  see the energy storage of my batteries is much less dense, and I declare this problem to be a feature! I also will never ever want to drive further than 50 miles away from my home.

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Looks like the Tesla engineers took the brief too seriously...

Tired of your Barbecue? Use a Tesla Coil!

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Behind the scenes of the Tesla teleportation research.


Not quite perfected...but they're working on it.

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Meh, I'll reserve judgement at this point.   The spotlight is on the company, like a lamborghini catching fire gets lots of media attention.


Here are some recent car fire stats:


Car fires are 14% of fire dept fire responses nationally.   That is alot of car fires.  

You gotta love Elon.  He is a true entrepreneurial maverick who gets things done.  He puts his entire fortune on the line.   He has a level of honesty and integrity unseen in todays CEO's.   He is a national treasure.   

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You can remove Elon's dick from you mouth any time now.

I cant wait to give Elon some of my taxpayer dollars to develop the Hyperloop. An idea introduced in 1956.  Mass transit for the 1%.


Common_Cents22's picture

so let me get this straight.  If there were federal financial incentives for your business, YOU WOULDN"T TAKE THEM???


I agree there shouldnt be taxpayer funded BS, but as a business owner, you'd be a FOOL not to take them if they were available.

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> Car fires are 14% of fire dept fire responses nationally. That is alot of car fires.

Because 14% is a lot? 14% of how much?
Or because firemen like to go out for anything to justify their existence.

> You gotta love Elon. He is a true entrepreneurial maverick who gets things done.

Like Obama, he's really good at destroying taxpayer money.