Guest Post: Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War?

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

In 2009, Jim Rickards, a lawyer, investment banker and adviser on capital markets to the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, participated in a secret war game sponsored by the Pentagon at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). The game’s objective was to simulate and explore the potential outcomes and effects of a global financial war. At the end of the war game, the Pentagon concluded that the U.S. dollar was at extreme risk of devaluation and collapse in the near term, triggered either by a default of the U.S. Treasury and the dumping of bonds by foreign investors or by hyperinflation by the private Federal Reserve.

These revelations, later exposed by Rickards, were interesting not because they were “new” or “shocking.” Rather, they were interesting because many of us in the field of alternative economics had ALREADY predicted the same outcome for the American financial system years before the APL decided to entertain the notion. At least, that is what the public record indicates.

The idea that our government has indeed run economic collapse scenarios, found the United States in mortal danger, and done absolutely nothing to fix the problem is bad enough. I have my doubts, however, that the Pentagon or partnered private think tanks like the RAND Corporation did not run scenarios on dollar collapse long before 2009. In fact, I believe there is much evidence to suggest that the military industrial complex has not only been aware of the fiscal weaknesses of the U.S. system for decades, but they have also been actively engaged in exploiting those weaknesses in order to manipulate the American public with fears of cultural catastrophe.

History teaches us that most economic crisis events are followed or preceded immediately by international or domestic conflict. War is the looming shadow behind nearly all fiscal disasters. I suspect that numerous corporate think tanks and the Department Of Defense are perfectly aware of this relationship and have war gamed such events as well. Internal strife and civil war are often natural side effects of economic despair within any population.

Has a second civil war been “gamed” by our government? And are Americans being swindled into fighting and killing each other while the banksters who created the mess observe at their leisure, waiting until the dust settles to return to the scene and collect their prize? Here are some examples of how both sides of the false left/right paradigm are being goaded into turning on each other.

Conservatives: Taunting The Resting Lion

Conservatives, especially Constitutional conservatives, are the warrior class of American society. The average conservative is far more likely to own a firearm, have extensive tactical training with that firearm, have military experience and have less psychological fear of conflict; and he is more apt to take independent physical action in the face of an immediate threat. Constitutional conservatives are also more likely to fight based on principal and heritage, rather than personal gain, and less likely to get wrapped up in the madness of mob activity.

What’s the greatest weakness of conservatives? It’s their tendency to entertain leadership by men who claim exceptional warrior status, even if those men are not necessarily honorable.

Constitutional conservatives are the most substantial existing threat to the establishment hierarchy because, unlike dissenting groups of the past, we know exactly who the guiding hand is behind economic and social calamity. In response, the overall conservative culture has come under relentless attack by the establishment using the Administration of Barack Obama as a middleman. The goal, I believe, is to misdirect conservative rage toward the Democratic left and away from the elites. The actions of the White House have become so absurd and so openly hostile as of late that I can only surmise that this is a deliberate strategy to lure conservatives into ill-conceived retaliation against a puppet government, rather than the men behind the curtain.

Department of Defense propaganda briefings with military personnel have been exposed. These briefings train current serving soldiers to view Tea Party conservatives and even Christian organizations as “dangerous extremists.” Reports from sources within Fort Hood and Fort Shelby confirm this trend.

The DOD has denied some of the allegations or claimed that it has “corrected” the problem; however, Judicial Watch has obtained official training documents through a Freedom of Information Act request that affirm that extremist profiling is an integral part of these military briefings. The documents also cite none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a primary resource for the training classes. The SPLC is nothing more than an outsourced propaganda wing for the DHS that attacks Constitutional organizations and associates them with terrorist and racist groups on a regular basis. (Check pages 32-33.)

This indoctrination program has accelerated since January 2013, after Professor Arie Perliger, a member of a West Point think tank called Combating Terrorism Center (and according to the sparse biographical information available, a man with NO previous U.S. military experience), published and circulated a report called “Challengers From The Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far Right” at West Point. The report classified “far right extremists” as “domestic enemies” who commonly “espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government , believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional right."  The profile goes on to list supporting belief in "civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government” as the dastardly traits of evil extremists.

Soldiers have been told that associating with “far right extremist groups” could be used as grounds for court-martial. A general purge of associated symbolism has ensued, including new orders handed down to Navy SEALs that demand that operators remove the “Don’t Tread On Me” Navy Jack patch from their uniforms.

The indoctrination of the military also follows on the heels of a massive media campaign to demonize Constitutional conservatives who fought against Obamacare in the latest debt ceiling debate as “domestic enemies” and “terrorists.” I documented this in my recent article “Are Constitutional Conservatives Really the Boogeyman?”

Obama and his ilk have been caught red-handed in numerous conspiracies, including Fast and Furious, which shipped American arms through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. And how about the exposure of the IRS using its bureaucracy as a weapon to harass Tea Party organizations and activists? And what about Benghazi, Libya, the terrorist attack that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton allowed to happen, if they didn’t directly order it to happen? And let’s not forget about the Edward Snowden revelations, which finally made Americans understand that mass surveillance of our population is a constant reality.

To add icing to the cake, a new book called Double Down, which chronicles the Obama campaign of 2012, quotes personal aides to the President who relate that Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, when discussing his use of drone strikes, bragged that he was “really good at killing people.”

Now, my question is, why would the Obama Administration make so many “mistakes,” attack conservatives with such a lack of subtlety, and attempt to openly propagandize rank-and-file soldiers, many of whom identify with conservative values? Is it all just insane hubris, or is he serving his handlers by trying to purposely create a volatile response?

Liberals: Taking Away The Cookie Jar

Many on the so-called “left” are socially oriented and find solace in the functions of the group, rather than individualism. They seek safety in administration, centralization and government welfare. Wealth is frowned upon, while “redistribution” of wealth is cheered. They see government as necessary to the daily survival of the nation, and they work to expand Federal influence into all facets of life. Some liberals do this out of a desire to elevate the poverty-stricken and ensure certain educational standards. However, they tend to ignore the homogenizing effect this strategy has on society, making everyone equally destitute and equally stupid. Their faith in government subsidies also makes them vulnerable to funding cuts and reductions in entitlements. The left normally fights only when their standard of living and comfort to which they have grown accustomed plummets below a certain threshold, and mob methods are usually their fallback form of retaliation.

Austerity cuts, which the mainstream media calls the “sequester,” are beginning to take effect. But, they are being applied in areas that are clearly meant to create the most public anger. Reductions in welfare programs are also being implemented in a way that will certainly agitate average left-leaning citizens. The debt debate itself revolved around those who want the government to spend within its means versus those who want the government to spend even more on welfare programs no matter the consequence. The loss of subsidies is at bottom the greatest fear of the left.

A sudden and inexplicable shutdown of electronic benefit transfer cards (EBT cards or food stamps) occurred in more than 17 States while the debt debate just happened to be climaxing. This month, cuts to existing food stamp funds have taken effect, and food pantries across the country are scrambling against a sharp spike in demand.

Remember, about 50 million Americans are currently dependent on EBT welfare in order to feed themselves and their families. The response to the relatively short EBT shutdown last month was outright fury. Imagine the response in the event of a long-term shutdown, or if extraneous cuts were to occur? And where would that anger be directed? Since the entire debt debacle has been blamed on the Tea Party, I suspect conservatives will be the main target of welfare mobs.

The left, once just as opposed to government stimulus and banker bailouts as the right, is now unwittingly throwing its support behind infinite stimulus in order to cement the continued existence of precious Federal handouts. The issue of Obamacare has utterly blinded liberals to fiscal responsibility. Universal healthcare, perhaps the ultimate Federal handout, is a prize too titillating for them to ignore. Democrats will now go to incredible lengths to defend the Obama White House regardless of past crimes.

They are willing to ignore his offenses against the 4th Amendment and personal privacy. They are willing to look past his offenses against the 1st Amendment, including the Constitutional right to trial by jury for all Americans, and Obama’s secret war against the free speech of whistle-blowers. They are willing to shrug off his endless warmongering in the Mideast, his attempts to foment new war in Syria and Iran, and his support for predator drone strikes in sovereign nations causing severe civilian collateral damage. They are willing to forget Snowden, mass surveillance and executive assassination lists — all for Obamacare.

And the saddest thing of all? It is likely that Obamacare was never meant to be successful in the first place.

Does anyone really believe that the White House, with billions of dollars at its disposal, could not get a website off the ground if it really wanted to? Does anyone really believe that Obama would launch the crowning jewel of his Presidency without making certain that it was fully operational, unless this was part of a greater scheme?  And how about his promise that pre-existing health care plans would not be destroyed by Obamacare mandates?  Over 900,000 people in the state of California alone are about to lose their health care insurance due to the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Why would Obama go back on such a vital pledge unless he WANTED to piss off constituents?

Already, liberal websites and forums across the blogosphere are abuzz with talk of sabotage of the Obamacare website by “the radical right” and the diabolical Koch Brothers (liberals had no idea who they were a year ago, but now, they the go to scapegoat for everything). Once again, conservatives are presented as the culprits behind all the left’s troubles.

As I have stated in the past, Obamacare is designed to fail. The government has no capacity to fund it, and never will. Its only conceivable purpose is to further divide the country and excite both sides of the false paradigm into attacking each other as the reason the system is failing, when both sides should be questioning whether the current system should exist at all.

As the situation stands today, at least 50 million welfare recipients and who knows how many others exist as a resource pool for the establishment to be used to wreak havoc on the rest of us. All they have to do is take away the cookie jar.

Who Would Win?

Who would prevail in a second American civil war? Tactically speaking, conservatives have the upper hand and are far better prepared. Food rioters wouldn’t last beyond three to six weeks as starvation takes its toll, and mindless mobs would not last long against seasoned riflemen. The military, though suffering purges by the White House, still contains numerous conservatives within its ranks. Outside influences, including NATO or the United Nations, are a possibility. There are numerous factors to consider. But I would point out that the most dangerous adversary Constitutional conservatives face is not the left, Obama, or a Federal government gone rogue. Rather, our greatest adversary is ourselves.

If lured into a left/right civil war, would most conservatives be able to see beyond the veil and recognize that the fight is not about Obama, or the Left, or tyrannical government alone? Could we be co-opted by devious influences disguised as friends and compatriots? Will we end up following neocon salesmen and military elites who materialize out of the woodwork at the last minute to "lead us to victory" while actually leading us towards globalization with a slightly different face?

If a civil conflict has been war gamed by the establishment, you can bet they have contingency plans regardless of which side attains the upper hand. In the end, if we do not make the fight about the bankers and globalists, the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the Council On Foreign Relations, etc., then everyone loses. Who wins in a new American civil war? If we become blinded by the trespasses of a certain White House jester, only the globalists will win.

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Rehab Willie's picture

DHS is way ahead of you

PLira's picture

DHS ain't shit. Yeah, 30 to 1 they rock but if this lights off nationally, they're fucked.

They will be overwhelmed in the cities, which is why it's not a good idea to be there. They overall are out-gunned and out-manned nationally.

Should they chose to expand from the cities, where most the sheep live, to the rural areas they will meet determined resistance, from what I've heard on the interwebs and prep expos. Do you realize how fast a city or area can be de electrified by simple bullets into a substation;s transformers? It happened just recently in the Midwest. I'm of the thinking that it was a test, which worked well. Still no perps fingered. All the propagandist TV turned off.

Can't go any further, but just know that there are lots of pissed off liberty minded peeps outside the cities who will step up, even though they would rather not. Some militias have even gone so far as to get lists of LEO's, Fed employees and judges home addresses, from what I've heard.

Overall, DHS is a puny force against collective anger of those who aren't sheeple. That anger grows every day. Obama knew this was coming which is why he has more than 72 categories of domestic terrorists which include, constitutionalists. He wants this to happen, imho


So What's picture

Conservative Constitutionalists? what a joke. FYI They're christian zionists. Want them to shut up? just do a false flag and pin it on the Al Ciaqada. LOL.

chumbawamba's picture

Dear Father in Heaven:

If it be Your will that man once again descend into chaos, we pray that You give Your people the wisdom to know those things to know when it is time to know them.  You know of what I speak, Father.

In Yahshua's name we pray.

New World Chaos's picture

Amen.  This decade will be interesting times.  A time of degradation, delusions, false flags, madness of the fear-driven mob.   False prophets will turn even the wisest into useful idiots, but "Ye shall know them by their fruits".  May good people finally have the wisdom to see through the BS and distinguish allies from enemies.



Blessed are the Bums, for they do not feed the Beast.

Blessed are the Weed Growers, for they inspire others to not feed the Beast.

Blessed are the Survivalists, for they will inherit the Earth.

Blessed are they who hunger for the Great Reset, for every day they are denied, the Reset will be more fierce.

Blessed are they who overturn the tables of the bankers, for they channel Yahshua.

Blessed are the Acidheads, for they will see God.

Blessed are the Rednecks, for they will Get Shit Done.

Blessed are the Crazies, for only they know the Truth.

ManWithaPlan's picture

Wooo, blessed 7 times! Now if I could just find...

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Who's Yahshua, that's a new one.

For all the christians does it even matter that the earth decends into chaos and they die as this just hastens the arrival in heaven and eternal life. This whole praying and christian thing just never adds up. Why pray at all, what's it matter what happens on earth, when compared to an eternal afterlife. Surely these meager 80 years on earth are hardly worth even discussing. All you need to do, surely, is quitely be a true believer in christ and you'll be saved. Everything else is fluff isn't it.

Watauga's picture

Prayer matters in that through prayer one usually places oneself, as the miserable sinner he is, humbly before God, sking for forgiveness for his sins and asking God that HIS WILL be done.  THAT is really what prayer is all about--rejecting our nature as sinful, prideful, self-centered men and becoming the liberated from sin through the Will of God.  We are Sisyphus.  But is is ludicrous to believe that Sisyphus honestly prefers is eternal fate.  Our only hope of escaping that Hell is Jesus Christ.  So, Christians ask God that His Will be done so that they may be saved through Christ.  Prayer is the means by which they do this.  Prayer is the means by which they place themselves, if they are truly blessed through the Grace of God in the Holy Spirit, in a proper relationship with God.  Interestingly, in the Protestant churches, prayer is not a means of Grace (i.e., it is not a sacrament).  But sometimes I wonder. . .

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Um, actually it was a bit of a rhetorical question to be honest. If god does exist I'd like to punch the asshole in the face for allowing the untold suffering of innocents, man, women, child and animal. All Christians have an epic case of Stockholm syndrome. You only need one prayer, EVER. Dear god, please stop the horrible suffering of innocents, you fuck.

UpAndComing's picture

Well...if you read the Enlgish version of the wouldn't have any idea of what said letters mean. Then again...the way that religion is presented in the US, you'd think it was written in English all along. Heaven forbid you ever mention that the bible was written in Hebrew ( and Aramaic...which may look almost the same to the naked eye).

Without getting into a long tangent rant on Abraham...the posterboy jew and, curiously, the model muslim...seeing as how the city of Abraham is prayed to 5 times a day all over the goes:

YHWH ( aka Yeshua, Yashua, Yahway) is a proper noun referring to the God of Israel ( aka...the dude running shit). It is often translated "LORD" (with either all caps or with small caps to keep it distinct from occurrences of "adonai"). Elohim is the generic term for god or gods that only later became a proper name.

So...if you're reading the English'd be seeing it as LORD.


PLira's picture

Yeah, I guess you're right. Stupid Bastards would rather die fighting than bend knee and die in chains.

SWRichmond's picture

Who wins in a new American civil war?

Army of one.  Has anyone besides me noticed they're not running that ad anymore?

Uncle Remus's picture

Maybe, but the Marines are hustling a different brand of recruit touting "Hispanic values" as opposed to "American values".

What's next, a Mexican flag patch?

ISEEIT's picture

You apparently enjoy advertising your ignorance of "Christianity" in much the same way as krugman expresses his 'wisdom' of economics?

Taking positions contrary to what you have no accurate conception of isn't particularly intelligent.

It is human though so I do 'get it'.

Blano's picture

Boy are you clueless.  Plenty of conservatives are aware there is a greater enemy than AQ.

ISEEIT's picture

Sounds 'kewl' but it ain't gunna be.

'They' already know where most of these enemy combatants/insurgents/rebels/terrorist live. They have this shit planned to a tee, and you nor anyone else outside of the regime actually knows the battle plan.

What you can safely assume is that the bozo asshats playing the 'politician' role are NOT representative of the level of sophistication their masters are equipped with. 'People' like "Barry Soetoro" are simply long groomed apparatchiks of a much more insidious 'war'.

To think that the planners of that which has delivered 'America', and indeed the world from where it was as few as 20 years ago to where it is today are going to be simply defeated by a handful of well meaning but mostly dumb as fuck 'patriots' is silly.

Just sayin'.

Future Jim's picture

Nailed it.

DHS also doesn't care about the people killing eachother. They will just go directly after their targets. They are more likely to shoot those who ask for help than to help them.

The evidence is now overwhelming that the puppetmasters behind DHS are trying to provoke an armed conflict with the American people.

New World Chaos's picture

They are trying to provoke it before hyperinflation hits.  Mustn't fall for it.  It will be much easier for patriots to win if the cops and bureaucrats can't be sure that they will be paid for their souls.  The puppetmasters also hope to smear the patriots as having lost the moral high ground by shooting first.  So patriots will have to wait until the government does something so monstrous (Tiennamen or worse) that even their thickest Dudley Do-Right minions can see that they have chosen the wrong side.  Disloyalty within the system will cause chaos.  The best laid battle plans will be out the window.  In an attempt to avoid this, they will have to use widespread police state tactics on their own minions just to keep them in line.  That is when we will know their days are numbered.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

How many other accounts do you upvote yourself with?

Future Jim's picture

They are not dumb - just naive.

Watauga's picture

Why, I wonder, does this have only 6 green "up" arrows and 12 red "down" arrows?  Can those who gave it the red "down" arrows explain exactly why they did that? 

Nick Jihad's picture

I downvoted it because it promotes the meme of an omnicompentent fedgov, using conspiracy theory to dismiss the overwhelming evidence of fedgov incompetence that we all experience in our daily lives.

johnQpublic's picture

there will be no civil war

silly to even believe its a possibility

the day i walk down the street to see a tv at the curb in front of every house on garbage day i will believe its a possibility

til then i'll be couching it watching always sunny in philadelphia reruns

Uncle Remus's picture

Not the brightest bulb in the box. You don't advertise non-compliance.

bigrooster's picture

Fuck you all I am on team harkonnen!

Keyser's picture

Best beware the gom jabar from the Atreides abomination. 


doctor10's picture

of course.  When they manage to blow out the petro-dollar the DC inside the beltway crowd doesn't plan to sit around and wait for the natives and pitchforks to show up.

That's what "Homeland Security" is all about in the end--DC will be a ringed fortress. DHS

hankwil74's picture

Right.  Because a gov't agency could never in a million years fuck something up.  Obama must have wanted Obamacare to fail!

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

I think they wanted obamacare to fail, but I don't think they were expecting it to fail so catastrophically right out of the gate. The problem with installing a Marxist puppet from Chicago is that, unlike soviet Marxists, who were at least intelligent and well-organized, the Chicago-style thugs can't tie their own shoelaces.

It seems clear to me that Obama and his handlers are definitely trying provoke conservatives, but I think it's more likely they want to flood the country with UN troops, and use them to wipe out conservative Americans for good, rather than simply turn this into a makers vs. takers civil war.

LetThemEatRand's picture

The author makes an excellent point.  A private corporation designed the website.  Designed it to fail.  There is no other logical explanation.  Incompetence doesn't explain this anymore than the Fed is incompetent.  The Fed prints money to line the pockets of their owners, the oligarchs offshore and gut the middle class, and then the debate rages on in MSM whether they are incompetent or have the "wrong" economic theory.  The top .01% are gaining more power and control daily by these "mistakes."

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You clearly have never been involved in software development. Just because a private corporation was involved, doesn't mean that it was magically going to work unless sabotaged.

Software development is HARD WORK, and prone to failure even under the best circumstances. Given that Obama cronies were directly involved, this looks more like sheer incompetence.

Keyser's picture

The worst bugs in the latest release of a software system will not be discovered until 5 minutes after it has been pushed to production. Regardless of how much it was tested.

Given the budget and timeline for implementing the ACA site, one can only deduce that failure was the objective. It's not freakin' rocket science. I mean, how sophisticated does it have to be to handle 6 users at a time... /jk




Zero Point's picture

Yuh, and EBT going down right during a .gov shutdown media blitz was just incompetence too.

Very, very well timed incompetence.


nc551's picture

For $630 million my tech company could have built the site and still bought a year supply of food for 500,000 people, and retired rich.

Harbanger's picture

 "A private corporation designed the website.  Designed it to fail.  There is no other logical explanation."

I have another logical explanation.  The CEO of the Corporation who designed the website, just happens to be Michele Obama's Princeton classmate, who was awarded the no-bid contract.

LetThemEatRand's picture

She's a senior Vice President, not CEO (ask Rush to fact check next time).  But either way you're totally missing the point for the reasons explained by the author.

Of course the company chosen was crony.  Only a crony company would deliberately design a failed website.

Halliburton won a shit ton of contracts under Bush/Cheney.  Does that make them incompetent?  

Check out the parent company of CGI Federal (the one who Michelle's friend works for).  Do they look like a shabby outfit to you, or a typical globalist fascist dream.


rubiconsolutions's picture

"Halliburton won a shit ton of contracts under Bush/Cheney. Does that make them incompetent?" 

Uh, yes - Some might even call them criminal.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Incompetence is not the same thing as not giving a shit.

Keyser's picture

Kind of hard NOT to win a no-bid contract. 


Urban Redneck's picture

Just like the Obamcare website was a no-bid contract.

Government bidding processes are corrupt and largely geared towards SHEEPLE/NGO optics the world over.

If I design a program for a government, and I want to be awarded the contract by an open tender process- I WILL get it, and all the holier-than-thou-do-gooders will be sucking my dick in thanks for the open, transparent and impartial award process... and the tender process will actually be open, transparent and impartial.

The joke of an HHS/CMS bidding process (which they then completely ignored or failed to actually implement) was amateur hour Chicago Alderman/Valerie Jarret/$5 Crack-Whore sophistication.

The Halliburton deal was unseemly, but the "no-bid" aspect isn't any a big deal except to RED/BLUE SHYSTERS looking for to score political points with other RETARDS who think that putting it out to bid would have ANY difference (other than allowing Halliburton to bid EVEN MORE...

If Halliburton had won a contract for the Obamacare website, while it would be less than Obama promised the people, and barely within the parameters of the contract between Halliburton and HHS/CMS but it would have been able to successfully process more than 6 application on the first day.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You are making a heroic assumption here. The Obama administration is equal parts venality and incompetence. I think you might be confusing the incompetent part with the venal part.

Remember Valerie Jarretts watchwords: " we reward our friends, and we punish our enemies." It's pretty clear in this case they were rewarding their friends. I don't think they are clever enough to combine the rewarding with the punishing. They tend to prefer outright thuggery when doing the punishing.

But hey-- I suppose you could be right. I just think you might be giving them a little too much credit here.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Many of Bush's "errors" were also blamed on his "ah shucks" incompetence, too.  Don't be fooled again.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Bush and Obama are very different. Bush looks like a fucking genius compared to Obama.

This is coming from someone who did not like Bush.

LetThemEatRand's picture

They both look like useful idiots to me.

Keyser's picture

Odd, because their public personas reflect the exact opposite. GWB was painful to watch when in front of the public, coming off like a complete boob. While Obama comes off very slick and polished, but we know he is nothing but a stuffed shirt. Meh, they are both turds in my book. GWB for being an incompetent puppet to the MIC and Obama for being a lackey to the bankers and insurance companies. 


runningman18's picture

It's not about the Obama Administration and never has been.  Obama is a middle man for the banking elites just like Bush was.  They are psychotic, and immoral, but certainly not incompetent.

philipat's picture

I think they want Obamacare to fail because the REAL goal is a single-payer system which would put Government in control of about 65% of GDP. That is slightly more than France.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Harry Reid has said,flat out, that the ultimate goal is single payer. Obama is on the record supporting single payer. There isn't a smokescreen here, it's right out in the open.