Obama: "I Am Sorry" Americans Will Lose Their Existing Health Plan Because Of Obamacare

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Remember all those YouTube clips (the same medium used to nearly justify World War III) that caught the president lying again and again with promises and assurances everyone would be able to keep their existing insurance plan under Obamacare even though he knew full they wouldn't, until a week ago, thanks to what is left of the non-brownnosing media, as much was revealed to the general public? Well, it's time to come clean, and once again via clip. Moments ago, in an interview with NBC, the charming and very photogenic president said he was "sorry."

"I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me," Obama told NBC News in an exclusive interview at the White House. "We've got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this."

Surely a good start to make sure "they know they are heard" is for nobody to lose their job over this fiasco, even those who claim full responsibility for the "debacle."

As for apologies, perhaps it would be more prudent to wait until 2014 when the true costs of this latest welfare Ponzi scheme are revealed for all to see and experience: then it will be a daily tirade of non-stop apologies. So let's just chalk today down to a general rehearsal.

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There, there, Obama. All is forgiven. Just please tell Mr. Chairwoman to keep pushing that Nasdaq to its old time highs. Because who knows - without the daily distraction from the economic collapse this country finds itself in, an apology just may no longer be sufficient...

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TeamDepends's picture

Finally, he tells the truth!

mcl2177's picture

You really think he means it

Skateboarder's picture

He will personally send a drone strike to {Waziri, Paki}stan, just for you.


CH1's picture

The kind of bullshit faux apology only a politician could make with a straight face.

Fuck you Barry, and fuck the rest of the Blue/Red brigade with you!

tsx500's picture

President Stompyfeet

kaiserhoff's picture

Because Obama...,

    blows goats.

King_of_simpletons's picture

Watch 'Ethos' without prejudice Michael Moore, Woody Harrelson in Netflix.

Surprisingly balanced.

Dems = Repubs

12ToothAssassin's picture

Isnt this supposed to come out on Friday afternoon?

kaiserhoff's picture

before a thee day week end.  Hell yeah.  Good catch.

Fuckers can't even read a calendar.

tsx500's picture

oh, i'm sure they have a (another) doozie to drop on us on Friday afternoon ... just wait !

suteibu's picture

That is sure to be Sebelius' "important announcement" tomorrow.

knukles's picture

Oh, its a four day weekend 
Friday is the moozlum day of Alcoholic Excess and Dispensation of Indulgences

In the meantime, more bad news...


knukles's picture


Where the AmeriKan people unwillingly loose their own private healthcare at the behest of their government and Iran gets to keep its nukes.

Fuckin'-A  This Progressivism Does Wonders for the Soul.

Jesus H Fucking Christ!

macholatte's picture



What Barry didn't say >>>>>>>

a)   I knew this was going to happen and decided to fuck the sheeple in the ass anyway.

b)   I've always known why absolutely none of the Red Team voted for my communist manifesto but since Soros bought me a Peace Prize and the media too I could give a fuck about the sheeple.

c)   Yeah, I knew all about it and I'm still President. So fuck off!

d)   It's Bush's fault. Let's talk about immigration reform, or as Hillary likes to call it, The next great fleecing of America.

e)  Why do you think we call them sheeple?


knukles's picture

I just walked out my front door and down the street to get my mail...
And yelled at the top of my lungs:


"You can keep your health plan if you like it"

About 5 times...

I await the sheriff's presence....

philipat's picture

Shall we now move on to the other promise that "The average US family will save about $2500 pa in pemiums". I recommend that the Repugs just let ACA be because it will implode all by itself with a net  result of FEWER Americans insured, MUCH higher costs for all which will be unaffordable to many and more enrolled in Medicare/Medicaid. Guess who will pay for the latter?

nmewn's picture

I find it amazing the shills who still advocate for this POS actually say "we need the young & healthy to sign up or it won't work."

<Face palm>


macholatte's picture


One more thing Barry didn't say.......


Look. It's not too late to put this fiasco on hold for another year, sort out the problems and then have another go at it.



Manthong's picture

Ich bedaure, dass die Gaskammern sind hier für dich.

Wir lesen Ihre Lippen, mo fo mit großen Ohren.

Manthong's picture

It is comforting to know that the DEINC (Dumbo-Ears- In-Chief) feels your pain.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

This douche-bag makes Slick Willie seem like Honest Abe and Jimmy Carter seem like George Washington.  Mike Dukakis looked more at home in that tank than this asswipe looks in a leadership position.

I want for a moderate breeze to come along and send this awkward quisling ( http://www.thefreedictionary.com/quisling ) drifting clumsily off to some far away place, say, the Sargasso Sea, or Namibia perhaps, where he can do no more damage and be heard from no further.



Manthong's picture

Dumbo's ears will show up on any patriot's gaydar.

kralizec's picture

He lied, but the useful idiots will still love and obey him...

Crash, burn...die.

Joe Davola's picture

The apologist in chief.

And since he claims to be a lawyer, I'm sure there were a lot of weasel words after I'm sorry...

Manthong's picture


this debacle is better than mainlining cooked crazy pills after snorting sterno in a peyote smoke lodge.

..don't criticize it if you haven't tried it..   :-)

sorry.. I forgot the interlude where the metallic paint gets huffed.

Zer0head's picture





dumbest comment award (ever) on ZH

Keyser's picture

Calling Oblamo a goat fucker is an insult to goats everywhere. 


TeamDepends's picture

Are you and Zer0head on dope!!!  It was kaiserhoff who implied that Barry was intimate with goats, which is entirely possible with these freaks.  As for you Zer0head, see  our comment below and be careful what you say.  "Dumbest comment ever", really?

Manthong's picture

Gee, kids..

Let us not be distracted whilst our goats and other barnyard creatures are being abused by our respected perverts in DC.

After all, it is the right of our military officers to be joined in deviant unions and to lock us all down in during feigned terrorist events.

We have earned this distinction.. cherish it – or else.

SAT 800's picture

Knukles, you need a vacation.

disabledvet's picture

he's been on a roll for two years now. that's gotta be a record. i think he could even say "i think Obama is the greatest ever" and get up arrowed 500 times at this point. what's the record for green up arrows anyways? i know i've gone "deep red" a time or two. and why isn't there a Nobel Prize for Attitude Problem? I mean the Nobel guy did invent dynamite after all. "and this award for going nuclear on line goes to...

Tom of the Missouri's picture

WHAT DOES OBAMA SAY?  Someone should put that to "What Did the Fox Say" music and sing it.   The Lyric King could rearrange the wording to make it work.

Here is the tune.  http://youtu.be/jofNR_WkoCE


nmewn's picture

They've already used "sorta of a God"...but now he says he's sorry, so that a god is out...some sorta demigod from Chicago apparently.

Maybe they can circle back around to the perfect crease in his pant leg, making his male sychophants legs tingle as women pass out in the aisle from all his hard pivots.

Barry Hussein Davis, statist porn star ;-)

knukles's picture

Even Demons believe in God.. and Shudder
        -parpahrased from the book of James 2:19

nmewn's picture

You cannot have one without the other ;-)

Deo vindice's picture

At least the demons tremble at the presence of God. Just goes to show how evil some men are when the thought of facing judgment doesn't even make them skip a beat.

Troll Magnet's picture

Just went to that shitrag Huffington Post to read the reactions of all those libtards and came away CONVINCED that all those pol sites have been taken over by the public employees union.  Public employees spending work hours posting comments on libtard sites?  Par for the course for our gov't, I suppose.

Meat Hammer's picture

They confirm what we already know will happen.  This will all be blamed on the greed of capitalism as we surge toward to new USSA. If corporations couldn't make profits, we would have Utopia.

Gun, meet throat.

Keyser's picture

And what would happen if 1/2 the S&P 500 companies decided to move offshore? 


max2205's picture

Translation:  sorry you will be broke paying for my health care and even moar dependent on moar government

TruthInSunshine's picture

Paul Krugman is proposing that the government provide full time, full benefit jobs to those of working age that don't already have such government jobs, which would not only reduce unemployment, but resolve this ObamaCare fiasco, since tens of millions more than the present 23 million government workers would then have Mercedes health care plams & gold plated benefits & pensions, too.

The best part is that it can be financed by using platinum trillion dollar coins, minted & deposited monthly.

Krugman doesn't get paid the big bucks, have his own op/ed on the NYT, a professorship at Princeton and win prizes for nothing, don't ya' know.

e_goldstein's picture

Then it would be the S&P 250, but don't worry, the remaining ones will still screw us for every nickel they can.


Buck Johnson's picture

Never heard of the movie, I will watch.  He had to come out and say something because he was caught red handed and he knew that people would lose their insurance.

StychoKiller's picture

All any Republicon candidate has to do during the upcoming election fight(s) is air a political ad with the Obamatron spouting "If you like yer plan, you can keep it." (over and over and over).  Run, you Decepticratic jokers!

lewy14's picture

My insurance is canceled as of Jan 1. 

My exchange is completely broken.


(Worth expending from my precious lifetime allocation of caps lock.)