Jim Rogers: "This Is Absolute Insanity"

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"It's not just the Fed, it's central banking," Jim Rogers exclaims to Reuters in this brief clip, "this is absolute insanity." As the world's central banks, for the first time in history "try to debase their currencies," simultaneously, Rogers cautions, "the world's floating around on a huge artificial sea of liquidity." Rogers goes on to explain that he doesn't expect Bernanke to taper and fears that Yellen won't either but hopes that she "knows that this is going to cause problems when they stop producing so much money." His ominous warning, eventually "it's going to dry up.. and when it dries up, we're all going to pay the price for this madness."


Is the Fed doing more harm than good..?

"Central Banks are making a terrible mistake..."


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Prairie Dog's picture

Fraud. Charlatan. Snake-oil salesman. Just like Schiff, Faber and all the rest.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Pfffttt.....  - 1  And I rarely junk.


Gold has performed poorly lately, but so what.  Also, have some long green CA$H around in case of deflation, diversification!


Gold is for insurance and the liklihood of a big reset in value.

joego1's picture

And silver is on sale! Woo Hoo!

carlin401's picture

Nobody ever changes the basic rule of having 5% of your net-worth in GOLD, just for 'insurance'.

The problem is that most idiots hawking GOLD ( schiff ) are just collecting broker fee's, and the majority here on Zero-Head talking GOLD ain't got enough bernanke-bucks to get out of granny's basement.

For those who actually have something, ... they got their 5% in GOLD and they don't talk about it, ... 'loose lips sink ships'.

In all of human history, sitting on a TON of GOLD has never made anybody rich, but it has preserved their wealth during a shit-storm.

SilverIsKing's picture

If your sitting on a ton of GOLD, you're already rich.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ $40,000,000 (more or less)

But, who's counting?

Bindar Dundat's picture

What about 2.5% in Bitcoin?  Thoughts?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Coming to a blog article near you soon.....

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

How about a solid-block housed spherical bearing shoved 2.5% down your throat? Thoughts? Let's discuss.


graspAU's picture

"On the other hand, if you're very safety conscious, you hold on to your gold bars"

-Evelyn De Rothschild, December 10, 2008. CNBC Interview


In times like these, why not 25% instead of 5%?


Atlasshruggedme's picture

Honestly the way I look at it for cash investments.

20% - Stocks

20% - 401k/Pension

20% - Gold

20% - Silver

10% - Bank Cash

10% - Cash 

(This excludes your Beans/Bandaids/Bullets)

(Edit) - If you have a mortgage - you don't own your house. With today's AU/AG prices, it might be wise to try getting to the 20% metal holdings.

Quisat_Sadarak's picture

Prarie Dog, you poor thing.   You are suffering from a servere case of battered wives syndrome.


Spitzer's picture

I guess Schiff and Faber talked him into buying the most marketable good in the world.  The irony, the irony !

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

peter rothschild schiff? From the House of Lizards?


PLira's picture


While most all of us here at ZH realize all these mouthpieces are talking their book, in is clear as day that this whole thing is going to collapse, and sooner than later.

These clowns are all Billionaires but they do have something to lose if/when the global financial system goes splat so they do have a perspective.

It is going to fail. For this reason, I had to down-vote you.

Prepare for the inevitable.

If you have a view that this charade can continue, I welcome your lucid post.

jcaz's picture

Yep, still hate the bow tie,  but gotta hand it to Jimmy- he's called it right better than most, paid the graft well and planted his garden in Singapore- well played, sir.

Spitzer's picture

Our of all of them though, Peter Schiff is the straightest talker. You could tell that Rogers wanted to get through that interview without getting a question on gold. Peter would have brought it up himself. Faber has also back tracked on gold lately where as Peter says it like it is all the time

macholatte's picture


Maybe one difference is that Rogers is not selling anything. You can get his books at the library for free.  All his interviews are free to me. He doesn't have a news letter or a brokerage firm.

Spitzer's picture

Oh so gold needs somebody like Schiff ?

The most marketable good in the world needs a spokesman ?

new game's picture

narcissistic with a tad of histrionics will get some attention...

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

not being a TBTF bankster, I cannot control .gov and the law. For the common man, with limited wealth, gold has history as a store of wealth, and the added advantage that it can be hidden from the vampires of authority. Name me another store of value that is as independent of .gov mafia confiscation, and I will buy it.

carlin401's picture

Economic blogger and investment adviser Michael Shedlock wrote: "I have talked with many who claim they have invested with Schiff and are down anywhere from 40% to 70% in 2008".[39]


Enough Said, those that follow this man, will be led to a life of ruin, ...

threeputting's picture

This is bullshit.

Those losses were quoted over a period of a few months after the 08 meltdown. Almost everyone was down at that point. If you look at those same investments today they've done fine since. It was also just a few stocks from a client who wanted an aggressive portfolio.

I don't know a lot about this Shedlock guy, but it's clear he's full of shit on this one.


Schiff wrote a rebuttal to these accusations and set the record straight years ago.

Spitzer's picture


And he also tracks Mish's asset allocation which has done horribly since 2008. The retard that bitched the most about Schiff in 2008, switched to Mish and then didn't take part in any of the upside since. Because Mish's shit was in the negative in 2009 and 10.

Tall Tom's picture

Yes. Gold took a hit in 2008...along with everything else. The only way that these people lost anything is if they sold their Gold after it declined for a loss. Gold recovered rapidly and ended up 250% higher than the relative lows reached in Novenber, 2008 by September, 2011.


Nobody could be down 40%-70% in 2008 UNLESS THEY WERE LEVERAGED. Gold declined by no more tha 30% at the depths. Schiff never suggested leverage or Paper Traded futures. He suggests ownership of Physical Gold.


It has declined substantially since. Perhaps I ought to forward your comment to Mish. Slander is a civil offense with monetary punitive penalties.


Just because Mish said that he talked with "...many who(m) claim..." does not mean that they "many" were credible. I have read many outrageous and incredible claims about people losing Money in Gold.


Where is the link for your source, carlin401? I can take statements out of context also.


Or are you just trolling for fun because Mommie's Basement is boring?


I can hardly wait for the Stawk Market to Meltdown. I can hardly wait for a Bankrupt America. I cheer that on because of people like you. I currently do everything in my very limited power to bring that eventuality into a reality. I've opted out and refuse to invest in the Ponzi Scheme.


The Fraud and lies will come to an end. Then I will refuse to help those that perpetrated that Fraud and the lies.. You can starve. Enjoy your famine.


That is where I am coming from...



Prairie Dog's picture

My friend Jimmy, the billionaire. He tells it just like it is, he's a straight-talking regular guy just like me. I know I can trust what Jimmy tells me, because we have so much in common. He has my best interests at heart.

mayhem_korner's picture



Did you even pass troll school?  Bring back the captcha, Mr. Durden.

Prairie Dog's picture

Good old uncle Jim. He says the US should have hard money and freedom. But he goes to live in socialist Singapore. Still I trust him, because he's just not like those double-talking US government people.

I like it at Zerohedge, because I know i'm with the smart people.


ok's picture

He says the US SHOULD have hard money and freedom. But, because he knows that isn't going to happen, he moved to a place he knows will be freer in the future.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

re I know I can trust what Jimmy tells me...

Sure you can - Jimmah comes with the George Soros Seal Of Approval

Chris Jusset's picture

It's called ADDICTION.  Central bankers and politicians are addicted to super-easy money, without which the economies would collapse.

bunnyswanson's picture

It's called a PONZI SCHEME



Karen Hudes (new interview - new mind blowing information)

Dr. Engali's picture

Yes it's all insanity, but it's working.... for them. And they're not going to stop.

dark pools of soros's picture

Who's 'they' & 'them' since you are always defending them

NoDebt's picture

They and them means anyone who knows with certainty they are part of them and them.  If you have any doubt you are part of them or them, you are not part of they or them.

Hey, that was kinda fun.  

Zero Point's picture

No Debt:
That was perhaps the best explanation of who "they" are that I have seen.

Dr. Engali's picture

They and them are the central bankers and the banks that they were created to save. The very people that Jim Rogers is talking about. Now tell me, where have I ever defended them (just to be clear them= the bankers)?

NoDebt's picture

Doc, you damned banker-lover!  

I think DPOS is perhaps confusing you with someone else.  Or he's wandered WAY off into the weeds for reasons unknown.


NoDebt's picture

And that's pretty much all you need to know.  Until "don't fight the Fed" stops working, it keeps working.

kito's picture

how was the sandwich, and cookie?

Dr. Engali's picture

Free sandwiches and cookies are always delicious. Thank you Kito. I'm looking forward to the next time you buy me lunch. ;->

fonzannoon's picture

Jim thinks the fed is going to buy up half the bond market and then sell it back.....

NoDebt's picture

Yeah.  The "sell it back" part may prove a bit problematic, which is where I know you were going with that comment.  

You can almost hear Jim thinking "who moved my cheese??"


Spitzer's picture

Strange how Rogers didn't mention the currency markets or the bond markets when asked what market will be effected most.

Darkman17's picture

What's the strategy here? Hold cash until it dries or until inflation shows up?

Blue Dog's picture

Buy physical gold and silver and hold it for the long term.