Americans 34 Times More Interested In Buying Guns Than Obamacare

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It would appear that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) website - required when purchasing a gun or explosive - is capable of handling large volumes of users...


Source: FBI

(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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And the sheep thought that conspiracy theorists were crazy...

Not as crazy as people who want to 1-800-FUCKYOU!

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Makes sense. A gun will save your life and Obamacare will kill you.


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The only way to afford the new healthcare premiums is rob people....I'm not walking around in public unless I'm packing some heat.

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Yes.  Nothing hard to understand about why 34 times as many Americans (inc. Bearing Guy) would be more in the marketplace to buy a gun vs. Obamacare.

I think I know my Christmas present: a .308!

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Mmm...gun porn!  Yeah baby!  Get some!

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Not the sealed battle packs, but...

In Stock

This is .308 Prvi Partizan 145gr. FMJ Ammo. This ammo is brass cased, boxer primed, and non-corrosive. It has a 145gr. all copper FMJ boattail bullet, so it is non-magnetic. This ammo has a sealed primer and annealed case neck. It is extremely high quality ammunition. This ammo comes packed in 20rd. boxes, 1000rds per case.

$649.95 per 1,000

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I'm finding ammo much more available recently.  Even walmart had some 5.56 that wasn't snapped up immediately and Bass Pro was selling ammo cans of XM-855 for about 0.54/rnd.  Still very short supplies on powder and primers though.

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FALs are nice, but way too pricey. Out here in FEMA region X, one can get a NIB Colt 20" HBAR and 1000 rds. of ammo for about $1600. Or an AK plus a 1000 rds. for about $1K. More $$ available for training.

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Are any of those AK's like James River Armoury or others more accurate?  I wanted a DSA FAL but a ZH member said DSA were jerks to him.   They had an STG 58 built on Austrian parts but stopped selling those.

AK 74 is supposedly more accurate

It comes down to ammo costs too.  The Russki calibers are cheaper. 

What I really want is a Lewis Machine Tool .308 but sadly - guns & knives scare me. I wanted something for suppression fire for zombies. I think I may have to buy a baseball bat instead.


Overfed's picture

Nah, nuthin' fancy. Just run of the mill WASRs and whatnot. A couple of hundred extra funbux can get you an Arsenal USA-built AK, and those are pretty top-notch. Right before the panic I had the opportunity to buy a Red-Jacket built AK for $600, but I passed on it. :-(

5.45X39 is probably a more inherently accurate round than 7.62, and cheap. But the rifles are more $$, and mags are really spendy.

Mega Arms out here in FEMA region X, builds a pretty sweet .308 AR, too.

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The arsenal guns will shoot slightly better...  it's a judgment call as to whether the price difference is worth it.  Even the cheapest AK goes bang every time you pull the trigger.  If you're into mall ninja aftermarket parts, then you might run into some issues trying to fit them to a milled receiver.  During the panic buying, the nicer milled guns didn't appreciate as much in price and, relatively speaking, there were some steals to be had early on...  now prices are getting back to normal...  ~$500 for your WASR packages and ~$850+ for your stamped arsenals and ~$1,100 for your milled guns (although there are some other imports that are running ~$600-700 for milled receivers).  As far as the debate between stamped and milled guns, there are plenty of both that have been to hell and back and are still working...  you probably won't put either through anything that would test the difference.

5.45 is definitely more accurate...  however, it runs into the same problem as the 223/5.56 round, stopping power.  As with everything, there are tradeoffs.

The price on steel cased russian ammo is getting back down to pre panic levels ~$.26-28/rd.  $.20/rd is the magic number.  Been plenty of xm855 deals as well and it's easy to find it sub $.40/rd.  I wouldn't recommend running steel through an AR, but that's just me.

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we've had trouble with the steel/varnished cases in both AR's and Mini14's.  It gets hot, sticky and you end up with failure to seat or with a stuck case. 

The steel/zinc coated "silver bear" work great though, no observed issues.

The trouble is the straight walled case, the russky's solved that with a slight taper. 

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Thanks for the tip on silver bear.  Any barrel wear issues or tearing up the receivers?

I like guns but I cannot own them as I am allergic to gunpowder, napalm and Obama's Stasi goons.   I just want the police state stogges to know I only have a baseball bat and cheap pepper spray.

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It's not the barrel wear to be worried about so much as the parts that chamber and extract the rounds...  if the case material is as hard or harder than these parts, then you get excessive/unnecessary wear...  hence the use of softer brass to cut down on wear and tear.  However, practically speaking, you probably won't shoot enough rounds to ever find out the difference.

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A couple tests of steel vs brass ammo.  I think steel is ok for plinking for the number of rounds most people would shoot.  Wouldn't use it for defense or shtf though.

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Thanks.  FEMA Region X.  LOL!   I guess everything will be renamed soon by FEMA regions.   Get the boiled rope and guillotines ready for these bastards. 

I have a hankering for the state of Northern Colorado if it ever happens.  

I saw "nuthin fancy" and though of the nuttin fancy guy who reviews guns on youtube.  He has really taken off but his videos have gotten longer like a TV show.   I sit there and say "Dude - get to the part whhere you shoot the gun at a target!" 

I think I cheked out Mega and they do have nice stuff.  There is also PTR??  I lose track of them all. There are some real northern Minnesota family with sports and grocery stores making really nice ARs too.  A guy in WV making nice stuff.  Is he Mega.   I think guns and ammo are the only things Americans make anymore.  ;-)

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Never had any PTR stuff personally. I'm not much of a fan of H-K.

In the last 15 or 20 years or so, CNC machining equipment has gotten a lot more affordable, and as a result small time manufacturers are popping up all over the place. I love it.

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Did you see the company in Austin, TX.  They 3d printed a 1911.  They have a video on youtube.  It is a very nice 1911 too.

Overfed's picture

I have seen that. It's pretty awesome. It's gonna be even more awesome when the patent on that machine expires and you'll be able to go Harbor Freight and pick one up for a couple $K.

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PTR fan here in Fema Region IV.  Great value.  Cheap mags.  Lots o' parts.

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Nothing spells suppression fire like a 12gauge pump shotgun and a thousand rounds of OO buckshot. Buy two and invite a friend..........

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I like the 2 and 3 quarer Rio's double ought.

Recoil is easy, and never had a mis-feed.  Cabela's has a deal on them all the time.

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Freddie, three years ago I bought a Russian-American Saiga AK-47 semi-auto clone for $900.  Works great!  Put almost 2000 rounds (Russian Tula, Korean, Hungarian, American ammo) with 0 jams.  The AKs make no claim for accuracy, but I KNOW that I can put 'em down at 75 yds, no problem, nail 'em.  (75 yds is no great feat however)

The Saiga now retails for some $2900!  Mucho for an AK.  That AK I bought has beaten ALL of my other investments.

Still, there are cheaper ($600 or so?) Romanians at your LGS.

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 AK with US made receivers and long barrel with  a tripod rest help accuracy out to 250yds.

About as far as my eyes are good for now.

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nah the prices are down to pre-panic rates, if not cheaper.  J&G has a glut of AK's they've been dropping prices all over the place.,-223,-16-barrel,-black-synthetic-stock,-new.-p-63105.html


I'd get a saiga over a wasr or other comm bloc made ak any day.  A converted saiga would be a bit pricier, but not all that much.

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Look for a Waffen Werks AK-74.  Bloc parts but put together in US.  Very good rifles.  The 5.45 is pretty accurate and inexpensive.  Texas Weapon Systems makes a dust cover with an integral rail so you can mount optics or or a peep or both.  The whole rig should put you down about a grand and is comparable to an Arsenal. 

Trucker Glock's picture

I like my Waffen Werks 74.  Eats surplus 7N6 no problem.  $0.18/round.  Should have stocked up 2 years ago when it was $0.10/round.

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I just paid the $400 to renew my license here in NYC.  Went to the range and the membership renewal is $400.  Bought 4 boxes of 45ACP ammo and that was $200, so I'm out a thousand bucks for a few hours at the range.  If they can't tax it to death they can sure come close.

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I guess monetary roadblocks don't count as "shall not be infringed".  My condolences...that sucks! 

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And you still live in NY why?

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My thought exactly, vote with your feet...

The gunshine state also has year round vegetable production.


BKbroiler's picture

The best food, culture, and entertainment in the US, not to mention the work opportunities.  Plus you can drive two hours and you're in the wilderness.

Gun laws here do suck though.  The application process is ridiculous, they scan your whole hand, make you provide depositions for any reported police incident for your whole life, then make you do a personal interview with a police seargent.  You turn your gun over so they can shoot a round for a ballistics match then return it to you if they deem you (after a few weeks) sane enough to own a firearm.  


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The best food, culture, and entertainment in the US, not to mention the work opportunities.  Plus you can drive two hours and you're in the wilderness. 

So, the bar-b-cue, rodeos, and live music in NYC are really that good?

Regarding jobs...

Texas leads the nation in job creation with Austin, Houston, Dallas,
San Antonio, Dallas and McAllen creating more jobs now than before the
recession. According to the report, Austin saw the highest percentage
increase in jobs of any city in the nation.

"Texas continues to set a national example for job growth, and I'm
proud the Lone Star State is home to six out of the 14 cities that have
more jobs now than before the recession," Gov. Perry said. "Our low
taxes, predictable regulations, fair courts, skilled workforce and low
cost of living have made Texas the best state in the nation to live,
work, raise a family and run a business."

I had more than a dozen deer blocking my driveway this morning.

cossack55's picture

Kind of tough to work without water, and whats up with Texas going back to gravel roads.


PS  Maybe the deer saw the hose in your yard.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Houston receives 49.7 inches of rain in an average year.

NYC also receives 49.7 inches of rain in an average year.

akak's picture

You're forgetting about the 1348.2 inches of humidity that Houston receives annually as well.

Keyser's picture

Pfft, 80% humidity and 105 degrees. Perfect weather to go out and cycle 50 miles. 

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And that is exactly why I am moving my family to Texas at the end of the week!!!!!!! NY/NJ, I won't miss you.

XitSam's picture

ha ha texas deer.  I was walking from my barrack to the Ft. Hood movie theater and off to the west I saw a couple Great Danes a ways away in the the field. I thought that was weird because there is no base housing nearby and who would let their dogs loose on post.  Then I realized, they weren't dogs, they were texas deer.  Yep, everything is smaller in texas.

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You can do all that shit in Philly and be in Pa. Ride the train up to that shit hole from a lesser shit hole if need be. The lesser shithole still allows the pistola.

Blano's picture

Never been to NYC, but I kinda doubt the best part, considering what's available down here.

Being in Dallas I'm a few hours drive or less from all the entertainment I'll ever need that's plenty good enough.  Plus the food here is awesome, and there's plenty of places to hide in east/west Texas if SHTF.

Freddie's picture

The elites, The Company and gubmint is supposedly building major underground survival stuff in the caves in Ark and Missouri border.  It is on youtube with Jesse Ventura and you can see the caves, major tunnels and vehicles they are stockpiling.

I hope they have gold there because a bunch of boys from TX and AR plus Missou and OK are gonna go take it.

Freddie's picture

NYC - the only thing worthwhile is the pizza.  Supposedly it is slightly better because of the water which comes from upstate NY.   Jobs yes - if you like working with AH's.  The jobs advantage gets taxed away as well.

Somebody has to pay those NJ Turnpike toll collectors making $280,000 a year and the Con Edison linemen who sleep in their trucks and the NY PD/FD gold plated pension.  The people who pay are SUCKERS. 

10mm's picture

ATI (American Tactical Imports) moved out of New York state to S.C. and Henry rifles said bye bye to NJ and bolted to Wisconson. Nuff said with the shit holes.

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STFU don't know dick.

matt atsinger's picture

Amen, left six months ago. I must not be too bright to hold out that long

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What's a license?

Anybody dumb enough to beg for permission to own a gun gets the raping they deserve.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Here is our license...

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

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And you wonder why hoarding continues. Just a matter of time.