TWTR Enters Bear Market With 3 Handle on 3rd Day Of Trading

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Mere days after the euphoria of Twitter's IPO proclaimed by any and all as a great success, the bellwhether for all things Dot-Com-Bubble 2.0 has just entered its first bear market. Now down 20% from its $50.08 highs last week, Twitter now has a 3 handle ($39.99) as it seems the world wakes up to "unbelievable growth" that is 'priced in'... Of course, with rumors that TWTR options trading starts later this week, it's anyone's guess where the machines take it next...


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You've got mail!

AOL is the new and exciting tech stock. 

Up 45% YTD!

Everyone is talking about it!

They give away free coasters, or something.

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I'm confused; do I buy FaceFuck, Twatter and A(L)OL?!? I'm also short on cash. Would this be a good time to do a HELOC and then pile all in to the aforementioned?

This investing thing can be so hard sometimes....

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Ask your parents to do a reverse mortgage as well.

You cant miss this opportunity. 


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Does anyone offer second reverse mortgages?  You know, to take advantage of the expected inflationary gains in real estate after Bernanke crashes the dollar.


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Bear Stearns, Enron and Solyndra.  Can't miss.

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"Pull up! Pull up!!!"

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jbvtme's picture said the same thing about faceplant.  you can be so negative at times

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Yeah and we were right. The stock dumped down into the twenties. If you were smart you listened to us and made some money.

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Here is one of teh few areas of tech that I truly think is not in a bubble.

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I saw that piece, and it's pretty damn cool. I bubble there.

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But you can't print barrels.  So does that mean go long on 416 stainless?

I take it back.  you can print metal now I guess...

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Dude, that's X 12 CrS 13, a free cutting steel. As the "X" indicates it's high-alloyed steel. You don't need such to make barrels ...

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I didn't remember it being said in the Mr. Cool trader talk.

3 Handle, yea 3 handle. Yea I'm cool. That's right brotha.


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I can't see Kevin Henry allowing another facefart on his watch.

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So you think he won't watch this time?  ;-)

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The key is the hype. Twitterwas up 86% on the first day for the insiders and that's all that matters. For the sucker who paid $50.09....well....he is deservedly fucked.Insiders made hay while retail gets screwed again. Same as it ever was.

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how excactly did retail get screwed? Old diaper wearing republican baby boomers who froth at the mouth at the mere idea of not missiing out on some trending big name stocks this time may have gotten screwed but I can assure that the rest of us decent people could see this coming a mile away.

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Because stupid retail republicrat pickpockets are the people who bought it on the open markets. On another note, there are an awful lot of statist democrats who are willing to put a gun to people's heads and force them into a shitty government program. I question the "decency" of those type of people.

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sure ok, but democrats put a gun to your head for your own benefit, boomers and republicans just do it to empty your pockets.


RobD's picture

Any time a gun is put to your head it can no way be to your benefit and yes I down voted you.

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my own benefit? choom on troll..

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So that's why the good bankster Lloyd Bankfiend supports the Democrat guns.  Who would have guessed (for his own benefit)?

pods's picture

If it is for my own benefit, I do not have to have a gun to my head to make me choose it.

Unless you meant your idea of my own benefit?

(As a tip, if you look outside the false left-right paradigm there is a big big world out there.)


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You're assuming that Democrats have your back.  

Newsflash, both parties are parasites and want to grow government at your expense.  You have to look at things as citizen vs. government henceforth, or you can be like every other office drone out there debating people instead of ideas.  Your choice.

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You know what? "There is no such thing as 'boomers'. There are only individuals."

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There must also be a pile of greedy young neo-progressives who are getting fucked on this one.   Nevertheless, they can all comfort themselves by the fact that they got in at the 'beginning'.

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I'll feel worst for the employees who probably exercised grants and expected to be able to put a down on the Ferrari, but are now looking at their vesting calendar with hateful eyes.

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the world ain't wakin up to shit - it's all just part of the infinitely funded game

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Forget calling the market top, I'm calling it the end of the world. Molly Cyprus smoking a joint and twerking a midget - game set match



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OT but I just switched from Verizon to AT&T, using Samsung Galaxy S4 and no longer receive text messages from Zerohedge tweets. Cell number stayed the same. Has anyone experienced this?

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I foolishly looked to see if I could get put options on day 1..."chomping at the bit" for some, as the saying goes!

Founds some MSPD the day or so before trading at $5, up 65%. Puts were available, seems a company without the money is gonna cash buyout and the CEO/deal maker may be shady, too, IMHO. Multiple lawyers came out within hours saying it was worth MOAR, (at EPS -$1.19) cause it's traded in the 7s. Yet they wanna get sold by mid Dec. Those Mar puts looked cheap. I'm either losing it all or winning big. Bring on the TWTR puts, once it hits $50+, again!

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Did your idols najarian bro's hook you up with some cool monster options. yea, so cool.


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Idols are scarce in Finance for some of us, most of the worthy are dead, IMO. If you'ld count Trish Regan(Financial commentator), I'll confess I like her, but not so much for her financial views.

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'I gotta pile into Twitter with all I got...everyones talkin about it and I missed out of FB'

Pile in at the top, panic-style, lemmings.

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Yea, I hear people say that but whats funny, or not funny, is facebook faceplanted for months after its release. Have people forgotten this, or did they never know in the first place?

SheepDog-One's picture

Sure they got lemmings to pile into the FB IPO, then took it down to half, robbing most of them who no doubt sold back their shares far lower, then re-pumped it.

Same as it ever was, and the lemmings never learn a lesson ever.

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It's different this time. Promise.

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boomer mentallity, they all want a bargain