Guest Post: The Subprime Final Solution

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Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

The MSM did their usual spin job on the consumer credit data released earlier this week. They reported a 5.4% increase in consumer debt outstanding to an ALL-TIME high of $3.051 trillion. In the Orwellian doublethink world we currently inhabit, the consumer taking on more debt is seen as a constructive sign. Consumer debt has grown by 5.8% over the first nine months of 2013, after growing by 6.1% in 2012 and 4.1% in 2011. The storyline being sold by the corporate MSM propaganda machine, serving the establishment, is that consumers’ taking on debt is a sure sign of economic recovery. They must be confident about the future and rolling in dough from their new part-time jobs as Pizza Hut delivery men. Plus, they are now eligible for free healthcare, compliments of Obama, once they can log-on.

Of course, buried at the bottom of the Federal Reserve press release and never mentioned on CNBC or the other dying legacy media outlets is the facts and details behind the all-time high in consumer credit. They count on the high probability the average math challenged American has no clue regarding the distinction between revolving and non-revolving credit or who controls the distribution of such credit. It is fascinating examining the historical data on the Federal Reserve website and realizing how far we’ve fallen as a society in the last 45 years.

Revolving credit is a fancy term for credit card debt. Imagine our society today without credit cards. That sounds outrageous to the debt addicted populace inhabiting our suburban wasteland and urban badlands. What is truly outrageous is the fact we have allowed ourselves to be duped into $846 billion of revolving credit card debt charging an average interest rate of 13% by Wall Street bankers who have used the American Dream of a better life as the bait to lure a dumbed down easily manipulated populace into believing that material possessions purchased with high interest debt represented advancement rather than servitude. Debt accumulation is seen as a badge of honor. Keeping up with the Joneses is all that matters. Our shallow culture has no notion about the concept of deferred gratification or saving to pay for your wants.

A shocking fact (to historically challenged government educated drones) revealed by the Federal Reserve data is that credit card debt did not exist prior to 1968. How could people live their lives without credit cards? It must have been a nightmare. You mean to tell me when people wanted new clothes, jewelry, a TV, or to eat out at a restaurant, they actually had to save up the cash to do so? What kind of barbaric system would make you live within your means? The Depression era adults had somehow survived for over two decades after WWII without buying cheap foreign crap they didn’t need with money they didn’t have using a piece of plastic with a Wall Street bank logo emblazoned on the front.

1968 marked a turning point for America. LBJ’s welfare/warfare state had begun the downward spiral of a once rational country. We chose guns and butter, with the bill being charged to the national credit card. It was fitting that Wall Street introduced the credit card in 1968.

  • There were 200 million Americans in 1968 and $2 billion of credit card debt outstanding, or $10 per person.
  • By 1980 there were 227 million Americans and $54 billion of credit card debt outstanding, or $238 per person.
  • By 1990 there were 249 million Americans and $230 billion of credit card debt outstanding, or $924 per person.
  • By 2000 there were 281 million Americans and $650 billion of credit card debt outstanding, $2,313 per person.
  • By July of 2008 credit card debt outstanding peaked at $1.022 trillion and the population was 304 million, with credit card debt per person topping out at $3,361 per person.

Over the course of 40 years, the population of this country grew by 52%. Credit card debt grew by 51,000%. Credit card debt per person grew by 33,600%. This was a case of credit induced mass hysteria and it continues today. Have the American people benefitted from this enslavement in chains of debt? I’d venture to answer no. Who benefitted? The corporate fascist oligarchy of Wall Street banks, mega-corporations sourcing their crap from Chinese slave labor factories, and politicians in the back pockets of the bankers and corporate CEOs benefitted.

The evil oligarch scum grew too greedy and blew up the worldwide financial system in 2008. Since July 2008 credit card debt has declined by $175 billion, with the majority of the decrease from banks writing off bad debt and passing it along to the American taxpayer through their TARP bailout and 0% money from their puppet Bernanke. It bottomed out at $834 billion in April 2011 and has only grown by a miniscule $13 billion in the last 29 months, and only $1.7 billion in the last twelve months. The muppets have refused to cooperate by running up those credit cards. Not having jobs, paying 40% more for health insurance due to Obamacare, and real inflation exceeding 5% on the things they need to live, have caused some hesitation among the delusional masses. Even a government educated, math challenged, iGadget addicted moron realizes their credit card is the only thing standing between them and living in a cardboard box on a street corner.

Your owners have been forced to implement Plan B. The monster they have created is like a shark. The debt must keep growing or the monster will die. In 2008, the oligarchs were staring into the abyss. Their wealth, power and control were in grave jeopardy. Rather than accept the consequences of their actions like men and allowing the economy to return to normalcy, these weasels have doubled down by accelerating the debt production and dropping it from helicopters to subprime borrowers across the land, like unemployed construction workers named Gus getting a degree in liberal arts from the University of Phoenix while sitting in their basement in boxer shorts. The Federal Reserve Black Hawks are hovering over the inner cities dropping Bennie Bucks on the very same people they put in McMansions with no doc negative amortization subprime mortgages in 2005, so they can occupy Cadillac Escalades for a couple years before defaulting again. The appearance of normalcy is crucial to the evil oligarchs as they attempt to pillage the remaining loot in this country.

Before the credit card was rolled out in 1968, there was non-revolving debt strictly related to auto loans made by banks and credit unions. The Federal government was nowhere to be found in the mix as banks and consumers made economic decisions based upon risk and reward. There were $110 billion of loans outstanding to a population of 200 million, or $550 per person. The Federal government stuck their nose into the free market with the creation of Sallie Mae in the 1970′s. But they were still a miniscule portion of total consumer debt at $115 billion in 2008, or only 11% of total consumer debt outstanding. The chart below from Zero Hedge reveals what has happened since the oligarchs crashed the financial system with their vampire squid blood sucking tentacles syphoning the lifeblood from the American middle class. Non-revolving debt has increased from $1.65 trillion in July 2008 to $2.2 trillion today, solely due to Obama and his minions doling out subprime auto and student loan debt to anyone that can scratch an X on a loan document.

If middle class consumers were unwilling to borrow and spend, the oligarchs were going to use their control over the government to dole out billions to subprime borrowers in a final, ultimately futile, attempt to keep this Ponzi scheme going for a while longer. The subprime game worked wonders in the final phase of the housing bubble. And now the losses will fall solely on the 50% of Americans who actually pay taxes. It wasn’t a mistake the Federal government took complete control of the student loan market in 2009. It isn’t a mistake the only TARP recipient the Feds have not attempted to disengage from happens to be the largest issuer of subprime auto loans in the world – Ally Financial (aka GMAC, Ditech, ResCap).

In 2008 there was $730 billion of student loan debt outstanding, of which the Federal government was responsible for $120 billion. Five short years later there is $1.2 billion of student loan debt outstanding and the Federal government (aka YOU the taxpayer) is responsible for $716 billion. Using my top notch math skills, I’ve determined that student loan debt has risen by $470 billion, while Federal government issuance of student loan debt has expanded by $600 billion. The rational risk adverse lenders have reduced their exposure to the most subprime borrowers on earth, undergrads at the University of Phoenix and thousands of other “for profit” educational black holes across the country. Only an organization who didn’t care about getting repaid would lend billions to borrowers without a job, hope of a job, or intellectual ability to hold a job. A critical thinking person might wonder why student loan debt would rise by almost $500 billion in 5 years when college enrollment has grown by only 2 million. That comes to $250,000 per additional student.

The Federal government couldn’t possibly have distributed $500 billion to anyone with a pulse as a way to manipulate the national unemployment rate lower, because anyone in school is not considered unemployed. Do you think the $500 billion was spent on tuition and books? Or do you think those “students” used it to buy iGadgets, HDTVs, weed and Twitter stock? With default rates already at all-time highs and accelerating skyward and $146 billion of loans already in default, you don’t need a PhD from the University of Phoenix (where default rates exceed 30%) like Shaq to realize the American taxpayer is going to get it good and hard once again.

My personal observations during my daily trek through the slums of West Philly would befuddle someone who didn’t understand the oligarch scheme to create an artificial auto recovery by distributing auto loans to deadbeats, the SNAP army, and hip hop nitwits. As I maneuver quickly through the West Philly badlands in my four year old paid off compact car praying I don’t get caught in gang crossfire, I see an inordinate number of brand new BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillacs, and Jaguars parked in front of $20,000 dilapidated fleapits that tend to collapse during heavy rain storms. The real unemployment rate in these garbage strewn, disintegrating neighborhoods exceeds 50%. The median household income is less than $20,000. Over 40% of the adult population hasn’t graduated high school and 63% of the population lives below the poverty level. These people put the ”sub” in subprime. How can anyone in this American version of third world Baghdad afford to drive a $40,000 vehicle? The answer is they can’t. But you the taxpayer, out of the goodness of your heart and without your knowledge, have loaned them the money so they can cruise around West Philly in Jay Z or Kanye style.

Bernanke’s ZIRP creates the environment for mal-investment and reckless lending. With the Federal government owned Ally Financial leading the charge, the miraculous auto sales recovery is nothing but a bad loan driven illusion. With the Federal government pushing subprime loans like a West Philly drug dealer, the Too Big To Trust Wall Street cabal have followed suit providing financing to deadbeats with FICO scores of 500, no job, but a nice smile. When you can borrow from the Fed at 0% and loan money to SNAP nation at 18%, with a Bernanke unspoken promise to bail them out when the inevitable defaults come as a complete shock, this is why you see thousands of luxury automobiles parked in the urban kill zones across America.

Zero Hedge documented the new subprime bubble in a story earlier this week. As auto dealers allow losers with sub-500 FICO scores to drive off their lots with new cars, ZH summarized the next taxpayer bailout:

 “No Car, no FICO score, no problem. The NINJAs have once again taken over the subprime asylum.”

Someone with a 500 FICO score has defaulted on multiple debt obligations in the recent past. The issuance of hundreds of billions of subprime debt can give the appearance of economic growth for a short period of time, just like it did from 2004 through 2007. Then it all collapsed in a heap because the debt eventually must be repaid. Cash flow is required to service debt. Maybe the West Philly subprime Mercedes drivers can trade their SNAP cards for cash to make their car loan payments, since they don’t have jobs. Even the captured MSM is being forced to admit the truth.

While surging light-vehicle sales have been one of the bright spots in the U.S. economy, it’s increasingly being fueled by borrowers with imperfect credit. Such car buyers account for more than 27 percent of loans for new vehicles, the highest proportion since Experian Automotive started tracking the data in 2007. That compares with 25 percent last year and 18 percent in 2009, as lenders pulled back during the recession. Issuance of bonds linked to subprime auto loans soared to $17.2 billion this year, more than double the amount sold during the same period in 2010, according to Harris Trifon, a debt analyst at Deutsche Bank AG. The market for such debt, which peaked at about $20 billion in 2005, was dwarfed by the record $1.2 trillion in mortgage bonds sold that year.

When has packaging subprime loans, getting them rated AAA by a trustworthy ratings agency, and selling them to little old ladies and pension funds, ever caused a problem before? With subprime auto loan issuance accounting for 50% of all car loans and an average loan to value ratio of 114.5%, what could possibly go wrong? Think about that for one minute. The government and Wall Street banks are loaning deadbeats $33,000 of your money to buy a $30,000 car, despite the fact the high school dropout borrower doesn’t have a job and has a history of defaulting on their obligations.

Can you really blame the borrowers? For the second time in the last decade the rich folk have generously offered to let them experience the good life, with debt that is never expected to be repaid. The people in West Philly live in rat infested, rundown, leaky shacks waiting for the 1st of the month to get their EBT card recharged. They have nothing, so they have nothing to lose. When the MAN offered to loan them $300,000 in 2005 so they could buy their very own McMansion, what did they have to lose? They got to live in a fancy house for a few years until they were booted out by the bank and left in exactly the same spot they were before the MAN came along. These people don’t even know what a FICO score means.

Now the MAN has knocked on their hovel door again and offered to put them in a brand spanking new Cadillac Escalade with no money down, requiring no proof of employment, and no prospects of  repaying the loan. Hallelujah, there is a God!!!  They get to tool around West Philly for a year or two impressing their fellow SNAP recipients until the repo man shows up and absconds with their wheels. They will be left right where they were, hoofing it with their $200 Air Jordans. Anyone with an ounce of brains (eliminates Cramer & Bartiromo) can see this will end exactly as all easy money, Federal Reserve propagated, and government sanctioned scams end.

“Perhaps more than any other factor, easing credit has been the key to the U.S. auto recovery,” Adam Jonas, a New York-based analyst with Morgan Stanley, wrote in a note to investors last month. The rise of subprime lending back to record levels, the lengthening of loan terms and increasing credit losses are some of factors that lead Jonas to say there are “serious warning signs” for automaker’s ability to maintain pricing discipline.

In the last year 99% of all consumer debt issued was doled out by government drones, with no interest in getting repaid, to subprime deadbeats, with no interest in repaying. It’s a match made in subprime heaven with your tax dollars. As an Ivy League educated Wall Street banker CEO once said:

“When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as  long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still  dancing.”

Chuck “Doing the Boogie Woogie” Prince – FORMER CEO of Citicorp – July 2007

You see it is always about liquidity, also known as Bernanke Bucks or QEternity. Without Bernanke and his Federal Reserve sycophants printing $2.8 billion of new money every single day, shoveling it into the grubby hands of his Wall Street bank bosses and a corrupt fetid festering pustule of a government running trillion dollar deficits and showering your money on loafers and welfare queens, this subprime final solution would not be possible. This is an exact replay of the subprime mortgage debacle, except the oligarchs have cut out the middleman. Holding the American people hostage for the $700 billion TARP bailout proved to be messy, with 90% of Americans against the ”Save a Corrupt Criminal Banker” scheme. This time, there will not be a vote in Congress when the hundreds of billions in subprime student loans and subprime auto loans go bad and become the responsibility of the few remaining American taxpayers. What’s another few hundred billion among friends when our annual deficits soar past $1 trillion, our national debt approaches $20 trillion, and our unfunded entitlement liabilities exceed $200 trillion?

When the music stopped in 2008, Chuck Prince bopped away with a $40 million severance package and you were left to sweep the confetti off the floors, pick up the empty champagne bottles and caviar plates, scrub the vomitorium, and pay for all the damages that occurred during the sordid subprime orgy of greed, lust, gluttony, envy and sloth. Somehow the distracted, techno-narcissistic, easily duped zombies have been lured into the subprime web of deceit again. We have only ourselves to blame as the corporate fascist oligarchs implement their final solution for the American middle class and our once proud nation – a bullet to the back of the head.

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Absalon's picture

Your choice of photograph to illustrate final point is completely unacceptable ... even for Zerohedge.

greatbeard's picture

>> is completely unacceptable

The only reason I clicked on this article was to voice that opinion.  Beyond reprehensible. 

DavidPierre's picture



Your level of 9-11 Ignorance is multidimensional and diverse. 

The stench your 9-11 Ignorance has settled like toxic smog over all your writing, as you chose comforting ignorance over disconcerting knowledge about 9-11 Truth.  

Like most other highly educated wannabe members, who constitute the ruling class of the United States of Assassination,  you purposefully ignore 9-11 Scientific Facts and 9-11 Truth because the retention and enhancement of your ego is dependent upon not understanding what you clearly have the knowledge to understand.

max2205's picture

And I am not wondering why new car prices aren't 20% lower.....thanks barry....good job

TruthInSunshine's picture

Quinn is one of the top, best contributing authors to ZH, without a doubt.

He pulls no punches when describing the root causes of the disintegration of American culture, the economy, educational system, or other such things, and his unvarnished, blunt truthful language offends the PC crowd & delicate pansies, who deserve to have their vaginas hurt.

Titus's picture

ADL cronies get the first two comments, they must be watching the site closely. Protest an image rather than the rape and pillage of a population, someone's got their priorities straight [sarc off].

daveO's picture

All in a day's work. Thought-Control is a 24/7 job!

All Risk No Reward's picture

Building 7 free fall acceleration for over 2 seconds (about 8 stories of ZERO resistance across the ENTIRE perimeter of the building) and the fact that at least one of the taller towers didn't decelerate (meaning it never "hit" anything below it) are proof the Bankster financed government narrative is fales.




But that's not the big story.  The big story is that Biggest Finance Capital is murdering more people now than Hitler could ever dream of.

I'll let Tolstoy set the context...

“Money is a new form of slavery, and is distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal, there is no human relation between master and slave.”
Leo Tolstoy

“Money is a new form of genocide, and is distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal, there is no human relation between Biggest Finance Capital mass murderer and their victims.”

Watch "A Film Unfinished" followed by "Empire in Africa."

If you invoke your critical thought process, you will note the differences between Hitler's ghetto system and Biggest Finance Capital's UN / government / mega corporate nation state ghetto system are scant at best.

HItler put a thug in power to dominate and control the common people and he simply denied them resources.

That's what these Debt Money Tyrants do in much of the third world - except they don't need walls (too much space to go anywhere) to keep people in.

The #1 cause of death in the world is malnutrition and starvation, the #1 cause of malnutrition and starvation is poverty and the #1 reason for poverty IS DEBT BASED MONEY.

These Debt Money Tyrants used Art of War debt money mathematics to exterminate 10s of millions of people every single year, every year for decades!

Hitler couldn't dream of that in his wildest fantasy.

"All war is deception."
~Sun Tzu, Art of War

Don't choke on the red pill.

Winston Churchill's picture


All Utopian dreams always end up with mass graves.Name me one that hasn't.

You can't handle the truth, if this offends you.

Carl Popper's picture

I agree. This will be no different. The hows whens and whys of the mass graves and whether the deaths are directly at the hand of man or indirectly is irrelevant.

Rome dropped to a population of 30,000 from about 500,000 over about 150 years. First very slowly then very rapidly. It was a 500 year growler of a bear market before they had running water again.

Rantabulous's picture

I initially agreed with the original point that the use of that image was a terrible decision, but in the context you give WC with regard 'always end up with mass graves', I changed my position. I think you are right and I think the photo shows what is behind the curtain of all of this terrible behaviour.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Nuh-huh! This time be differents, n shit

Wahooo's picture

Well stated. They are slaughtering us and 2 billion rounds WILL be used. Ignorant PC BSers notwithstanding. They'll be the first to die.

DavidPierre's picture

Godwin's Rule accompanies hyperbole.

Unless the comparison is valid, the person who brought up Nazis or Hitler is considered to be a loser.

In any rational discussion or debate on or off the Internet, resorting to a Nazi comparison is generally a strong indicator that Quinn has run out of material to discuss or support his claims.

Agstacker's picture

Godwin is a moron.  Nazis are equated to dictatorships, which is what the US is rapidly becoming.

daveO's picture

WW2 was a banker's war, just like all the others. Bush, Ford and Rockefellers profited greatly from it, just to name a few. FDR was a dictator too. I have relatives who lived it. They called it Draft, Rationing, WPA(rationing of jobs).

Herodotus's picture

We are Germans and this is what we do.

asteroids's picture

What the banksters have done is pure evil. Pure evil needs to be put down. A bullet to the head is a quick and humane way to do it.

JR's picture

Human evil, in general, is a study that has sorely been neglected by the scientific community. These darkest members of our human community -- the bankers and their accomplices -- are creating disturbing problems throughout society.

For instance, Notre Dame is raising its tuition, room and board, etc., “to just a hair over $60,000 for the 2013-14 academic year.”  This hike is the continuing result of universities engaging in “bidding wars” for professors and to justify other inflated salaries. The universities are dealing with this cost in two ways – by hiring adjunct professors as wage slaves to do the “teaching the superstars considered infra dig” and by raising tuition by persuading students to take on “ruinous, unrepayable debt.”

Here's how that's working out in the lives of America's future middle class.

Is Notre Dame Worth It? by Dr. E. Michael Jones


Let’s assume that our student has decided to go to Notre Dame for both his undergraduate and law degrees (this is the high end scenario that is most likely to lead to a good paying jobs and entails four years of undergraduate study followed by a two year MBS program or a three-year law degree). Given this career path, his education at Notre Dame at current prices would cost $452,440. If he were to borrow the money at 8 percent, which is the current rate for Federal PLUS loans and private loans, for 20 years, he would have a cumulative payment of $910,262.28, of which $456,822.28 would be interest on that loan.

That’s assuming, of course, that he makes his monthly payment of $3,784.39 on time every month for 20 years. If he falls behind in his payment, our law student will end up paying off a floating loan, which, if amortized over his entire working career, i.e., 40 years, will come out to a cumulative payment of $1,513,358.26 of which $1,059,000 will be interest.

In order to pay off his student loan without financial distress (assuming the law grad dedicated 10 percent of his gross month income to repay the loan), our law school or MBA School grad will have to earn at least $454,126.80 per year from the moment he leaves school and keep earning that salary for the next 20 years in order to pay off his loan.

That’s not good news because ‘the national median for 2010 law school grads working full time’ was $63,000. The bad news is compounded when we learn that the starting salary for lawyers has declined by 20 percent since 2009, largely because of the recession and the fact that most students feel that they have to get high paying jobs at law firms in order to justify the cost of college education. The bad news gets worse.

Even if our law school grad dedicates 15 percent of his gross monthly income to repay the loan and is willing to ‘experience’ the ’financial difficulty’ that that entails, he will still need an annual salary of $302,751.20 to juggle a loan payment of this size with other expenses, like food and rent.

Since the average starting salary for someone entering the legal profession is $63,000 (as of 2010), our young lawyer will be earning only one-fifth of what he needs to earn in order to make his loan payment every month, even at the ‘experience some financial difficulty’ level. That means that he will probably fall behind on his payment. If that happens, the loan will become, in effect, a floating loan, one which will stay with him until the day he dies…

So if we modify the question “Is College Worth It?” to “Is Notre Dame Worth It?” the answer is a resounding “No!’

NOTE: Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes staff reported  in March of 2012 that “Forbes turned to to find the law schools whose graduates make the most in the early stages of their career. Writes Smith:  “Grads at all 98 law schools on the list earn more than $100,000, on average, by the middle of their career.”
CH1's picture

There's a simple and effective answer:


Spumoni's picture

Well, there isd one thing that is positive about this: there will be somewhat fewer lawyers!

daveO's picture

What do you called a failed lawyer? Mr. President.(or Congressman)

icanhasbailout's picture

Soon to be serving the least tasty crow you've ever eaten in your life.

Quinvarius's picture

Gun grabbers don't like those photos of a disarmed public being slaughtered by the government within living "civilized" memory either.  Because you know prople don't do that kind of thing anymore.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Thank you for making this point.

mjcOH1's picture

"Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA - ordinary citizens don't need guns, as their having guns doesn't serve the State." - Heinrich Himmler

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government" -- Thomas Jefferson

"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God." - Thomas Jefferson

CH1's picture

"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God." - Thomas Jefferson

Actually, I'm pretty sure that was Ben Franklin. He wanted it on the great seal.

Harbanger's picture

True, Franklin was the original author of the quote. But the quotation is on the Jefferson Memorial.  Hillary says, "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

if you like your quotation, you can keep it!

kchrisc's picture

"Guns don't kill people, mostly people in uniform do."

savedeposit's picture

A photograph of napalm droppings on Vietnamese villages, or dropping some nukes on +100.000 habitant Japanese cities would make a better point.

Overfed's picture

Or incindiaries on Dresden.

robobbob's picture

free speech aspects aside, the image is completely appropriate.

if you have any inkling of the true nature of history, you would know that the oligarch's Plan B is always on the table, and has been used more than once in just the last century. should the can refuse to be kicked any farther, and the mob start looking their way, police state tyranny, war, genocide, and patriotic bond sales always seem to pop up.

and quite frankly, SOMEBODY has to be the fall guy to make those things happen-usually ending in a ditch by the side of the road.

g'kar's picture

Everytime I hear "The Final Solution", it reminds me of something else.

disabledvet's picture

Party pooper. Who cares about Detroit anyways. All they do is make the car. I did just finish watching a great video on the making of the B-29 Super-Fortress. Next to the Manhattan Project (which simply couldn't be done using today's dollar) it was the biggest project in public monies history. Became the model for NASA as well I might add. Don't tell me "deficits don't matter" and "Big Government doesn't have to be paid for." We're already paying the price "in spades" (no offense meant btw.) Welcome to actually running the Government folks. Would it surprise you if I told you was doing a good job? Believe it or not in my view it actually is.

Joe A's picture

Was that last picture not a bit out of place?

Of course it will provoke reactions by some ZH commenters that the Holocaust never happened and was fabricated to 'go after those who tried to deal with the Jewish bankers'.

Seer's picture

Do labels really need to be placed on this, can't it be seen for what it is- murder?  Though I very much doubt the long-term survival of our "modern laws" I nonetheless believe them to be well-intentioned and, mostly, useful.  What gives anyone the right to kill someone who is unarmed and is in no direct threat (he's in a fucking hole) is beyond me; yeah, no matter how dispicable that recipient is...

Spumoni's picture

Genuine history, apparently, has no place among racial supremacists. Kibbitzing about Jews controlling the money supply, however, is a favorite whipping horse of all of them. Jews control the money for one simple reason - lending (aka banking) and jewelry making were the only professions which, er...Aryans (along with Mediterranneans) allowed Jews to practice from well back before the birth of Christ (or the creation of the Gregorian calendar). They have thousands of years' experience in money management. No amount of bitching changes the fact that, is it wasn't for vitriolic racism in the collective ancestry of all Europeans, white folk might actually have a little experience at money management too. Not that it would do them any good...even without any financial smarts, Europeans created the Inquisistion, Naziism, Fascism, Communism and Capitalism. It doesn't strike me that any of these glorious political/economic theories are worth the hot breath used to spout them out. 

I'll be glad to see the day (I should live so long...) when humanoids stop bitching about each other and get about their own lives. As one God said, "Get the board out of your own eye before worrying over the mote in your neighbor's!"

Joe A's picture

The reasons the Jews were allowed to do only these things was to easily annull the debt by creating pogroms....And antisemitism is rooted in christianity. Luther and Calvin were both anti-semintes (more specifically Jew haters). You are right about Europeans establishing all these ideologies but the whole world embraced them wholeheartedly. Sometimes people need a ideological justification for their hatred. You know, otherwise it would just seem only hatred. Nothing better to justify that than with an ideology or religion to back it up with.

Kinskian's picture

"Sometimes people need a ideological justification for their hatred." 

Like the belief espoused by Talmudic Judaism that non-jews are lacking the divine spark of God and are therefore less than human and can be cheated and murdered with impunity? 


Spumoni's picture

If this is the best you can do, Kin, you utterly missed the point. Show me one single politco-religious philosophy that has not espoused the cheating and murder of those who disagree. This is one of the issues which keeps us confined to this rock, and which we specifically refuse to countenance as a species, throughout history. You might want to read up on the Albigensian Crusades. You might want to ponder the questions:"Which came first, the lawyer or the priest? and "Why do we really need either of them?" The track record of our species getting along with ANYTHING else living or dead is virtually nil. This is why we find ourselves in an age of hysteria, right out of Chapel Perilous. The truth of the matter is that the sands of time will swallow all of this - but we won't be there to surf the dunes if we insist on carrying the horrors of who shot John much further down the road.

Bitching about Jews is about as useful as bitching about Catholics, Lutherans, Hindus or Muslims. All Ismittyology Proselytizers are guilty of the same crimes. What we need is a higher law, which allows each to worship as they please, without damning everyone else-who know just as little as the rest of us about ANYTHING that isn't on this planet, or visible in the 1.7 microns that make up visible light. I would have thought that Hubble telescope pictures would have clued all you fucking warmongers and haters in a little, but I guess you're too wound up in hating each other to bother looking and considering what it really means to live on Planet Earth.


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"Saint Marx" has led the most killing(100's of millions) of all those 'terrible' religions. Look him up, first name Karl.

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When I wrote "sometimes people need an ideological justification for their hatred" I was refering to all ideological/religious lunatics.

Are all Christians antisemites because Luther and Calvin were? I doubt it. Are all Jews believing in Jewish superiority? I doubt that too. But the treats are there in their respective religions.

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"...genuine history....racial supremacists." 

Ad Hominem much?

Spumoni is the worst flavour of ice cream because they make you eat fake strawberry.

Therefore your argument is invalid.

Oh ya, and the fact that the communist revolution was pretty much a Jewish thang,....

Maybe your history is genuiner than mine, what do I know, I'm just a farmer.

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Lord Acton: “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”

Saturated beyond measure with corruption, the financial sector – the Fed - is headed for a fall.

The question: Is the world moving toward a fight with the bankers? The answer: Yes, it is.

It’s coming to a head.

The international financial industry has so corrupted the monetary system - the economy and the world - with poison that the poison is going to kill them. Saturated beyond measure with fraud and injustice and stealing and backstabbing in every aspect of economic and political life, the tremendous failure of this fiat monetary system has exposed itself as the most blatant scam in all history.

Today’s Internet is filled with the stories of the horrific fallout of the financial industry’s bubbles, of economic numbers out of sight, of failed policies of caused wars, of boom-bust cycles, of inflation, depression, misplaced prosperity, redistribution of wealth… and failed power.

Even the people most connected to the banks are getting frightened by this stock market Ponzi. And instead of the dangers of the leverage that preceded 1929, these are the dangers of zero stuff out of thin air, of paper printed for cheating and gambling in QE quantities beyond imagination, of corruption that can’t continue any longer without implosion. Fed fiat money has infected everything, from transportation, to automotive production, to real estate, to energy, to commodities, to stored labor, to insurance, to healthcare, to political control, to the stock market, to everything!

And now, it has created an American Empire that is a piranha in the world.

You can see the indications of this; the Jews in Europe say that anti-Semitism is rising to such heights that they are afraid to admit they’re Jews. This means millions of people are awakening to what this imposed world model is really about and whose fist is imposing it. In fact, NSA spying has become such an economic problem for the U.S. that countries more and more are deciding to fend for themselves and to defend themselves.

And now we have, a grassroots political movement directed to where it should have been all along, against the Washington Party of both Democrats and Establishment Republicans.

Case in point is the 2014 U.S. Senate race in Louisiana where the top two vote getters engage in a final run-off. The top Democrat is in trouble because of her support for Obamacare. The Establishment Republican, loaded with flaws, has raised $4 million. The Tea Party candidate taking him on was running his campaign on a mere $100,000.  Until last week, that is. That’s when Jim DeMint’s tea party-connected Senate Conservatives Fund announced that it would support Rob Maness over fellow Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy in the race.

In the next 5 days, Maness raised “half that much” because of this endorsement.

It’s a grassroots movement throughout the country that sees what this banker-controlled Washington Party is doing to the nation. And the minute DeMint’s endorsement came in, the money for Maness started rolling in. Why?  Because he has a chance to win.

The war against the international bankers was going to happen when a majority of the people could see that the fires all across the landscape were coming toward them, when Everyman could see sooner or later it was going to reach him.

It’s a dire picture... of the Eurozone and its new Communism over Europe, of the currency wars making trillionaires out of the George Soroes while destroying nations, of the Chinese problem with its boom based on extremely cheap labor and tremendous exports using the newfound money to build infrastructure to nowhere now imploding because labor isn’t as cheap and the exports aren’t enough and the domestic problems are bigger because so many of the industries - the great wealth - are state-owned industries, i.e., state monopolies. (If you have a monopoly on electricity, how easy is it to make money with that and ride around as a multimillionaire in a limo? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. And that’s what's called “capitalism!) And very few migrant workers  can move their hukous to the cities where they work– a huge problem for Chinese “capitalism,” i.e., “capitalism without local consumers.” Ha!

And now there’s the problem with Saudi Arabia, upset because the US won’t attack Iran and Syria. And Israel is mad at the US because the US allegedly is working out a deal with Syria and meeting directly with Iran to work out a solution regarding “the nuclear problem.”

And all this is happening as the US becomes weaker.

In my opinion, we are headed toward the big bang - particularly in the financial sector. When, as the all-powerful sector, you have all of the control and you have all your fingers in every pie and all those pies are catching on fire, then you, the financials, are going to get hit the hardest.

And that’s when the people are going to say we need new politics to take back the Washington establishment and to return it to the people.

And the best measure to tell just how effective this grassroots movement is goint to be, is the decibel of Establishment screaming against it.

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It's the SYSTEM!  Remove the undesireable string-pullers and the System will just restock.  The pits of power will always be attractive to the snakes; you could say that they go hand-in-hand.

When we continue to operate on the utterly perposterous notion that growth is THE goal (on a finite planet!) then it could only ever end up bad, it doesn't matter who is in charge or what the driving "ideology" is, if it's based on pushing growth then resource scarcity WILL appear and it WILL create friction, and with enough friction comes wars... (as the snakes start telling us about how it was the fault of all those "other people")